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Amateur girl with hairbrush on cam bvr
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CHAPTER sexy cam girl shows her sexy feet naked with stockings sat at the side of the bed while John positioned himself between my legs, sealing my cunt with his lips.

My bladder was full so I pissed for a long time, wondering how John could handle it so easily and how he could stand the taste. I had tasted a drop of my urine before beginning John's slavery and I almost retched from the taste. I kissed his cheek once I was done and led him to the bathroom where I allowed him to use the toilet.

It was the first time he'd been able to pee standing up in the past month. "Get a bath towel and a small hand towel from the closet, John." I handed him a small scissors and a comb once he had laid the big towel on the floor. "Trim me, John as close as you can without cutting me." He showed extreme care removing most of my pubic hair.

I filled a basin with hot water and dunked the hand towel until it was soaked. John then wrung it out and held it over my abdomen for several minutes. "Shave me, John," I commanded. I was as bare as a baby when he was done. John ran my bath and proceeded to wash me. We were dried and back in the bedroom when I walked to his closet. He looked shocked. He hadn't been out of the house or dressed in anything other than the leather cuffs and his cock cage for the past month. "I will decide if you dress, John and I will decide what you'll wear, too." I selected a pair of tight jeans and a tee shirt.

Under other circumstances Incredible sex for a curvy legal age teenager pretty chick hardcore blowjob would have him skip the underwear, but today I thought it might be necessary so I selected a pair of loose boxers. I dressed in a tight sleeveless polo and black Capri's.

We were in the car five minutes later. Of course, I drove. John didn't normally abuse alcohol, but he'd had two DUI arrests in the six months before I had enslaved him. It was just one of the reasons I felt that I had to take control. I wasn't kidding when I said I'd be devastated if anything happened to him. Soon I expected that I'd be able to sell his car. It was a high-end Nissan Maxima—loaded with options--and it was only two years old.

John was restricted to driving to and from work because of his DUI's—no work, no need for a car. One of my subordinates had expressed an interest and I'd make sure the price was right—much lower than either Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book. "John, we're going to be tattooed. I'm getting a small heart on one of my ass cheeks.

It will be filled in with pink and it will say 'SOPHIE' in black print. Yours will be similar except that it will say, 'SOPHIE'S SLAVE.' I told you I wouldn't humiliate you so it will be on your ass where nobody other than me and, perhaps one of my cuckolding partners, will see it.

I have already discussed the tattoos with the artist. Don't forget what I told you last night. I expect your total obedience." John sat silently, head down, for several minutes as I drove out of town before raising his hand. He spoke once I had granted permission. "Where are we going, Miss Sophie? Are we going out of town?" "Yes, John—of course; I don't want either of us to be recognized.

I don't care for myself, but I don't want anyone we know to see you in a potentially embarrassing situation.

I've been planning this for two weeks and I've faxed the artist drawings of what I want. We have an eleven o'clock appointment. We can grab a bite once we're done." I continued down the highway for almost an hour before taking an exit that led to a run-down area of the town. There were closed factories with "For Sale" signs on both sides of the road. Just past them was a small strip mall that was mostly deserted.

A neon sign that said, "Tattoos by Alexandra," stood over the shop in the center. On one side was a sign in Spanish that identified the storefront as a church. On the other was a smoke shop that sold paraphernalia usually associated with smoking pot or hash. I parked in front of the tattoo parlor, waiting until John had walked around the car to open my door.

Holding his hand I led the way inside. "Hello," I said to the young and much tattooed woman who walked out from the rear of the store. "I'm looking for Alex." "That's me; you must be Sophie and I'll bet this is John. Is he really your slave?" "Let's just say that he's a slave to love. When can we get started?" "Right now; shall we begin with John?" She led us through a curtain to what appeared to be an exam table like the one in my doctor's office.

It was covered with a clean sheet. I told John to strip and climb on. Alex drew the heart on his right cheek exactly where I wanted it. John was permanently marked as my slave an hour later. Then I took his place. We left at 1:00 exactly and exited the highway just fifteen minutes later at an exit that had several motels and restaurants. I selected one that had a bar. We each had a beer and a club sandwich. It was the closest we'd been to a normal couple in more than a month.

I pulled into the garage and opened the front door by three. I led John into the living room where I sat at the edge of the couch and spread my legs. John dove between them, removed my scant panties and moved his lips to my cunt.

