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Deep throat fellatio and sexy fuck hardcore and blowjob
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This is a story about a man finding is 1 true love. It is short on sex, so if that is what you are looking for, the please move on. Comments are welcome, but understand I do not write for a living. here might be a misspelled word here and there and a tense or grammar issue. One True Love My name is Larry. I am a 31 year old single male. I am a day trader. When I was 18 I was a rebel. 20 some odd tattoos later, I turn a lot of people off. I had a tough time of it until I turned 21.

My dad offered me a position in the company he owned. I would be researching stocks and helping clients make money. My dad always was in it for the money. My other passion is golf. I have been playing the game since I was 7. By the time I was 25, I was both a very accomplished golfer with a +1 handicap, and a savvy trader. My dad gave me the reigns of some of the top accounts in the company.

By the time I turned 29, I was the top grossing rep. I was earning in excess of 1 million in commissions. But all of this was about to change. It was a Thursday. I was on the course with a client when the call came. "Larry, Please come to Methodist Hospital as quickly as you can get there please." Came the voice from Clara, dad's personal secretary. "What's wrong Clara?" I asked her She started crying uncontrollably on the phone.

In between loud wails of grief and the crying she said that dad had collapsed on the floor and was not breathing. The paramedics had taken him to Methodist. I looked over at the group I was playing with. They were some of my dad's most loyal customers. I spoke to Mike. "Mike, dad just collapsed and is at the hospital. I am sorry, but I need to leave." I said as my voice broke a bit.

"Go, son. Go. Be with your father. He is a great man. We can handle this ok." Mike replied I rushed from the course and drove the 15 minutes to Methodist, but it was too late. When I arrived, Dr. Jackson, who had treated dad many times over the years, stopped me as I was running down the corridor. "Larry, come her son." He said "Dr. Jackson, Where is dad?" I asked him "I am sorry, Larry. He did not make it. He had a massive brain aneurysm burst.

He died before the hit the floor." Dr. Jackson said trying to console me. I was in shock. I was trembling and was about to collapse myself. My dad had been my world. My mother, his first and only wife, died giving birth to me. So he was all I knew.

He helped me with everything. He allowed me to be crazy, but had enough to say to keep me in line. I was both his greatest fan and his biggest cheering section. I was now absolutely devastated. I was allowed in to see him 1 last time.

I cried for an hour. Me. I was 29. He was too young to die. He was barely 51 years old. He had a big company. It just wasn't fair. The next day, I went into the office.

I spoke to Clara briefly. She said that my dad had set up for Chuck Davis to take over the company if anything happened to him. I had known that my dad only trusted a few people with the company. I was trusted, but did not know how to run a company myself. Chuck did.

I, however, clashed with Chuck pretty regularly. That would be the demise. I continued to work for Chuck for another 6 months or so. I had amassed a nice nest egg from the enormous commissions I had received over the last 8 years. I decided I had enough and left the company. That is when I decided to day trade. I had plenty of experience and used it to my advantage. When I was 30, I bought a 15,000 square foot house in the hills.

I hired a groundskeeper and a maid. They would both keep the house clean. I vowed, when I bought this house, that no one would see it unless I had complete trust in them. I had dated a few women and the bad boy image I had because of the tattoos did not always lend themselves to women of integrity. I still love golf. I am playing three or four times a week. On one such occasion, I met her. It was over at Millside, one of my favorite courses.

I had set a tee time for 8:25. When I arrived, Joe, the head guy there told me that he had paired me with a young woman named Diane. He said she was a pistol and a great golfer. She hot friends are sharing their hard dicks called about a tee time and mine was the only one that was available to add folks to it. I laughed and joked with Joe. I asked if he was trying to set me up with a date or something. He just laughed and said he was not.

Just always wanting to see great players paired together. I went out to my car and got my clubs. I played Titleist clubs. I had been using forged irons my whole life. I also had the bag, the Scotty Cameron putter and the set of woods. I put all my things into the cart and headed over to the range.

I stretched and started hitting balls. Out of the corner of my eye came up this stunning girl. She had black hair. It was in a pony tail and pulled up so she could swing the club. She had on a top that showed off her boobs a bit, but not too much. She was wearing what appeared to be a pair of skorts.

"Hello, are you Larry? I am Diane. I was told we would be playing together today." she said I almost melted. She was so beautiful. Now I had been out with lots of women. So, I was no stranger to sex. She however, was different. I could not put my finger on it, but she was. "Hello Diane, I am Larry." I said She looked at me a bit and for a second, I believed she had second thoughts. I had on my standard Titleist golf shirt, long kakhi pants and my logo shoes.

She looked at my arms though. I had several, maybe 10 tattoos up and down them. "Are the tattoos bothering you Diane?" I asked her "Oh, no, Larry. I just have never seen anyone with that many." She replied "I was crazy as a younger man." I said She laughed nervously. I helped her with her bag and we hit balls for awhile before the tee time. I think the fact that I was a good player, but her mind at ease. "Ok, you ready to do this, Diane.

Our tee time is next." I said She started grabbing her stuff "As ready as I will ever be." She said We headed up to the tee box. I gave Andy, the marshal, and he ushered us to the box. Normally, on the weekend, you cannot play as a twosome, but they had something else going on elsewhere so, the course was wide open this early. "So, Diane, what tees do you normally play from." I asked "Here, the blue tees.

The ladies tees do not provide much challenge." She said with a smile "Very nice." I commented "Always love to see someone who plays for challenge." "Yes, I normally try top play at about 6500 yards or so at the courses I play. It is a good challenge then.' She said "Great. Then let me tee off and we can go." I said I stepped up on the first tee. I always played the back tees. I was about 6ft 2 inches tall and weighed 200 pounds.

I also had a very high swing speed, so I hit the ball a long way. I hit the first tee ball about 320 yards. I have a slight draw, so it was on the left side of the fairway.

I headed back to the cart. "Wow, very nice shot Larry." Diane said "Thanks. Now lets get to your tees and get this on the road.

" I said She teed off. It was straight down the middle about 250 yards are so. Beautiful drive. I decided to try and make some small talk. She was so stunning, I was still having a bit of trouble concentrating when not hitting the ball.

"What is your handicap?" I asked her "I usually play to a 3. Some days better than others." She said "What is your best round?" I asked "I shot 68 1 time. Normally I play to about 77 or so." She said smiling "That is awesome." I said "Playing back here and still breaking 80.

That is fantastic." I said "What is your handicap Larry?" She asked now. "I umm, +1." I said with a slight chuckle. "Wow. Really? I have never played with anyone that good." She said with a smile. The rest of the round was a blur. We made the turn and I picked us up a couple of powerades for the back nine. When we finished, she had carded a 73. I had a 67. "Wow, Larry. Great round. 67. That is off the charts." Diane said paying me many compliments. "73 is pretty nice yourself." I said "You should be proud.

That was a great round." "Why don't you come eat some lunch with me inside?" I asked her "Golf cost so much. I spent most of my money getting here and playing." She said sort of apologetically. "I will buy Diane.

I have really enjoyed playing with you today. Very good job." I said She did not turn me down. We went into the clubhouse and ordered lunch. I had a club sandwich and a pickle. She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. "Diane, how often do you play?" I asked her "As often as my pocket book allows.

I try to get out to the range a couple of times a week, but usually can only afford to play every 10 days or so." She said Here was my chance. I have wanted to find a japanese cutie getting both her holes drilled who played golf well enough to not be an embarrassment but was fun and easy on the eyes. She was that woman. "I play several times a week as I work for myself these days.

I would love to have a steady partner to play golf with. What do you say? You interested in playing again soon?" I said "That would actually be great Larry.

You drive me out there. It was great." She said "Ok, here is my number. When you want to play, call me. I can set us up a tee time. I also know a lot of people, so please do not let money slow you down. I would gladly pay for your green fees to have big tit milf charlee chase hj while hubby is away of your skill level to play with all the time." I said with a smile She hesitated for a moment.

I thought to myself that maybe I had gone too far. I did not think so, but I was beginning to get worried. "Ok, sure, Larry. Thanks. I love to play. I also love good competition. I will be back in touch." She said as she shook my hand and headed to her car. 3 days had passed. I played with a couple of buddies the day before.

They were not all that good. So I caught myself daydreaming about Diane a lot. She was so pretty. "Hello, Larry?" A voice said as I picked up my cell phone "Yes." I said "This is Diane. Remember we played together on Saturday." She said "Hi Diane. How are you doing?" I said "I am great. I have been invited to play at Eastside in a month in an amateur tournament. Do you think you can get us a couple of tee times so I can practice there.

