Taylor rain petite salope qui se fait defoncer le cul video porno

Taylor rain petite salope qui se fait defoncer le cul video porno
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It was about 2 months before I was able to spend the night with my cousin again. I was very excited after what happened last time. I was especially happy now because I was going to spend Friday and Sat night there. I arrived around 5:00 pm and it was all I could no to hide my boner. I could not wait until later! I was really disappointed when I found out my uncle did not have to work Friday night. Lack dude caught jerking off in public toilet tube porn cousin had noticed my boner and he knew why I had one.

When we went to bed he was full of questions again and wanted to "make his squirt like mine did". He had a nice boner going but just could not get it to squirt. I tried to tell him how it felt and what to do as it started "feeling better". I tried to explain the process of getting the timing and speed, but he just could not get there. At that age I was not very good at describing and explaining it to him. I could not take it anymore - the whole evening had me on edge, and now trying to "talk him into cumming" just got me hornier.

It only took me a couple minutes of stroking before I shot a huge, built up load - probably the biggest I had shot so far in my young life. Two squirts landed on my neck, one on my chest and then three or four little twitching pumps that caused cum to "burp" out of my dick onto my tummy.

That felt really good, but nothing like when I had my knob between Sue's pussy lips. Later Saturday afternoon I found out my uncle had to work that night - instant boner! I thought I would get to "play" again. But, it did not work out Aunt Sue passed out on the couch, fully dressed.

I jacked off so many times that night, and so roughly, I thought I was going to tear my dick off. It was about three weeks later and I was over there again for the night, and yes, I was a boner in tennis shoes again! These are not the only sexual experiences I was having at that time, but there was something extra about this, something more exciting, something forbidden. But, since I had been "turned on" at such an sunny leone xxx faking storys age and had no maturity to temper my actions, I was just totally driven by my dick.

We went to bed about 11:00pm. My cousin finally had his first orgasm that night as we masturbated side by side. He made so much noise I was afraid we would get caught, but I did not have to worry because Sue was already passed out. I got up to use the bathroom and saw the TV was still on but she was not in there. I slowly opened their bedroom door and saw her in bed. I was so fucking horny I just did not care. I had a story prepared in case I woke her up. Depending on how soon she caught me, the story is that I was trying to wake her up because I heard something outside.

If she caught me later, oh well! I went in the bedroom and turned on the small lamp beside her bed. I was a little disappointed - she had her nightgown on and the cover over her - but I was still very excited and horny.

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I bent down towards her and could smell the alcohol on her breath. I thought this would be a good time to test her so I called her name and shook her shoulder - no response, she just moved her head a little. Precum started leaking out of my boner and I knew I was not going to stop now for anything. I heard the door creak a little and saw my cousin come in and stand at the foot of the bed.

He had a wide, wild-eyed look on his face and a boner in his underwear. I gently pulled the blanket down and bunched it up at the foot of her bed. Her nightgown came down to her knees, kind of a lightweight cotton thing with thin shoulder straps and three buttons on the front.

The buttons went from the bottom of the vee neck at her tits to just above her belly button.

I took my underwear off and started jacking off as I looked at her. I reached out and unbuttoned all three buttons and pulled the gap over until her left tit was exposed.

As I did my fingers grazed her nipple and the smooth, warm flesh of her breast. I almost came! I lusty looker masturbates with a sex toy the look of her fleshy tit and wanted to see more.

I stopped jacking my cock because I did not want delicious pleasuring from hot legal age teenager cum yet. I used both hands to spread open her top as much as I could, trying to get both tits exposed. The nightgown would not open enough, I heard the threads just begin to rip a tiny bit and decided I better stop.

Ripping her nightgown would be a sure way to get caught. I stood up, breathing hard, and just looked at her exposed flesh for a moment then got an idea.

I looked over and whispered to my cousin to come up here and help. He still had that frightened, wild-eyed look, but was also jacking his dick for all it was worth. He reluctantly, nervously came up beside me and I told him to hold the nightgown spread open as wide as he could. I then reached in and put my palms against the outside of her tits and pressed them together and told him to push the nightgown down around them. As soon as my hands touched her warm flesh my dick started jerking and precum was squeezed out, stringing down onto the bed.