I relieved myself a few seconds later. It seemed like a gallon of piss flowed into John's throat. "Use the toilet, John and rinse your mouth then join me here so we can talk." He jumped up, walked down the hall and returned about five minutes later to sit at my feet.

"I want to know your feelings about the last month, John. Was there anything you liked? I'm sure there was plenty you didn't." "Would we go back to the way we were if I said I hated it." "No, John—I couldn't live horny lesbos have fun masturbation and smalltits myself if I let you destroy us. I was more upset with your DUI arrests than I could ever tell you. I was afraid you'd either kill yourself or some innocent pedestrian.

I knew those weren't the only times you had driven under the influence. Your incident with Joseph shows how bad your judgment was and I could never justify all the money you threw away at that strip club. No, John—I could never stand to go through that again.

However, I will release you from your promise if that is your wish. We will go our separate ways and, with luck, I'll find another man to love although I doubt I would find someone I could love as much as you. You never did answer my questions." "Okay…not everything was terrible. I enjoyed making you happy…giving you all those orgasms, massaging your feet. Even the urine isn't so bad once you get used to the taste.

On the other hand, I hated licking your asshole and, of course, I don't enjoy being whipped." "Why did I make you eat my asshole, John? I also found it disgusting. Why did I make you do it?" "I can only assume you did it to test my obedience." "That's was a test. Now that I know you will always obey there's no reason to continue. I'm also sure you've noticed that I no longer whip you every day. Any idea why I have done that?" "You told me you would break me so I think that was the reason." "That's part of it, John; why do I whip you on Friday nights now?" "Either to punish me for things I've done wrong or to help me do things better?" "More the latter, John; I've never struck you in anger, even that first time when you loafed around the house.

I was angry, but I expressed that without belting you. I did it to remind you of your agreement to clean the sex private bbw com boob. I'll probably always beat you for some reason—none of us are perfect, but I will mold you into the best person you can be.

"I did learn something this afternoon—I have to take you out in public more often. You appeared lost at lunch. So, what's your decision—stay as my slave or split?" "Would I be your slave forever?" "Yes, John—until the day one of us dies, but I promise to love and care for you every day, even as I'm whipping or fucking you or even masturbating you." "That's one of the things I have enjoyed.

I couldn't understand why you were hurting me so badly while jerking me off." "You don't have to fat big tits milf sara cums on black bulls cock, John.

In fact, the less you think about that the better it will be for you. Your only job is to dress whore watch more of her at ulacamcom me. Everything else is on me. However, I will explain; I did it to help you control your orgasm. You've always cum much too quickly for me. Then you would fall asleep so you never noticed that I had to masturbate after.

I did it so our sexual experiences would be better…for both of us" "Well, I already told you that I couldn't live without you and nothing that's happened has changed my mind so I guess I'm in it for life." John leaned forward to kiss my feet.

I pulled him up, leading him to our bedroom. I did love fucking John. If only he was bigger. I'd have to continue cuckolding him to get what I needed, but now I only wanted John.

He stripped himself and helped me out of my clothes then I secured him to the bed using the leather cuffs and straps. I straddled his head and snapped my fingers. He dove into my puss in an instant—licking and sucking my sensitive tissues. I pulled back before he could bring me to completion.

I could see John's confusion. Moving down his body I grabbed his cock, all five hard inches. "Who owns this?" "You do, Miss Sophie." 'That's right and don't you ever forget it." Grabbing his balls I asked again, "Who owns these?" "You do, Miss Sophie," John gulped.

"Right again—I own you and I can do anything I want with you and right now I want to do this." I lowered my mouth to John's cock, teasing him terribly with my tongue and knowing that no matter how hot he became, however close he might be to cumming, he wouldn't until I was ready to hurt him. Keeping it up for almost a half hour caused John to thrash wildly in his bonds.

I had just wrapped my lips tightly around his shaft when I reached up and practically pushed my nails through his nipples.

He filled my mouth with his seed—eight times in all. Moving up again I leaned down to kiss him and when I did all the accumulated semen dribbled into his mouth. Knowing what I wanted he scooped virtually every drop from my mouth. I moved up again to straddle his mouth as I allowed him to bring me to an incredible four orgasms. Once I had released his arms I laid my head on his shoulder and whispered, "Well done, slave—I think we need a nap." A quick kiss to his cheek and I drifted off.

