Blowjob milf tit fucks her young studs hard dick

Blowjob milf tit fucks her young studs hard dick
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I met her on a web site, it has personals and includes personals for intimate encounters. She wanted to be fucked badly. In her profile it said she was 37. I am 34 and thought that was a good age. We talked for a bit and she decided after seeing a nude picture of me, she wanted me to meet her.

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Because of some issues here, I had no place I could meet her here, and she had teen kids at home and I could not go there. But she insisted that I "fuck her mouth", so I told her to come up with a plan. Now get this, she loves being called a slut and a fuckhole. She loves it rough, she likes to be tied up and blindfolded. I decided to get a blindfold, so I bought one on the way there. We met at a school, which had a large, dark field.

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It had a baseball field and the dugout was very dark. When she got out of her car, I could not believe how hot she was.

Man, she looked 30. Come to find out, she made an error in her profile and she was not 37, but instead, she is really 42. Awesome looking 42 year old woman who loves to be fucked, in every way you could imagine.

She stopped at a table, and after saying hello I bent her over the table slightly and lifted her sun dress. I slid my hand across and down her ass, and tugged at her thong. I moved the thong aside and slid my fingers between her thighs. She shuttered in ecstasy.

I had forgotten the blindfold in the car so I told her to wait and I would be right back. I returned and she had moved closer to the dugout. I walked over and undid her dress, and moved near the bench in the dugout. With just her thong on, I put the blindfold on her face and then pushed her down so she was crouching. I removed my pants and put one foot on the bench.

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I then stuck my cock in her face, parted her lips with the head, and slid it in as far as she could take it, far enough to feel awesome. I then, slowly, slid it in and out, long solid strokes as I grabbed the back of her head. When it started feeling real good, I picked up the pace and I also became more forceful. She gagged a little, but continued to let me fuck her mouth.

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After a couple of minutes she pulled back, and stood up. She told me I have an awesome, large, cock and she wanted it in her. She removed her thong, faced the bench, spread her legs, and bent over two hot babes have some bedroom fun brunette big tits grabbed the back of the bench for support.

Still wearing the blindfold, I came in behind her and put on my condom. I slid it in nice and slowly, and my gawd, she had the tightest pussy I have ever fucked!!! I could not believe I was fucking this awesome looking woman, 42 years old, beautiful tan, beautiful ass, and unbelievably tightest pussy ever. After pounding her for a few minutes, she reach up and removed the blindfold, reach over and grabbed my pants and put them on the bench to protect her knees, and placed her knees on the bench, pulling herself closer to the back so she had some support, I continued to fuck her for a few more minutes and then she told me she wanted me to cum.

I did so very quickly when she started begging for it. :) I was with out a doubt, not done, and neither was she. She got up, walked over to the fence, faced me, and grabbed the fence above her head, spread herself (like a big X) on the fence, and stood there looking at me. I only wished her tits were a little bigger, they were still enough to play with and suck on. I did so why I tried to recover, so I could go at it again.

Once I was ready, I turned her around and had her grab a bar that was about ankle high, so she was spread and bent over, we fucked again, but this time it was more difficult because I was not as hard and she was still tight as ever. After a few minutes of struggling, she told me to remove the condom and fuck her, it would be ok as long as I pulled out and made sure I only came on her ass. It was no problem getting it in then, and I grabbed her waist long, dark black hair, and started pulling as I pounded her.

The closer I came to cumming, the harder I yanked and pulled her hair. About 5 minutes later, I pulled out and came all over her ass.

It was very hot out and we were both soaking in sweat. She told me she could not stick around much longer, and I was done for at least 20 min, so we dressed and sat down to talk for a few minutes.

She started to put the thong back on, and then asked me if I wanted them.

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I have never been much on keeping thongs, panties, or even any type of memorabilia, but this intrigued me and I said yes. I took them from her and tucked them in my pants. After a few minutes we started walking back to the cars, but within 20 feet, she slowed, hesitated, and then stopped and leaned against a wall. We talked for a minute or two and then she started pulling her dress back up. I started to caress her some more and she stepped away from the fence and lay on the ground, and then she untamed and sexy rug munch hardcore and blowjob me to eat her, I was happy to comply.

I love oral both way and had wanted to taste that awesome pussy all night. I continued until she was screaming in an orgasm. It was awesome being that this was at least her third and I was now hard again and ready to go. So we fucked again… and this time I pulled out and just came on the ground.

It didn't take long for me to cum this time because eating a tasty pussy gets me very turned on. When she got home, and we had been chatting online for a while I learned she wants a gang bang. She wants a big one, 15 or 20 guys. I can't wait to fuck her again and I want to fuck her mouth some more, this time until I cum. So I told her I would see what I could do about rounding up some guys to give her what she wants. She likes it rough, likes to be spanked, and wants to be blindfolded as she gets gang banged.

She wants to be tied to a stool or a something that will expose her pussy and face. I have already told her, I will be fucking her mouth most of the time during the gang bang because I feel she owes me that for not making me cum with her mouth last time. She told me she got soaking wet when I told her that. She loves to be called a slut or a fuckhole. She says during the gandbang the guys can stay as long as they want, fuck her as often as they want, cum as many times as they wish.

Hang around and fuck when ready, leave and come back, whatever pleases them, she wants it to last all night. Condoms are must, but they can cum all over her if they want. Now, I have never been involved in a gangbang, but this woman was turning me on thinking about it. But so far, it has not happened and she has since backed away from talking about it. She still wants to meet me and fuck some more, but she has dropped the idea of a gangbang, maybe it is best left as a fantasy for her.

Until the next time, that is all for now