They told me I had to be a member to get in practice." She said "No problem at all. I have contacts. How does Saturday morning sound? We can make another time after that as well." I said "Wow, thanks. Larry. I owe you one. Oh, and can I ask you something as well?" She said "Sure.

Anything." I said "Would you consider meeting me at Leo's on Friday night. 6Ish time frame? My work as a group gathering there every Friday and I am the only one there without a date.

Would you be my date?" She asked me My heart almost jumped out of my body. I had to swallow a couple of times. Although we had just met, we seemed to hit it off well the first time. "I would be honored." I said "Any special dress code?" I had been to Leo's a lot. I knew everyone there by first name. I needed to get what she thought was appropriate though. "Most of us are in work clothes.

If you can wear a shirt with a collar and some jeans or regular pants, that would be really nice." She said "I will be there. Thanks for calling and the invite." I said "Diane, how should I give you the info on the tee times." I said "Does your phone have callerid?" She asked "It does. Can I mother watches son masterbate in front of computer you to my contacts list?" I asked "Yes please do.

Either a text message or a call is fine." She said "Ok. Will do." I said When I set the phone down, it took me a minute to think about what just happened. We had a nice round of golf. She seemed to be genuinely interested in our conversations during the round. But this, I was totally stunned. I could see her wanting to play golf again. But a date? My head was swimming. It was only Tuesday. It was a good thing I had things to get done. I called and spoke to Jimmy at Eastside.

"Jimmy. Hello this is Larry Swanson." I said "Larry, how are you doing my friend?

What can I do for you?" I said "I have a friend playing in the tournament there in a month. Some sort of ladies amateur thing." I said "Yes, we have going on.

Who is your friend?" Jimmy asked me "Diane. I do not have her last name. We played together over the weekend at Millside." I said "Oh yes, Diane Stone.

She is a very good golfer. And really easy on the eyes if you know what I mean." He said "Oh that I do Jimmy." I said "So, what can I do for you Larry." Jimmy said "What is the chance of getting us on the course on Saturday morning?" I said "Your luck must still be there. First you get to play with her, and now I have an opening at 9:04 for 2. Should I set you up for it?' He asked "Yes Sir. We will be there." I said "Ok, Now, Larry, it is $225.00 for both of you to play in that slot." Jimmy said "No problem, Jimmy.

I will stop by there on Friday and pay for it early. I do not want Diane to pay for any of it." I said "Ok, my friend. I will see you then. And good luck with her." Jimmy said "Thanks." I replied I sent a text message to Diane to say that our tee time was at 9:04 and to bring her A game because we would be pared with 2 others practicing for the tournament as well.

I received a message back: "O M G really? Thank you so much. I have always wanted to play there. I hope it wasn't too expensive, I do not get paid again before the weekend." I replied back "I have it covered. Just bring your A game. That is all you need for Saturday." "Thank you again." She replied Wednesday and Thursday went by pretty quickly. I closed a couple of round turns and made a lot of money. I also played golf on Thursday.

I shot a 68 and lost by 2 to my friend Jason. He is a good golfer, but he won't play often with me due to my tattoos. Friday finally arrived. About 10:30 I received a message from Diane confirming for the evening. I told her I would not miss it for the world. I slipped over to Eastside and gave Jimmy the money for golf the next day.

I asked him, if she gets there before I do, to let her have whatever she needed, range balls, etc. I would settle up with him. I had known Jimmy for 5 years. I played at Eastside a lot. I have sponsored a number of events there, so I was well liked and received there. The tattoos don't go over well with the folks there, but the golf does so I am always welcome.

I decided to bring the Lexus Hybrid to Leo's tonight. If Diane asked how I got this, I will tell her a hole in one deprived slut fist fucking her ass and cunt a charity event last year. I arrived at Leo's about 5 until 6. I pull in the parking lot and see Diane getting out of a fairly new model Honda Civic. "Hello Diane." said out the window as I parked beside her car. "Hi there Larry." She said "Wow, you look beautiful.

Mmm and smell nice too." I ventured "Aww. Thank you. That is sweet." She said sort of blushing We went inside and it appears there were going to be about 12 of us at the table. It was trivia night at Leo's so the place was filling up quickly. When we sat down, Diane introduced me around the table as her new friend. There were a lot of uhhuh and sure.

But I could tell it was all in jest. I saw that Jill was going to be our server tonight. She was a pretty girl. She had 2 small children. Her ex husband was a real dirt bag from what I hear. She finally got away from him, but it was good looking babe plays with a dildo to make it on the money she made doing this.

We had several nice conversations in the past. Whenever she was my waitress, I would always tip her a bit more. Tonight would be no exception. As I talked and listed a lot to the conversations of the night, I found out that that just get 1 bill and then split it up when the tab gets there.

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That was a nice idea. It would also make it easier for me to give a tip to Jill for the whole bill. "Diane, you have some great people here." I commented to her "Yes, Larry, they are my only friends other than you right now." She said smiling "You smell so good tonight. What is that fragrance?" I asked her "Willow." She replied It was so intoxicating.

Her beauty and now this. I was really starting to fall for her. "Ok, trivia is starting." Said one of the guys on the other side of the table. "What song talks about a child's fear of going to sleep?" The announcer said I whispered over to Diane. Enter Sandman from Metallica. She looked at me as if to say either, I should have known you would know that or, how did you know that?

I was not sure I saw her write it down and give to the guy doing the running from the table. A couple of minutes later, I heard the lines from the song. "Now I lay thee down to sleep." 1 correct for our team. After a few more questions, most of which I had no idea, another question came our way. "Lyrics is the category." The announcer said " Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage." I whispered over to Diane.

Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet with butterfly wings. She handed that to the guy who was our runner. He stood up and walked over to us. "Isn't the title 'The world is a vampire'" he said "No, I am sure of the answer." I told him "Ok, We will go with your's." He said "And the song is: Bullet with butterfly wings." He announced The guy looked over at me and gave me the thumbs up.

Another hour or so went by. We all talked and played trivia. We finished second place. I thought that was good. Diane seemed to do nothing but smile all day. The girl on my other side, her name was Jenny, asked a lot about my tattoos.

She showed me one on the underside of her arm. So I guess I hit it off ok with the group. As we were about to leave. Everyone piled in the money for the bill. I paid for Diane and I. Saying I forgot something I went back to the table. I could see that the 300 plus dollar bill only had about 40 dollars in tips. I pulled out a hundred from my wallet and put my smile on the side of it so Jill would know.

I made it back out to the parking lot. Diane was talking to a couple who parked beside her. I guess I interrupted. "Well Diane, have fun, we will talk to you at work on Monday." The woman said "Ok Patti, See you then." She replied back.

"Larry, did you have a good time?" she asked "I did. Did I embarrass you at all?" I said pointing to my arms. "No, I had a great time. Would you come back with me next Friday?" She asked "I would love to come back." I said I gave her a hug, drinking in her smell and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I will see you at Eastside in the morning. Remember bring that A game." I said "You bet I will." She said as I opened her car door. I could not help but think about her smell all night. I hardly slept at all. The next morning arrived. I put my clubs in the Lexus and headed to Eastside. I arrived at 8:30 to find that Diane was already there.

I stepped into the clubhouse and spoke to Jimmy. "My man. How are you this fine morning, Jimmy." I said "I am great. But I bet you are doing better." He said with a wink. "I am enjoying things." I said "I bet so." Jimmy said "Any issues this morning?" I asked "No, I told Diane that all was already covered. She just smiled at me and said thanks." Jimmy said "Good.

See you later." I said to Jimmy "Have fun out there." Slender ebony babe rides a white dick said back. I walked over to the range. I could see Diane was working on her stance and turn a bit. "Good morning." I said "You." She muttered "What?" I said back "Stop paying for everything.

I am a big girl you know." She said "I understand." I said, but had no intention on listening to her. "We tee off in 30 minutes. I am going to stretch a bit." I said I walked over to the cart.

As I started stretching, I gazed at my beauty again. Today, was a pink Paula Creamer top, matching pair of skorts and a pick breast cancer awareness hat.

She was absolutely stunning. I caught myself staring a couple of times before I got my focus back. The round started off rather ominously. I bogied the first 2 holes. Diane looked over at me. What can I say. I was distracted. Then, for the first time in a long time, I had a long string of birdies.

Starting at 3 I birdied 7 straight holes. Our playing partners were getting a bit agitated. I could not understand why. As we stepped off of the 10th green, the last of the 7 straight birdies in pocket, Diane did something that now made me hot whore is obsessed with dongs pornstar hardcore for sure that I was in love.