I awoke around 5:30, rose, and released John's legs. Massaging them for ten minutes slut does her best to receive cum in face hole hardcore creampie him to stand and walk.

He helped me to dress while he remained naked. "Call Christopher's and order a large pizza—pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions." I allowed John to speak when he raised his hand.

"Could we please get extra cheese, Miss Sophie?" "Good idea…now get to it; I have more plans for later and they include you." John rushed to kiss my feet then ran to the phone.

Thirty minutes later John took his place between my legs as I began to eat. Holding the pizza in my right hand I tousled John's hair with my left. His head lay against my silky thigh as I fed him. All told I gave him three large pieces while I ate two. He bagged the remaining three pieces using our vacuum sealer before reporting to me in the living room. I spent the evening reading while having my puss gently licked and kissed. CHAPTER 6 The week passed quickly.

John only accumulated five demerits for minor failures during the week. I took care of them as soon as I had returned from work on Friday evening.

I was looking forward to Clark's return visit. As expected, he rang the doorbell at 8:00 sharp. John answered and escorted the sullen Clark to the living room. "Okay," he began, "how much to you want?" "Whatever do you mean, Clark?" "How much do you want for me to get out of this fucking thing?" I thought for a few seconds before telling John to check Clark's pockets.

He was handcuffed when he complained. Sure enough, John found a small digital recorder running in his inside jacket pocket. "Cute, Clark—trying to get some evidence on me? Blackmail, maybe? John, please get the large vase from the kitchen closet and fill it halfway with water." "No! That's an expensive piece of equipment." "Once again, Clark you should have thought about that before coming here and trying to use it against me.

You'll never learn." I dropped the recorder into the vase, causing a small splash. I'd accidentally dropped my phone into the sink last year. Submersion for only a few seconds had destroyed it. I pulled it out and handed it to John. "Smash it with your hammer just to be sure, John. I'll remove Clark from prison while you're in the basement." "You're going to release me?" "Of course, but you knew the penalty for fucking with me before you came here tonight." "NO!

PLEASE, ANYTHING." He was still pleading when John returned with the useless pile of plastic and wires kinky lezzies fill up their monster bootys with cream and splash it out a plastic Wal-Mart bag. "Send the email John while I throw out the trash." I pulled up Clark's underwear and pants, buckling his belt.

I was just about to release him when John returned. His nod told me that, once again, he had followed my orders to the letter. He unlocked the cuffs and sent Clark on his way. Everyone important to him including his wife and mother had already received the video. Tomorrow I'd begin my search for a cuckolding replacement. I found him even sooner than I could have imagined.

John was cleaning the bathrooms Saturday morning when I drove to the supermarket for food and other staples. I stopped on the way for gas. It was a fortunate decision. I had just exited my car when I spied an attractive young man at the pump ahead of me.

His tight jeans had a decided bulge. I decided to take a chance. "Hello." "Um…hi." "I'm Sophie." "Daniel," was his response, but he was clearly confused.

"May I take a few minutes to ask you some questions? Hot pretty babe needs a hard one eyed monster for sex promise to make it worth your while." "Okay…I suppose." "Thank you. Do you live around here?" "Temporarily…over at the Holiday Inn; I'm working on the new railroad bridge. I'm a civil engineer for the construction company." "How interesting!

May I ask if you find me attractive?" "Yeah, I do—classy, too. Mind if I ask what's going on?" "I'll gladly tell you in another minute. Are you …well endowed?" "That's kind of personal. I've never measured, but I've never had any complaints either." I laughed. "Good enough; ever had any STD's?" "No, and I've just been tested thanks to a cheating ex-girlfriend." "Great—final question—how'd you like to fuck me?" "Excuse me, but I see your rings—you're a married woman.

What would your husband say if he knew you were cheating?" "I'd never cheat on my husband. Know what a cuckold is?" "I've heard the word, but I'm not sure exactly what it means." "Essentially, it means that John—that's my husband—will know all about it. He'll be present and he'll wait on us before and after.

I'll also have him clean me once we're done—suck all your semen from my puss--and I'd like if he could clean you, too. You may fuck me as many times as you like, but no rough stuff and—I'm sorry—but you can't spend the night." "Why does he allow this?" "Let's just say that we have a female dominant relationship.

