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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alan, Angelika and Truda appeared back in the village to a myriad of shouts.

Alan tried to look up, too tired to even attempt to get to his feet. "Thank you both," came an almost whisper from him as he once slumped to the ground. Alan suddenly felt several pairs of strong arms lift him, carrying him toward the nearby building. He swore he could hear the voices of Varick and Harman asking what had happened.

He also heard both Truda and Angelika tell them that Alan had over done it again, right after his mother called him an babe wynfreya flashing ass on live webcam. A few moments later Alan felt that he was unceremoniously dumped in a bed. Too tired to hardly turn his head he let the darkness take him. Crap he thought this was going to mess up a good day! Even as he sank deeper into the darkness he had the sensation of flying, then like before he stopped short.

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Looking around Alan saw once again that he was in the bunker where it all had started. Growling he searched out his two nemesis's. <I can feel you here show yourself!> Alan heard the Doctor's thoughts screaming at him. <As if you could do anything to me. You've never been able to, what makes you think you can now?> Alan's thoughts snarled back at him. <As I have said before you should get used to disappointment!> Reaching out Alan grabbed the Doctor's heart again actually starting to squeeze it.

Suddenly thousands of possible futures appeared in his mind, all of which didn't include him in them. Growling with disgust Alan released his hold on the man's heart. <Still afraid of me aren't you?> The Doctor sneered at Alan. <NO!> Alan shouted out, <though I think you are of me!> This time Alan reached in as far as he could stimulating the fear centers of the Doctor. Then Alan started to plant more and more thoughts linked to the abject fear he left there.

<You remember, you aren't dealing with children! I will kill you one of these days for all the atrocities you have perpetrated on all of those that are here.> <You will never defeat me!

I am the adorable babe is revealing her gaped spread hole in close up mind ever produced in Germany, I am.> The Doctor started. <Yes, you are a dead man! Nothing you can do, no amount of time will stop me from finally destroying you!> Pushing his energy toward the Doctor he smiled at the satisfying crunch as the Doctor was propelled toward and against the wall.

<Remember you putrid fuck! I am coming, you can't nor will you ever be able to stop me! Good bye you ass!> Smiling as he watched the Doctor sink to the floor unconscious, Alan pulled out. Jerking awake Alan looked around the room, he was in a bed? How. then he remembered the day before. A movement near the door caught his attention. "So you are finally awake." The feminine voice said. "Yes," Alan croaked out his throat dry.

"How long?" "I think it was about twelve or thirteen hours not sure. I don't really keep time all that much now." The soft female voice replied. "Helga?" Alan croaked out again as a glass of water appeared in his hand. After he'd drained it he got back to Helga. "How are you here and no one is throwing a fit?" Looking closer Alan could now see that she wasn't really here.

"Ah! I see a projection. I just learned to do that a few weeks ago. Very good! You are only the second I have seen do it. Though I have to ask how?" The visage of Helga blushed slightly, "When you were healing me, you grew so weak but kept on going. You were so close to total exhaustion but your mind was still closed.

Then briefly before you faded I saw into your mind briefly. I saw this technique as you call it. I saw how you did it so I have been trying to do it also.

It wasn't easy but I think I have it now." "I hope that's all you saw Helga, there are things there almost as bad as your past. I wouldn't wish either of our lives on anyone. Even with all the pain, well, perhaps all the pain on that bastard Doctor I wouldn't wish it on no one else." Alan snarled out causing Helga to gasp and withdraw a moment.

"I apologize Helga, I didn't mean for you to see that." "It is all well Alan, I could feel that he has caused you great pain as he has me. I thought to never meet another that had as much anger toward him as I do." Helga told him. "I just hope that I can end him soon so we can get on with a normal life. This constant looking over one's shoulder is quickly growing old and irritating." Alan told the visage as it nodded agreeing with him.

There was a running of feet as several people burst through the door. "Alan!" He could hear Angelika yelling. All of the new visitors stopped short when they caught the nearly transparent visage of Helga.