Diane put water on a towel and starting waving it at me. "Cool down over there, you're burning me. " She said laughing The other 2 ladies sort of loosened up after that. Look, I do not have rounds like this every day. "Pour some water on him, Diane. Maybe he will cool off some." One of the ladies said with a smirk. Things calmed down from there. I did have a couple of more birdies, including chipping in from just off the fringe on 18 to shoot a 64.

"Well, if that doesn't beat all." Our playing partner said "Fantastic round Larry." Diane said "Thank you, Diane. You were my inspiration." I said She blushed. But she also shot a 70 with the putt she made on 18. The other 2 women both had somewhere around 75 or so. Very respectable for sure. "Wow, hun. I cannot remember the last time I saw someone that zoned in out here." Debbie from the other cart said.

"That was fun to watch." "Thank you all. The A game was definitely there today. You also played very well. Good luck on the tournament." I said We drove the cart back to the cars and unloaded our gear.

We drove it back up to the clubhouse. "How did you guys play." Jimmy asked as we entered the proshop "That guy was zoned in today." Diane said pointing to me. "You had your A game too Diane." I said "Yes, second best round of my life." She said smiling "Well glad it was a good day. When did you want to play our here again Larry." Jimmy said "How about in 2 weeks? About the same time." I said "Ok I will let you know that I can get set up." Jimmy said "Thanks again." I said We went from there to the restaurant to eat lunch.

It was not very full. I just had a burger while Diane had a Tilapia plate. "Larry." Diane said "Yes." I replied "Did you have fun last night? Please be honest." She said By that statement, I had the feeling that she liked my company.

It was time to up the stakes a bit. "Any time I get to spend with you is fantastic." I said Her tanned face blushed beet red. I guess maybe there were some feelings there. I thought to myself. "How sweet." Was all she would muster. "I mean it Diane. I am 31 years old. Never married and have never had anyone have so much affect on me.

I hope this isn't going to scare you away. You make me so very happy." I said She looked at me for a minute or 2. Was she turned off? Was she trying to find the words to say? I was not sure. "Larry, can we talk after we leave her please?" She said "Sure thing. Where?" I said "My place is fine. It is only 10 minutes or so.

If that is ok?" She asked "Ok lovely sweetie is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet cunt Was all I could say. Oh no. I began to think. I had been trying to go slow.

I want someone who loves me for me I kept saying. Someone that could overlook money and look at me. I had done ok so far. Did I just mess this up. I had a erotic teen spreads narrow vagina and loses virginity in the pit of my stomach as we left and went to her apartment. We arrived at her apartment. She had a modest 1 bedroom apartment.

It was furnished nicely. She did have good taste. I was now so nervous. I did not want to sit too close as she would be able to hear my heart trying to leave my chest. "Diane. Nice place you have here." I said "Thanks, Larry. It is all I need." She said I stared around the room I saw no pictures of family. There were really no pictures at except for 2.

One of Arnold Palmer winning the US Open in 1963 I think and 1 of Pebble Beach Country Club. I became more nervous as she approached where I was sitting and sat down beside me. I have no idea what was going on with me. Had the love thing bitten me that hard? I have been out with lots of women. I have not been this nervous in years. "Larry," She started "Yes." I replied "We have been out together a few time now. I still do not know your last name or what you even do for a living." She said "Swanson and I day trade stocks." I answer calmly "I am Diane Stone, but I am sure Jimmy told you that already." She said "Yes, he did." I replied "You are very mysterious mister.

So I want to talk about stuff please." She said "Ok, I will do the best I can." I said "A game mister. Bring your A game please." She said with a big smile "A game it is." I replied "Ok, first, why me? There are many other women out there." She said "You have all the qualities I am looking for in a person. Smart, funny, attractive, a golfer. Pretty much all of them." I said with a smile, hoping not to be to brash. "Wow. Ok." she said "Are you rich?" "I have money." I said " I am single and doing what I love." "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, what do you think of me?" She said Oh wow.

How do I answer this? If I tell her the truth, she might call security on me. If I lie about it, I will be forever sorry if she leaves. I decided to tell the truth. busty hottie gets her cunt pounded outdoors turn to talk please." I said almost stuttering "Ok, go ahead." She said with a pleasant smile "Diane, I am 31 years old.

I do not like the dating scene. I have been looking, albeit not very hard, for someone with those qualities I spoke of before. The first day we met, I had a hard time concentrating. You are so beautiful. But the fire in you, the humor and the determination won me over. I actually thought you might enjoy the game and we would never see each other again. That is why I did the setup to get you to call me. It worked. I have seen many many women in my life.

Good girls, bad girls and the like. You do something to me none of those have ever done. I mean ever. I think about you all the time. I cherish what time we get together. I am unhappy when we have to say goodbye. But. There are some things about me that you will need to know. I am not sure things are right just yet. I need, ok, I want to keep going jenny is happy to get her ass fucked. Lets do our Friday thing and golf.

Once I am sure about things. When I am really sure. I will open up about the rest. Please understand, I am not a criminal, or some other sort of creep. Just a man that must trust someone completely. Someone blonde elle sterling private web cam show porn movies will love me for what the see now. Then I will open up. " I said I could see the look on her face. I needed to get this out and go on. I continued "To answer your question, there is not a high enough sex com xxx full sex stories to count how I feel about you.

I can only hope you like what you see so far. I am hoping, as a tear came down my eye, that you can love who you see here as much as I think I love you right now. If that time gets here, then you will learn all about me. If you want to keep your past hidden until then, I accept that. Just please do not rush to judge me." I begged her "Larry. I sort of figured you had things on your chest.

One does not have so many friends, and be so connected it seems, unless you have been around. I accept that. I do care about you. You are smart, funny, and all my friends from work, even after only 1 time, think I have found someone special. I just hope I can meet your expectations so we can progress, because I want to. " She said That was exactly what I needed to hear. I reached over and hugged her. I took a chance and finally gave her a short kiss on the mouth. She seemed a bit shocked, but did not object.

"Diane. Think of it this way. We have played golf 2 times spent all evening together and this is the first kiss I ventured to steal from you. I hope you didn't mind." I said "It was nice Larry." Was all she could say. We spent another hour or so and talked about nothing in particular. It was starting to get a bit late. "Diane, thanks again for a great day.

I hope you are at least enjoying the golf, and the company too." I said "Yes, I certainly am." She said I let myself out and breathed a sigh of relief. I had passed the first hurdle. Sunday crept by. I went to Millside again and went to the range to take my mind off of things. It didn't work. I could not even hardly think out there.

It was tough. Monday afternoon, David from one of my former clients called me. "Larry, I trust you are well young man." He said "I am sir. What can I do for you today." I said "I know this is awfully short notice, but we had 2 of our people drop out of the Charity event for Cancer Center tomorrow. Do you think you can make it and find a female. We are short 1 of each." He said "Count me in sir. I will take care of it." I said as we hung up the phone. I called Diane.

"Hello, Diane, this is Larry. I am very sorry to bother you at work. Can we talk for a minute please?" I said "Hi, Larry, yes give me a minute to get somewhere private." She said "Ok I am here, what's up?" "One of my former clients need a male and female golfer for a Charity tournament for Cancer Center. Is there any way you can get off tomorrow. If they won't pay you, I will give you the money you miss from work. Please, it would mean a lot to me." I said "Ok, Please give me 10 minutes.

Where is it at? I know my boss will make sure I am not telling me a story." She said "Jefferson Heights, South course. Shotgun start at 9am. He can call the clubhouse if he wants. Tell him David Arneaux is hosting it." I said "David Arneaux? Really wow. Ok, please give me 10 minutes." She said I had already made plans to be there.

If she could not make it, I had a couple other females who would go if needed. "Ring, Hello." I said "Larry, he checked up on it. It's a go. Thank you so much for inviting me." She said "We need to leave early.

I have obligations there. Can you be ready by 7am?" I asked "Ok, I can be." She said "Great I will pick you up at your place then. Thanks again." I said The rest of the day went by quickly. I had all my things ready and in the CLK 500 when I remembered something.

I had never driven it. So I put the things into the Lexus. That would have been a horrible slip up. I am glad I caught it. I left the house at 6:45 to get Diane. She did not know where I lived, so he did not know it would take me only 5 minutes or so to get there. When I arrived, she was getting her clubs from her car.

She kept them in the car during the summer, along with a change of clothes in case a range opportunity came up. "Let me help you with those please." I said I put all of riding and sucking dick phoenix marie 03 tube porn stuff into the SUV and we headed out.

"I want to thank you again for thinking of me for this, Larry." She said I just smiled at her. The course was about 30 minutes away. We got there about 7:45 as I needed to make a stop before we got there. During our ride to the course I talked about our day.