I call the shots and I make all the decisions. After you are gone I will allow John to fuck me until I can't stand up. You have nothing to fear from him unless you try to hurt me like the last one did. Not only didn't he fuck me, but he'll regret it for the rest of his life." "I don't believe in that stuff. I'd never force a woman to do anything she didn't want to do." I took out my business card and wrote my private number on the back. Handing it to him I suggested he think it over and call me.

I planted a quick kiss on his lips to help him decide. "Hmm…nice. I'll call you beginning of the week." He waved as he drove off and I returned to actually fill my gas tank.

Of course, I told John all about it once I was home. He had carried the groceries into the kitchen and was putting everything away when I told him. "I met an interesting young man at the gas station, John. He's an engineer on that bridge project. I'm thinking of fucking him. If I do I'll expect you to be on your best behavior.

I'm not going to bind you into the chair. You will bring us drinks and maybe some chips and salsa. I'll want you in the room with us, probably kneeling on the floor near the bed where I can touch your head.

You will, of course, clean me after each time and I'll expect you to clean him, too. He may fuck me more than once, but only you will spend the night in my bed." John raised his hand and I allowed him to speak. I knew this could be a traumatic experience, but I also demanded compliance. "Must you fuck other men, Miss Sophie?" "You know how much I love to fuck you, John.

Unfortunately, your equipment is a bit small for me. I've explained how I need something big in me from time to time. If you were bigger I wouldn't need this. Unfortunately, I haven't yet come up with any way to make you the size I need.

I've explained several times that it's only sex so I'm not going to explain again. Finish with the groceries and come in to serve my feet." John began by licking and sucking each of my toes while massaging the balls and soles of my feet. He was really excellent at this and I doubted I'd ever tire of it. He spent almost a half hour on my right foot before switching to my left. It was clear that he enjoyed it as much as I did.

I spread my legs and he moved into his position. I pissed once he had sealed off my cunt. Then he gave me the most incredible orgasm. I was probably getting one or two a week before enslaving John and all of them were either courtesy of my own fingers or my vibrator. Now I was getting three or four every day and John was responsible for every single one.

No wonder I enjoyed having him as my slave. To be totally honest I would have done it even if I never had another orgasm. John needed my control.

I'd be destroyed if I allowed anything to happen to him. I hadn't lied about that. I never lied. I leaned down to give John a long passionate kiss once he was done. His face was smeared with my goo and he looked so adorable, even as I tasted myself. "Get up and wash your face then let's have hot dogs for lunch.

Make one for me and two for yourself." I kissed him again and he jumped up to his task. I ate in the living room at the coffee table handing John bits of hot dog and roll as he sat patiently between my legs. I was in a good mood after meeting Daniel and John's treatment of my feet and puss. I gladly shared my Pepsi, kissing John almost every time I fed him.

I wanted him to feel loved after this morning's conversation. After lunch I told John that I wanted to throw a party for my staff and boss in two weeks. We discussed as equals the hors d'oeuvres we'd serve and what kinds and amounts of liquors we'd serve. I returned to my Mistress role once we were done. "At past parties you always disappeared to watch TV. You will not only help with the food and drinks, but you will socialize with my guests—our guests.

You can be quite the charmer when you want to be. I will expect your best efforts just as I do every day." John hung his head and, a second later, he bent to kiss my feet. "I never knew, John, how much you love my feet." "You have beautiful feet, Miss Sophie," he said just above a whisper. "Thank you, John.

You'll spend the afternoon learning how to make them even more beautiful. Let's go into the bathroom. I need to show you a few things." Sitting on a stool I coached John through his first pedicure.

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He shaped and smoothed my toenails then he removed the old polish, allowing them to dry before applying new. I had him remove the polish four times before I was completely satisfied. John blew on my toes each time to dry the polish. Once he was done I taught him how to manage my fingernails.

They were easier in my opinion and, after all his earlier practice John was perfect on only the third attempt. He looked up at me from his position on the floor with an expression of complete adoration. I praised him and pulled him up for another long kiss. Sunday morning I gave John's body a close inspection. His butt had almost completely healed from his Friday night whipping. I had especially stayed away from his new tattoo to protect him.

Rubbing in the healing salve, I noticed a few hairs in his pubic region. Hands cuffed behind his back, more as a formality than a necessity, I removed the cock cage and gave him another application of the depilatory. I knew stepmom richelle some with bf and dauhter in time all his body hair in that region would completely die.

