These two lesbos enjoy licking their cunts big tits lesbian

These two lesbos enjoy licking their cunts big tits lesbian
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Tonight was it. Every detail had been meticulously planned. He had haunted her footsteps like a shadow for the past two months, had her in his every thought for the sexy black lovely bitch adores sex a lot seven. He had memorized her every smile. He would awaken from his dreams to swear he could smell her sweet perfume. He had tried fruitlessly to win her attention, but she barely even noticed his existence.

And with every unreturned smile he felt a hate burn inside of him. She thought she was better than him. She thought that she could just ignore him, swat him away like an insect.

But not for long. After tonight she would never forget him. He sat under the leaves of a maple tree not two hundred yards from her apartment watching her windows. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend, so she was alone.

He watched the lights in her room flicker and brighten from what he assumed to be her tv. His hands twitched in anticipation as her laughter trickled down from the tiny sliver mackenzie pussy got wet now pornstars hardcore had cracked in her window. She always kept her window open at night. Finally her laughter subsided and the flicking lights vanished.

The window was dark and quiet, and all he had left to do was wait just a little longer. It was twelve fifteen. He crept up the stairs running through all he had brought with him. He hoped that none of it would be necessary, but it was better to be prepared. It would be more fun without it. He had brought soft, silky strips of cloth of the deepest red: her favorite color.

And it always looked so good against her pale skin and ebony hair. He also had a knife. The blade was small and dull, couldn't cut through the most delicate of lace, but it was more for the effect. He had no intention of truly causing her harm, and he would rather not use it.

It was more to make sure that she didn't struggle. He winced as the board in front of her door creaked. Yes her roommate was out of town, but she still had neighbors. The excitement bubbled up inside him, his patience failing fast. Fumbling, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a key. Her roommate had conveniently "lost" hers a week ago, only to have it turn up just under the driver's side door of her car a day later.

In the meantime a copy had been made. The key slid silently into the lock, fitting perfectly. Slowly he pushed the door open, and slunk inside.

He left the door open a crack for just an instant to allow the glow of an orange street lamp to illuminate the room. It was easy to orient himself in a second, college xxx story download sex stories all the apartments had the same floor plan.

Finally he pulled the door firmly shut behind him and locked it. He stood for what seemed to stretch on forever, taking in the sounds and smells of the apartment. It smelled of lavender, and faintly of her. To his left he could hear the white noise of the refrigerator humming, and just underneath he thought he caught the sound of sheets rustling and a soft sigh.

He removed his shoes, and painstakingly began to traverse the space between the front door and her bedroom. He was so close. After what seemed a lifetime, he reached her bedroom door. It was cracked open just horny asian girl looking for love more sexyasiancams mooo com tube porn bit, and he held his breath as he placed his hand on the handle.

Slowly he pushed it open. There she lay, her slender form stretched out upon the bed, right under the open window. She looked so small and helpless engulfed by the size of the double bed. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight that streamed through the window, illuminating her peaceful face ringed by soft raven waves.

Even his dreams had not done her justice. How dare she think herself better than him. It was she laying helpless in dreamland, unaware of his power over her. He felt himself begin to grow hard as he noticed her left breast peeking out from under the covers in the sexy naturaltits blonde tease pussy in pubcam moonlight.

He had waited so long for this. Quietly he shut the door behind him and crept across the room. He wished for her to remain asleep until he was ready. Stooping by the bed side table, he removed to strips of the red cloth and the knife. The other to strips he tied at the foot of the bed. He would need those in time, and he would hate for anything to interrupt him. Next he carefully leaned over and slid the window shut.

No need having an audience listening in on his fun. Finally he was ready. He sat down on the edge of the bed, gazing at her face. His anger melted as he studied the way the moonlight made her glow. He leaned over and tenderly brushed a strand of hair as soft as silk from her face, then let his hand cradle her cheek. He studied the face that he already had burned into his every waking and dreaming moment.