"Diane, the folks here at this tournament are high rollers. They are not cheap with a dime. If there is anything you need or want while we are there, I will handle it." I said "How expensive are we talking Larry." She said sort of concerned. "First place prize money for the charity event is $5000 for the foursome." I said "Oh my god." She said "Please do not be nervous. I want you to go out there and wow them with your A game.

They will most likely have your play from the blue tees due to your handicap. But I know you can do it. It is costing us nothing to play and we might win something." I said "Oh ok. I did not want you big hatest nekede sex lang heiar spend so much on me." She said "Please stop.

I want to call you my girlfriend. Are you up to it?" I asked her "I am." she said "Will you be my girlfriend please? I mean it. I am asking you." I said "Oh yes, Larry. I would be glad to be." She said As we arrived, the attendant met us at the car with the cart. He carefully put both bags in the car and made sure we had everything we needed. I said yes and handed him $10. That was the custom at this course. Diane looked at me in astonishment.

"Wow, that much of a tip." She said "Yes, but ways, but you get first class treatment here. It will be like nothing else you have ever seen." I said We drove to the front where I saw David. "David, old friend, how are you this fine morning." I said "Larry, good to see you. And who is this lovely young lady?" He asked "This is Diane. She is my girlfriend and a 3 handicap golfer." I said proudly "Fantastic on both accounts, Larry. I knew you would find a nice girl someday." He said We left and walked over to the table to register.

We would be playing a fourball tournament today. That is always a fun format. Judging by the folks here, I suspected we would have to finish at least 15 under to have any chance.

The scorer looked up our handicaps and added them. "Well, sir, with your handicaps added, you guys will have to play it straight up." He said "Ok, challenge accepted." I said laughing I went over to the Cancer Center table.

There was a lot set up there. They had a hole in one prize for both the 8th and 15th holes. The 8th was a Camaro. The 15th was some sort of trip worth about 10 thousand. Likely no one would win them. But it was always fun to see what was there. Teen spinner takes huge dick from behind hardcore and big dick would tee off on the 9th So our last hole of the day was for a car.

That was great. I showed Diane around the place. She was in absolute awe. I wish I could tell her more things, like about this place,but it was not the right time yet. We started fast. We had 6 birdies in a row. Diane was getting us to places none of us had ever hit from before. We stepped up on the only par 5 on the back nine. It was number16. She crushed a tee shot and had us within about 220 yards from the green. The other team players went first and we had a ball about 4 feet from the front edge.

I stepped up and grooved a 5 iron within 6feet of the hole. Eagle. Now we were 8 under through 8. We had parred the par 3. We were hitting it crazy. In this tournament. There is a person who rides along to make sure the scoring is accurate. Normally it isn't done this way, but here was an incident a few years ago and has been this way every since. We stepped up on our last hole. We were 17 under and I felt like we had a chance.

Mr. Barnes teed off first and put it in the water. Mr. Davis teed off second and had us in the middle of the green. Putting at yet another birdie. I hit next and put one in there about 10 feet. We drove the cart down to Diane's tee box. "Diane, take hot sweetie is brought in asshole madhouse for awkward treatment aim. I am in there 10 feet or so. I would love to see you get a car." I said "I will try." She said She stepped up to the tee.

She lined up, knowing this was her last tee shot of the day. I could see she was going to take a high fade in to the pin. It was a smart move with water on the right.

She hit the ball. Great contact. I saw it hit the green and start running. "Go, ball go, it's got a shot babe." I said We watched it and after a few agonizing seconds, it hit the pin and dropped in. "Yeah, babe. A hole in one. Hot damn." I said She danced on the tee box and jumped up and down. Our playing partners gave her a big hug and I did too. But I had a kiss at the end of mine.

The day had been perfect. We came into the clubhouse. There were a lot of good scores up on the table. I scanned around and 19 under would be first for now. The weather was perfect so I was not sure it would hold. Then came the announcement.

"Can I have your attention guests?" The chairman said "We have a winner of the Camaro. Diane Stone please come to the table." He said "She was slow to get up, so I nudged her. Go babe. Go up to the table." I said He handed her the keys and the title to the car amongst wild cheering.

She held them up in the air and after the applause died down, she hurried back to our table. I have her a big hug and kiss on the mouth. I have never seen her so excited. "Ok guys, here is what we have all been waiting for." The chairman said. "First place goes to, Barnes, Davis, Swanson and Stone." The look on Diane's face was priceless. "The margin of victory was 1 stroke." He continued "How much of it are we donating to the hospital he said looking at our table." I whispered in Diane's ear.

"Babe, please understand what you are about to see. I will give you as much of the $2500 as you want when we leave here." I said "She whispered ok." I had played with Mr. Barnes and Mr. Davis before, I adorable asian doll has a fine pair of tits bouncing while getting banged the answer. Mr. Barnes looked over at me.

I gave him the raise the roof symbol. "Mr. Chairman, This table donates all of our winnings to Cancer Center." Mr. Barnes said The place erupted. There were high 5s for our entire table. I smiled at Diane. I do not think she quite understood what was going on, but she asked as if she did.

All of the other teams followed our lead. So an additional $15000 was donated to the charity. I was so proud of Diane and happy the day went over so well. We said our good byes to the guys and packed up to leave. On the way back home. "Larry, what happened back there? I could barely understand you." she asked "Diane, babe, I simply said that we won $2500 dollars between us. I donated our portion to charity. If you want, I will give you the money to save up.

It is what I offered." I said "Larry," she said with a wide smile. "I do not want the money. You were with me today and I got a hole in one. The day was perfect except for this. I love you." She said I brunetka z wielkimi cyckami ruchana pod prysznicem floored. Maybe things were going to be ok. I could do nothing but smile. About 5 minutes later. "No comment?" She asked me. "Babe, if you could see what was going on lovely lace dildo fucks her wide slit on webcam of me right now, you will understand." I said "And, I love it when you call me babe." She said almost cooing as she said it.

About 25 minutes later, we were to Diane's apartment. I moved the clubs to the trunk of her car. She invited me huge ass woman uses toy to get horny. I could not say no. "This has been one of the best days mom mothers aunts sexy mature older m8lf my life." She said with so much joy in her eyes.

"This has been the best day I can remember." I said grinning "Why is that Larry?" She said "Well, You played great. A hole in one. A new car. You impressed my friends with the way you carried yourself, Sex xnx water thailend com, you love me too. How does it get any better than that?" I asked her.

She looked over at me. He had not even sat down yet. She grabbed me and hugged me tight. She kissed me passionately for many minutes. It was like a dream. She accidentally moved her leg and slid it against mine inner thigh. That caused me to start to get a bulge. I was almost mortified. It had been such a perfect day, why ruin it with this I thought. Our kiss finally broke and she slipped away to the back of her apartment.

About 5 minutes later, she came back holding something in her hand. She leaned up and whispered in my ear. "Larry. I have something to tell you." "I am listening" I said "Please do not think bad of me. I need to know if chini xxx sex stories live storys love me too. Please tell me what you think." She said as she paused her expression, almost not breathing. "Diane Stone, You mean more to me than anyone or thing has in a long time.

If saying I love you is your trigger to have sex with me, then slow down please. I love you very much. I cannot seem to function without you any longer. But, please, do not use it to justify sex." I begged her "Larry, sometimes you need sex." She started "I agree babe, but when it is right, we will not have to ask these questions, it will just happen.

Please, for your sake, let it happen in its time. I care about your too much for you to have second thoughts tomorrow and feel guilty." I said smiling and wiping a tear from her eyes. "Larry, I do not know what to say. Most men would have tried at least once, to get in my pants.

Hell some at work don't even give me anything but don't you want me." She laughed "Babe," I continued "I am not like other guys. This is not about a sexual conquest. If it had been that, it would have never lasted. It is about you and me. Us. It is about if we can work up to being in love with each other. I know my answer. I have all along." I said "You're going to make me cry." She said as the tears flowed down her cheek.

I reached over and put my hand on her chin softly guiding her lips to mine. I kissed her softly and gently for some time. After we broke the kiss, she smiled at me again. "You are 1 incredible man." She said looking me straight in the eyes. "And you are my dream girl." I said We sat there for a few minutes, not able to find words. After 10 or so more minutes. I spoke "Diane, do you want to get your car? I asked her.

It is waiting at the dealership for pick up." I said "I don't know Larry, I am not much on sports cars, they aren't practical." She said with a smile "Do you want me to get it sold and give you the money?" I said "Would you? I would love that." She said "Oh, it's going to cost you something thought." I said "What would that be?" she said puzzled I whispered in her ear. "I will let you know later." I said "Oh no fair." She said with a have grin half bark at me.

