Cathy and kim love fucking in the ring hardcore lesbian

Cathy and kim love fucking in the ring hardcore lesbian
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Roxy didn't know how long she had been in this position. She was on her knees and her body bent forward till her face touched the soft material beneath her. A leather strap across the nape of her neck kept her head down. Two sets of cushioned restraints, similar to those used in a mental institution for restraining out-of-control patients, were fastened around her ankles and calves, keeping her legs firmly anchored to the ground.

Her hands her tied to her back with the same kind of cushioned restraint. Her heart was pounding as anxiety flooded her body like a swarm of locust. Her breaths short and rapid as fear seeped into her very core. Not only was she restrained to a point of no escape, she was also completely naked. It didn't really take much imagination to know what's about to happen to her.

After all, she did steal from Draco, the rising ring leader of the Stonehenge, a powerful drug cartel. He was as ruthless as he was unforgiving.

No one crossed Draco without getting off unscathed. But she thought she was smarter than he was. She thought she could get away with the million dollars she took from him three days ago. She thought she was ahead of him and could move out of the country and make a living with the stolen money somewhere else. Apparently, she was wrong.

Three hours awesome girl disrobes for a casting session hardcore blowjob, she was at the airport ready to cross the Mexican custom to board a flight to France. Then, two officers came and apprehended her for suspicion of smuggling drugs. Of course that was not the case as she was never searched nor was she brought to the police station for further questioning. Instead, she was brought to an abandoned warehouse far away from civilization and manhandled by three brutes.

Minutes later, she was stripped bare and bound into this disgracing posture. Regret crept into her. But it was too late now. Draco never forgave. And he never showed mercy. Suddenly, the opening of the door pulled her out of her thoughts. A man dressed in a light blue shirt and black slacks, with his sleeves rolled up, walked into the room. "That's her?" a man dressed in a light blue shirt and black slack asked. His tone was curt and genteel.

He was clearly educated. "Yeah. That's her." another man, dressed in black leather jacket and jeans, growled. As if telling her that she was in big trouble. Not that she didn't know that already. The Genteel man gave the room a brief inspection. "Not the most hygiene of places I've been to. And the lighting is poor." "Don't worry about it.

I have a flashlight." the other man held out his cellphone. Genteel man gave the other guy a look of distaste but since the payment he had received was much generous than he usually got, he figured he would let that slide. Whatever the woman had a beef with the men he had seen coming in here, he didn't want to be a part of it. And God, she was tied in such a disgraceful position. His cock hardened just by watching her pretty ass and her hairless pussy. Genteel man set his briefcase on the floor near the bench the woman was on.

He took out a plastic bag from the briefcase and tore it open, before removing a clear plastic speculum from it. Since the woman was set quite low, he had to kneel down to get a leveled view of her pussy. Usually he didn't prefer his patient being propped to such an inconvenient height, much less in such a terrible position.

But he would be lying if he said he didn't know why. The height of her pussy was leveled to his hips when he stood. She was perfectly positioned for the convenience of the men that were going to fuck her. He briefly wondered if her asshole would meet the same fate before slapping it down. I have miss pageant nudist 5 getsex fairy tales job to do.

Damn it. He reminded himself. He placed the speculum on the wide space between her legs and went back to his briefcase to cock crazy seductress alice romain double penetrated at work a tube of lubricant and a pair of metal thongs. He placed the two item right beside the speculum.

From his breast pocket, he pulled out two rubber gloves and snapped it on. The snapping of the rubber gloves made Roxy jolted in fear. With limited field of vision, she couldn't see and had no idea what was happening behind her. Then, she felt two fingers rubbing something cool along her pussy. She jerked away from the touch by lifting her ass higher. The fingers followed and she lowered her ass to get away.

"I can't do my job if she's moving this much." the Genteel man complained. "Hold on." the other guy said. After some clanking of metals, the guy came to his side. "Move away doc, might get a little messy." Roxy couldn't see but she could hear the shuffling of feet as the man stood and removed himself away from her.

Then, she felt something round and cold pressed against her asshole. Her body instantly tensed in horror. Fraction of a second later, she was struggling madly.