He could have loved her fully if she was not so self absorbed. He bowed his head over hers, feeling her whisper of a breath against his skin as he kissed her forehead. Her skin was as smooth as marble and as warm as a summer's breeze. He moved lower, mildly kissing her lips, feeling their rosebud softness against his before pulling away. A smile lay upon her lips, as if in a dream worth keeping. He softly kissed her again, then again, then again, each time more passionately than before.

His hands began to wander, running through her hair, across her cheek, down her neck, over her shoulders. Suddenly her eyelids flew open and with a gasp she tried to push herself away from him. Her eyes were filled with panic as she searched for her dream assailant to find that it was all too real. Her deep brown eyes cast about his face asking a million questions with one look.

Before she could even speak he cut her off. In a rare mood of tenderness he spoke words he could never imagine himself saying. "It's ok. I'm here." He tried to kiss her again, but she pulled away, trying to take the blankets with her. "Get away from me," she gasped. Instead the blankets slipped down to reveal her full breasts, nipples already hard with what he took to be pleasure. Her spiteful words brought all his hate rushing back, and any tenderness he had felt was gone for good.

"What? Too good for me are you?" he asked gruffly. At this he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her again.

She struggled, trying to turn her head and push him away, but instead he tangled one hand in her hair, holding her face against his. The other hand he slid down her bare body to rest on the small of her back, keeping her in place. She began pounding her hands against his broad shoulders, trying desperately to push him away but he was too strong.

She tried to speak, to beg him to stop, but all she could make were whimpering sounds as he forced his lips against hers. The more she struggled the more his grip tightened. As he deepened his kiss and tried to slip his tongue into her mouth, she bit down and he recoiled. He shook her once then pulled her close to try again, only to have his lip attacked. Angrily he grabbed her face in his hand and brought it close to his, forcing her to look into his eyes. "You will not bite me," he growled and pushed her down against the bed, sliding his hand down to her throat.

He swung his right leg over her, straddling her, pining her in place. He could feel himself growing larger as he stared down at her uncovered chest. Her breasts were so large, so perfect. He kept her in his choke hold and lowered his mouth to her shoulder, first kissing, then biting. He heard her breath catch as he sunk his teeth into her tender flesh for the first time. He took no pains in making sure she was comfortable, biting as hard as he pleased, causing whimpers to escape her lips.

She tasted so sweet. Slowly he worked his way down kissing, biting, and tonguing her. Finally he flicked his tongue over her exposed nipple and felt her squirm under him.

"You like that?" he asked, a devilish grin on his face. "Please stop. I beg you please," she pleaded helplessly, her voice barely a whisper. Instead he turned his attention back to her erect nipple, continuing to tease it, licking, flicking, pinching, biting. He could feel her tensing under him and prepared for her next attack. She tried to kick and flail and claw her way out from under him, but he was simply too strong. He pushed his hand deeper into her throat, cutting off her air.

With the other he managed to grab both her hands and pin them above her head, leaving her nothing to fight with.

She attempted to fight for a minute more, desperately trying to free herself only to sink back down under his weight, panting and helpless. "Let me go you bastard!" she heaved, mustering all her strength. He merely looked at her and sighed, then reached for a strip of cloth on the bedside table. "I'm afraid I can't do that, lesbian sweethearts play with wet cameltoes hardcore and blowjob we both know that you would try to run." He spoke to her as if scolding a child.

He then began to wind the cloth around her wrists, binding her tightly. "No!" she screamed and began struggling again. His hand flew and slapped her right across the face. For a moment she lay in shock, unable to move. That moment was more than what he needed, and he reached again for the table, this time grabbing the knife. He held it in front of her face, making damn sure she saw it.

"You will not do that again," he commanded. He lowered the knife to her neck, letting the cold steel rest there. "You will not say a word unless I tell you you can. And if you scream again, so help me I swear you will be punished. Is that understood?" Terrified, she lay perfectly still and silent under the touch of ice at her neck.

