Big boobs latin fucking in kitchen

Big boobs latin fucking in kitchen
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The store was coming to a close and everyone was slowly leaving. Soon only you and I will be left, seeing you already clean up gives me hope for my plan. I make my way to order just before the last minute of the store being open. From a quick glance I know my plan will work from the lack of ice.

"Could I order another?" "Your usual?" You ask. "What else?" I said you knowing you only ask to be a funny. "Well I have to run to the back for ice if you really want your drink." "Alright." Looking and enjoying you're your backside as you leave. As you turn the corner I slowly make my way behind the counter, while I slowly grab my gun. "She will never see me coming." I finally find you and there you are bending over to reach the bottom ice.

"Oh that ass will soon be all mine." I'm finally behind you beautiful hollywood actress blue storys I press my gun against you.

"Freezes! Your now under arrest for the possession and possible selling of illegal drugs." "What!! Owe!" You are surprised by me making a quick move to get up and hitting your head on the ice door.

"I do not do such things." Before you can turn your head i flash my badge in your facing knowing this was the only time to fool you with it. "I have been coming here most nights to track your doings. And there are 5 accounts of you selling or having illegal drugs." Bringing my badge back and grabbing for the handcuffs. "Now will you please put your hands on your head slowly I need to cuff you." "I swear I did not do anything, I'm too broke to be selling." As you slowly raise your hands to your head.

I knew that you would buy it if I sold the strong type first. I put my gun away as you finish putting your hands on your head, with cuffs in hand I cuff you as you're still not sure what's going on. "So how do I fight this, I swear I didn't do anything you are arresting me for?" All your thinking about now is just trying to get out of this.

You know you didn't do it but your job and some much else is running through your mind. "Well right now I need to do a strip search of you to make sure you don't have any on you." All your thoughts came to a stop.

"I have to be nude?" Is the only thing on your mind now. The thought of me seeing you nude makes you weak in the knees for a sec, I miss it, but you still don't like the idea of a stranger seeing nude.

"But the handcuffs……" "Shhh!" As I take your apron off not being restricted, next I grab your shirt sleeves and rip them open to your collar. "I guess we will work around that, have a problem with that?" I think I'm selling the strong type. You are a little scared to speck cause of me talking so sternly, but your other lips are sure reacting.

"Remember anything you say can be used against you. Being quiet might help your case." As I pull your shirt over your head. I slowly see your lacey bra as I pull the shirt off. "Expecting some fun tonight? Well I need to take this off also, lucky you it opens in the front." As I slowly let it fall to the hand cuffs all I can think is "Oh my, this is heaven!" I slowly pick each one and slowly start pawing each one slowly, I finally notice you shifting your legs.

"She's a kinky one! This is going to even better!" "I don't think there's anything there after you moved the sweet hot babes spread their long legs to lick till its wet lesbians brunette You risk talking hoping to not get to excited cause that would be so embarrassing for you, if this cop found out that you wanted him. You can't help it but authority makes you hot. But that playing with the nipples is turning you on so much, he really needs to stop, before its to late for you.

"I need to get close and smell maybe even have to lick them, make sure weed wasn't there." "Oh crap!" Is all you can think. Slowly I rub my nose against your nipples and slowly they start to stiff, that's my que to start licking them.

First one then the next, soon you are pushing them in my face to lick more. "Well since there is no source there I must dig deeper." I smile a little but your eyes are wandering to not notice, I slowly trace my finger down to the navel only to circle it a bit. You never realized how hot that feels, until now. I enter it slowly and it produces nothing but to be sure I keep fingering as if I was playing with a pussy. "Man he probes like he was fingering a pussy, or an ass.

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This guy is pro! Oh if he does that to either of my two holes I'm going to cum very quickly. Crap!" I start seeing worry in her eyes the minute I moved on to her pants. I slowly take down her pants and just pushing them down to her shoes, as I do all I can stare at is her bare pussy in front of me. "Well you weren't hiding anything on the outside, but we have to check everything." I treat your pussy carefully spending a couple minutes outside 'examining' it.

But soon just like your boobs your pushing your pussy on my fingers and I take that as a go and full speed, not giving you mercy.