Fuck, I was horny, nervous, excited! Sweat was starting to bead up on my forehead. He shoved the material down and I let go of her tits and we stood up. What a sight - her tits being smashed together and held upright by her nightgown top. The material was cutting into the warm flesh on the sides of her tits. Her nipples were pointing straight up. I started to lightly stroke my cock again as I looked at her tits. I squeezed hard and started stroking faster.

I saw a string of my precum sling up off my knuckles and land on her left nipple. I reached down and rubbed it into her nipple! The excitement was intense as I felt her rubbery nub slip in and out of my fingers. I then pinched it between my fingers and started to roll it around. Just as I did this I was overwhelmed and exploded before I knew what happened. OMG, it shot through me like a thousand volts. I squirted cum across her tits and neck.

My cousin freaked out and ran out of the room. I jerked my cock furiously and erratically. My young balls slapped against my fingers as I rose up on my tiptoes, straining to be quiet as I shot cum onto her creamy skin! Finally, my muscles relaxed as my orgasm passed and I took in a deep, quiet breath.

I just stood there, my cock twitching in my hand as I looked at my cum on her. The cum that landed on her nipples and top of her tits was slowly sliding off to join the cum that was pooled at the base of her throat.

I was just about to bend over and lap some of it up when my cousin came back with some toilet paper and asked me to wipe it off her. He was afraid we would get caught if we left it there.

I did not care about getting caught at this point but figured I better humor him in an effort to calm him down a little. I took the toilet paper from his shaking hand and wiped my cum off her tits and neck.

He wanted to get out of there and I said fine, you go, but I am not done. I had calmed down a little more from my orgasm but my hands were still shaking a bit. My breathing was ragged. I decided I was going to throw all caution to the wind. I leaned down and sucked on her nipples - they felt good in my mouth, I could taste remnants of my cum.

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Her nipples were rubbery and soft in my mouth. They were a little bit smaller than my pinkie finger and about half an inch long. Her tits were about 36B. Very nice size. They had a very pale, creamy color that contrasted sharply with her dark red areolas. I started jacking off again and was getting more excited and bolder with each stroke of my cock.

I used both hands and started to slowly pull her nightgown hem upwards. It slid up easily until I got it to her ass. I then rodney moore scale bustin babes bunny de la cruz both hands on the same side and slowly, patiently, tugged on the gown, inching it about halfway up under her ass, then pulled on the other side, getting it about halfway up her ass.

I did this a couple of times until it got past her ass, bunched up under the small of her back. It then slid up much easier.

I painstakingly tugged it until it was about halfway up her back. I stood up and looked at her again. I could see her nice tummy, belly button, and the top of her furry mound. I could feel a heat rising in me, an aching sensation as I furiously jacked off. My cock started making popping sounds as the precum was just starting to seep out of my slit again.

I started playing with her tits again. I put my entire hand over her tit and squeezed it. I felt her nipple against the palm of my hand and thought I felt it harden a little as I rolled her warm, fleshy tit around.

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I then moved my fingers down across her smooth tummy to her furry mound. The heat between her legs was electrifying. I felt a slight dampness as I pressed my fingers down, mashing her outer lips. I moved my hand in a slow, circular motion while pressing down firmly causing her meaty lips to gape open a little. I could not gang bang double penetration and squirts watch part on suzcamcom much more, and despite having cum just a few minutes ago, I knew I was close again so I stopped jacking off.

I leaned over and gently spread her legs, lifting as best as I could from that position, one leg at a time, and slowly sliding it as far apart as I dared.

This was an agonizing process I just wanted to get on and fuck her so bad, but I also wanted to take enough time so I did not take a chance of waking her from what was apparently a pretty deep, drunken sleep.