"I said you understand?" he growled, pressing the knife harder against her skin. Quickly and silently she nodded her head, too afraid to speak. "Good. Now stay still." With that he placed the knife between his teeth, and resumed tying her hands above her head, then securing them to the headboard. The pure terror in her eyes excited him. He had never had such power, such control over anything.

He liked it.

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Now that he finally had his chance, he almost didn't know what to do. There had been so many fantasies, so many things he wanted to do to her that he had no idea what to do first.

For a minute he just sat, taking in her helpless form, bound and naked under him. She turned her head as far as she could, refusing to look at him. "Trying to hide from me baby?" he asked. Reaching out he grabbed her face in his hand, twisting her to look at him. She tried to resist, but he could tell that she was starting to give up. "I said look at me," he commanded. Reluctantly she let her eyes meet his, only to dart away again.

He gave her a shake, and she forced herself to return his gaze. "You don't want to look at me huh? Don't want to see the man who's gonna give you the best fucking of your life? I was hoping you would, but I can do it either way." He grabbed another piece of cloth from the table and turned back to look at her.

He leaned in and kissed her again, then began wrapping the cloth around her head, covering her eyes. "Please," she begged and whipped her head to the side causing the cloth to fall. That one word was all that escaped her lips before his next blow fell. She curled up as best she could and tried to turn away, but her forced her onto her back again and forcefully grabbed one of her breasts.

She gasped in pain as he relentlessly dug his fingers deeper into her flesh. "What did I say?" he growled with his mouth right against her ear. Suddenly he was off of her, and she was all too aware of her uncovered body. As she tried to curl up, a hand grabbed her left ankle. She kicked, fighting away her assailant, but he held tight. Then her leg was tied, and she could no longer kick.

She wiggled and squirmed, trying to free her limbs before she had nothing left to fight with, but it was too late. Her right leg had already been caught in his grasp. She flailed in fear, horrified by her helplessness. He smiled as he watched her fight knowing that he had already won. He stripped down, leaving his cloths in a pile at the foot of the bed. Then he silently moved up to where she lay, standing right next to her torso.

She tried to move away from him, but her bonds wouldn't allow it. "Open your mouth." She lay stunned, too afraid to do anything, looking at him in pure shock. He positioned himself above her, a leg on either side. She did her best to burry her head in the pillow, but he grabbed her face. Suddenly something pressed against her lips, and she twisted her head away again. It felt warm and wet, and smelled musky. She tried to rub her lips against her pillow, but he grabbed her by the hair and twisted her back.

Again he pressed himself against her lips, and she refused. "I'm not going to tell you again. Now open your mouth." Once natalia starr sex stories xxx vido she felt the ice of a blade against her shoulder and that was all the convincing she needed.

She no longer twisted away, but she did not jump to accommodate him. Instead he just pushed himself against her mouth and slid past her lips. Slowly he began to gyrate, sliding himself past her lips over and over again. She did nothing but lay there, fighting her gag reflex. "Suck it," he commanded. "Suck my cock like you'll die if you don't." He began to thrust, moving harder and faster. Her mouth felt so good around his swelling cock. But she was still trying to force her mouth shut.

"Don't use your teeth," he commanded. The tension eased, and he continued. He dropped the knife next to them on the bed and slipped his hand under her head, pulling her closer. If she wasn't going to move he was going to make her. He could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat, her tongue wiggling to get away from his taste, and her trying to pull away. But it felt so good. Each thrust slid her tongue across his cock, and each jerk of her head allowed him to push in harder and deeper.

He listened to her whimper around him, and each one pushed him closer to the edge. He had never felt anything like this before. He could feel her beginning to gag, choking on him, but he was so close, so close to exploding.

But he didn't want to choke her and end the fun. Besides, he wanted to kiss her again without tasting his own cum. So at the last moment he slid out of her, exploding all over her breasts with a giant groan. She twisted away as best she could, coughing and gasping now that she was free. "That good huh?" he asked with a smile. Slowly he got up from her bed then stumbled to her closet. There he found a towel that looked clean.

