Big chest mom sleeping sex boy aeg 18 yer

Big chest mom sleeping sex boy aeg 18 yer
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One warm afternoon Mom was sitting in her chaise lounge by the lake. Nancy and I were lying on the warm sand, which we liked to do after working on the farm all day. Mom was very comfortable reading a book and sipping her vodka and tonic her third of the evening. Mom was very lonely since dad died. Her very active social and sex life had diminished.

She would mention that after dad died, her friends continued with their lives but she was hardly ever included anymore. Her very best friends, Sam and Betsy and Joan and Bill would always make it a point to come for dinner since they remembered the good times when dad was alive.

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They would drink quite a bit and after supper, go to the beach, to enjoy the warm lake water and each other's sexual company. Sam was always the one that would fuck Mom and Bill, Betsy and Joan would invade the bar and get totally smashed. Before long, everybody was naked and the fucking and cock sucking began, Sam had a cock that would please any female and his wife Betsy was always willing to share it with anyone that could handle his size.

Mom loved the feel of it in her pussy doggie style and Sam would ram it home while his balls slapped on her ass. Joan loved to suck on Mom's tits while Sam was screwing her. Bill usually ended up in Betsy's ass hole.

Everybody was taken care of sexually and it appeared that Mom was very happy with the arrangements. Of course we never knew what was going on at the lake. Ha Ha Mom just seemed very happy with her life. Later that evening, my sister, Nan, looked at me and said "lets take a swim to the island".

The island is in the middle of the Lake, and Nan and I have been going there on many summer evenings. Nancy was now 18 and getting ready for college. I was a year younger. We had become very close sexually since I was 14 and I saw her naked for the first time. I was becoming more sexually active with the girls and Nancy was fucking anything that moved.

I really didn't care because she would satisfy my sexual desires any time I asked her. Nan and I liked to swim in the nude it was such a free and soothing time. I usually got a boner in the water and when we got to the island I was ready for action.

Nan was on the pill so we had no thoughts of her getting knocked up. "I'm ready, lets go," I said as I took off my suit. Nan stripped off her bikini top and bottoms and we raced toward the water. Mom looked up from her book and saw our bare asses disappearing in the water. She hadn't even noticed that we had stripped but she really didn't care what we did as long as we were having fun.

"Wait for me, kids, I want to take a swim with you tonight. I have something to talk to you two about" Mom called out as she was stripping off the top and bottom of her blue bikini. "What is Mom doing, Jim? We must be in real trouble. She never swam with us to the island before and what are we going to do when we get there?" For god's sake, she doesn't have her suit on either!

We certainly can't screw around in front of her. We might just as well go back home" . "What the hell, it's the booz, Nan. Don't worry about it, She used to do this all the time at night with their friends." I told Nan.

"How do you know??" "One night when I couldn't sleep I heard them on the beach and snuck down to see what they were doing. I never said anything to anybody. What they wanted to do was their business.

It did make me horny and I had to jerk off in my room when I got back. Nan, you should see the cock on Uncle Ben. He had it buried in Mom and she was moaning and meeting every one of his thrusts. Honest, Nan, he had Mom in a frenzy and when he came she licked up all his cum and sucked on his rod it was still stiff. I couldn't believe it" "Damn you, Jim why didn't you come and get me. I sure would like to see a cock like that" As we were swimming in the water I massaged Nan's 34C right breast and her nipple began to harden.

Of course, being younger, we beat Mom to the island. W e watched our naked mother swimming toward us and we were sure that she didn't care if we looked at her naked body. I was standing there sunny leone undres sex me full story my rock hard cock standing straight in the air and nothing to hide it. Nan stepped in front of me and my pecker slid up the crack of her ass.

When Mom got to the shoreline and stood up we saw how beautiful she really was. Her still beautiful 36C breasts hung slightly from the cool water, showing her cleavage. Her long slender legs were tan from her wearing shorts. She had hot babes get naked in the club her pussy bikini style leaving a soft patch in the middle extending to the top of her cunt.

I could see the lips of her pussy were slightly open showing her clit, which was large, and daring to be touched and sucked. Looking at my Mom standing there naked was to much for me and I shot my load between the cheeks of Nan's ass.

The cum ran down her legs and Mom said, " I hope you enjoyed the view of me naked but the least you could have done was real mother daughter and son taboincest family sex your cock out of your sisters ass before you came" We had never heard Mom talk like that before and were sure it was the booz.

Nan asked, "Mom what are you doing over here?" She had a smile as she answered " I just had to see how it would feel to come to the island with the three of us naked the way your brother Harry and I used german milf handjob teen fucks gardener first time step into my shower come here" "You and Harry???

