Yoga girl and black guy

Yoga girl and black guy
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We arrived at the hotel…you unlocked the door and we walked into the room… I put down my case and, as the door shut automatically, we stood by the door and kissed for what seemed like an eternity but which was, in reality, only a few minutes…Our kisses got hotter and hotter…Ever more passionate…Our lips caressing anything from the shoulders up, our hands exploring everywhere… We paused, I stepped back slightly and looked at you, liking what I saw…I mumbled something about needing a shower…you looked a little disappointed, but I assured you I wouldn't be long…I got a change of clothes from my case and my wash bag…You saw the bottle of red wine in my case, so I opened it and poured two glasses, set them on the table and headed for the shower… I don't know what you did whilst I was showering, but when I stepped out of the bathroom in a pair of chinos and a shirt, you were wearing a lovely dress, sleeveless so it showed your shoulders and your neck…you picked up my glass and brought it to me, kissing me before you gave me the glass, your perfume intoxicating me…I remember thinking you must have freshened your make-up because your lipstick had all but disappeared before my shower… We sat down, my arm around you, you leaning against me…I stroke your hair whilst we talk and drink the wine, some music from the radio in the room playing softly in the background…I put amazing bathroom threesome with a delicious brunette glass down and lean back…the long day, the wine and you all having an effect on me…As we lay together on the sofa, your hands slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then snaked inside, your nails scraped across my chest, your hand pushed my shirt off my shoulders.

You pulled yourself up so your legs wrapped over mine, your thigh pressing against my groin…all the time you were kissing my face and my neck sending wave upon wave over pleasure through me, your breath setting my skin on fire… You pulled away and turned, telling me to unzip your dress, I duly obliged…you stood up facing me and slipped the dress from your shoulders…I watched as it fell to the floor and you stood in front of me…I watched trancelike, as a rabbit does when caught in the glare of a car's headlights, as you looked at me, wondering if I approved - something that should never have been in doubt…I felt like a gawky schoolchild that had never been with a woman, eager legal age teenager deep throat oral sex experience you, in another way I was calm and relaxed by the knowledge that all good things come to those who wait.

My eyes took in every detail of you, from the black heeled shoes that elongated your bare legs and showed them off beautifully, to the necklace adorning your neck and the black lingerie that showed enough to tantalise and promised so much more. Your hair framing your face and the flickering candles you'd lit casting shadows across the room… As if knowing what was happening in our room, the radio began playing classical music - the philistine in me couldn't work out what was being played, only that it heightened the moment…you stepped towards me, leaning forward and kissing my lips, I felt like I was on fire…you sat on my lap, wrapping your arms around me, underneath my shirt, which was unbuttoned but still on…you wiggled a bit, I guess to feel how hard I was…that fact wasn't in doubt - I wanted you, I longed for you, I ached for you…this was the culmination of months of planning, scheming, wheeling and dealing, hours of thought.all of it focused on this nasty slut harlow loves a tight pussy fuck in time.

Our kissing started slowly…we were both enjoying each other, exploring each other's bodies…my hands on your breasts, your thighs, your tummy…nibbling your ear, communicating our wishes and desires through words and body…loosing ourselves in the heat and the passion of the moment.

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My fingers danced across you, the silk lingerie so smooth beneath them, and my palms brushing your breasts lightly, you responding by arching your back towards me in the half-light, you radiate desire.

Your hands move from my forearms to the buckle on my belt…that you deftly undo and remove from my chinos…my eyes are closed as you unbutton the trousers, anticipating what was coming.

I jump as you playfully slap my belt across my chest…my eyes shoot open, my face shocked. I see you smiling wickedly down at me before you begin to kiss and lick the red line you'd just made on me…and I relax again, feeling your tongue licking my nipples, your teeth biting me playfully. You break off and reach around for our wine glasses and offer mine to me…I take a sip and place it on the coffee table…you take a sip, then pour some on my chest…proceeding to chase it down across my tummy…your face stops when it reaches my crotch, and you look up at me wickedly as if to say 'is this for me??' before pulling at my shorts to release me…your fingers curl around my shaft and squeeze.

whilst your tongue rolls around the tip…the nerve ends jangling, the messages sent to my brain saying 'don't let this stop'…my body imploring you to continue. Somehow, I'm now naked - I don't remember how. The scented candles have filled the room with an aroma as sweet as you…my moans punctuate the music as you take me on a rollercoaster of pleasure.

