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Fetish ho heels rubs solo masturbation and anal
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Note: This is a sequel to Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires. I have no affiliation with the prequel and claim no rights to it Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism Chapter 1 - Privet Drive Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author As the hottest day of the year so far was reaching its peak, Harry Potter was not outside, enjoying the warmth and the sunlight.

He was in his room, sipping on a can of coke he had managed to steal from the Dursley's fridge. It was a nice way to cool down, and he savored every sip.

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The summers were normally an awful time for Harry, but this one had been particularly bad so far. Dudley, having been transformed by his diet and his new-found boxing talent, was now big enough to pose a serious threat to Harry. He had therefore been forced to avoid him at all costs, meaning he had spent most of his summer outside in the neighborhood.

He would sit on benches and read newspapers, and sometimes go and get a bite to eat. Money was no limit to him, for although he couldn't duplicate his wizarding money, his muggle money had no such charms protecting it.

He had learned the Gemino spell in a book that Easter, and wondered how he had ever lived without it. It was handy, to be as rich as he wanted, even in this world that he so hated and despised. He had sat down on the last day of term, where he could still do magic, and duplicated all his muggle savings several times. But as he sat in his bedroom, finishing the can of coke, this did little to improve his mood. He had had no news of Voldemort, and though he presumed no news was good news, he had been hoping for some small contact with the wizarding world, even if it was through the muggle news channels.

He had tried watching the news in the living room, but the Dursleys had shoed him away, with the excuse that he had no need to find out about the muggle world. It had nothing to do with 'his lot'. He had therefore resorted to skulking in the hall or outside the window to catch the reports. And still he had heard nothing. As these gloomy thoughts invaded Harry's head he saw, to his astonishment, an owl soaring through the air towards number four. It wasn't one that had ever delivered to him before, it was a handsome, large, jet black owl with a package in it's claws.

It landed on his windowsill, dropped off the package, and took off again in a flurry of black feathers. Harry stared, stunned, at the parcel now lying in front of him as he sat there. It was wrapped in brown paper and in a beautiful hottie gets banged on the floor on the surface had been written the following words It read: 'Dear John - I thought this might be useful to you in your work at the department.

It's just what you said you were looking for - Hope you are well - Barry' Now understanding that this was not for him, and the Owl had clearly been confused, he considered sending Hedwig to go call back the Black owl. But she was asleep in her cage, and he was reluctant to hot brunette enjoys anal fucking with her dildo masturbation tight pussy her.

He therefore decided that he would discover what was in the package, and if he didn't need it, he'd send it to the ministry, for he had no doubt that the 'department' Barry mentioned, was a ministry dept. He picked up the parcel and carefully unfolded the brown paper, it fell away to reveal a blue, leather bound book. It was small enough to fit in a pocket, but thick, and housed what he guessed were a few hundred small pages.

He flicked open the first page, and written in the centre in blue ink were the words: Spellbook of Eroticism Harry stared at the title for a few moments.

He knew what Eroticism meant, and he began to see in his minds eye an inkling of what lay before him. Anticipating what he would find, he opened up the second page, and a chapter heading lay before him: Chapter 1 - Section 1 - Spellwork He read down the long list of spells, each one contained a short description and many had a few diagrams next to them.

He read the first description with a grin growing on his face. It read: The Hornikolus Charm - A very simple spell almost guaranteed to give results. Upon casting, the target will feel a strong but subtle attraction to the caster, causing them to desire some level of sexual contact with them.

Certain external factors may affect the level of attraction. The effects of the spell last for between 1 to 2 hours, and they will end either if the allotted time runs out or the caster receives full satisfaction. Warning! - The target will remember the contact entirely Warning!

- As with all spells in the volume, the casting is undetectable by the wizarding trace but highly illegal to perform Warning! - After each casting, the target's permanent disposition to the caster will increase Harry re-read the description, hardly daring to believe it.

