Naughty teen babe orgasm control mm handjob

Naughty teen babe orgasm control mm handjob
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Author's Note: I wrote this story a few years ago when I was still a virgin. I was looking forward to meeting my online girlfriend over christmas weekend for the first time. We had been planning it for about a month. I had wrote this while imagining what it would be like to finally meet her and to finally have sex. Looking back now, I reluctantly admit, it was nothing at all like this. But I decided not to edit the story in order to preserve it's virginal pureness.

I know this story could be better, but as this was my first attempt at sexual writing, it can be excused. I don't know If I'll write anymore, but I just felt I should share this one. Enjoy. His First Time Chapter One The young man rushes from class.

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He eagerly approaches the dorms. He signs the form that will allow him to leave campus for the weekend. Today is Friday, and he will finally meet her. He enters his room and opens his closet. After looking over his clothing, he finally decides on black jeans and a black tee-shirt. He grabs his towel and hurries into the bathroom. Locking the door, he strips, tossing his school uniform on the bathroom floor. He turns on the shower and stands there, in the nude, waiting for the water to heat up.

When the shower begins to steam, he steps in. The hot water hits his naked body and he imagines that she is hot scenes with blonde chick worshipping dick him, her hands running over his body, her tongue in his mouth. He closes his eyes as he grasps his growing member.

He now imagines her full lips around his cock, sucking and licking as he masturbates in the shower. Within a few minutes, he climaxes, spurting his seed against the shower wall.

He picks up the soap and washes, making certain that every part of him is clean. When he's finally satisfied, he turns off the shower and steps out.

He dries himself off and stands, looking in the mirror. Just a single thought of her sends his blood racing and he notes, in the back of his mind, that he's become aroused again. He brushes lovely sweetie spreads narrow twat and loses virginity teeth and puts on his clothes. He leaves the dorm and heads to the bus stop. He gets on the bus and heads off towards a weekend unlike any he's ever known.

Chapter Two The bus arrives at the station. The young man departs and makes his way through the crowd, waiting. He's early, as he usually is. As he waits, he thinks of her again. Self-consciously, he readjusts his pants as he becomes aroused once more.

Finally, the train arrives. He stands and waits, near the doors, watching as everyone departs. He sees her; time seems to pause for an instant. She scans the crowd, looking for him. He steps up and gives her a hug. She seems surprised and startled for a moment before returning the hug. He kisses her on the lips, not caring that everyone nearby is staring at them. They exchange greetings and head out of the station. "So, what do you want to do first?" she asks.

His stomach rumbles. "How about we grab something to eat," he replies. They walk over to a nearby restaurant. They order their food and sit down in a booth.

His shyness kicks in and he can't think of what to say. She helps out by starting the conversation. They talk of many things. They finish eating and sit there, still talking. Eventually, the conversation evolves into flirting.

He gets aroused again and suggests they retire to a motel. She grins and winks at him, "I thought you would never ask." They leave the restaurant and go next door to the motel. They rent a room for two nights. She makes a comment and he blushes. He opens the door to the room and lets her in. He then enters and shuts the door.

She has already turned on a lamp. He turns around and looks at her. He suddenly has no idea what to do. "Well, here we are …" he says. Chapter Three She places her arms around his neck and kisses his lips. He puts his arms around her waist and returns the kiss, pressing his lips against hers.

Her tongue enters his mouth. He hesitates, briefly, and then caresses her tongue with his own. She removes her arms from around his neck and begins to undo his belt. She undoes his pants and pulls them down.

His manhood is fully erect and she is slightly surprised that he's not wearing any underwear. She breaks off the kiss and leads him over to the bed. She sits on the edge and has him stand in front of her. She takes his cock in her hand and licks the head. She teases the head with her tongue before putting it in her mouth. As she sucks him off, he runs his fingers through her hair. She sucks him faster and harder, taking more and more of him into her mouth each time. After a few minutes, he feels the pressure begin to build.

His cock gets harder and he begins breathing heavily.

"I'm, I'm gonna cum." She continues to suck his cock. He lets out a gasp and cums in her mouth. She continues to suck, draining every last drop, cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth. When he finishes, she lays back on the bed. "My turn," she says.

He blushes and reaches to undo her pants. He pulls them and her panties off. He kneels down on the floor between her legs. He leans in and kisses her pussy. She moans and groans in pleasure, calling his name, as his tongue enters her and he licks her clit. After a few minutes, she grabs his head as she climaxes. Pressed against her, he drinks in her cum. She lies there, breathing heavily as he stands and removes his shirt.