Mom what are you talking about?" "You think I don't know what is going on in my own house between you two? I have heard the moans and have heard you two showering together. And you, Jim, feeling her tits every chance you had. I have seen your hard cock bulging in your pants and your sister rubbing it" Nan and I stood there just looking at my Mom, not knowing what to say. "How long have you two been fucking each other?" I know that you have friends that you guys have been fucking around with over here on the island." "I guess a little after dad died, when I was 14" I said.

"I know that it is wrong but we enjoy our sex together, we feel very close and didn't think anybody would get hurt Nan being on the pill and all - Isn't that right Nan?" Nan nodded her head in agreement but wasn't about to tell Mom how much she has been fucking around with the boys in town.

"You asked about me and Harry well let me tell you that after your father died Harry took it very hard. He would cry at night for your Dad was really a great loss. I was very lonely and our friends were starting to slip away. Being single really doesn't seem to fit into the social life around here." " But Mom, your friends are still coming to see you and including you in their company, what are you trying to tell us?

You know that we love you very much" I looked at my mother big surprise cumshots compilation and she said, " I think it is best that we sit here and talk about life without your father. " What does our dad not being here have to do with us?" we asked together. "Jim and Nancy" she started quietly, "I love you both very much and can't tell you how hard it has been the last year.

Holding in a dark secret of very difficult but I think it is time to tell you about your brother Harry and me. We have been making love for the past year." Nancy and I just looked at each other speechless.

Harry and Mom having sex? How could this happen. Mom is such a beautiful, well-liked person and could have any man she wanted. But Harry? It didn't make sense. " I have to tell you what is going on between Harry and me and I don't want you to interrupt. Since you feel that you are old enough to sneak around fucking each other and I am real incest daughter and father homemade story spycam most of your friends, Harry and I feel that you should know the whole truth" She started telling us how Harry would comfort her after Dad's untimely death.

We would sit on the beach in the evening having a drink and talk about the future. "One evening, Harry told me that he had enrolled for college and would be leaving the farm, but he would be back weekends to help. I began to cry just hearing this news although I wanted desperately for Harry to get a good education and be as successful as teen babe demonstrates her worthy holes at the casting dad.

As we were sitting there, I pulled him close and gave him a big hug. Tilting my face to his, I kissed him softly on the cheek and he moved his mouth slowly to my lips. I was responding to this love from my sleeping sister and boy funk and kissed him gently.

Still holding him tightly, I parted my lips and Harry slid his tongue into my mouth. I responded instantly, our tongues moving in and out in true intercourse motion. We really didn't know what was happening nor did we care." "I reached for Harry's cock that was beginning to stiffen. It had been several weeks since the group had been here and I had held a man in my arms". "Harry, I want you to make love to me tonight I whispered in his ear" " Mom, I will do anything you want me to do", Harry answered me with a loving kiss.

" Harry moved his hand under my bra to feel my soft breasts and he found my nipple and gave it a soft squeeze. He reached around and unfastened my bra and exposed my full 36C cup breasts. Harry stood up and I grabbed the top of his swimsuit and pulled it down and Harry stepped out of it. His large prick sprang out in full erection. I lay back so Harry could remover my bikini bottoms." "Oh my god, Mom, you are so beautiful" Harry told me.

I sat up and took Harry's cock in my hands and started to stroke him. I got on my knees and licked his balls and began up the shaft to the sensitive tip of his shaft. I could feel Harry's body stiffen and his breath was coming in short bursts as I ran my tongue around the tip. I then took his wonderful hard penis in my mouth and plunged down his shaft to the hilt - a real deep throat - and began sucking and tonguing.

Harry held my head as I moved in and out'. "Mom, this feels so good", Harry said "but I want to give you some fun too before I shoot my wad" With that, Harry laid me on my back sex live live sex storys went down on my warm wet hairy pussy. I was very excited and in ecstasy as he licked and got his tongue in side my pussy. I told Harry that even that this felt so good, I would rather have him fuck me.

Harry turned over on his back and I rolled my body over him and let my naked breasts press against his chest.

"Your cock feels bigger than your dad's, Harry, and I am sure that you have learned how to use it to please a woman" Interrupting Mom, Jim said to Nan, "Harry has a nice size cock when it was soft and I can just imagine what it must be when it is hard" " It is a nice cock and believe it or not, Jim, yours looks about the same size.

I hope you have learned to use it to satisfy the girls," Mom answered.

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"Oh yes he has", Nan said, " I can vouch for that" Nan turned a scarlet red realizing what she had just confessed to. Mom went on " I sat facing Harry and closed my eyes as I slowly let my excited body lower onto Harry's throbbing pre-cum wet cock. I wanted to imagine that it was your dad screwing me on the beach as he did so often. I began to slowly raise and lower my pussy and my tits were flopping in Harry's face to his utter enjoyment.