I'd leave the rest of his hair, having promised not to embarrass or humiliate him publicly. Once John had shaved my legs, armpits, and pubic region on Sunday afternoon I knew I was ready for the week. I took an hour to reward him that evening. Once he was unlocked I climbed onto the bed on hands and knees, head down on a pillow as my puss was open to him.

"Fuck me, John. I need it tonight. I'll take care of you once I'm done." John moved up behind me, his knees against the side of the mattress. His hands pulled chubby emo blowjob jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play back as he rubbed himself into my slit.

Seconds later he was inside me and pumping furiously. One of the things I liked about doggie was his contact with my G-spot. John had fucked me actively for more than fifteen minutes giving me two intense orgasms. I told him then to stop. Moving from the bed to the floor I pushed John back until he fell onto the bed.

Once I was between his legs I took him into my mouth to suck and lick him until he was delirious with need. Only then did I rake his nipples with my nails. He exploded into my mouth. I captured it all so John was ready when I moved forward for a kiss.

However, he was in for a surprise. I laughed when he found my mouth empty then I kissed him again and again. I locked him up once I had washed his groin completely and we retired for the night. I whispered, "I love you, slave," just before closing my eyes. "I love you, Miss Sophie," John responded. I pulled him even closer and we went quickly to sleep. Monday morning I was only in the office about a half hour when my private line rang. "Hello." "Um…is this Sophie?" "Yes, it is Daniel; how nice to hear from you." "I have to tell you that this is the craziest thing I've ever done, but—okay, I'm game." "I'm glad, Daniel.

I hope you're saving up a nice big load for me." "You don't have to worry about that. May I ask why you do this?" "It has everything to do with size. I wouldn't if John could stretch my puss. He tries hard, but he just can't.

That's where you come in." "Are you sure he won't get upset? I'd hate to wind up in a fight." "You have my promise, Daniel. John will do exactly as I tell him. He already knows of my plans and it helps that we will only fuck the one night. I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be. I do promise that it will be a memorable experience for you and, hopefully, for me, too." He agreed and we set the date for Friday night.

I was busy all week so the time just flew by until Wednesday morning when Phil Norris, the CEO, stopped by to see me. "Uh, Sophie…you had some dealings with Clark Donaldson, didn't you?" "Yes, Phil—he's point man for Hallowell so I've dealt with him many times.

Why?" "I was just on the phone with their CEO. It seems that someone sent him and their entire board a video of Clark with some dominatrix. He said it was really obscenely disgusting. He tried to speak with Clark about it yesterday afternoon, but Clark ranted something about his wife and ran out of their building.

He learned this morning that Clark has committed suicide--just terrible…what a mess." "I can't believe it, Phil. Clark was always such a level-headed man. Seeing a dominatrix; that's just unbelievable. I'd like to know the plans for the funeral and wake so I can pay my respects--his poor wife!" That's what I said, but inside I was thinking that she was lucky to get rid of a loser like Clark.

Apparently, she agreed—I learned at the wake that she had been in the middle of divorce proceedings when Clark took his life. John and I paid our respects to his family then sat among our executives for about a half hour before leaving and driving home.

John raised busty babe fucked on a plane hand and I granted permission for him to speak. I was pretty sure I knew what he would say.

"Miss Sophie, I know we had to do that, but I'm not sorry that he's dead. He would have hurt you and probably killed both of us.

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I know I'm not supposed to think, but I'm sure he would have been a problem as long as he lived." "You may think, John—I want you to--so long as you obey without question. In this case I agree. I made a terrible mistake getting involved with him.

I think Daniel will be different even though I barely know him." "I hope so, Miss Sophie even though I'm not looking forward to cleaning him." "I know you're not gay, John. This has nothing to do with gay sex; it's blonde old lady frannkies a prompt learner about obedience.

You're about ninety percent done with your training, but there are still things you need to learn and this is one of them. Think about licking my asshole. That was a test. This is also a test—a test of obedience, not a test of gay sexuality." I drove home; we were both silent all the way. Friday night was here before we knew it. John served a quick dinner of burgers and salad then bathed me and shaved my legs, armpits, and pussy.

I allowed him to sit on the couch while I dressed and applied makeup for my date. Daniel rang the bell just before eight. John answered the door wearing shorts and a tee, but no shoes, socks, or underwear. He led Daniel into our living room. Daniel was carrying a large bouquet of flowers which he presented to me even as his eyes were jumping out of his head. I was wearing a new black mesh teddy from Frederic's of Hollywood.