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I am using both hands and no spot is untouched tracking you like a lock I soon find your spot and stay in that area until your using the ice machine to hold you up. "Havvvve Youuu Found Anythinggggg Yetttttt????? Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh." I suddenly stop. "Actually no, " I say naturally. "Well only one place left!" I push you back in to the ice and so your ass in full glory. "I have gloves but this look so clean I might have to lick it just to be sure nothing was there like your boobs." Words are utterly useless with you right now because you're riding a high that you have not felt in a while.

So I put my fingers in my mouth to finally taste you and warm my fingers while lubing them at the same time. I push your back farther down, forcing your boobs to be completely covered in ice now. "Hold still now!" The only words I need for you to not shake so much from the cold.

Slowly my fingers entered, your bliss has kept ebony hoe anya ivy straddles hung messenger knowing where my fingers were. Until I slowly start rubbing the front wall of your ass while rubbing your pussy back wall. Your eyes open wide, you don't know what has just made you cum so quick, you turn to look me in the eye. "What Are You Doing?!?!" "Miss will you please stay quiet until the search is over, otherwise I will have to force you to be quiet." My stern voice echoing in the room, while I hold back my smile from the dirty thoughts I'm having.

You don't know this pleasure your feeling but it's forcing your knees to weaken, and you start drooling from your lack of thinking on anything else.

I slowly start running my fingers up and down this dividing flesh. I know this is a first of pleasure I will show you. Soon your knees are dead in strength and your waist is keeping you up as the ice machine is your balancer.

I now have perfect access to your clit, and I dig in licking like your ice crème. Orgasms are now coming at a fast rate and your moans are as loud as can be, not letting up on you until I have you past your 3rd orgasm.

Finally having you scream for more, gives lead way to my next plan. "Alright I warned you!" I say as I yank my fingers from you. All you do is whimper at the leave of my tools. I pull you from the machine and notice your drool, trying to get you on your feet doesn't work so I leave you on your knees facing me.

You finally notice the drool also as I pick you up and hope I don't see your humiliation. Sadly you see me dip my fingers in the soon to be ice of your drool and coat my fingers. I slowly circle your nipples with the same finger to let you know I saw the drool. "Well," I slowly start lowering my pants, I'm already at full length as I drop my boxers. Your right at eye level with it.

"I guess you might be able to keep quiet if you had something in your mouth? Maybe even stop this problem of yours." As I slowly dip my fingers back in the drool pool.

"What are your thoughts on that?" You start to answer but you realize fast you shouldn't, cause the second you opened your mouth I put my dick in.

You have a moment of clarity and wonder how you are handcuffed and with a penis in your mouth. But I take you back to the penis in your mouth, as I get tired of waiting for you; I grab your head and start using you. Making you careless on how you got here and how great this penis taste. Soon your hands are trying to cup my balls at not available means.

I bend down to grab my keys from my pants pocket. As I find them I reach behind you and unlock the handcuffs. I stand back up to enjoy the soon pleasure of your hands.

I run my hands through your hair slowly stopping on the back, and start scratching in circles; you moan softly enjoying this simple pleasure. Soon you start slowing down, I take this moment to take back control and show how I can be about the pleasure while still being in control. I start using the scratching as a hold and start throat fucking in a quick manner.

This quickly leads you to another drooling spree which the drool is making your boobs slick and shiny. I soon feel myself about to cum so I pull out and lightly slap my dick across your face. Slowly you look back up at me with that slap, and soon our gaze seems to stop time around us. But our bubbling lust builds to our gaze, as if the calm before the storm. I grab your by the shoulder to lift you up back up to your feet.

I steal a kiss in the lifting, only to get in a tongue fight each trying to conquer the other person's mouth. As we fought I made a slow move of my hand to your neck, I break the kiss finally only to push your upper half over the cleaning sink.

Since you were closing soon it had fresh bubbles, which coats your boobs as you are now bent over naked on the sinks edge. I move my hands first to your ass and then flap my hands to get you to spread your legs.

You know the treat for doing this so you make room for me and right on cue. I start my penis down your trail of happiness, your crack, circling your asshole a couple times, and ending in brushing your pussy lips, purring the whole time cheering me on. I wait for you to turn around in want before I renae cruz fucking hot with bonus blowbang hard in to you, while waiting I spotted a clean espresso press.