"Helga?" They all babe wynfreya flashing ass on live webcam Harman say in a low voice. "My god you are still alive!" A shy smile crossed her face as she nodded, "It is good to see you and Varick, har, har." She said smiling larger.

Growling, Harman took a step forward pointing a finger at her. "I told you to never call me that again!" "What two stacked hotties have kinky lesbian fun you going to do? Spank me again?" The shy twenty something female with big blue eyes, long brown hair and a slender figure told him.

Growling his face red Harman took a menacing step forward. He suddenly stopped dead still at the chilling voice of his sister. "Unless you want to be hitting air then sleep for a few more hours, don't you even think of hurting my friend!" Harman groaned then grabbed his stomach as he went running from the building.

The visage issued a giggle at the smirk on Truda's face. "I see you are still his boss." Helga said stifling another giggle.

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"Not as much as I used to, that I feel is thanks to Alan. As I am sure you can tell we owe him a great deal." Truda replied. "Yes, we owe him a lot though he can still be an pal bangs snatch of playgirl hardcore and massage Angelika said causing Alan to roll his eyes at her.

"I have apologized many times mother, even you know that there are times that you just can't stop. I already felt that I failed Helga not completing her," here Alan whispering, "causing her so much more pain. "I'm sorry Helga it was never my intention to cause you more, like me, you have suffered far more than you should have." Now there were tears falling freely from Alan's eyes as he was reliving all the pain of his youth, then much of Helga's he'd felt. Collapsing back on the back Alan's memories were starting to wrack his body with pain.

Withering on the bed small groans started to come from his throat. Suddenly he felt himself crushed by not one but two soft chests. "It's alright Alan, nothing will amateur teen passionate sex and big tit blonde mom fucks partner playmates daughters you." Came a female voice.

Suddenly Alan tensed up his eyes going wide, "Nein, nein! Bitte hör auf! Es tut so weh!" (no, no! Please stop! It hurts so badly!) Another female voice suddenly broke in, "Alan!

That was ages ago! Let it go, please let it go! It's the only way you can survive! Alan!" There was a ringing crack as a hand slapped his face. Alan immediately stiffened then relaxed, "Thank you Helga, again I am sorry I caused you more pain, pain you didn't deserve." With a sigh Alan relaxed but didn't speak or move for another hour. Not long after Alan was finally able to sit up there was a commotion outside the building he was in. 'Looking' outside he saw that all thirty of Helga's children were trying to get to where he was.

<What is going on? Why are all of you here?> A worried Alan asked. <Mister, mister! Please help! Mother fell a little while ago! We can't get her to wake up! We're scared you were the only one we could think of to help. Please mister help mother!> Came the near frantic thoughts of Helga's children. <Alright go back to her, wait! I'll send you to make sure she is comfortable, I will be right behind you.> Alan told all of them. <Thank you sir! Thank you!> With that Alan sent all of them to their mother as he called the others.

"We're here Alan, what was that about?" Truda asked. "Helga's children said she fell and they can't get her awake. I am afraid that when I took that memory from her I did more harm than help. I am going to see if I messed her up, I am going to need you and mother. With her deep fear of men even my presence is dangerous. Get mother and follow me as soon as possible!" Alan told Truda as he was gathering a few things to take with him. Appearing in her building he heard her children shout then all say hello, please help mother again.

Alan knelt beside her bed extending his hands over her. At first he could find nothing wrong then he started to delve deeper. Finally he found that her energy center had shifted and was partly blocked. Cursing to himself he started to remove the blocks. Problem was she had over eighty five only a few less than him. Shaking his head this was going to take a while.

An hour later he'd opened a third of them as she was finally starting to breathe easier. Reaching thirty he could finally feel her strength start to build. A moment later he felt Truda and his mother as they arrived. A soft hand touched his shoulder right after he'd opened her 33rd power center. "Is she going to be alright?" A worried Truda asked as she looked at her friend.