He expected Barry or John to summon the book at any moment, and for it to be whisked away from his shaking hands. It was so perfect, a book giving the owner an arsenal of techniques to lure his or her wildest dreams into reality. And it had been sent to him, completely by accident, with no way of tracing the wrongly sent package.

He would have laughed out loud for joy if he hadn't known that the Dursleys were out having tea in the Garden. The arrival of the miraculous book had finally given him something to be happy about, and he immediately began to wonder when the first opportunity to use the books skills would arise. His thoughts immediately jumped to Hermione, but she was far away, out of his reach, and he couldn't wait that long. He looked out of the window and down into the street. Two streets down, on the corner, was an old play park full of half broken swings and roundabouts.

It was where the youths of Little Whinging would go to hang out, and Harry had gone there a couple of times. Most of the teenagers there knew Harry from the school days before he turned eleven, and he had a hard time getting on with some of them. However, a few of the muggle girls from his neighborhood that sometimes turned up there, he had looked upon with longing.

With some help from the book that lay before him, he could have a bit of fun with one of them teeny lovers slut fucked on the red hood very afternoon. He read the description of the Hornikolus Charm a couple more times, and memorized the diagrams showing the necessary wand work. He then pulled on his shoes and tucked his wand in his waistband. He shoved the book safely in his pillow before standing and walking down the stairs into the hall.

He braced himself before stepping outside into the view of the Dursley's, but luckily for harry they were on the other side of the little garden with their backs to him, sipping their tea quietly.

Harry walked down the path and onto the pavement, where he strode down the street in anticipation of his upcoming challenge. It would be difficult to cast a spell without any muggle seeing, but he was confident with his ability. As he rounded the corner of Privet Drive he saw the park, and to his relief a few figures were sat on the disused swings, passing round a masseuse babe and girl client licking pussies. Harry, coming from a different world than them, didn't smoke.

He approached the group nervously, hoping that Dudley and his gang weren't amongst them. He was in luck, it was the group from Mangolia crescent, not Privet Drive, that sat on the swings. A few of them that knew Harry greeted him, and a few nodded nervously in his direction. Harry was sure he was known in the neighborhood as the boy from St.Brutus's detention centre for incurably criminal boys.

Though this was helpful in getting people to leave him alone, it wasn't very useful for making friends. He sat down on the swings and when they offered the cigarette to him he refused as usual. It was disgusting, and he didn't understand why muggles opted to do it. He could have cast a shield charm on his throat to prevent the negative effects of the smoke, but he would be expelled.

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As they sat and talked among themselves, Harry picked his target. Of the seven other people in the park, three were girls. The first was a rather podgy, short girl from number twelve. His eyes skated over her instantly, and landed on the second girl.

She was scarily tall, and a bit too bulky for Harry's liking. The third girl, however, was gorgeous. Laura Stanford, from number nineteen, sported long flowing brown hair and an impressive rack. Her tight jean shorts accentuated her long longs and her purt, round ass. An added bonus was that she evidently didn't smoke, as she had refused several times whilst he'd been sat there. She would be his conquest, if he could pull it off. The only tricky part was casting the charm without any notice from the other muggles, and as they all sat together on the swings that was impossible.

He bided his time, waiting for some of them to leave. After a couple more cigarettes most of them left, leaving Laura and another guy. He was trying his luck with her, but she had shut him down almost instantly, making it fairly clear she wasn't interested by folding her legs and crossing her arms. Harry was slightly behind the two of them, and he knew it was now or never.

He lifted his wand from his waist and pointed it at her back, whispering 'Hornikolus', and performing the movements accordingly. The spell was invisible, and he wasn't immediately sure it had worked, but he noticed a change in Laura's demenour as she began to turn to him. He stuffed his wand in his pocket quickly before she saw it, and smiled at her as she stared at him with what could only be described as longing in her eyes.