I started slowing down in my pace to make my plan work, while I'm pulled out I lube up the press with your juice from my dick. I slowly thumb your ass only to pull my thumb out and press the knob end of the press in to your ass whole. Your ass takes it smoother than I thought, but your vagina tights around college babes with razors at sorority house hazing party dick making hot secretaries have orgy with their well hung boss pornstars group sex build with lust to fuck you hard and fast.

Knowing where the handles are I grab your boobs and build my speed, after a while I bend down and whisper in to your ear.

"Moan, scream, or yell as loud as you like! Only I can hear it!" You stop being held back by the norm and start hitting higher vocals levels all by my words. The faster I go the louder you get, you're moaning from the depths and in turn making you even tighter for my pleasure. Soon I'm getting bigger the more you moan, bringing me close.

I let go of one of your boobs and return it to your ass. I slap your ass a couple times, and first you feel the sting and then you feel the plug more cause you thick ass is shacking around it.

A few more slaps, then I move my hand to your plug, turning it a few times and then pistoling it in you. Soon you shake all over as you start to cum, in the start you curl your legs over my ass. Pushing me all the way in, while still playing with your ass. Soon your legs loosen your body starts to become weaker to stand, I help you keep your balance, while slowly pulling out as I turn you to face me. I slowly grab your face bringing your gaze to mine and sneak a kiss, my hands start roaming learning everything about your body by touch.

I end the kiss to whisper softly "If you thought that was it, you'd be very wrong." I follow with nibbling on your ear loop. "Ever wonder what you can order with these melons, I have." I slowly lead sexy whores love fucking hung married men to the front while still roaming your body. When we get to the POS I push you on your back over the machine, only to follow with a quick removal.

"Open up." As you opened your mouth I put the espresso press knob in your mouth. "Now close. Slut!" I add a couple ass slaps to show enforcement. Now bending down I finger your pussy and spit at your ass, I slowly move my fingers to your ass to lube you up.

You let a moan out while still having the knob in your mouth. Still fingering I move to make my aim, you suspect something is up, but were surprised when I actually take you slowly. I had you moaning soon using my tricks. I grabbed your hand to lead it down to your pussy as I was pumping your ass. Guiding your fingers in your pussy I push them to the far wall. You whisper "I can feel you." I stopped deep inside of you, so you could slowly stroke me.

You spend a little time and I sax storys in ebony story downlod pumping soon after as you start keeping tracking me with your fingers. I start back in groping you while adding a couple slaps here and there. Soon we both start getting close my hands grabbing a bit harder. "I'm about to." "Fill my ass then." I slow to get close for a second, "I was not asking sweet heart." I grab your hand in your pussy again trying to find the spot I will cum so you can feel it.

We both cum together and slowly cuddling on top of the POS soon we catch our breaths. "So………" "Well I think I can let you go." I walk towards my bag.

"If you can promise that it's not you selling." I walk back with something in my hand. "And you wear these as a sign of good faith." I hand up boy shorts. "I guess since if I didn't I might lose my job and maybe go to prison." You say in a sarcastic tone.

"That's right, prison! And you need to wear them every Friday. And I will know when you aren't." You raise your brow momentarily until I pull out my phone tap twice on it and slowly turn the screen towards you.

It's you and me doing it taken off one of the cameras. "Would you mind trying these on, to see if they are the right size of course?" I repeated myself because you were too focused on the screen the first time. You were still focused on the screen while fumbling with putting on the panties.

Only at the last second did you notice something felt off, before that started vibrating, making your knees buckle for a moment.

"So I guess since they fit we have a deal, let's get dressed before your boss wonders what's going on." I finish by pulling you close so we can kiss. We part and you finally ask were wondering on and off the last hour. "So Dan will it be another six months before I see you again?" "Maybe." I say while dressing.

"But now you will know when I'm close." I finish with the push of my phone again changing the speed of the vibrations. "But sooner than last time." Now dressed I steal another kill and place the usual on the counter full uniform in sealed plastic.

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I push the print button on the POS screen, only until I rip it off the printer did I see what the melons ordered. "Man I hate iced coffee."