Fat girl craves for a big cock

Fat girl craves for a big cock
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The heat had finally broken, and the sun was slanting to the side as Susie walked through the thinning crowds of the animal park. It had been a fun day, meeting with her sister and nieces to have a girls day in the zoo, helping her forget about the craziness that was her life.

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David, her abusive, now ex-boyfriend, and the general anxiety of being done with college without a next step. But wandering through the large exhibits of animals, seeing her nieces frolicking around, high on sugar and summertime, made her relax. She had stayed even after they left, to have another lap of the zoo on her own.

The apes were her favorite exhibit of the zoo. Susie loved watching them, so close to being human, yet so distinct as well.

She leaned against the railing, first taking in the orangutans, leaning against the railing. Her lithe body moved easily, years of dance making her so graceful. Susie stood at 5'10" but only 120 lbs, a stick of a girl, with 28a small breasts and short-cropped blonde hair, a few freckles xxx veriy anl sxs story her face.

She stood in jeans and a blue blouse, hands easily resting on her hips, watching the orangutans play in their family group., then wandering further, to the gorillas. They always fascinated her the most, these large hulking animals, but also with the gentleness that isn't always evident in animals. Susie often thinks that is why they are so reminiscent of humans.

Most of the family is together, playing with the young, eating the celery the trainers have tossed in. But one male is off to the side, his back to the group, slightly shaking. Susie moved over to that corner of the exhibit, trying to figure out what he was doing. He was enormous, a silverback, the alpha male of the group, and as he caught smell of her approach, he turned. Susie gasped. One of the gorilla's hands was wrapped around his thick black penis, he was slowly stroking it back and forth.

I never knew they masturbated, Susie thought, as she stared at him, unable to look away. The gorilla, named Charlie, scooted forward, getting closer and closer to the bars of the exhibit. His penis must reach nearly a foot, Susie wondered, and thick as a coke hot ass blonde teen babe azalea stone interracial sex. He was able to sit right at the edge of the exhibit, part of his cock sticking out past the bars.

Susie was hypnotized by it, and she drew up close, making sure no one could see her, and reached out her arm. Her small, pale hand couldn't even wrap around his monster cock, but as she touched it he jumped, his hips moving back and forth as he humped her fingers. A large bead of precum welled up on his cockhead, and Susie rubs it into his skin, letting it lube up her fingers as he fucks her hand more. The feeling of that cock in her hand was so perverse, but so carnal at the same time, Susie started to get other ideas.

Looking around, making sure no one was here, Susie lowered herself to her knees.

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Opening her mouth, her tiny pink tongue flicked over the head of the giant cock, and Charlie grunted his approval. He thrust forward to harder, wanting to be in her mouth, and Susie slowly let herself slide down onto his shaft. The head stretched her lips to the breaking point, but she kept her throat relaxed and ready, and worked the head until it fit inside her mouth, where she began sucking it slowly.

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This drove Charlie wild, and he put one when girls play brett rossi emily addison call girl hotness twistys through the bars onto Susie's head, holding her firmly as he tried to shove more of his large cock into her.

Susie used her hand as a block, limiting him from completely choking her to death with his cock, and showed him what she was doing as she moved back, then plunged down further, bobbing on his cock, each time taking a slight bit more.

Her cheeks bowed in from sucking so hard, she used her tongue to trace lines up and down the thick shaft, feeling the large vein just like a human's cock. She felt so horribly perverted, she had never done anything like this before. She was hesitant even to let David fuck her mouth like this ape was doing.

But there was something about Charlie, something powerful and assertive, while at the same time lonely and sad, that made her want to suck his gorilla cock like a whore. The beastial nature of her encounter was so much, making her hot, Susie felt her pussy getting wet from being there on her knees, and her free hand slipped under the waist of her jeans, finding her clit.

She worked her clit with her thumb as she sucked Charlie's cock, bringing them both closer to orgasm. Unable to really get good access, she unbuttoned the top of her jeans and then was able to slide a finger into her now soaking pussy, each thrust of her fingers making her take Charlie in deeper.

The great ape was panting, grunting loudly as he got close to cumming, and without warning he grabbed Susie's blonde hair, pulling her hard until her face smashed against the bars, forcing his cock as deep as he could into her mouth, and began to cum. Susie was unprepared for the waves that flooded her mouth, and she began to choke from it, cum spewing out the sides of her mouth as she tried to swallow what she could, while he just didn't seem to stop cumming.

Finally, releasing her hair from his grip Susie pulled back, and let him finish cumming on her face, matting in her hair. This final humiliating act took her over the edge, and with two fingers in her hot pussy she screamed in orgasm. Charlie watched her cum, his own cock still sticking straight out, shining with a combination of her saliva and his cum dripping off the head.

Susie looked up at Charlie, smiling, and she imagined that he grinned back at her, thankful for her special treatment of him. It was then that she saw behind him, the zookeeper standing there, his own cock out, having watched her entire cocksucking episode.