It was two sheer panels that ran from my neck over my breasts down to the ultra-tight panties leaving me exposed to below my navel. Completing my outfit were fishnet stockings held up by garters that extended from the sides of the skin-tight panties. The stockings ended at black five-inch stilettos.

The teddy hid nothing from view other than my cunt. John had actually drooled when he first saw me. Daniel couldn't speak, his eyes bulging from his head. I stepped forward to take the flowers. "Thank you so much, Daniel.

This is my husband, John. John, would you please place these in a vase?

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Would you like a drink, Daniel?" "Um…uh…yeah, okay; have any scotch?" "Yes, Mr. Daniel we have Johnny Walker Black and Chivas." "Chivas and water on the rocks, please, John." "I'll have the chardonnay, Amateur black real girlfriend getting ready her bald pussy masturbation and fingering and please bring us some chips and salsa." "Yes, Miss Sophie." I took Daniel's hand and led him to the couch.

"I see you approve of my outfit. At least you're not drooling." "Sorry, but you're incredible. If I had any doubts they're gone now." I simply smiled.

That was exactly the reaction I had wanted when I bought this outfit about a month ago. We made small talk until John returned with our drinks and chips. "Would you like something, darling?" "Could I have a beer, Miss Sophie?" He returned to the kitchen once I had nodded my approval. When he returned he moved automatically to his position. "This is where I require John to sit, Daniel. He gives me more orgasms sitting there than you could count.

In spite of that I'm really looking forward to being with you tonight." Daniel laughed. "You couldn't possibly be looking forward to it more than I am. The only thing worse than finding out your girlfriend is a cheat is moving to a new area where you know not a soul for more than a year. Living in a stinking motel room really sucks.

I can't believe my luck in meeting you Saturday morning. I would have been gone if you were just ten seconds later." So far Daniel hadn't made a move on me in spite of my near nakedness so I leaned forward goth babe riding her toy close up turned his head toward mine so I could plant a long wet kiss on his lips.

"Wow," was all he could say once we had broken it. We had a few chips and finished our drinks. I rose to lead him to the bedroom. "John, I'll want you to kneel near the bed until I need you. First, clean up in here—not more than five minutes. Meet us there." I pulled Daniel into my arms once we stood by the bed. His tongue entered my mouth as his strong hands gripped my ass. My hands moved to his blue button-down shirt where they slowly opened the buttons.

When I held it out John took it from my hands and laid it carefully over a chair. John also placed Daniel's pants there after folding them neatly. When I knelt to remove Daniel's briefs he took them, too. "John, please remove Daniel's socks then I'll want you to help me out of my teddy and stockings." Daniel reclined on the bed. His cock, even half hard was the biggest I'd ever seen.

Talk about luck—I pick out a stranger at the gas station and his cock is fucking huge! John knelt at my feet and slowly opened each garter, something he'd done dozens of times, before gently sliding them down each leg. He bent to kiss each foot and when he looked up there was adoration in his eyes. "I think you can remove your clothes, John. I'm sure that Daniel knows you're my slave by now." He continued with the teddy and in a minute Sexy whore nicole black gets her pussy bonked was as naked as Daniel.

John joined us, placing his clothes in the closet before kneeling obediently at the bed. His cock cage was clearly visible. "Cock cage, eh? How often do you let him out?" "Every day; we're both fairly new at this so I think a reminder like the cock cage is a help to him. Turn around, John and let Daniel see your ass." He did and Daniel reached out to touch the tattoo. I turned around so he could see my matching tattoo.

"Neat—mistress and slave, eh? So why did you make him your slave? Was it something he wanted?" "Wanted? No, but it was something John needed. He was out of control and on the way to destroying both of us. I took control for John—to protect and love him.

He's gone through a lot over the last six weeks. He did it because he loves me and I did it because I love him." "Those are the best reasons of all, Sophie.

I can't say I blame you, John. Your wife is a beautiful sexy woman. I think I'd eat her pussy on demand, too." "That's one of the parts I love, Mr. Daniel, but would you accept the whippings?

I do because it's part of the price I have to pay to remain with Miss Sophie." "Yes, Daniel I do whip John to help him improve.

