Sexy adorable hottie shakes curves during sex

Sexy adorable hottie shakes curves during sex
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On Thursday afternoon I was running up the path that led to my house, it was raining quite a bit so I was in quite a hurry to get in, take my clothes off and have a nice warm bath.

My mom was going to pick me up like she usually did, but was unable to pick me up, due to her being called into work. After fiddling with the keys, I finally managed to get into the house. I quickly slipped my sneakers off and dropped my bag by the fire, in the hope that it would dry out. I then proceeded down to the basement, dropping my wet clothes off in the laundry bin. I then walked up stairs to my room, my cock swaying from side to side as I went, which was a neighbors wife com and jerking than fuck black guygy style I was not accustomed to, but as I was alone in the house, was one I was going to take advantage of.

Once I got to the top of the stairs I heard a weird grunting noise coming from down the corridor, which only grew louder the further down the hallway I got, until I was standing in front of my sisters door.

I then moved my hand to open the door, thinking my sister must have forgotten to turn off her tv. Then as I opened the door, I stopped and froze as I saw my sister sitting on her bed two of her fingers embedded in her pussy another in her bum hole. She immediately froze herself as she became aware of my presence, then she began to get angry and shouted,"Eric, what the fuck are you doing here?" "I thought you left your tv on, so I came to turn it off." I muttered, unable to remove my gaze from her.

"No, what are you doing home, I thought Neil was inviting you over to his house tonight." "He canceled, some big family emergency, anyway I though you were going to be at cheerleading practise tonight?" "I decided not to go, if that's ok with you." "I didn't mean it like that . anyway what are you doing?" As I said this my cock began to stiffen and stand up by it self, which was nothing new, it had happened to my quite a few times over the past year, but always randomly. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing Eric, I'm masturbating," a puzzled look came across my face as she said this.

"Oh my god, don't you know what masturbating is, we'll surely you must do, I mean just look at adorable babe is revealing her gaped spread hole in close up cock, you must have surely wondered why it does that?" I continued to look bemused at her, wondering what she was on about. "Wow, well you had best take a seat" she said, gesturing to the swivel chair next to her desk.

Unsure of what to do I sat down in the chair and she pulled the chair close to her bed, so that I was just in front of her. "So . where to begin, masturbating is like sex, except you do it on your own, here do what I say, first spread your legs." So following her instructions I spread them.

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"Now I'm going to show you how to do this once, but for future reference, you do the same thing, but you use your own hand." As she said this, she reached out, took my hard cock in her hand and began to pull it up and down my cock, slowly at first, but picking up speed with every stroke. She then put one of her fingers into her mouth swirled it around.

In there and the poked it into my bum hole. I immediately jumped at this strange intrusion. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked. "Look, boys and girls masturbate in two very different ways, because boys have cocks hot miu satsuki stimulated in a spa girls have pussys, but we both have bum holes and besides you may enjoy it after a bit." As she said this, she began to pull her finger out my hole and the move it back in.

All the while increased the speed she was yanking my cock.

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After a while of doing all this I began to experience this weird sensation in my groin, like nothing I had ever experienced before, then with out warning I seized up and my cock began to spasm shooting this strange white fluid, spurt after spurt, covering all of my body. "Wow, so that is what cum looks like" my sister said as she removed her finger from my bum hole.

"What's cum?" I asked.

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"Well I'm not entirely sure, but I was talking to Melissa at her sleepover and she said its this stuff that guys spurt from their cocks as the orgasm." She then moved towards me and began to lick this cum off of my stomach and then off my chest before finally sitting up in front of me.

"What does it taste like?" "Hmm I don't quite know, it's salty but its not like anything I've ever tasted before, here you try." Before I could realise what was going on, my sister reached down picked up some cum that had collected on the tip of my cock and put it in my mouth. "Urgh . what the hell did you do that for?" I asked secretly enjoying the taste of it. "Hey you asked what it tasted of.

Any way it's time that you did something for me, I helped you out, now it's time for you to do the same for me." "So what do I do?" I asked unsure of how I could help her in the same way she helped me. "Well what I want you to do is to bend down, put you head between my crazy pick up fucking at a ski resort pickup girls outdoor sex and lick my pussy, trying to get your tongue as deep inside me as you can." With that I bent down in front of her, stuck my tongue out and moved towards her pussy.

Once my tongue came into contact with her pussy I began to lick her frantically, barely stoping for breath, this warm sweet juice dribbling from her soft delicate lips into my mouth, which seemed flow even faster the more I licked.

"Wait stop doing that and start doing the same thing to my bum hole." However I was hesitant at this after all, that is where shit comes from. Seeming to know what I was thinking, my sister said, "Don't be such a baby, I clean it well." So deciding not to think about it too much, I just lowered my head and began to frantically encircle her bum hole with my tongue, working it in and out of her whilst I moved my hand to her pussy and began to finger her as quickly as I could.

She then began to moan, quietly at first but getting louder as time went on, until she screamed, her pussy juices gushed out splashing me in the face and her bum hole tightening and loosening around my tongue. After a few second I got up from my position on the floor and sat back on the chair looking at my sister, lying on the bed, recovering from her orgasm.

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"Woah . bearing in mind that you didn't know how to even masturbate yourself until just now, you sure know how to eat a girl out." "Thanks, I think." Then just as my sister opened her mouth to talk, we heard our moms voice shout up the stairs, "Hey Eric, Natasha, any one home?" At once we both froze for a second and then almost at the same time Natasha ran to her wardrobe to grab her dressing gown and I ran out of her room and into mine to get dressed before my mom found us.

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We spent the rest of that day acting like nothing had happened and as a matter of fact, that was all that happened for a few weeks, until my mom went on a conference for a week. But that's another story.