We continued in this position with out excitement rising to a fever pitch. "Before I cum, lets switch and do it doggie style" Harry said "I know that you and Uncle Ben like to do it that way" "How do you know about Uncle Ben? Harry then told me about a night he had seen us on the beach" "You weren't very quiet on the beach and I saw you one night too with Uncle Ben. He sure is built to satisfy isn't he" I blurted out I was feeling very comfortable with Mom now that she was telling us about her escapades.

"Well, anyway, Mom continued, I rolled off Harry and got on my knees and opened my pussy so he could enter my moist love hole. He had no trouble since his precum mixed with mine and I tightened around his pecker tightly before I let him start to really fuck me. He pumped me and grabbed my tits and squeezed them. It was a wonderful feeling having him deep inside" "Fuck me, honey, fuck me hard oh yes, yes, yes, harder!

harder! harder! I am going to cum baby. Fuck me harder, petite yo roughfucked and facialized amateur and teen, harder. His balls were slapping into my cunt and I moaned and my pussy tightened then released his cock and my juices flowed around my ass hole.

God that was great, Harry, you feel so much like your dad" "Mom, turn over so I can see your smile. I can't hold on much longer," Harry told me.

Harry pulled out and I turned over and spread my legs just waiting for Harry's pecker to enter me again Harry went right for my clit and sucked my sopping wet pussy. He climbed aboard me and as I guided his cock, he went into me to the hilt.

"Fuck me hard, Harry, let me feel your balls slap on my ass hole.

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Fuck me - harder, harder, harder!!!" "I'm cuming Mom, oh god I'm coming" "It's OK baby. Stay inside me honey cum, baby, cum." Harry unloaded wave after wave of warm white cum into my cunt then fell exhausted on top of me.

He kept it in me till it went soft and when he pulled out, I sucked him dry and clean." "There, I have told you everything.

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I have used the language that you kids understand and I hope that there is still love and affection among us. Now for the real reason we are here on the island and I have told you all these things. Jim, you are old enough to understand how much I love you and to ask this question may take some time to answer. Would you hold me tight and make love to me when I need you?" I didn't know what to say but my cock was saying it for me.

All the while Mom was telling about Harry and her, she saw my pecker getting hard. Even Nan, not realizing what she was doing, was stroking it and playing with her clit. "If you would want me to, Jim, I would like to take care of your hard cock right now.

I am sure that Nan wouldn't mind sharing you tonight, would you Nan?" Nan just sat there playing with her pussy and not saying a word. "Well, Jim, do you have an answer for me tonight?" "Mom, I really don't know how to answer you.

It really isn't right to fuck your own Mom" "It isn't right to fuck your sister either, Jim, but I can tell you that being here with you and Nan wants me to have you so very much. I am not ever going to compare you with your brother. Oh, by the way Nancy, Harry has told me that he would like to have intercourse with you if you would let him".

"I had a un groupe de pote baise une serveuse sauce au sperme en final that he did, Mom, the way he looks at me sometimes and I would like to have him inside me when he is home from college" "Will you tell him that for me?" "I certainly will and if you will let go of Jim's cock, I would love to have it in me right now" Mom rolled over in the sand and spread her legs for me to enter her now dripping cunt.

Before I knew what was happening, Nan was between her legs licking her and nibbling on her clit.

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I went directly to Mom's soft lips and kissed her hard and she responded immediately. I felt her left breast and she cupped her right one and offered her nipple to me. Her nipples were firm and I felt like I was about to explode.

"Nan, I can't hold off much longer, let me fuck Mom now, please." Nancy got off and Mom spread her lips and Nancy guided my hot cock into her. I knew I wouldn't last long and as Mom raised her hips to meet my thrust, I exploded one, two, three, four times. Nan was squeezing my balls while Mom kept pumping. I fell on her exhausted. My cock slowly went down and as I was about ready to slip out, Nan took my cock and pulled it out and replaced it with her mouth to suck my cum out of Mom's sopping wet pussy.

I turned around and let Mom lick and suck my soft cock clean and dry. " You kids have made me very happy tonight and I know that we will be curvy brunette gets seduced by the guitar to do it again soon.

" I am going to swim back to the beach and you kids can do as you wish and it will not bother me. We can have a wonderful life together here on the farm and am sure that there are other friends that would like to join us on the island.

This will be our special place. I might even be able to get Bill, Sam, Betsy and Jill to join us sometime. Nan you really haven't had sex until you have had Sam in you. Would you kids mind sharing yourselves sometime? You don't have to answer right now. I Love you both" With that she was off and we just stared at each other.

We agreed that we should go for it - having sex with some adults would be most interesting