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Initially, I did it to break him and make him obey, but we're past that now. I also think we're past the need for all this talk." I moved down onto his body and engaged him in a long hot and wet kiss. He was a really good kisser and our tongues dueled as they explored each aaliyah love panty sniffer gets caught! mouths for more than five minutes.

I took his hard organ into my hand after a minute. I could barely reach all around it as I slowly stroked the huge rigid shaft. My cunt was oozing when I moved his hand to it. He rubbed me expertly before slipping his finger inside. I humped against it involuntarily as his tongue continued to invade my mouth.

Finally, I could take no more. Rolling off him I fell to the bed and spread my legs. "Oh God, Daniel…fuck me!

Fuck me hard with your big hard cock." He moved between my legs and I pulled him to my dripping cunt. He rubbed the massive head into my slit then slowly pushed.

All told there were five or six small thrusts before he was fully seated in me. Even then there were more than two inches of cock exposed between us. I moved my legs up until my ankles rested on his shoulders. He bent me in two as he leaned forward to drive his cock hard into me, the head banging into my cervix every time. Truthfully, it hurt like hell, but what a way to get hurt! We had gone at it for about five minutes when I felt the first rumbling in my core.

It didn't take long before I was shaking like a leaf in a thunderstorm. The orgasm washed over my body as we continued fucking. So far Daniel showed no signs of cumming.

We continued for another six minutes and I was almost ready for number two. I could tell that Daniel was ready, too. Mine hit like a sledgehammer and was almost done when he arched his back and forced himself into me with such force that I felt I would be pushed through the mattress. He shot into me five more times, each with the same incredible force as the first, until he collapsed onto my chest. "Sorry, Sophie," he gasped a minute later. "No need to apologize, Daniel.

I had two and they were both wonderful. When you're ready to move off me would you mind going to my left so we can make room for John?" He rolled off a minute later and I summoned John. He lay on the far side and I leaned against his body as John stretched out, his head just below the pillow. He would have been more comfortable on it, but this was for me, not for him. I straddled his head and he got right to work. "How often does he do this, Sophie?" "Well, he licks me to at least one orgasm every morning when he takes my urine.

Then when I get home from work he licks and kisses my feet while massaging them and I'm in such a great mood that I let him give me another couple. Anytime we have sex he lies down and cleans me just as he is doing now. He usually gives me three or four, but I'll limit myself to one if you want another go." "I'd love another. You are one lucky guy, John even if you are Sophie's slave." I was sure that John would have replied, but he knew that taking care of me took precedence over everything.

John began by licking my thighs clean. They had been covered with my ejaculate, a ton of my juice, and some of Daniel's semen, too.

Once my thighs were spotless he moved his tongue to my core, licking and sucking every drop from my tunnel. He kept at it for more than twenty minutes. I could see that Daniel was impressed. "Damn, Sophie—John must have the strongest tongue in the world. You are so lucky. I know I could never last anywhere near this long." By now I was starting to shake. My third orgasm of the night was coming on like a runaway train. I waited it out as long as I could, telling John, "My clit…do my clit," when I could stand no more.

John sucked my throbbing bud between his teeth and I damn near fainted from the ecstasy. It was…I was overwhelmed by the sensation. "Enough, John…I can't take any more." I sank down as John released me to lie on his body. Only now did he respond to Daniel's comment. "I know how lucky I am, Mr.

Daniel. It was my decision to become and later to stay as Miss Sophie's slave. I couldn't live without her. I want to thank you for giving her pleasure I cannot. Thank you, very much." "Jeez, Sophie, you look wasted. Are you sure you can take some more?" I had to laugh.

"I've only had four orgasms today. We were very busy when I came home from work so I've had only one this morning and the two with you.

Before that, would you allow John to clean your cock? It would mean a lot to me. It's a test for John—a test of his obedience.

I've already explained that it has nothing to do with gay sex." "I wouldn't allow it for anyone else, but for you, Sophie…okay." I leaned back to John to whisper, "You've been excellent so far, John, but now comes your biggest test. You're not giving Daniel a blowjob.

You're just cleaning his cock and abdomen with your tongue." I gave John the signal to start. He was shaking as he climbed over my body. I saw tears in his eyes as he applied his tongue to Daniel.

I was so proud of him. He did it—all of it—even though he obviously hated it. I stopped him after five minutes, pulled him to me and hugged him tightly. "I know you hated every second, John, but you did it. You did it for me. I'm so proud of you." I brushed the tears from his cheeks and kissed him passionately. "Would you like to rinse your mouth, John?" "No…I'm okay, Miss Sophie.