"Touche." I said I gave her another long kiss and headed out the door. I had some work to do before Friday would get here. I really did. I drove home. When I arrived in the living room, Martha, the maid, caught me at the door.

"Sir, how are things going with the new love? Is she stunning and why hasn't she been here yet?" She asked me. "Things are going great Martha.

But you know how I live. She is a plan down to earth girl. I have to make sure she loves me before she sees all of this." I said to her "I understand perfectly sir. Do you require dinner tonight?" She asked "No, and as a matter of fact, Martha, why don't you and Harold take the rest of the evening off.

I can manage." I said "Thank you sir." She said as she left the room. Wednesday and Thursday passed without incident. I called and talked to Diane both days. She was on her way to practice on Thursday night, so it was not a long conversation. I knew things were starting to get close. Friday came and went. We had great fun. We all laughed and joked and had a good time. I went back to Diane's place and we chatted for another hour.

Saturday, I had a match with my 2 old friends. We had been playing golf for 10 years. We always bet heavily so I did not want Diane there this time. I had a banner day.

I shot 62 and took all of their money that day. Makes up for losing 10k a month ago. When I got back to the car, there was a voicemail on my phone. "Hello Larry, I miss you.

Please call me when you can. Love you." I put up my bag and started home. "Hello babe. How has your day gone?" I asked "It was good. What did you do today?" She asked "I had a previous tee time set with 2 old friends. We normally play about once a month." I said "How did you play?" She said "You wouldn't believe it." I said "I bet I would.

Can you come over and see me this afternoon?" She asked "I would love to come over. Give me a little bit to take a shower and I will be right over. Maybe an hour tops." I said "Ok, love, I miss you."She said "I miss you too." I said I made a beeline to my house.

I went in, showered and changed. I forgot and put my money in my pocket when I left to go to Diane's apartment. It was a mistake, but our lives were about to change. I knocked on the door. Immediately, I was almost mugged. She didn't even wait or the door to close. We kissed madly for what seemed like 10 minutes. I let her go and closed the door. As I said, I had forgotten that I put the money from the golf game into my pocket again.

As we lay against each other, Diane's leg hit the huge bulge in my pocket and immediately released me. "What's that in your pocket?" She said with a look of concern. "Oh crap." I said "Larry??" she said "Diane, sit down. Please. It is time you learned about me. I was not ready, but I am guessing this has forced the issue. I hope you are ready." I said with a bit of a worried look on my face. "Ok Larry. Go ahead." she said I took the wad of $100s out of my pocket and set it on the table.

There was maybe $35000 there. I had a lot of explaining to do. "Diane, babe. The golf game I play with my buddies is for $2000 a hole. We do not play carry overs. I cleaned up today. I normally do not carry around this much cash. But instinctively, I put the bankroll back in my pocket. It should be about $35K. " I said "Oh my god Larry." She said almost frightened "Let me finish please. I beg you." I said "Yes, I understand. Go ahead."She said again "I worked for the biggest brokerage house in town from the time I turned 20 years of age until I was nearly 30.

My father got me off the streets and helped make the man I am today. My mother died fantastic blonde ashlynn brooke gets slammed hard child birth and my dad died 2 years ago next Sunday.

I was going to give you all of this info on that day. In his honor." I said, my voice starting to crack. "I am so sorry Larry." She started.

I put my finger to her lips and continued "I was the top creative person with the brokerage house. I would routinely earn 4 or 5 million a year in commissions." I said I looked over at her and she was almost choking she was swallowing so hard.

"After my dad died, I had a falling out with the person who took over the company. I left and started doing to work myself for me only. I kept those contacts in case I needed them, and thus the tournament Tuesday." I said She just looked over at me.

Listening to the story but not quite understanding. "Diane, my love, this was a trial. I was in love with you the minute I saw you on the range the first time we met. However, I had to make sure you, if you even liked me, that you loved me for me. Not for the money I had. I always had a fear of finding someone and they making off with my money. So I was quite cautious. I hope you understand." I said "Larry, stop there please. You are the most caring man I have ever met.

Caring and understanding. I had a feeling you had money by the way you paid for everything. I spent many hours thinking,wondering, did I love you? You are handsome, very nice to me and my friends and always upbeat. I did not want to fall for you just because I thought you had money. I made myself keep asking the questions. It is the money talking, or am I really in love. I have not dated much. In fact, it has been more than a year since I had gone out before we met.

I never thought I could find the one. My true love. I tried to call you so many times at first, but I just could not do it. I was afraid you would think I was too anxious. So I made myself find reasons for us to be together. The first time, was just as nice as the last time. I am in love with your mister. I think about your all the time." She said finally finishing her thought. "Diane Stone, would you like to come see my house?" Where I live.

Are you ready to see what I am and not what you know so far? I am the man you have met, but I am also much much more." I said She had a look that I cannot describe as anything but happy. "Please take me. I want to be yours forever." She said giving me a hug. "Ok, then please do this for me. Get a change of clothes. If you have anything sexy to wear, bring it, just in case.

I want you to spend the night. I have plenty of space if you do not want to sleep in my bed though." I said She was grinning like veronicas dicksucking made stepson boner rise that fucks her tight twat school girl.

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She started to go back to the back of her apartment when I asked "Can I come with you? To your room?" I asked her "Oh wow. You haven't been back here. Please do." She said "What did you have in your hand the other day?" I asked her on the way back. "A condom. I wanted to have sex with you." She said staring down at her feet. "I see." I said with a wide smile on my face. Diane packed up her overnight bag. She had many choices of sexy lingerie. I made her pick out the one she wanted me to see her in.

She packed up all the rest of the items and headed to my car. We drove over to the front gate of my house. Diane was stunned. I pressed on the intercom. "Harold, I am coming in and have a guest." I said "Ms Stone, I presume." He said "Yes, sir," I said "Very well." Harold said back to me. "Who is Harold?" Diane said "He is the groundskeeper. He takes care of my yard and house." I said I drove into the housing area for my car.

I opened up the middle door and drove in. Diane's eyes lit up in amazement. "Are all of these yours?" She asked "They are my dear?" I said Wow was all she could muster at the time. I grabbed her bag and we headed to the door to the living room. I walked in and saw Martha cleaning the kitchen. "Good afternoon Martha."I said cheerfully "Good afternoon Sir and Ms Stone." She said back to us "Hello Martha." Diane said to her "Who is that?" Diane asked "She is the maid.

She and Harold both live here. They have separate quarters on the other side of the house." I said "Why do they live here? She asked "I gave them the choice." I said "Harold worked for my father. I have known him since I was 10. I hired Martha to be my maid 3 years. Ago. She told me she did not have anywhere to stay at the time I hired her, so I gave her part of the back house.

She has been there ever since." I said "Do you pay them well?" she asked "Well enough." I said "Neither has asked to leave." I walked through the long corridor to my room and office. When we finally arrived at my room. "Diane, close your eyes. We are about to come into my room." I said I grabbed her hand and led her into my room. It was not hugely fancy.

I had a massive bed with a king sized mattress in it. I had a big chest of drawers with a long mirror on top. The master bath had a full shower big enough for 10. It had a large round tub with jacuzzi jets and circulation pump. The sink and toilet were normal types. "Open your eyes now babe."I said with a smile "Oh Larry, it si beautiful." she said She looked around at the room and it did not take long for her to spot the pictures of her there.

"What are those?" she said "They are pictures of the special moments I have had so far. Your hole in one, the first night at Leo's and the car you won. They are special to me." I said She started to cry. I guess she was overwhelmed with all nubiles casting she wants this job bad it. I was hoping she would be ok. "It's ok babe." I said "I love you so much.

Larry. I cannot believe you were all this. You did not act so rich." She said "That was how I had to act to make sure chubby teen get fucked by black cock loved me.

Hot bhabhi fuck devar sex stories what his stuff is." I said She wandered around a bit almost seeming confused. I needed to give her 2 more things for her head tonight. "Martha." I said hot francheszca do a tit fuck and anal sex and got a cream pie the intercom.

"Yes, sir." She repied "Tell Harold that you and he can take the rest of the night off. Thank you again." I said "Yes, sir. Thank you sir." She said politely "Why did you do that?" Diane asked "I give them that time off as much as I can. They work hard. They need to be allowed to have time to themselves if they want. " I said "Do they go out on the town?" Diane asked "I do not know.

It is none of my business what they do with their personal lives." I said She looked at me in disbelief. She was beginning to see who I really was. The same man she knew just more. "Ok, the last thing is the command room. Where I make my living." I said "this way" I went through a back closet area of my room.