I slowly crawled up on the bed. There was a slight scrunching noise from the mattress as my weight bore down on it. I eased between her legs, on my knees, and sat down on my calves with my legs folded under me. I slowly picked up her right leg and slid it sideways a little more, as far as I thought I could.

I had better leverage and control from this position. My heart was pounding my chest so hard I thought it would crack my ribs! My eyes were locked onto her pussy as it became more exposed as her legs parted. Then I did the same to her left leg until it was near the edge of the bed. I just sat there, taking it all in and slowly jacking my dick. Seeing her puffy lips slightly open and her tits pressed together, sticking up through her nightgown, is an image as vivid today as it was back then.

For some reason I got an overwhelming urge to smell her pussy and bent down and put my nose in her fur as I slowly stroked my cock.

The moment my nose filled with her warm aroma I nearly came and had to stop jacking off. I stuck my wet tongue out and gave a quick lick and sat back up. I could wait no more. I leaned over her, my left hand sinking into the bed beside her shoulder alison telar mom sexxx com my right hand aiming my cock at her pussy. It was a struggle not to cum again as my crown slipped between her lips, it felt so good, so warm, my precum and saliva making it slick.

I moved my right hand up beside her shoulder to take some of the weight off my left arm. I began to rotate my hips. Fuck me, that felt great. All the excitement and nervousness along with my horniness was overwhelming.

I stopped for a minute and looked down between us to see my dark red knob buried in her fur and spreading her outer lips apart. I continued to watch as I started rotating my hips again. This felt so good on the head of my cock it made my body tremble causing my cock head to make little jabbing motions against her super sexy charley fingers her amazing pussy bone!

My cock jabs must have had some effect on her, deep in her passed-out subconscious, because she stirred a little. I freaked out, afraid she would wake up. I stopped moving and felt my cock twitching as I almost came again. I looked down at her, my cock twitching between her furry lips.

She did not wake up, but her nipples caught me eye again. I bent my elbows as leaned down and started sucking on them and began slowly rotating my hips again.

I moved up her body a little and aimed my cock downwards, pressing it against her and slipping up and down between the folds of her warm lips. I was in heaven, it felt so good. I tried pressing my cock harder against her but could not get it in. I could not quite figure out why. I felt the head of it slide all the way down and poke out between the bottom of her fat lips.

I did not at that point in my sexual life realize the angle was a little off with her lying flat like that and sinking down into the bed a little. Always before the girl had made sure the angle was correct or we were in a position that I had good access.

My cousin quietly came back in the room. When he got beside the bed and saw me he freaked out and hissed "you're gonna wake her up!". This startled me and I sat upright quickly, my knees sliding up towards her ass. This caused me to sink a little lower into the soft bed and with my cock head at the bottom of her lips, as I leaned back a little, it caused my knob to slide up and just pop into her entrance before sliding out and popping up between her lips and bouncing against my stomach.

She twitched a little as my cock head brushed across her clit. I whispered to him not to worry - if she was going to wake up she would have by now. At least I hoped so, cute white feet xxx purse snatcher learns a lesson really did not care.

This made sense to him so he moved a little closer and started urgently whispering questions to me - how does it feel, is it wet, do you like it, etc. as he started to play with his dick. I said nothing but leaned back over her and started sliding my cock between her lips again. He said he wanted to see. I rose up and he said he still cold not see very well so I whispered to him "grab her leg and pull it out of your way". He grabbed her left leg behind the knee and lifted up and out as he stood beside the bed.

Her leg started to fold back towards her chest as he continued to push it. Since her leg was now off the edge of the bed he struggled a little with the limp weight of it then got it high enough that the weight of her leg was balanced and resting against her tummy and her knee bent so her foot as almost against her ass.

He then grabbed her knee and pulled it towards him, opening her up nicely. As I saw her pussy exposed like this I simply could not wait any more. I used my right hand to guide my precum soaked cock toward her furry cunt as my left hand sunk into the mattress beside her right shoulder. I twisted to my left a little so he could see better. As my enflamed knob pressed between the top of her lips I let go of my dick and put my right hand on her knee beside his to help hold myself up and arched back so he, and I, could see my cock in her pussy.

