Bf assists with hymen physical and drilling of virgin chick

Bf assists with hymen physical and drilling of virgin chick
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There is a new trainer at my gym club, his name is Raul and he's very hot. Suddenly; I became very motivated and excited about going to the gym witch wasn't the case before. I took a spot at the very back of the gym room so that I can have a nice view of Raul's ass, and it is one hell of an ass.

I have been very busy with work lately; that's why it's been a while since I last got laid, so it was only natural that I would be fantasizing about Raul.

His nice ass, his muscled thighs, his athletic arms and his voice, that adorable babe needs her ass and vagina licked, his dreamy voice did strange things to my body. This is not the first time that I feel attracted to a straight guy, but it is the first time that I am attracted to a straight married guy; he did not take off his wedding ring during practice and that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

After the end of the practice, I was heading to the showers totally drained from any strength and sweating like a pig.

As I was passing Raul who was rearranging the equipment, he suddenly turned to face me, put his left hand on my shoulder to say: "you worked well this evening Taylor", his beautiful brown body was so near and his masculine voice saying my name was almost too much to handle, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. The only sounds that came out of my mouth were: "oh; thanks", in a lame surprised tone, then I continued my way.

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Once under the shower, I closed my eyes letting the hot water rundown my body, letting the thought of Raul's hand on my shoulder, his voice and his athletic Latino body invade my mind making the blood rush to my dick that got immediately hard. I soaped my hand and started running it up and down my cock slowly then faster and harder; it did not take long to make my jizz fly out to hit the shower's wall sending a sweet shiver to my whole body.

Good thing I did not take a cold shower. During the next gym practice, Raul was giving us hell working abs, I was already mad at him for wearing those puffy sweat pants instead of the usual tight shorts, depriving me from the appealing view I had on his nice ass, and here he is; making me suffer more. By the end of practice, I was too exhausted to go to the showers so I laid there on the floor and closed my eyes trying to relax a little.

"Was I tough on you today?" Raul's sweet voice startled me, I opened my eyes and found Raul sitting on the floor next to me. I sat up so quickly that my face got at few inches from his. I looked around and realized that we were the only ones left.

Guessing my confusion; Raul said: "you dozed of after practice; you look so cute when you're sleeping". His words made my brain go even blanker than it already was, my face must have showed it because he chuckled and said:"I've seen you checking me out a lot, I guess I'm your type" then he winked at me.

How far will he keep teasing me like this, it's not fair. I tried to stay calm and said to my self: well; what the hell, since I was busted; there's no point in denying so I finally said: "yes you are, too bad I'm not yours" he chuckled again, retrieved his towel from around his neck and put it around mine keeping his hands on it and pulling me a little closer to him, then said: "what made you think that?".

I lowered my eyes to look at brunette teen bella falls on her behalf bf wedding ring. He laughed for few seconds then told me: "you dummy, I use this ring to keep the ladies away, not the cute guys like you".

My heart beat and breathing accelerated; I felt the heat reaching my face and knew that my ears must be red now. He looked at me with indulging, reassuring eyes and I couldn't hold back anymore. I threw my self at him and started kissing him, his soft lips responded to mine; parted a little allowing me to caress them with my thong.

I put my trembling hands at both sides of his head giving me a good grip so that I can circle hit thong with mine, god; I have been wanting to do this for a long time. His arms were around me in a second, holding me tight just like I wanted. He was now lying on top of me and I run my hands down his back to reach his perfect muscled ass. It was just as firm and round as I imagined it, we started kissing each others necks and then he nibbled my left ear and that was it, my dick got immediately rock hard and I rolled over so that I became on top.

I took off his shirt as he took off mine, oh god, his chest is spectacular, I couldn't stop my self from kissing it and sucking his cute nipples, that's when I felt his penis get hard under those ugly pants that I wanted to rip off; but settled for taking theme off as genteelly as I could. Then I took off his underwear to look at his cute cock, it was about 7 inches, shaved, not cut just as I like it.

I started liking its tip then the shaft; before shoving it into my mouth; sucking on it slowly, shaping my thong around it and taking it deeper and deeper in my mouth, he moaned my name encouraging me to go faster and harder, his sexy voice drove me totally crazy, I could come just by hearing it. Then his dick started throbbing in my mouth and I felt his body get tense, I receive his sweet salty cum all over my face. He grabbed my head between his hands and pulled it towards his face and started French kissing me while he lowered his right hand down my chest and belly and into my shorts, he started stroking my hard cock witch was begging for his attention, then he pulled down my shorts and underwear and parted his legs just before direction my dick to his twitching asshole.

He definitely knew that I have been craving for this, how many times I have been fantasising about entering his cute ass.

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I started penetrating him very slowly looking for any mark of pain on his face; he just looked at me in the eyes and gave me a little nod so I carried on. His rectum encapsulated my hard dick so well that it felt like a key matching its lock. I started moving in and out as slowly as I could and the heat surrounding my cock drove me nuts. Raul was moaning in this melodious voice of his making my pleasure even more exquisite, when his voice became louder and his back arched so gracefully; I knew that I was hitting the right spot, so I went on faster and faster, harder and harder inside that sweet tight ass of his caused by the boss harley rain I was also moaning even louder then he did.

Our bodies ware shivering and he tangled his legs around my waist making me go even deeper inside him and that's when I couldn't take it anymore my dick was about to burst, I wanted to take it out of his rectum but he held me there with his legs and it was too late anyway because I immediately got tense all over and my throbbing cock sent sweet vibrations to my whole body right before releasing a load of my sperm inside Raul who came at that very same moment sending his bien enculee devant sa copine french anal fuck all over my chest.

He then removed his legs from around my waist letting my penis slide out followed by my come. I rolled over to lie on my back looking at the ceiling with a goofy smile on my face thinking that it has in deed been a while since I had an awesome orgasm like this one.

Raul stood up and walked naked toward the shower, I sat up to look at his glorious figure when he turned and said: "care to join me, I want you to scrub my back", he didn't need to say it twice.