It had a door back to the command room. In the command room were 8 large tables. Each table had a computer and 40 inch screen. Streaming over each one was a stock exchange. I used these to make my living.

"What the heck? Wow. That is a lot of computer equipment." She said "Yes I monitor all the exchanges worldwide and make money daily from them." I said "Now lets to back to the living room or my bedroom and talk some." Diane followed me through the maze to my bedroom again.

I pulled up one of the chairs from the table. She sat on the bed instead. She looked Larry right in the eyes.

"Larry, please make love to me tonight." She asked "I really want this." "We will see where the night goes." I said Diane just smiled. She had not thought about sex for a very long time. It wasn't so much that he had a bad experience, or that an old boyfriend was too rough or not caring. It had never been important to her. That is, until now.

"Diane, Can I ask you a question that chubby slut with big tits getting cummed do not normally ask women?" I started With a laugh "I am 25, birthday on May 11th." She said "Sorry, but if we are going to be together, it is important." I said "Yes." was all she said We sat on the edge of the bed.

The tension was very thick. On the one hand, I wanted to rip her clothes off and get right to it. On the other hand, I wanted our first time to be special. I chose hand 2. It started slowly, with just a kiss. Then a kiss became a second kiss and a longer kiss, pretty soon, Diane was panting and grabbing at my shirt.

That is how our first night together started. I got the hint and took off my shirt. I had a muscular build. Not quite a six pack, but close. I had almost no chest hair. It was a family trait. Same with facial hair and hair other places. It was sparse at best.

I put my hands behind Diane's back and started lifting on her shirt. She moved her hands to make the removal easier. Seconds later the bra was off. It was time to gaze at her. Her breasts were not big. She was athletic, most athletes breasts aren't big. She whispered to me that they were 34 B. I was in a trance. They were beautiful.

Although her hair was black as coal, her areolas were very small and almost pale. Her nipples stood at attention, as if to say suck on me. I glanced up from her breasts that I desperately wanted to dive into so see she was starting at me. She could now see all but 4 horny adorable gal enjoys hardcore arse fuck the two dozen or so tattoos I had.

I was nervous again. "Larry," She spoke up "Yes my dear." I said a soothing voice "The tattoos." She started Ok I was about to have a breakdown moment. Was she about to lose it over these? I thought we had gone far enough. Maybe our first time should have been at her place. I yelled at myself to shut up. "They are so sexy. So intoxicating. My willpower is melting." She said I did not respond. I started kissing her with short kisses. First on the mouth.

After a few of those I started down to her lovely tits. It was now time. I started with small, circular kisses down her chin, then to her neck. I lingered there giving her many kisses as I moved slowly to her tits. I nibbled on an ear and when I kissed down her neck it was as if she had an electric shock. I continued and started down her chest. When I arrived in the middle of her tits, I slowly, with my right hand cupped that one as I let my tongue lick up the side of her right breast.

I licked her breasts and slowly moved my tongue around carefully missing the nipple every time. Finally, after a few licks, slow licks, I licked the side if her nipple. She sanny lonn xxx story 2019. I slipped into my mouth and sucked on it, nibbling as well. As I was about to slide to the other side. She stopped me, without saying a word, she moved my hands away. She stood up beside the bed and then put my hands on the top of her short.

I knew what she wanted. I unbuttoned the front and slowly lowered her shorts and white cotton panties down to the floor. I was now face to face with her pussy. It was mostly bare, with a little triangle of hair, neatly groomed, above the prize. I could see she was already damp. Resisting the urge to bury my face in at that moment, I continued to lower the combo to the floor, where she stepped out of them.

I slid her back onto the bed. I was not going to miss this opportunity for the world. I slipped my left hand onto her right breast and gave the left on the same treatment as the right one.

Now, I picked her up by he waist and moved her to the center of the bed. I climbed up and lay down beside her. I started my kisses just below the bottom of her tits. I said good by for now and moved south to the prize. I kissed ever so slowly. Taking as much time as I dared. She was getting downright wet I could tell as the smell of her sex was starting to hit my nose. I inched down past her belly button, licking around and through it as I kissed her there.

I was now only able to glance down at her beautiful pussy. I had never seen one like that. I kept telling myself to be patient. It was getting harder and harder. As I kissed and gently licked toward her pussy, the aroma was driving me crazy. I kissed down crossing the area where her small patch of hair was. I kissed through it.

She arched her body to meet my kisses, but I was not done yet. I moved to the left side first. I kissed around her pussy and into her inner thighs. She moaned loudly. I kissed down and licked back up from the inside of her knee to her pussy. Once I was there, I licked a circle around her sex a couple of times then around the other side.

Her pussy was dripping already. I hated to see the juices go to waste, but I will be there soon enough. After another minute or 2 working down and back up her inner thigh, it was time to dig in. I started by sliding my tongue straight between her slit. She bucked immediately and started breathing heavily.

She has a small pussy.

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Smallest I had seen in person. The labia was tiny and thin. Her opening was barely covered. Like I said, it was beautiful. I next put my tongue in her pussy and lapped at her juices to try and taste her. The taste was heady and fragrant I was in heaven.

It was time. I slid my tongue up to her clit. I moved my right hand to part the area where the little hood was. I flicked my tongue across her clit, barely touching her hot spot. She moaned every time the flick touched it. I did not know long she had been without sex, so was not sure how el humedo tesoro de vivian by rey she would last.

I would find out in a minute. I moved my fingers and sucked her smallish clit into my mouth. I sucked on it for a few seconds when I felt her body start to stiffen and her pussy arch into my mouth.

I lapped up until she started to come down. Not wanting that to end, I picked up my pace on her clit. I slid 1 finger inside her and moved faster. Her pussy was tight even to my finger. I slid it in and out and was licking rapidly on her clit.

In less than 3 more minutes she came again. This time I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me into her sex all the way. When she finished bucking. I lapped at her juices and cleaned them up. "Larry. That was incredible." She said "No guy ever wanted to go down on me, let alone stay there. I hope you plan on doing that more." "Oh I do my dear. Pussy eating is my favorite. I love the taste." I said as I looked up at her, face glistening with her juices. "OH wow. Mmmmm." she purred at the thought.

"Well, mister you have too many clothes on, let's take care of that." She said with an evil grin. I stood up from the bed. She lowered my pants and boxer briefs. My 7 and a half inches was at full mast. She looked pleased. I am guessing because it wasn't tiny or enormous. "That looks nice." She purred again.

She motioned for me to stay standing as she slipped to her knees. Then she stood up. I was confused for a moment. She sucked on my man nipples for a minute and moved her tongue down my body tracing some of the tattoos as times.

My cock was now leaking a bit of precum in the anticipation. She went back down to her knees and put the head in her mouth. Her hands were on my balls. She removed the head and licked up and down the shaft a few times. Whenever precum would come up, she would lick it up. My cock would twitch every time she would touch or lick it. It had a mind of its own at this time. Then it happened. She was licking a spiral up the side. I was gazing at her beauty and enjoying the attention.

Next thing I know, she had 5 inches of it in her mouth. She sucked hard and fast bobbing up and down as she did. Her pace slowed.

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She moved the head to where just her lips were sex xxvi sex sex stories storys com it. I could see her swallow a couple of times, then slowly down the shaft.

She went down 1 then slut does her best to receive cum in face hole hardcore creampie then 3 inches. Easing down. When she was at about where she had been before. She stopped for a moment. Her mouth muscles were applying pressure to my cock, making it hard to think.

Then, without any warning, she slid down the rest of my cock until I could feel her lower lips on my balls. OMG I thought to myself. I legal age teenager adorable babe is fucked smalltits hardcore never felt anything like this.

After maybe 5 seconds or so, she released back until just the head was in her mouth. She slid down like this 3 or 4 more times. After the last time, she moved her hand to the bottom of the shaft and started stroking as she bobbed down maybe 3 inches and back up in a fevered pitch. Normally I have great control. This time I did not want to control it, not on the first shot. So I eased myself and let things go.

5 minutes had passed and I was about ready to blow. It has been 2 years since I last fucked someone. I do not masturbate, so it has been a long time.

As I was about to shoot. "Oh god Diane, I am gonna blow." I said Instead of removing my cock from her mouth, she continued to suck. I started shooting into her mouth. She squealed as the cum hit the inside of her mouth and coated her throat. She continued to suck until I finished cumming.

She took my cock from her mouth and swallowed it all. She licked her lips and stood up. "Tasted yummy." She said with a smile "It felt incredible." I said "Glad you liked it." She said "Like isn't even in the ball park. That is the best blowjob I have ever had." I said She leaned over to kiss me. I could get the faint taste of what I figured was my cum, but I loved this woman and that didn't bother at all.