You sense the effect your ministrations have been having and decide that now isn't the time or the way you want it…so you shuffle up and press as much of you against me as you can - every centimeter of skin that can possibly touch is in contact with you. My hands stroke your face, lifting your chin so that I can kiss you, which you respond to vigorously… I remember thinking you're overdressed, and lift off the teddy top and smile happily at what's underneath.

We continue kissing as I explore your silky smooth skin, teasing your nipples with my fingers before lashing at them with my tongue…the way your body moves betraying the feelings I invoke…my fingers stray from your breasts to your waist and play with the elastic in the teddy bottoms, starting in the small of your back, sneaking around the front and across your tummy…which you involuntarily pull away from my fingers - it tickles you…then they work lower, between your legs, pressing the silk against you, feeling your wetness soak through the silk.

I leave my hand still, but pressing you, feeling you squirm while we kiss - our tongues exploring, your hand holding mine, persuading it to move…my fingers push your panties aside and feel your flesh for the first time, so wet and so hot…I stroke you from the back edge to the front, my fingers sliding easily through your folds…a moan escapes you as my fingers find your most sensitive spot…where they pause, circling like vultures.

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I remove my hand and you look at me. that look telling me I shouldn't have done that…but it soon evaporates when my tongue starts to probe you…slowly at first, lapping up your juices.

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doing everything my fingers had done and more…feeling your legs tighten around my head as the pleasure sears through you, building you up and up and up, until I push you over the edge and your body spasms in complete capitulation. I take your panties from you, pick you up and carry you to the bed, your arms around my neck.

I place you on the bed, intending to stand up, but you won't let me…your arms pull me down on top of you…we're kissing, your nails scraping my back…you whisper in my ear and as I slide into you, your teeth sink into my neck…the pain from your teeth is cancelled by the pleasure from my cock…we begin to rock in unison…starting slowly, building up a rhythm that takes us onto ever higher peaks of pleasure…like the false peaks of a mountain…you keep thinking it can't possibly go any higher than this one, but lo - the next one appears just a little higher than the one you're on…With each stroke, you envelope me in a cauldron…your juices boiling me inside you.

Each time I plunge into you, your body rises to meet me, wanting to devour every inch of me…each time I pull back, you try and follow, not wanting to relinquish…Our kissing grows ever wilder.I remember thinking that we could be in the middle of a hurricane and it wouldn't stop us…each stroke builds momentum…each time we move with more urgency…my senses were overloaded a long time ago…your body building once again to the top of the mountain…screaming xxx hs watsof storys desi more…your nails digging deep into my back.

I feel my balls tighten as I drive into you…finally exploding deep inside you, pumping everything I have into you…my orgasm triggering yours…I continue to slide into you…slowly winding down…until I rest inside you…collapsed together…we kiss…slowly but with such intensity that my mind is blown completely…I slide my weight off your sated body…my arms around you, stroking your hair, your shoulders, anything I can feel…And I drift off into a blissful, contented daze.

the woman of my dreams in my arms. Sometime later, I feel you move - although I'm not really aware of what you're doing, you got out of bed and went to the bathroom for a drink and I drift off to sleep while you're gone…The next thing I know, my brain is scrambling…it's receiving messages, but in it's state of drowsiness can't comprehend them - something warm and wet is on my cock…the senses of pleasure are smothering the thought process trying to work out what's happening…before I'm awake, I find myself completely turned on by your attentions, your mouth enveloping me, caressing me, sucking, licking, teasing me.

I open my eyes and in the light before dawn, I watch you, part of me fascinated, part of me still trying to be analytical. You glance up at me, realising you've accomplished your Intention and smile at me.

I reach down and persuade you to come up and kiss me - the taste of me still in your mouth…your body pressing down on mine; I worthwhile young adorable babe rides old rod my erection against you.

We continue kissing, the heat and the passion building. our kisses becoming hotter and hotter, my hands holding you, stroking you, enjoying you. You reach down and guide me inside you - our bodies communicating their desires to each other, we move in unison, our timing perfect. Neither one of us pausing, neither one in control - just a mutual understanding of what each of us wants from the other…our minds completely in sync, knowing what the other wants before they know they want it… The sun begins to burn through the curtains as we continue to make love until we can hold back no longer and the most awesome orgasms wrack our bodies and you rest on me while they subside… You lift your head and look straight into my eyes… Finally, you speak, "Good morning, lover" with such a beautiful smile, no man could resist you.