'Hello?' asked the boy, 'I'm still here, you know.' Laura turned back to him and muttered 'shut up, Matt.' She turned back to Harry and gave him a quick wink. Harry could already feel a bulge growing in his pants, and he nodded his head towards the large clump of bushes on the right of the playground. 'Why don't you run along, Matt' she commanded, not taking her eyes off of Harry. To his relief, Matt stood and left the park looking gloomy.

As he wandered off down the road, Harry and Laura stood in unison and walked slowly into the clump of bushes. A clearing in the centre provided adequate cover, and they stopped there, Laura backing up against a tree trunk, with one leg raised. 'I always really liked you, Harry' she said in a sexy, sultry voice. 'Oh really?' answered Harry, taking a step towards her, 'The guy from St.Brutus's?' Laura looked at the floor and nodded, 'I like bad boys' she murmured, looking back at him with a gleam in her eyes.

He could see her already erect nipples through her tight t-shirt, and knew she was gagging for it. He took another step towards her, and know she was within his grasp. She leant forward and they began to make out, her pushed up against the tree and Harry groping every inch of her body he could reach. He paused to pal bangs his awesome girlfriend smalltits and hardcore off her t-shirt, stared at the cute teen tits below.

She was wearing a frilly black bra that was a couple of sizes to small, showing off her curves. She stuffed a hand down his trousers and felt his rapidly growing cock. Harry suppressed a grunt of pure pleasure as he began to receive his first handjob. He could tell she had done it before as she worked his shaft back and forth, moaning in pleasure as Harry reached down her jean shorts and felt her tight pussy.

He stuck a finger in and moved it back and forth, in unison with her own strokes 69 is the doctors favorite position his cock. They both gave hand for a few minutes, until Harry was desperate for more.

He pulled his hand out of her shorts, and looked her in the eyes. 'Are you gonna suck it, or what?' he asked her bluntly. She flashed him a cheeky grin, 'I was just considering it' she replied. She let go of his cock and knelt down onto the grass.

She proceeded to unzip his jeans and pull down his pants and boxers, revealing his now fully hard six inches. Almost tentatively, she reached out and licked the tip.

Harry grunted in pleasure as she then began moving her lips back and forth over his rod. He couldn't help but take the back of her head in his hands and give her a little help.

For the next few minutes she worked more and more of his cock into her little mouth, until eventually she was deep- throating five inches of it like a pro.

He let out a deep sigh of satisfaction and closed his eyes, letting her do all the work. After a couple more minutes of sucking he began to feel his approaching end, as her throat enveloped his full six inches 'I'm cumming, Laura!' he warned her, 'anytime now.' 'Cum on my face!' she pleaded in a ridiculously slutty moan.

Harry was only too happy to oblige her, and he pulled out his cock just as it began to throb and swell. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, her eyes closed in anticipation of the cum that was to about to be plastered to her face.

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'Uuhnng!' grunted harry as a healthy portion of his warm, sticky cum erupted onto Laura's waiting face. Strands of it landed in her eyes and mouth and she smiled up at him, blinking rapidly as Harry spattered his last few dregs of cum onto her cheeks.

She giggled up at him and gulped down the semen that had dripped into her mouth, before standing and wiping her face with latty west fucked a giant dick hard T-Shirt.

'You enjoyed that?' asked Harry, smiling. He knew the effects of the spell would have ended on his orgasm, and he was curious to find out her thoughts. Laura blushed slightly. 'Well, I'll have to wash this T-shirt, but I don't regret it. I had a slight crush on you at school' she admitted, blushing still further. Harry grinned, and when he knew she had enjoyed their little encounter, he began to think about the rest of the summer, and the possibility of repeating the feat.

'You reckon we could do this again some time?' he asked tentatively, pulling up his jeans. She smiled at him. 'We'll see' she giggled, and winked cheekily and sexily. They said their farewells and parted ways, Harry back towards Privet drive and Laura to Mangolia Crescent.

He had a broad grin etched across his face, as he relived in his mind's eye the last few glorious minutes of his summer.