I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. The anticipation was mounting. Before we embarked on our first journey together, the obvious question came up "Condom?" She said looking at me. This would have to build even more. I had to explain. "Diane, I hope this doesn't bother you." I said "I was a hellion as a kid. When I was 20 my dad had them cut me so I could not have children. As much as it pained him, he was worried I would be in a drug stupor and have kids that I would neglect.

If you want to have children someday. Then I might not be the man you are after." I said with a tear starting in my eyes.

"Larry, I am sorry about your past. But, I do not want kids. I will explain later, but I do not want kids. So, please, make love to me. Make me cum. I just did not want to get pregnant is all." She said seductively I did not want her first time with me to be hop on missionary style and hop off with a pussy full of cum.

So I decided we would try things. I slid down onto the bed. I motioned to her to straddle me. I held my now hard again cock at her opening. She wiggled down until most of it was inside her. She moved her hips up and down on my cock. We started and kept a leisurely pace. After a couple of minutes or so. I motioned for her to turn around.

Sort of a reverse cowgirl style. I cock was now straining against her insides. Her tightness combined with the look from the position was getting me close to cumming again way too fast. As much as I would love to feel me cum inside her in this position, I wanted more sex.

I slid her up and positioned her on her hands and knees. I mounted her from behind. I kept the pace even and smooth. My cock bounced in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity. Just then, I felt her starting to buck a bit and arch her back. I pulled on her hair just slightly and she was lost in another orgasm.

I could feel the gripping of my cock by her pussy. Wave after wave shot through her. I was getting close, but used my skills to hold off for a moment. She sort of collapsed under me forcing me close to her. I used my elbows to prop myself up and slowly remove my cock from her pussy.

I rolled her over and lapped at her juices for a bit. She looked at me in disbelief. I guess none of her boyfriends would do that. "Babe, I want you back on top. Reverse cowgirl. I was to shoot my load in you that way." I said She playfully pushed me over and mounted by raging cock. She started slowly, then sped up faster and faster. I could no longer hold out. After only another minute. I arched by back and unloaded 6 or 7 spurts of fresh cum into her waiting pussy.

She slowly slid herself off after a long pause. "Wow, you cum a lot." She said. "Feels oh so nice inside me." "You are the best babe. I hope you had a good time." I said "More than." She said I knew I could go more. I probably had 2 more in me, but wanted it to be special and not an overload. I slid to the edge of the bed and dragged her to the edge. I picked her up and carried her to the shower.

We took a nice long, hot shower together, carefully cleaning ourselves completely. I knew she was the one for me. We dried ourselves off and went back to the bedroom. "You hungry, babe?" I asked her "I am starving." She said "Let's go to Leo's again.

I have something to show you." I said "Ok." she said We got dressed and went to the garage. I asked her to pick out our ride for the night. She picked the SLK. We drove down to Leo's. "Larry, how are you tonight." Charles, the store manager said as he greeted me. "Not bad Charles. You remember Diane. She ocmes in with the group on Friday nights." I said "Yes, nice group of kids. No one gets out of line I love them coming in." He said "She is my girlfriend.

Is Jill working tonight." I asked "She is, I will put you on 1 of her tables. Right this way." Charles said "Who his Jill?" Diane said with a puzzled look. "I will explain in a bit." I said "Larry, nice to see you.

Did you finally get her to go out with you?" Jill said pointing to Diane "I sure did. She is my girlfriend now too." I said "Great, I am happy for you Larry. What can I get you guys to drink?" She said We ordered our drinks and an appetizer. It was now time for more information about me.

"Diane, Jill and I have known each other for years. I have been coming to Leo's for 10 years or more. I know everyone here." I said "Oh I see. So coming here on Friday's was truly not an issue." She said "Nope, Anyway, Jill has 2 small children, 5 and 8 I think. Her ex-husband beat her several times before she finally left. Busty beauty and servan hardcore and bondage works here at night and another place during the day to make ends meet for her children.

When ever I come here, especially how, I leave her an extra tip to help out. We have never dated and I have never seen her outside of here. So please do not get the wrong impression." I said Diane, thinking back about the golf tournament still fresh in her mind could see how this would happen.

He gave his winnings to charity without even thinking. I can believe he would help a struggling mother in a place like this. Her mind was now at ease. This had already been a special night.

I had to run to the bathroom just as Jill came back to the table. I could see as I was leaving they talked a bit. "Diane, I hope you don't mind me telling you this, Larry is a very special man. Although we have never had a relationship, he has always been there for me. People used to talk when he gave me a longer than normal hug. But it was usually to whisper that there was an extra tip inside the book.

He has always been good to me. Please take good care of him. I love him more than anyone will know. He has helped me so much with the generous donations." She said as he voice started to break a bit. "Jill, He has told me a little mom caught son jerking and fucked him you.

He is an amazing man. I love him dearly. I will make sure that we do all we can for you. He thinks so much of you. He talks about you often. Keep your head up, it will all be ok." Diane said with a smile I arrived back at the table. Diane had a smile on her face.

"She is a special woman isn't she Larry." Diane said "She is that. Never really what I wanted in a woman, but she is definitely special." I said We ate our dinner. Jill came over to the table a few more times that a waitress normally would. And why not, she felt obligated I guess. As the night finally ended, we got the bill. It was about $40 or so. Since this had been a special night for me, Jill needed to benefit too. "How much of a tip do you normally give her, Larry?" Diane asked "Usually $100." I said She looked at me with stunned silence.

I have no idea what was going through her mind at the time. But I had no intention of doing anything differently. "I love you Larry Swanson." She just said with a smile I slid 3 $100 bills for dinner tonight.

I made sure Diane saw it. As Jill came over to stay good bye, she hugged Diane. I gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"My dear Jill. I have had the best day of my life. I am sharing some of that with you tonight." Love you young lady. We walked out, It would be another few days before I would hear about the tip again.

I was happy with myself. "Now I can see why people would talk." Diane said on the way home. "Does it bother you?" I asked her "Not after having the story it doesn't.

If anything it makes me even more in love with you." She said We drove back to my place. We laid down in bed and slept in late. Her in my arms. We woke up on Sunday morning. Diane was still in my arms, although I could tell she woke before me.

"How did you sleep my dear?" I asked her "Dreamy." She said "Hard to believe this is really happening to me." "I feel the same way. I woke up and saw you there. I knew I was not dreaming all of this." I said We got up out of bed and took a quick shower together. We both dressed and headed down the long hall to the kitchen. Martha was there fixing breakfast when we came in.

"I hope the 2 of you had a god evening." She said "We did Martha. I will need to get the sheets changed please. Comforter too." I said "Yes sir." She replied back "No rush, Martha, just sometime before evening." I said "Yes sir." She replied "Any plans for the day sir.?" "Well, yes, we have plans.

Once you get done cleaning up after breakfast and doing the bedroom, take the rest of the day off. " I said "Are you sure sir? That is 2 evenings in a row." She said "I am sure Martha. There will be something extra in your check too.

" I added "Thank you sir." She emma stone gagging and sucking on richies big cock smalltits brunette back at me. We quickly ate breakfast. Martha fixed my favorite this morning.

Over easy eggs, crunchy bacon and toast with honey and strawberry preserves. "Diane, if you find you want something different for breakfast or any other meal, please let Martha know and she will take care of it." I said "I am happy with this. It is so yummy." She said We finished breakfast and left the kitchen.

We walked back to get a couple of things and headed out the door. "Where are we going?" Diane said "Barren Hollow." I said " 10:15 tee time." "Oh cool. What about my clubs." She said "I have a surprise for you." I said We arrived at Barren Hollow. Andre was the man. He was the best club fitter in town. Diane had a nice set of clubs, but I had seen her struggle a few times figuring out what to hit. "Andre." I that playgirl bounds on girlfriend and homemade as I walked in "Larry, is the lovely one you spoke of the other day?" He said "It is, Diane, this is Andre." I said "Hi Andre." She said "Hello to you.

Larry said you were a beauty and he was not kidding." Andre said with a smile "You know that to do, Andre. Work your magic." I said "Wait what?" Diane said looking at me. "Follow us please, Diane." I said I walked back with her and Andre led us to the hitting cage. "What brand of clubs do you have, Diane?" Andre said to her "Calloway." She replied "Are you in love with that brand?" He asked her "No, not really." She said "I hit them well thought." She said "Larry, what is going on?" she said looking at me with a bit a eagerness in her eyes "Well babe, Andre is the best club fitter there is.

I brought you here before we played to make sure you have the right clubs. Andre will know right away." I said The grin on her face was magical.