She sits up and he removes her shirt and bra. Chapter Four They examine each other's nude bodies. "Are you ready?" she asks. He momentarily forgets how to speak, so he nods. She smiles and scoots back so she's no longer on the edge of the bed and lays down.

He positions himself over her and kisses her breasts. She runs her fingers through his hair as he gently sucks on her tits. She gasps and moans as he teases her nipples with his lips and tongue. He looks up and asks, "Do you have a condom?" She nods, "In my purse." He picks up her purse and looks inside. He finds the condom and pulls it out. She's fingering herself as he puts it on. He comes back to the bed and she spreads her legs. He positions himself over her and between her legs. She reaches for his cock and guides it into her.

She removes her hand as he slowly enters further. He marvels at how it feels to be inside her. Once he's all the way inside, he slowly comes out until only the head is still in, then he goes back in.

She moans, "Yes, violandmi hermana virgen dormida por el culo it. Now, go faster." He gradually picks up speed, going in and out, in and out, faster and harder. She moans and groans, shouting out his name, telling him to go faster, telling him to fuck her harder.

He goes faster, he fucks harder. He grunts, never once taking his eyes off her. In and out, back and forth, he continues the rhythm until, without warning, he cums. He continues going in and out, slowing down.

She climaxes shortly after he does. He gradually comes to a stop and kisses her. He lies there, holding her, still inside her. After a few moments, he starts up the motion again. In and out, back and forth, making love to her. They make love again and again, over and over. Eventually they fall asleep, just before the sun rises. Chapter Five He wakes up and looks at the clock.

It is late afternoon. He looks at her, lying naked beside him, still sleeping. He smiles and kisses her. She opens her eyes and smiles at him. "Good Morning," she says. "Good Afternoon." She notices the time. "So it is." He kisses her again and puts his arm around her. "What do you want to do now?" She snuggles close to him and sighs.

"I don't know what do you want to do?" He holds her close and kisses her neck. "How about we take a shower?" She smiles, "A shower?" "Yes, together." "Alright." They get up and head to the bathroom. As he gets the shower ready, she uses the toilet.

Then, as she gets in the shower, he takes a piss. He joins her in the shower. They kiss then she asks, "Who's first?" "Uh, you go ahead." She picks up the soap and directs him to step into the water. The hot water hits his naked body, and she is with him, running her hands along his body, spreading the soap.

She soaps his entire body, paying special attention to his erect member. After she rinses him off, she kisses him. "Your turn." She hands him the soap. He licks his lips and begins applying the soap to her body.

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He runs the soap across her breasts and caresses them with his hands. He soaps the rest of her body, spending a bit of time stroking the soap, and his fingers, along her clit. He then rinses her off, starting with her breasts, kissing each. He then rinses of her stomach, kissing her belly button. He kisses her pussy and butt cheeks after rinsing them off. After rinsing and kissing her legs and feet, he stands and kisses her lips.

She turns off the water and they dry each other off. Chapter Six They kiss again, and she suggests they get something to eat.

He nods in agreement and they dress. They head over to the restaurant next door and order their food. They sit down in a booth and eat while talking about their hopes and dreams. After they finish eating, they head back to the motel.

When they enter the room, they remove their clothes and lay down in bed. A huge sex toy for cute chick masturbation fingering hold each other in their arms and kiss. "Let's just go to sleep." He nods and kisses her again. She snuggles close, resting her head on his chest. He holds her, softly running his hands along her back.

They eventually fall asleep. When they awaken the next morning, they kiss. "I have to go back today." "So do I." They kiss again and get out of bed and dress. He walks her to the station and waits with her till her train arrives.

Before she boards the train, he kisses her lips. "I'll miss you." "I'll miss you too." "See you again next weekend?" "I'd love to." He gives her a hug and whispers, "I love you." She hugs him and whispers back, "I love you too." They kiss and she boards the train.

She waves to him and he waves back. After the train has pulled out of the station, he walks over to the bus stop and waits for the bus that will take him back to campus. He thinks over what they did this weekend, and when someone asks how he's doing, he can honestly say, "I've never felt better." He returns to campus and heads to his dorm.

He sits down at his desk and writes a poem to her. He goes to bed and dreams about what they can do next weekend&hellip. The End?