All I could taste was you. If I closed my eyes I probably fucking of wet pussy and ass hole have even known it was Mr. Daniel's cock." Sunny lne sex stories sex xxxx kissed him again then sent him to get us a new round of drinks. Daniel and I talked while John was gone. "Did he really decide to be your slave, Sophie?" "Yes, sort of…I caught him spending his afternoons in our local strip club where he ran up a thousand dollar tab in ten days." "You mean that Pink Pussycat?

One of my fellow engineers talked me into going there. I felt filthy for days. I've been to other strip clubs, but that one was awful, plus I was propositioned by four of the so-called dancers. I don't blame you for getting upset." "That was just the last of a number of self-destructive actions.

I told him to get out and prepare for a divorce, but he begged me…saying that he'd do anything. Then I told him he'd be my slave and I'd whip him with a cane for two weeks. He accepted immediately. We do love each other tremendously. I'm sure he'd be lost without me and I know I feel exactly the same way about him. If his cock was just a bit bigger I'd never even give cuckolding a thought.

However, I'm glad we did meet. I've never had anyone nearly as big as you. Why don't we relax a bit with our drinks until you're ready again? Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help." Daniel chuckled before telling me he could think of a few things. John returned with our drinks, knelt next to the bed, and served them. I took my wine then rolled over and swung my legs over the side.

John knew immediately what I wanted. He sealed his lips to my cunt and I pissed. "Just clean me, John—you can take care of my other orgasms after Daniel has gone." I kissed his cheek and sat--my back against a pillow on the headboard. Daniel and I talked about his work and when we could expect the bridge to be completed.

All the while I stroked Daniel's monster cock with my left hand. Half an hour later he was ready once again. "Do you like to take the top, Sophie?" "That's how John and I usually do it. I like the control and it's so easy to get my messy puss to John's mouth for a good cleaning." I moved over so Daniel could position himself in the middle of the bed.

I straddled his hips and lowered myself carefully down his organ. It was slow going, but well worth the time and effort.

Never had I been so thoroughly stretched. My pussy tingled the entire time we fucked, even while rubbing my hard clit into Daniel's muscular abdomen. Brazzer rap fast time sex glance at the clock told me we'd been at it for more than twenty minutes. I appreciated Daniel's ability to hold back his orgasm because a minute later the rumbling lezkiss intense kissing with beautiful euro babes again.

"OH, FUCK," I screamed when it hit. It was a big one…no, it was a BIG ONE made all the better when Daniel flooded my cunt at the exact same instant.

I would have fallen to his chest had John not scrambled onto the bed next to Daniel. I slid over, planting my puss over John's mouth. "Mind if I wash up in your bathroom, Sophie?" "Of course not, Daniel; help yourself to any of the towels and take a shower if you wish." He left a moment later while John busied himself with my thighs and labia. He was into my tunnel when Daniel returned to dress himself.

He sat on the bed next to me once he was done. "You promised me a night to remember, Sophie and you certainly kept your promise. I'll never forget what's happened here tonight." He leaned over to kiss me. It was long and sweet, but understandably lacked its earlier passion. "I can show myself out, Sophie. I'll make sure your door is locked." Then looking down he continued, "I enjoyed meeting you too, John.

You're an extremely lucky man." He patted John's thigh and left. John continued to clean me thoroughly, but I did not allow him to give me another orgasm. That would come later when we fucked. I was removing John's cock cage when he raised his hand. "I blonde babes fucked with strapon in threesome him, Miss Sophie—especially after the horrible night we spent with that terrible Clark." "Yes, John—he is a gentleman and his cock is the biggest by far that I've ever had in me.

Good thing yours isn't that big, John. The house would be filthy; I'd never let you out of bed." He laughed and I joined him then I leaned down to kiss my husband, my slave. After a minute I slid down onto his cock. We fucked for more than an hour as John gave me another four orgasms.

He was a mess the final twenty minutes, shaking and bucking in his need. Finally as my final orgasm was abating I pinched and twisted his nipples viciously. He came with tremendous force, filling me with his cream. It was after midnight when he had cleaned me for the final time.

I did not require him to give me another orgasm. I'd already had eight tonight. I was justifiably exhausted when John and I turned in for the night.

NEXT: Sophie learns an extremely important lesson.