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She cursed and shouted like a pissed off ingrate as the leather jacket clad man pushed the object into her harder. Her asshole soon puckered, giving entry to the round object. A sharp pain rippled through her body. But that wasn't just the end of it. The man pushed the object deeper into her and she could soon suspended redhead sub dominated with strapon lesbian out the curve length attached to the round ball.

The object inside her asshole was then tugged upwards, hoisting her bare ass up. She tried to fight against the pull but with her delicate asshole on the line, she had no choice but to obliged. Once she was pulled taunt between the restraints on her legs and some sort of hook in her ass, the man in leather jacket walked into her view.

His hand was holding a rope which he then tied to a metal flange attached to the bench she was on. "There. All still." he said dryly before plunging two fingers roughly into her lubricated pussy. Roxy tensed at the harsh intrusion.

Other than that, she couldn't move an inch more. The last defence she once had was finally shattered with the installment of the hook. Securely bound, Genteel man approached her again. This time, his touch incurred no movement. To make sure she was truly secured, he smacked the back of the speculum and hammered the plastic implement into her pussy.

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Such a force would have a woman leaped out of the gynecology chair in anger. Clearly, this patient didn't have that luxury. A tiny voice inside him told him to shove the thing harder but he ignored it. Her pussy remained fairly still, held into place like sunny leone sex stories sex storystory new motionless sex replica waiting to receive a cock.

His cock stirred and hardened again at the thought. Five years in the field, he had never once had an erection during his job. But this one alone had given him twice in just 10 minutes. This was wrong. He shouldn't be aroused by something like this. Not by a woman that was clearly being restrained against her will. He took a deep breath to calm his nerve. He needed to focus on his job.

He opened the speculum. Her pussy parted, revealing all its fuckable pinkness to him. Her pleas only reminded him that she never wanted this. Keeping the speculum open with one hand, he took the pair of thongs with the other. "Light." he said.

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The other guy turned his cellphone's camera light on and shone the beam into her parted pussy. After angling it a few times, the light finally revealed a tiny red string at her cervix.

With the thongs, Genteel man grabbed the end of the string and tugged it. Gradually, a thin cylindrical rod poked out of the tiny opening. "Done." he finally said when the rod was completely out of her pussy. Roxy's face paled. They had just removed her IUD, a tiny device that had kept her immune from the complications of pregnancy. There was only one reason they got that out of her and she didn't like it at all.

"She will go back to her usual cycle in a few weeks." Genteel man informed. "I'm obliged to tell you to use protection to avoid STI, but I suppose that won't be the case." "Oh, she's getting everything bare, doc. Cock and cum." the other guy said sardonically. "Say, doc. Want to get a piece of that pussy?" "I'll pass." the Genteel man said with a husky voice. "I think she's going to have plenty of cocks today.

You have quite a group out there." "The more the merrier." the guy insisted. "Thanks but I have an appointment later." "Well, I guess I shouldn't hold you anymore, doc." Genteel man gave a curt nod and walked towards the door. He silently wished the woman good luck for whatever they were planning, it certainly wouldn't be a joy ride.

"If you very hawt hard sex in awesome girls sofa room striptease and hardcore change your mind, doc, you can always come back." the other guy called out.

"Her pussy ain't going no where and she'll welcome your cock. Am I right, Roxy?" "I'll think about it." he replied. In his mind, he was already contemplating his schedules. The door was closed and Roxy felt a sudden chill down her spine. She was really going to be fucked now.

She begged for mercy countless of times when she was forcefully manhandled into this position only to be told that no amount of pleading would save her. "I'm sure you know why you are here? Roxy?" Leather jacket asked with a cold voice. "I'm sorry, I'll give him back the money." The man crouched in front of her and cast her an evil grin. "Oh, you can keep the money.

Draco has no need for the million dollar you stole. But no one should get that much of money without working, am I right?" Roxy could only stare blankly at the man as her face paled. "At a rate of 150 dollars per fuck," he then placed his mouth over her ear, "how many fucks do you think a million dollar could get?" "No. I'll give you the money-" she was cut of with a palm on her mouth.

"Like I said, we don't need your money. Roxy. We simply going to fuck the one million dollars out of your body." he took a deep breath of her hair. "With 15 percent interest. Of course." Roxy shivered at his words. She didn't need to know math to find out how many. It was simply too many to count.

The end.