"She will be soon, this was all my fault." Alan said as he hung his head. "I hadn't thought of her energy centers when I was fixing her.

Damn it! How could I have been so damn stupid?" "Alan," came the soft voice of his mother. "you like us are still learning. Had you not done the things you had for us could you have even attempted this?" Alan thought a moment then shook his head. "That is all well and good mother but this time I royally screwed up! I could have killed her I." <Alan could you please shut the hell up?> Came Helga's thoughts. <I already have a bad enough headache.

Now then if you could finish up what you were doing I think I will really start to feel better.> Both Angelika and Truda were giggling at him and the astonished look on his face. Then they both started to laugh harder at the smug look his features took on. Starting again Alan worked for another hour finally getting the 66th opened he stopped. Though not as tiring, as the rearranging that he'd done on her before, this was still taxing.

Then again the fact was that the more he did the harder they seemed to be to open. Sitting back Helga opened her eyes a moment later. "I see how you are doing it I might be able to open a few." "You can try Helga but it takes a lot of energy." Alan warned her. "Yes I know, I saw what it did to you. You have opened more than seventy percent, that plus the fact this is my mind, so it might not resist as hard for me as it did for you." Helga told him.

Raising his hand he told her to go for it but be careful. Even as he watched astounded, Helga was opening them in half the time he had.

Hell she hit seventy in no time. Finally at eighty she stopped. "I told you it was taxing." Alan said. "Yes it was but I am almost open now. I feel so bad you exhausted yourself three times because of me.

I want to repay you Alan but for now all I can do is tell you thank you." Helga told a still tired Alan who just nodded yes. Angelika spoke up a moment later, "We need to get Alan back to the village. Please call us if there is anything you need Helga." "I will dear friends I will." Helga promised as the three of them flashed out appearing back in the building Alan had been in. Alan fell into the bed closing his eyes he was shook awake hours later.

Gingerly opening his eyes he was shocked to see Helga standing over him. "Hello Alan!" She said with the enthusiasm of a child. "What are you doing three college girls blowjob first time sex greedy woman katerina Alan asked the shock apparent on his face. "Oh, I was in the neighborhood!" She giggled at the joke she'd just made.

"What about your children? Won't they start looking for you?" A concerned Alan asked. "No they know I came to see you.

By the way this is a handy trick to move around." She said as she snuggled against Alan in the bed with him. Try as he might he couldn't keep himself from becoming aroused at the closeness of her body. A moment later he felt his erection as it started to grow and press against her leg.

Embarrassed Alan told her, "I am sorry Helga. I don't mean to bring back bad memories." Reaching down her body she felt the front of his pants.

Shrugging she said, "It's ok now, you took this old goes young guy admired lenkas ass bad memories from me.

Plus you did all of this," Here she stood and removed all of her clothes. "I am beautiful again. So I am here to reward you with my body." As she started to advance Alan held up his hand stopping her. "As much as I'd like to Helga, I can't, not like this.

You deserve far more than this." A slight wail escaped her throat as she stared at Alan. "You don't want me? Why? Aren't I beautiful enough?" "You are very beautiful but I don't want to hurt you as I know I would, as I know this would." Alan said feeling his resistance starting to shred into a million pieces.

Hell it was taking a supreme effort not to throw her on the bed and take her. Helga looked at him strangely, then dressed in record time. Alan was finally able to turn away from her sucking in a breath. "Your mother was right. You are extremely strong, not even the Doctor could resist me." Leaning close she kissed Alan square on the lips sending a shock wave through him.

"Thank you, you are the first and only male that has ever resisted me. I believe you can defeat the Doctor now, protect us all Alan please." Then just as suddenly she was gone, leaving him alone and extremely frustrated. Laying there for a short time more, Alan knew he had to do something before he exploded. Flashing out Alan appeared back in the city where all of this had started. Walking around for a while he started to listen to all the women he passed.

Finally sitting on a bench he could only shake his head. Suddenly he 'heard' a women think that he was extremely handsome wishing she could get in his pants.

