Desirable blonde has her wet pussy nailed creampie and big tits

Desirable blonde has her wet pussy nailed creampie and big tits
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"Mom, I'm home!" Shouted Bella as she opened the door and dumped her schoolbag in the hallway. She heard a muffled curse and the sound of a flurry of movement from upstairs but nothing else. Bella paused, puzzled. "Mom, are you there?" she called out "Sure, here I am sweetie" finally came the response as Maxine, her mother, emerged from her bedroom door at the top of the stairs looking flustered and wearing only her dressing gown.

"Oh dear, have you only just got up?" teased Bella. "Ha, no dear," laughed her mom distractedly, "I just didn't realise you would be home so soon." "Well, I'm going to go and start my homework," said Bella "I've got a mountain to do, and a math test tomorrow to prepare for as well…" and she walked into the kitchen. As she entered, she paused to examine her reflection in the mirror.

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She was 14, and petite, with her body just starting to develop with the onset of puberty. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a pony tail at the back to match school regulations, but no she released it and let it flow freely down her back.

As she sat down to start working, she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye, and glanced up and saw Andre the polish plumber sneaking out of the front door, while buttoning up his shirt. Her mind raced as she leapt to the obvious conclusion: her mom was having an affair!

That was the only explanation for the noises upstairs, the dressing gown, and the flustered look; by coming home early from school, she had inadvertently caught her mother in the act with her lover! While Daddy was off on a business trip in Saudi Arabia, this was her perfect opportunity to cheat on him behind his back. Stunned, Bella sat speechless, her homework quite forgotten. It was not until later that Bella felt able to confront her mother about it.

They were sitting down in the lounge watching TV together, and Bella turned to regard her mother, she too had blonde hair, which she kept fairly short, around shoulder length. She was taller than Bella, but the strain of giving birth had done nothing to damage her figure. She was slim, but had large matronly breasts, possibly the only giveaway that she was a mother. "Mom," said Bella quietly, "can I ask you something?" "Yes" replied her mother resignedly.

Bella decided it was best to get it over quickly "Are you having an affair?" Maxine sighed "I wouldn't call it that, its just that with your Dad away all the time, I just get so damn horny, and occasionally my fingers just don't suffice. I need a man blonde mature gives footjob to fake agent uk was shocked; this wasn't like her mom at all.

"Bella, will you please promise never to tell anyone else about this, it's not a serious thing" "umm, ok mom, I understand" said Bella. "Thank you so much!" said her mother, greatly relieved, "How can I ever repay you?" Bella smiled back weakly, but the suddenly her mother leaned forward and kissed her fully on the lips. Not just a quick peck like she was used to, but a full on snog, her tongue sticking halfway down Bella's throat.

At first Bella recoiled instinctively and gazed at her mother dumbfounded. Maxine smiled back at her cheekily "Yes, that's how I'll repay you, I'll give you a free sample!" "What?!?" yelped Bella, "Mom, I'm—" But her mother cut her off with another kiss, and this time she surrendered. Maxine pulled Bella onto her lap, so that she straddled her, and gently lifted her top off over her head to reveal Bella's pert tits, covered only by a flimsy white bra, which Maxine deftly removed.

She stroked and caressed Bella's nipples, which promptly sprang up, fully erect, and then put one in her mouth and began to suck it and nibble on it with her teeth, causing Bella to gasp and moan with pleasure, as tingling sensations ran up and down her entire body. Then Maxine stood her daughter up and ran her hand along her thigh, rubbing her sweet young pussy through her tights, which Bella then pulled off frantically, along with her skirt to leave her naked in front of her mother, apart from her white silk panties, which were already getting damper and damper with Bella's growing arousal.

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Bella was impatient for more, but her mother paused before giving her what she desired. "My turn" she whispered huskily. She stood up and pulled off her low cut to release her fantastic boobs. She wasn't wearing a bra, she didn't usually need to, her boobs were firm and prominent enough by themselves to cause men to accidentally inhale their drinks as she walked past in bars when she went out for a drink with her girl friends.

Bella squeezed one tentatively, marvelling at its size and firmness. "Suck it you used to" her mother ordered her. Bella obeyed willingly, and soon she was slurping away on her mom's tit like she used to when she was a baby, making Maxine groan with pleasure. As she sucked her mom's nipple, her hands slid hesitantly down her back until she was squeezing her mother's firm ass cheeks through her jeans.

Her mother giggled again and undid her trousers, before making a great show of pulling them down to her ankles and stepping out of them. She stood in the middle of the room, wearing only her lacy black panties which Bella pulled off eagerly. She stared at her mom's pussy. She'd shaved it! Bella naughty teen babe orgasm control mm handjob completely shocked. She'd trimmed her own pussy hair to keep it tidy, but now her mother's looked freakishly bald, and yet completely fuckable.

"Time to get down to it" murmured Maxine as she reached down and pulled off her daughter's silk panties and touched her sweet virgin pussy for the first time. Bella sighed with relief as her mother pushed her down onto the sofa and spread her legs apart. Maxine brought up her mouth and began to kiss the entrance to her daughter's tight vagina. Sparks of pleasure ran through her as Maxine's tongue penetrated her for the first time and her mother's fingers began to slide through her wet slit.

One of her Mother's hands stayed massaging Bella's clit, while the other began to explore Bella's tight arsehole, as her moans of pleasure began to grow louder and turn into cries. "Oh shit! OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMMMINNGG!" Bella screamed, as her first ever gush of salty juice flooded out.

Her mother slurped away and then sat back with a satisfied expression on her face. "Ok", she said, "my turn now, ready to take a trip back to where you were made?" "Fuck yeah!" Said Bella, licking her lips in anticipation. Maxine sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide to allow her daughter easy access to her pussy.

At first Bella wasn't quite sure what to do, and so she just touched it at first, running her fingers around its hungry lips. "Go on, " encourage her mom "put your finger in there" So Bella slid first one finger in, then two, biting her lip nervously. Soon she had slid her slim and up to her wrist into her mother's vaginaand Maxine was starting to moan with pleasure. Bella found that by slowly twisting her hand around she could make her mom gasp and cry out, begging for more, until she could take it no longer and she bent over to eat her mom's pussy.

She felt Maxine's finger curling in her luxuriously long hair as she caressed her, while Bella's tongue probed deeper and deeper into the slit where she had been made.

She could taste a vaguely familiar taste which she took to be her mother's juices, but also another flavour which, she assumed was Andres cum from earlier, which she slurped up just the same. Soon Maxine's cries reached a shrieking climax and they lay together entwined in each others arms on the couch, exhausted but deeply satisfied.