He sat back down next to her and watched her sputter for a minute before reaching out to her. She flinched away as soon as she felt him reaching for her, dreading what he had planed next. "Relax," he said with a tone of mock annoyance. "I was gonna clean you off, but I guess if you don't want." he let his words trail off.

"Please," she asked, forgetting herself. But he was too satisfied to care. He had begun to feel some tenderness for her, after the pleasure she had given him. And nubiles porn teen cutie sucks off a cum explosion all, he did care for her, even if she was conceited. She lay perfectly still and waited for him. She preferred when he was gentle. "Here," he said, and lightly wiped her mouth. She seemed grateful for this.

Next he gently cleaned off her breasts, fondling each one afterward. He dropped the towel on the floor and climbed over her, curling up next to her. He lay his head down on her breast and absent-mindedly began running his fingers over her stomach and legs.

"That was amazing," he sighed. She squirmed, trying to take some of the pressure off her bound wrists and ankles. "What? Oh stop it. You know I can't untie you. You'd try to run." She looked down at him almost in tears. "Please," she begged, her voice wavering. "I promise I won't run. Just please untie me. Please, it hurts." He sighed and sat up, wondering if natural girl stretches wet cunt and gets deflowered defloration and virginity should.

He liked having her helpless beside him, but he also wanted to feel her touch. It would be so much more fun if she could move with him. He could try it, and if she misbehaved he could just as easily tie her up again. And the look in her eyes, those deep chocolate eyes. Somehow she had the power to melt him with one look, and he hated that she had power over him. He raised his hand as if to strike her, and smiled as she flinched away.

He still had the ultimate power. "Fine, I'll untie you, as long you promise not to fight or run. But if you disobey in the slightest way, I will tie you back up. Understood?" She nodded, eager to be able to move again. He slowly moved toward her feet, kissing her down her stomach, her thigh, her leg, then unwinding the cloth from around her ankle.

He repeated the process, kissing back up her leg then down the other, pausing to hover over her mound, then kissing it ever so tenderly.

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He was pleased that she did not shy away from his touch, but her body remained tense. As soon as her legs were free she closed them and drew them close to her body. After releasing her other leg he moved upward kissing her belly, her chest, her neck. He stopped just above her face and looked straight into her eyes. "Kiss me" he said softly, hovering over her body. It was more of a request than a demand.

But as he leaned in, he was pleased that she did not pull away, and he felt a thrill as their lips met. Hers were so soft. He let the tension out of his arms and lay on top of her, feeling the warmth of her skin against him.

His passion was beginning to stir again, his cock growing hard. He could not understand how she could just lay there unmoving under him. Her hands were still tied above her head, her legs clamped closed. She didn't really kiss him, but merely allowed him to kiss her. He began running his hands over her, hoping to inspire movement. He caressed her arms, shoulders, down her sides, her hips. She lay still, occasionally shivering at his super hottie squirting nonstop to vibepussy toy inside masturbation and big tits touch.

"Does that feel good?" She was staring at the wall, refusing to look at him. She could never admit that, yes, his touch felt wonderful, and she imagined that it would be a thousand times better if she had actually wanted it. But like this, she wanted nothing more than to run screaming. "What would you like? Hmmm?" She shivered again as he ran his hand down her side.

"Leave me alone,"she breathed, bold against her fear. She tensed, ready for the blow, but was relieved to hear him laugh softly. "Aww. but we're having so much fun. There must be something I can do for you. You seem to like this." He continued stroking her, moving lower.

He traced small circles over her belly, then trailed cock crazy seductress alice romain double penetrated at work fingers down to her hips, running from one to the other.

Then he slid his fingers down to the place between her legs. She clamped them tighter trying to keep him out. "Please don't. Please." He wiggled his finger, slipping it in between them, finding her clit. He began to stroke her, moving his finger in tiny circles. He was surprised at her wetness. A slight moan escaped her lips even as she tried to pull away. He slid his other hand under her, placing it in the small of her back, holding her against his other hand.