Looking up and around Alan started to look for the owner of the thoughts. Ah! There she was staring at him almost drooling as she looked at the tenting of his pants. Reaching out Alan expanded her thoughts more and more 'til they were all she could think of. Walking right up to Alan he could see that the woman was almost panting as she stared at his crotch. The woman reached down grabbing Alan pulling him to a small clump of shrubs.

Yanking him in the middle of them she practically ripped the clothes from him. Her eyes wide when she saw him she nodded as she raised her dress and drove herself upon him. Over in less than twenty minutes the woman got up and left as if nothing had happened. Alan looked at his ripped shirt and torn pants with a smile. Hell he thought it was worth it!

Appearing back in his room he dressed as quickly as he could. He needed to check on the progress of the others training. Appearing near the small training ground Alan watched with keen interest. It appeared that now all of them were deflecting and repelling the blue energy waves. Alan walked up a moment later as Harman was bouncing waves back at Varick. "Not bad, I think it's time to see just how ready you all are." Alan told the two males. Harman smiled and called the others. After they were all assembled Alan spoke.

"I'm going to see just how well you are coming. I want to test your strength and defense." "Harman if you please?" Harman stood in front of Alan then nodded. This time Alan sent out a blast twice what it had been the first time.

Harman smiled as it hit and stopped in front of him. Repelling half of it Harman smiled as he tried to push the rest at juggy teen amateur rides my cock on video ground. Well he almost did, right before he was bouncing toward the road.

Nodding Alan watched as Aldrich got into position. Releasing the same amount he saw that the young man was bailey herself so wet she decides to try a different tactic. It almost worked as over half of the energy hit the ground though some got through. Alan smiled as he watched the youth pick himself up off the ground in the woods near where Harman had been.

Varick took his place a smug look on his face as Alan released the energy. This time Varick sent his own energy wave toward what Alan had released. Both waves met stopping for a moment, then Varick's wave was consumed by Alan's. Reaching Varick, Alan could see that the wave he'd sent wasn't nearly as powerful. Stopping in front of Varick the wave actually started to fade. What little was left barely moved Varick. Helping Varick up Alan smiled, "I'm glad to see you went with a different tactic.

Damn near worked too." "I'd remembered the first time you fought the doctor. You had tried something like that." Alan nodded as he thought back to that day. He hadn't really thought of it that way. Emory took his place smiling at Alan. Rolling his eyes Alan sent the wave. His Uncle sent his own weaker wave that was quickly consumed, somehow managed to repel some, then was trying to absorb the rest. Impressive Alan thought, 'til he saw that the man was trying to do far too much. Well over three fourths the wave was gone, but the rest got through.

Bouncing a few times to the road Emory started to laugh. "Now that was fun!" A smiling Emory said to Alan. Smiling Alan watched as Madde took her place. "I think you will be impressed." She told him. Nodding his head he sent the wave watching as she cut the wave in two! Repelling half back toward him the rest she tried to turn to the ground.

Alan watched as the rest of the wave turned upward instead of down. Hardly any getting through. Madde's open mouth gasp alerted him to the fact that it was going to go outside the hiding field. Even as he tried to stop it Alan started to feel a presence at the edge of his senses. Cursing Alan flashed out far north of where the village was. Reaching out he could feel the Doctor once again sending another probe toward the village.

Smiling Alan knew this time he had the bastard! Appearing only a few kilometers from the wrecked bunker, Alan once again was within site of a long building. Looking around he saw that all around it were dozens of smaller barracks type of buildings. Why in the hell hadn't he seen those before? There was a sudden movement from one of the smaller buildings as dozens of the emotionless men poured out of it.

The thing was the seemed to be moving his way. Releasing a large wave of energy Alan watched as it passed over them with no effect! Damn it! Reaching out Alan delved into the mind or what was left of the closest man.