Andre grabbed several irons and went to the cage. Diane hit several of them. I could see from the 3rd iron she hit, that the flight matched hers. It was probably the Calloway's she was hitting. Andre also had a knack of making sure you have no idea what brand they were when you swung them, so no change to cheat.

"Ok my dear, which one did you like the best." Andre said with his usual flair "I seemed to hit them all pretty good, but the 5 one felt the best." She said "Ok, then what does my little machine tell me.

Let's see. It says, based on you being a 3 handicap, number 5 was the best suited for you. Lets check lie and loft." He said "5 did feel a bit awkward on a couple of shots." She said "Ok, modify slightly up .05 and length appears to be good. Hit that a couple of times." He said "Ohh, that is nice. I have never hit shots like that." She said excitedly "Ok, 1 more thing.

Let me see you do this. Andre pointed to a spot on the map in the cage. Fade 2 into the spot, then draw 2 then fade 2 more. Can you do that?" He said "I have those shots in my bag.

Hot college babes sophia and emma adores pussy tribbing

Let me give it a shot." She said The shot went in beautifully. So it appears the irons were set. Next he took out a 4 drivers from the bin. He said only 4 as he eliminated 2 based on her swing type. She hit those and it was clear that number 2 was it. "What about those?" Andre said "Number 2 mike adrianblack guygystyle compilation 2 far." She said "Ok, my eyes and my machine agree." Ok big foot milf krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother fairway woods.

After another 30 minutes or so, we have the set. #5 irons, #2 driver, #2 fairway woods and #1 hybrid club. Now was time for the reveal. "OK Diane, would you like to see what you selected as best for you. I also agree with this assessment." Andre said "Oh yes please." She said "OK, You selected Mizuno FX62 forged irons. Up .05, Calloway driver and fairway woods.

Lastly, Mizuno hybrid." Andre said She looked stunned. She had never even considered that brand before. But the feel did not lie. "Can you have them ready by tee time?" I asked Andre "Yes, sir, give me 20 minutes." He said We went to the restaurant area and sat down. I had managed to sneak her putter out of her bag before she put her bag in her trunk. I am glad she did not notice it was gone. We had a cold drink and chatted a bit.

"Hony, you do not have to do this." She said "Have to is the word there. I want to. Besides we have plans to discuss later." I said "Plans?" She said "Yes plans." I said I know her mind was racing now.

I hoped she could stay focused on our round today. Andre walked into the restaurant and motioned us in. He had all the clubs in. We chap is fortunate to fuck with ebony out a nice bag for her.

He fitted her to Bridgestone golf balls. We gathered a glove and some new shoes. She was ready for the round. I purposely had a piece of tape left on the bad over a name plate. She did not notice it, so that was great. She started asking about a putter. I told her I snagged hers from her bag when we put them in the car.

She laughed and we went to get my clubs. The round was spectacular. Diane shot a 67. Her best round ever. She knocked down so many pins with those clubs. I knew she was now ready for the Amateur tournament on Saturday of next week. I also called her boss. I asked if she could have off on Wednesday so she could get in some practice before the event. I told her I was in love with her and that it would mean a lot for me to have her do well.

He said she was a great employee and would be glad to give her the day off. On the way home we chatted about things. "67 babe. I knew you had it in you." I said with a huge smile "I still cannot believe it. Andre knows his stuff. Those clubs were remarkable." She said "I have a couple more surprises for you. " I said "Oh really? What are they." She said "First one is that we play on eastside at 935 for your last practice before next Saturday.

It is on a Wednesday. I have already spoken to Pete and you can have the day off." I said "You are so good to me." She said. "And the second one." "Oh You will see it soon enough.

I said We arrived back at my place. There was a note on the table from Martha thanking me again for giving her the rest of the day off and telling me to call if I needed her. I told Diane I needed to head to my room for a moment, but would be right back. I went into the top left drawer, the one I kept locked and grabbed the ring.

It was time. "Lets get your clubs out of the car and look at them closely." I said We brought the bag into the area where I stored my clubs. She looked at the clubs and the bag. She still seemed to be in a state of shock. "What is that on the bag?" I said pointing to a piece of black tape over what seemed to be a name plate.

"I don't know, let me see." Diane said As she moved over to see that was under the tape, I slid behind her on my knees. "It says Diane Swanson." She said turning around quickly to find me on 1 knee. "Will you marry me?" I said, moving the 2 carat diamond toward her finger. "She started hysterically crying and yelling. Yes, yes, yes.Oh my god yes." After I slid the ring on her finger and stood up for a long kiss. "Wow, are you happy or having an orgasm?" I asked with a huge smile on my face "Shut up and kiss me again." She said We kept the embrace for several minutes.

"Diane, I know this is sudden, but I love you. I knew it from the first time we met. I hope we are not moving too fast for you." I said "Larry, you make me the happiest girl on the planet. It has been a whirlwind the last 2 days." She said "I have another question for you." I said "Ok shoot." She said "Do you want to work?" I said She looked at me in stunned silence.

I guess she had never hot college babes sophia and emma adores pussy tribbing of that before. Did she really want to go to work every day. I got my answer more quickly that I thought. "If we can still see my friends on Friday nights at Leo's, I will do whatever you want." She said "So sex on all fours every night then." I said with a smartass remark.

"You would get bored of it and want a different position." She said laughing I have found my true love. Diane went to work on Monday, she showed everyone the ring.

Everyone was happy for her. She told Pete that she was going to quit and get married to me. I had warned Pete that she might say yes. He was happy for the time Diane worked for her, and released her from the 2 weeks notice. She had offered though. She played hard on Saturday and finished second place. I was so proud of her. She won tickets to all 4 days of the Masters in Augusta. We went to her place and sold off most of her stuff.

She moved in with me a week later for good, although she had been spending every night there. We did not miss Friday at Leo's. It was the most fun we had. "Diane." I said "Yes dear." she said "I have 1 more surprise for you. I used one of my connections. Will you say I do with me on the hole at Pebble Beach that overlooks the ocean." I said I could have melted her right there.

She smiled and kissed me. She nodded her head and started to cry again. Time passed. I was making a lot of money trading. We played golf together several times a week. It was dream. As the time closed in for us to get married. It would be June 19th. I had 1 more thing to do. Diane was in the bedroom.

She looked so beautiful. Her black hair was down and over her shoulders. The outfit she had on was spectacular. I wanted her so bad. We had sex often. Tonight seemed different thought. "This will be our last change to have sex together until we get married. I have a request." I said "Anything for you my dear." She said I whispered in her ear. "I want sexy whores love fucking hung married men watch my cock slide in and out of your ass." "Hmmm.

ok. I will try." She said The lovemaking was so hot with her. We played for a long time. She gave me another expert blowjob. By now she could swallow me without effort. I had found what I could do to get her off almost instantly combing fingers to her g spot and pressure with my tongue. It got her off every time. Tonight was going to be different though. After eating her to at least 3 orgasms, and making her as wet as I could. I used lube and her natural pussy juices to lube her ass.

First, I slid in 1 finger. She said it hurt a little, but she soon relaxed and let me go farther. I had 2 knuckles inside her. She was enjoying that once she was able to relax. It was now time. I had her laying on her side. I applied a generous amount of lube to her and slid my cock inside her opening.

I met resistance at first. I was able to push through though. She begged me to stop when I was in about 2 inches to get used to the feeling. After 30 seconds or so, I slid another couple of inches in. She did not complain at all.

I continued until the entire 7and a half inches were inside her. It was so tight. Tighter than anything I had ever felt. It was a sensation beyond words. "How does it feel babe." I asked. "It hurts a little. Please go slow." She said After holding it there for a couple of minutes. I slid my cock out slowly about 2 inches, then back in. I did that a few times. She was starting to move with me indicating all was fine.

I ever so slowly increased the pace. I slid in and out about 4inches at a time now. Diane was now stickyasian cutey girls dee amp cherry sucking cock in pleasure.

I moved my hand down and found her love button. I gently massaged it while I fucked her beautiful ass. I was starting to feel the rumblings of an orgasm.

I increased the pace on her clit as she started bucking against my cock in her ass. That did it and shot me over the edge. I came hard inside her ass over and over. Filling her up. The feeling was incredible. After a couple of minutes just holding my cock there. I massaged her clit until she exploded again.

She pushed against my flaccid cock in her ass. I slid out the rest of the way and we just lay there. My beautiful wife to be had just given me the ultimate present before our wedding night.

As we lie there. I contemplated what lay ahead. I was still young. I had money and a beautiful wife. What more can a man ask? Other than spending the rest of his life with his 1 true love. The End.