Stepmom and latina teen shared hot goo after threesome young old and pornstars

Stepmom and latina teen shared hot goo after threesome young old and pornstars
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Jack had just gotten into his front door when it started to rain. It wasn't hard but as soon as he closed the door it came down hard with lightning and thunder to boot. Perfect he said to himself the whole weekend to foxy czech nympho gapes her juicy cunt to the peculiar in my indoor games and it's raining to keep me indoors.He felt his cock twitch as he thought of what he was going to do tonite, the whole weekend for that matter.

After a quick meal and a couple of beers, he went to his room and got undressed to take a shower. As he was about to go into the bathroom and start his shower, the phone rang. "Shit, why does someone always fucking call me when I'm going into the bathroom". He answered politely and heard his neighbor, Carol, saying hello in a hurried voice. " Jack, I'm sorry to bother you with this but I'm in a real jam." She explained she had to go out of town for a family situation, and that she can't take Kyle with her.

Kyle being her 14 yo son. Fuck me, Jack yelled to himself, a weekend of geting high, drunk and watching porn naked just went down the tubes. He could have said no, but Carol was desperate and Jack being the good neighbor, agreed.

She told Jack that Kyle would be over in about 30 min. Jack quickly threw on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and picked up the place a bit. Soon the doorbell rang and when he opened the door, there stood Carol and Kyle.

He liked her, he wouldn't mind fucking her, that's for sure. This big favor might give him some advantage in getting some of that pussy. Carol gave Jack a backpack with his things,hugged them both and took off into the rainy night. Well, take off your jacket and make yourself at home, look around and be careful what you touch.

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Kyle liked Jack, he was always nice and friendly without trying to be his dad. Kyle always wanted to see the inside of this house, and now he was welcomed to see it all. He walked down a hallway and looked into each room and when he saw the laptop on the desk in Jack's office, he went in to see if was running.

Kyle sat down and hit the enter key, and the computer woke up. Nothing was running, so he entered the web and looked at Jack's history. When they popped up, Kyl's mouth dropped open and his heart started beaing faster. He smiled when beeg sex 10 age hot girl saw so many porn sites.

He hit one for pics and stories. XNXX, he like the sound of it. He was just about to look into it when he heard Jack call his name. Before Kyle could log off, Jack walked in and saw what Kyle was doing.

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At first he was surprised, and a bit scared. I could go to jail for this was his next thought, or I can have some fun with it, see how far Kyle would go to stay out of trouble. Just as Jack thought, Kyle was terrified at getting caught so soon. He begged Jack not to tell his mom, he was sorry, just curious sir, he barely managed to say. Jack was silent as his mind raced on how to handle it. Come with me young man, he said a littl sternly.

As Jack walked back to the kitchen with Kyle behind him, he was still thining of how to do this. Kle was in near tears and begged him not to call his mom. "I'll do anything you ask, just don't call mom." Ahhh, music to my ears.

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Jack turned and smiled at Kyle, "Buddy, no one's getting in trouble tonite, in fact someone is going to grow up tonite." Kyle wasn't sure what that meant, he was just thankful he wasn't busted real bad Jack opened the fridge and took out two beers. He opened them and held one out to Kyle. Here, men like to drink beer when they look at porn, it's more fun when you got a buzz on.

Kyle's head was reeling at all this, not only am I not getting in deep shit, he's awesome teenie slut swallows his whole dong me beer and porn. He took the beer, and jack took them back to his office. "No one, and I mean no one in the world can ever know about this or I'm in jail and you'll be trouble with your mom". Jack was very stern and Kyle got it.

Yes sir, it's our secret i swear. Jack was still aprehensive, but the thought of this boy's cock in his mouth got the better of him. He pulled up another chair and the two of them sat down. Jack opend his picture file and showed Kyle his different slideshows of all the porn he downloaded. Kyle freaked out as he watched the images of women in lingerie, stockings and heels, or naked and all playing with their pussies and tits.

He loved the lesbian shots, two women fucking got him so hot. Hw couldn't believe how lucky he was,Jack meanwhile was loving it as well. So far pretty amateur latina shows her bj skills good he thought, now the next step. Let's finish these beers and I'll go get two more for us men. Kyle was all for that, and he guzzled the rest of his beer. He was already drunk, and now he felt naughty as well.

Jack left and Kyle went back to the show. His head was buzzing from the beer as he watched a woman sucking cock. His own cock was hard and feeling so good. Kyle loved playing with his cock ever since he first found out how to jerkoff a little over a year ago. Now here I am geting drunk and looking at all the porn I want with a grownup man!

He slid his left hand down to rub his cock and was enjoying it so much he didn't see Jack come into the room. Jack stood silent and watched Kyle rubbing his cock.

That looks like fun he said softly. Kyle jumped and saw Jack there with the beers. He froze, but something made him feel at ease, he wasn't in trouble and this man is letting me do whatever I want. Kyle took the beer and they drank and surfed porn. Jack wanted it all now. Here goes, he slowly reached down and started to rub his own cock. It was hard and dripping precum by now as he rubbed it up and down.

He looked over at Kyle who was staring at Jack's cock rubbing. Jack could tell by his expression that Kyle was ready.

Without saying a word, Jack stood up and removed all of his clothes."Now you grow up into a man." Kyle said nothing, but stood up and slowly removed all of his clothes and now they were both standing there naked. They sat down and went back to the porn only now Jack was finally stroking that young cock.