He spent another minute massaging her clit, moving her hips for her. Her breathing became heavier and her legs began to spread ever so slightly.

He took his chance and slid his finger down into her wet pussy. She gasped and involuntarily arched as she felt his finger slide inside of her. "I thought you would like that." He began moving his finger in and out of her, first slowly then gaining speed.

Her breath came in choked spurts, trying to fight her pleasure. Suddenly he slid another finger in, and a full moan formed on her lips. She had begun to gyrate against his hand without his guidance, and he spread her legs farther apart. Then he lowered his face to taste. He flicked his tongue over her jenny diamond her pussy schooled by girthy dick and she pressed against him with a sigh.

He began lapping at her, tasting her sweet juices. She was thrashing in pleasure, unable to keep still. "You taste so good," he sighed as he came up for breath. All she gorgoues babe put vibrator inside pussy letcamscom do was moan in response, his fingers still thrusting into her.

By now his cock was ready, even harder than before. He practically ached to be inside her soaked pussy. He pulled his fingers out, then positioned himself over her, barely able to wait any longer. But he wanted to play with her some more. "Ask for it," he commanded. "Tell me how much you want it." She moaned, trying to rub herself against him. All logic had left her, now controlled by pure sexual desire.

"Tell me how much you want to feel my cock inside you. Beg for it. Tell master how you want to be my little whore." She just kept panting and arching her back, trying so hard to get him.

"If you want it say it." Before she had time to even comprehend what she was doing the words had escaped her lips. "Please let me be your whore. Let me feel your cock." He smiled at her words. "Where do you want to feel it? Hmmm? Tell me exactly what you want master to do to you." He teased her, barely touching himself to her.

"I wanna feel your cock in my pussy. Please, master." It felt so good to hear her beg. Then with a thrust he pushed himself inside her. She practically screamed as his huge cock slid into her tight wet pussy. He grabbed her legs, holding them up against his shoulders and grabbed give me pink hot babe fucking her pussy with big toys hips.

He began humping her, pulling her from her hips with each thrust. He could feel her pussy straining to accommodate him as he pushed deeper and deeper. She moaned with every thrust, barely able to breathe, and he wanted to keep her under his power.

He stopped and clapped a hand over her mouth, leaning in real close. "Did I say you could make a sound?" he growled. Fear crept back into her brown eyes. "That's better. Not a sound unless I say so." He started up again, this time more slowly, teasingly. He could see her biting her lip, fighting the moans rising in her throat.

Her breath caught every time her pushed into her. He was baiting her, waiting for what he knew would come. Finally she let out a squeak after he had pulled out and plunged back in again.

"What did I say?" He grabbed at her arms, ripping at the knots at her wrists. After freeing them, he forcefully flipped her over, pulling her hips toward him and pulling her arms behind her back.

"I'm sorry master," she breathed, trying to appease him. But her words only made it worse. "What did I say?" he shouted. "On you hands and knees." he commanded. "Come on, come on. Stick your butt in the air." He pulled on her arms, forcing her into the position he demanded. She moaned in pain as his hand slapped her ass. "That hurt? Hmmm?" He smacked her harder, the sound ringing in her ears. "Since you're so keen to speak, answer my question you dirty little cunt. Does it hurt?" He hit her again and she squealed in pain.

"Yes," she whimpered. "Yes what you little whore?" "Yes master." He slapped her again, feeling her hot flesh under his hand. "That's better. I told you if you disobeyed you would be punished. But I'm going to let you help pick your punishment. How many times should I spank your lovely little ass hmmm?" He ran his hand over her ass, admiring it. The right cheek burned from the blows. He slid his hand farther down, back to her dripping pussy. He teased it, stroking the lips before sliding his fingers back inside.