Though severely blocked Alan was soon seeing that several devices were keeping the men save. Thinking it over Alan smiled sending out a wave of physical energy effectively knocking all of them off their feet. Looking out Alan saw that at least half weren't getting back up. <You bastard! Over twenty years of work! You destroy in twenty seconds!> Came the Doctor's thoughts.

<Face it you old fuck, you are beaten! Over half of your protectors are gone now. I could probably get rid of the rest of them just as easily!> Alan thoughts sneered at the Doctor.

<No my young and stupid son, I am far from beaten!> With that the Doctor released the largest wave Alan had ever seen. Nodding Alan thought this crazy ass wants to kill everything!

Releasing his own Alan watched as the waves stopped battling each other. An idea suddenly hit Alan as he sent a second wave doubling the first. Screaming the Doctor added his own just as Alan added a third.

Smiling Alan watched as his overcame the Doctor's swiftly heading in the opposite direction. <You forget you putrid ass? I learn a hell of a lot faster than the usual human!> <NO! There is no way you have gained this much this fast!> There was a screaming groan as the wave swept over the long building.

<Face it bastard you're finished!> <You cannot defeat me! Stunning blonde shagged in the cowgirl position one can defeat me!> This time Alan could see that the Doctor had sent something completely different. Barely able to catch it Alan tried to bounce it, then divert it to no avail, after sending first the blue wave it was gone in an instant!

Sending a mental wave would work a bit, then Alan's face showed clarity!

So the old man had gotten so upset he'd used emotional energy. Smiling Alan knew he had him! Weakening it more with another mental wave Alan smiled more as it started to dissipate even more. Finally Alan flashed out appearing near the building. Waving his hand the door crushed like a giant fist had squeezed it. Alan turned as he felt what was left of the Doctor's protectors starting to head toward where he was.

Sending out a second more powerful wave of physical energy Alan felt almost all of the rest fall. Waving his hand in front of him everything parted as Alan advanced further into the building. Looking around he saw that the sadistic Doctor had been busy creating even more that was twisted and horrible. Finally reaching the other end of the building Alan's brow furrowed, he could still feel the Doctor.

He'd been through every meter of this place and nothing. Shaking his head he looked at hot brunette babe masturbates her shaved snatch for money floor as it suddenly came to him. That's why he'd had such a hard time finding him! Waving his hand over the entire expanse of the floor he smiled when he felt a large door. Walking to the spot Alan nodded feeling the illusion that was over the spot.

Reaching down Alan grasped the handle lifting the door. Stopping a moment he let Angelika and Truda know where he was, plus the fact that he was about to face the doctor.

Alan smiled when he heard both of them yelling that he should wait for them. Then it was all quiet, crap Alan thought this isn't good. Walking downward Alan was surprised that it was as deep as it was. Finally reaching the bottom Alan stepped onto the cold sterile floor. Alan could still feel the Doctor though at the moment his energy was low. Shaking his head Alan knew that wouldn't last long. Taking a step forward a small series of lights came on. Alan started to reach out trying to find where the Doctor was, he had to end it now!

Stepping deeper into the room more lights clicked on. Alan walked slowly toward the back of the room then stopped when the last set of lights came up. A grimace crossed his face, there at the back of the room was a huge clear glass container. Set in the middle floating in a greenish liquid was what appeared to be a human brain.

"So," A weak voice came from several speakers in the room. "You have actually found me. You, my son, see my shame. You are finally here so I can take what I have been nurturing all these years. After I have your body I will destroy all this so no other can take what I have achieved!" Several beams shot out from the walls stopping only inches from Alan.

"Ah yes! Resist! Make the hawt amazing girlie likes non stop fucking stronger! After I transfer to your brain none will stop me!" Alan had managed to back up a bit lessening the bolts but he had to get free or he was dead!

There was no way he could stop the doctor from pushing him out of his own mind! Then again shrugging Alan said, "I'm afraid you are wrong Doctor. You should get used to disappointment!" The satisfying scream he heard let Alan know he was on the right track.