Meeting her probation officer with goddess mercy domination footjob

Meeting her probation officer with goddess mercy domination footjob
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Introduction:This is the first entry in a diary I assigned my newest and favorite slut-in-training to write about her nastiest sexual fantasies.

Jenny-Slut is a curvy, pale skinned redhead with massive tits and stunning blue eyes. I had seen her often at work, and frequently thought about fucking her ripe tits and seeing her innocent blue eyes looking up from my cock, but I had always assumed from her shy demeanor and conservative dress that it would be too hard to get her to put out let alone do anything hard-core.

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When I eventually did invite her over however, I found an eager slut inside the intelligent and bookish redhead, and I opened her eyes to the joys of being a slut. She is a natural submissive and loves to worship cock and adores pleasing men in any way she can. She craves rough sex, brutal spankings, nipple torture, as well as getting slapped hard across the face and strangled while having her soaking wet cunt raped hard.

She also I recently found out loves to imagine getting gang-banged by several men and trying her hardest to please and impress them with what an eager slut she is, and of course, to make me, her "Daddy" proud of his little slut. I am in the process of training her to milf truly always better than the wife more like a slut, and asked her to write me down some of her more extreme fantasies.

This is the first, and I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me to post it online in the hopes that other men would read it and jerk themselves off.

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Please enjoy, and comments are appreciated - whether they're questions, compliments, or suggestions. Slutty Jenny's Confession Diary Part 1: Jenny Becomes the new Team "Mascunt". I was just so horny and all I wanted to do was to play myself. So I decided it was after school and no one would be in the girls locker room so I started playing with myself on my way into the locker room.But when I looked up I saw the entire football team half naked getting ready to take their showers all staring at me with my hand up my skirt and in my thong playing with myself.

I should have been ashamed and I should have ran away but seeing them all half naked and seeing how hard they were getting just from watching me play with myself made me so horny and wet that I couldn't think of anything else but their big hard cocks.

All I could think about their cocks is how I wanted them in my mouth and stretching my wet wanting pussy.

Overtaken by my sexual desires I found the nearest player and immediately grabbed his cock abd watched it grow as soon as I touched it and I just had to taste it so I took the whole thing in my mouth. The other players just watched with their mouths open in disbelief as I sucked his dick like nothing else in the world mattered.

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Once the shock wore off I noticed they all started gathering around with their dicks out. When I looked around I couldn't decide which cock I wanted next.

.there were just so many different kinds and I wanted to see how different each one tastes. So I began to take as many in my mouth and hands as I could I went around the circle sucking each one. Reveling in each one made me even more horny than I thought possible.

I need then inside of me now. I immediately stood up removing my thong and layed on the bench begging for someone to put their hard cocks in me. I watched as the players scrambled all over each other trying to get to ne first.

A huge black player got to me first and feeling him thrust into my soaking wet pussy was the most amazing thing I have ever felt that gasped and dragon ball z kamehasutra 2 with sound my gum without realizing it.

As my mouth was open from moaning another player came over and rammed his cock down my throat and because he was standing over me I was able to deep throat him. The other players became so turned on they wanted to be a part so they.

started sticking their cocks out at me wanting their turn. Wanting everyone to be happy if I wasn't deep throwing them I was jerking them off. The feeling of being able to please so many men made me want to please more of them.

So as hard as it was I pulled away so i could flip over to give then access to my pussy and my ass. It wasn't fair for me to have another hole to be filled and not share it with these players that had been giving me so well.

I couldn't even see straight once I had both of my holes being filled by such big cocks.

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It felt so good I couldn't imagine anything else in the world all I wanted was for this to continue and never ever stop. The player fucking my ass grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head back to give the other players access to myself because I had selfishly been enjoying myself too much that I forgot about the other players that I could be pleasing.

The last thing I remembered before I became so overwhelmed and passed out was being thrown on the floor as the players circled around me and began cumming and peeing on me. When I woke up I had thought it was a dream because there is no way I was able to satisfy an entire football team but when I opened my eyes and saw all the cum and pee I couldn't believe sunny leone sex with three guy. But I also woke up to a note that said see you here tomorrow signed by the whole football team including the coach