Then releasing her arms, with other hand he smacked her again. "The longer you take to answer the more spankings you'll get." He raised his hand again, and just as he was about to let it fall she answered.

"Five?" she asked hoping that would be enough. "Only five? I don't think that's nearly enough. But how about this? What's five times five?" He slammed his fingers into her, causing her to squeal. "Twe- twenty five," she gasped. "Good. And you will count out every one. Keep your hands by your sides.

Ready?" He raised his right hand to slap her plump ass and pulled the fingers of his left almost out of her pussy.

Then he brought his hand down hentai deepthroat and cock riding hardcore animated her and slammed his fingers into her a split second later.

The moan that flew from her lips excited him. "One," she gasped. Again his hand rose and his fingers pulled out to repeat the process. "Two. Three. Four. Five." His fingers accented every number that came from her lips, making it that much more difficult for her. "Louder you little cunt." He hit her again, savoring her moans that grew louder with every torturous touch.

By the time he got to ten her ass was on fire, and by fifteen she was screaming with each blow. His cock was even harder than before and he wanted to cum so bad it almost hurt. He finished up her spankings, loving the way he ass felt under his hand.

He could feel her pussy throbbing around his fingers and couldn't wait another second. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed, aligning her with his cock. Then without hesitation he slipped into her still soaked pussy. She moaned, trying to pull away. "Oh no you don't." He held on to her hips nice and tight, pulling her back to him.

She squealed as he pushed his cock deep inside her. "Please stop. It hurts. Please." He could hear her voice cracking as she begged. But he needed this.

"As soon as you get me off I'll let you rest." Then he began humping her, pushing his dick into her. He could feel her pussy throbbing, squeezing against him, unwillingly coaxing him to orgasm. He pumped himself faster and faster, digging his fingers into the flesh of her hips. She was screaming, barely getting in air, fingers clawing at the blankets in pain. And then finally he came, thrashing in pleasure, exploding inside her.

He had never orgasmed so hard in his life. He collapsed on top of her, panting and covered in sweat. He could feel her under him, body slick with both his and her own sweat, heaving under the weight of his body, but he did not move.

He was too tired. After a few minutes he removed his lip dick from her and rolled her onto her back. As he crawled up next to her he found that she was sobbing, tears streaming down her face.

Her face glistened with mixture of sweat and tears, and her hair was wild and tangled. But she looked so beautiful to him. He lay next to her, gently wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

He held her close but not tight, and began to stroke her hair. "It's all right. It's over. Don't cry." He kissed her forehead tenderly, and continued to comfort her. She did not try to fight him, nor did she allow herself to cuddle against him; she merely lay sobbing.

Finally her tears subsided as she fell into a restless sleep. He lay there with her, admiring every curve of her body and they way it seemed to glow in the moonlight. After a while he rose, heading to the kitchen. He searched the cabinets ravishing petite chick gets her tight twat and small butt hole poked a glass, then filling it with water. He drank the whole thing in a matter of seconds, then refilled it.

He could feel the sweat on his body drying, leaving him with an almost sticky feeling. He headed for the bathroom, flipping on the light as he went and started the shower.

He was pleased to find that the apartment had an actual bath tub, which would make his plans easier. After starting it up, he headed back to the bedroom. He stood in the doorway, watching her sleep and sipping his glass of water.

He felt a huge sense of achievement taking her in, noticing his cum oozing out of her pussy. He had achieved that which he had wanted for so long. He put down his empty glass, then went to the bed.

"Wake up," he murmured in her ear. He gently ran a hand across her cheek and could feel the dried tears. She began to curl up in a ball, pulling her legs toward her chest with a moan. "Come on. We should clean you up." He leaned down and slipped his arms under her and picked her up. He carried her to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. She shivered as the water hit her even though it was warm. He sat down in the middle of the spray with her still in her arms, cradling her as if she were a child.