He started jerking his boner frantically as he stared intently at my cock between her lips. I started pumping again and as I did my slick cock suddenly slipped into her pussy. I was pressing hard and not ready for it and lost my balance and slid my cock all the way in her before I could recover and catch myself.

I sucked in my breath sharply - that felt so fucking good! She was warm and snug. Her furry mound felt exquisite against my skin, everything felt so good! I felt every muscle in my body tighten, like I was about to become one big charley horse! I grunted and squeezed my eyes shut tightly and bit my lip as my cock twitched and shot a squirt of cum in her! I dared not move a fraction of an inch. I was not sure if she would wake up and also did not want to keep cumming.

I felt an incredible heat flush my body and then my muscles started to relax again and I was able to get a breath. My cousin asked if I was ok and I feebly shook my head yes and smiled as rivulets of sweat ran down between my shoulder blades. The distraction of his voice and my being very still was enough to calm my orgasm.

He said, "Raise up so I can see". I put my right arm back behind my hip, twisted a little, so I could support myself with my left arm and leaned up off her and started pumping my cock in her pussy. He was jacking his cock very hard; a little precum was on the tip of it.

He leaned in a little, continuing to hold onto her knee, letting it swing out a little closer to him as he stared, bug eyed, at my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Sweat was running down my forehead now and dripping off my chin.

I was just about overwhelmed by all of this. I looked down at her tits just as a drop of my sweat landed near her nipple and ran down between her fleshy tits. I do not know why but this made me lose it- I groaned deeply, trying to muffle it as I exploded inside her. I had my cock near the edge of her opening as I started pumping cum into her. I slowly slid it deeper as it squirted.

I could feel the cum squirt out and slide past my cock head as I went deeper. When I finally felt my light pubes against her furry mound I started to collapse and caught myself by quickly moving my right hand to the bed beside her shoulder. I still ended up with all my lower body weight pressing against her, pressing my cock as deep as possible into her pussy as my body quivered and jerked while my cock twitched and squirted out the last of my cum.

The ensuing, involuntary little twitches of my body caused my cock to move around inside her, rubbing the sensitive head around in her. The sensation of her publicagent british underwear model gets fucked in the bushes, wet pussy walls rubbing my sensitive cock head were almost too much. As I held myself in place, trying not to move, and getting my breath back I looked over at my cousin.

His face was flushed red and he was grabbing a Kleenex off the nightstand to clean up his cum off the floor. He wiped it up and quickly left the room. Her left leg slowly swung back against me and slid down the bed a little. I just held myself there for a couple minutes, enjoying the fantastic feeling of her warm, cum filled pussy around my cock. She stirred victoria june gets her pussy massaged with cock on an island vacation little, breaking up my little daydream, and reality hit me.

I thought I better get out of there.

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I slowly slid my cock out of her and gently crawled down toward the foot of the bed, backing gently out from between her legs. I stood at the foot of the bed and was overcome by the sight. She was mom and son and daughter thrsom laying there flat on her back, her right leg spread out to the side, her left leg bent up, her left foot caught in the covers keeping it from sliding all the way down.

Her tits were poking straight up through the top of her nightgown. I started getting horny again and started to fondle my semi-rigid cock, then figured I better go, but I really did not want to. I could not resist! As I started to leave I went to the side of the bed and leaned over her left thigh and bent down and licked her pussy just once.

The taste was incredible! She felt warmer than she did the first time I licked it. I just wanted to cum again but I was afraid to go any further with her, not wanting to wake her. So, I hurriedly turned the light out and ran back to my cousin's bedroom where I furiously jacked off again but could not cum.

Afterward it suddenly hit me - what will happen when she wakes up? I had no fucking clue and was now too scared to go back in there and try to put her, or anything else, back the way I found it. My cousin never thought of this, and that was a good thing, because I am sure he would have had a meltdown.

Fortunately I only had about two hours from the time we got out of bed that morning until I had to leave.

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Nothing was said regarding the activities, or evidence, of the night before. That would happen later.