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He held her against him, supporting her head against his arm, and watched the water drip down her body in beads. She just lay with her eyes closed, exhausted and sore from his fucking. He reached up and grabbed a washcloth, then began washing her ever so gently.

He started with her face, washing away the salt from her dried tears. Then he moved down her neck, and over her shoulders. Next her washed her breasts, noticing her nipples were hard under the hot water. Kissing her neck all the while, he moved in small circles starting at the nipple and moving outward, finishing each breast with a kiss. Then he moved lower, stroking her stomach, then her mound. He felt her tense as her touched her there, afraid that he would take her again.

"It's ok," he whispered. "I won't hurt you." Putting down the cloth, he began to stroke her with his fingers, letting the water trickle over her. He slipped his hand in between the fold of her legs and gently guided them apart, allowing the water to cascade down her sore cunt. She didn't even try to fight. She was so exhausted that she just lay there, silently begging that he wouldn't hurt her again.

He slid his fingers down over the lips of her pussy, feeling the stickiness of his cum and her juices. Gently he rubbed that away, helping the water. Then he parted them as tenderly as he could, and slid a finger inside her. He felt her tremble as her breath caught and a moan formed in her throat. "Good girl," he whispered in her ear.

He held her close, and began moving his finger inside of her, coaxing his cum out of her. Every few seconds a moan would catch in her throat and she would jump as he massaged her sore little pussy, but he held on to her, cleaning up after these sluts ordered the right thing at the bar with this stud as gently as he could.

He buried his head in her hair, inhaling deeply. She smelled so sweet. When he was finished cleaning her, he just sat there, holding her as the warm water trickled down their bodies. He felt her sink deeper into his arms with every minute until he could tell she had slipped back into sleep.

He wiggled his way out from under her and turned off the water. Carefully he stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and quickly dried off, looking down at her as the water slowly dripped over her curves. There was still so much that he wanted, but that would have to wait until another night.

He was running out of time. He picked her up and wrapped her in the same towel, then carried her to the couch.

He still had work to do. He went back to the bedroom and flipped on the light. With a sigh he gazed a the bed, noting a wet spot right in the middle of it. Those sheets would have to come with him, as would the first towel he had used, which lay crumpled on the floor.

First he stripped the bed, stuffing the stained sheet into his bag, then grabbing the towel as well. Next he made sure that he had everything he had brought with him, putting them all back into the bag from where they came. He scooped his clothes off the floor and dressed with a sigh, wishing he didn't have to leave. It would be so nice to wake up next to her. But he continued on with his cleanup, instead looking forward to his next adventure with her.

He grabbed the bag from the floor, then took his empty glass to the kitchen, where he placed it in a pile of already dirty dishes. He unceremoniously dumped his stuff by the door, then went back to her.

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She lay just as he had left her, hair still dripping wet. He picked her up, then carried her back to her bed. He noticed that she was covered in goosebumps, and she shivered as he removed the towel. He quickly covered her up with the comforter, then hung the towel over the back to the chair to dry. He didn't linger to gaze at her, but instead hurried to the kitchen and found an already open bottle of cheap red wine.

This was to be the final touch. He poured a tiny bit into a glass and took both the bottle and the glass into her room. He placed the open bottle on the bedside table, then sat down beside her. He slipped his hand under her head and sat her up, unconcerned as to whether or not she awoke. But she was so exhausted she didn't even stir. He tipped the glass to her lips, making sure the wine coated them, then lay her back down.

Then he let the glass fall to the floor beside the bed, spilling it. Now it would look like she had drank herself into a stupor. It had been all too easy. He grabbed his bag, killed the lights and silently he slipped out the door, being sure to lock it behind him. He would hate for anything to happen to her in her helpless state.

He lay in his own bed, replaying the night over and over. The feel of her skin under his, her sweet smell, the sound of her moans catching in her throat; it had all been so much more amazing than he ever imagined. And he smiled as he drifted off thinking of the note he had left in her desk for her to find.

"Don't worry my love. I'll be back again for you. I'll be back again."