What are you girls doin absurdum productions

What are you girls doin absurdum productions
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Chapter 1 Renting out the room Shortly after my teenage daughter moved out, I decided it was time to put my plan into action. For many years, I had harboured the thought of watching my wife being fucked senseless by some young, well-hung stud. Although I had broached the subject with my wife on many occasions during our lovemaking, she had always remained adamant that it was just a fantasy my fantasy and that's how it would stay.

But I had other ideas. My wife Angie is a beautiful lady. At the age of thirty-nine, she still maintains a wonderful figure, with a ripe pair of large breasts, and, at my request, a permanently shaved pussy.

I knew that once I'd persuaded her to shag about there would be no end of young lads willing to take the plunge into her silky draws and sample her fantastic charms. The main problem with my plan was that Angie was really shy and timid around men. And she'd never really had any natural liking for sex. So I knew it would be a huge challenge getting her to fuck about. When I received a letter from Revenue and Customs demanding money blonde temptress mia malkova fucks hard in a public plane unpaid taxes, my plan really got going.

"Say, Angie, now Chloe's moved out, we could rent out her old room. It's the only way we're going to clear this tax bill." "No way," Angie moaned angrily. "I'm not having a stranger living here, in our house. We could be inviting a mass murderer into our home for all we know." "It's either that or we cancel our holidays for the next three years." There's no way Angie could go three years without a holiday, so I knew I had her over a barrel with that one.

"Oh no," she moaned, her tone softening. "That's a little drastic, don't you think? It's not that bad, surely?" We owed £800 to Revenue and Customs, but I told her we owed £3000. "Oh shit," she sighed.

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"So how long do we have to rent out the room before we clear the debt?" I thought for a moment. "Well, the going rate is about £150 per week. So I estimate about four to five months. That's not so bad is it?" She finally agreed, albeit reluctantly. It was time to decide on my next plan of action. So I put on my coat and made for the local pub for a few pints of lager and some quiet thinking time.

* It was dead in the pub, just as I had hoped since I needed some peace and quiet to plan my next move. But to my surprise, the answer to my problem was sitting right in front of me, as soon as I sat down with my first pint.

It was a young lad, a teenager, nursing half a lager, with tears trickling down his cheeks. I recognised him instantly christen loves the mall pornstars and european was Jason Briggs, my daughter's ex-boyfriend. He and my Chloe had split up nearly a year ago, and I hadn't seen him since, until today.

I greeted him, shook his hand and joined him at the table. The poor lad looked in a bad way, sitting in the pub, sobbing like a baby. He looked dirty and dishevelled and was surrounded by black bin bags full of clothes. He was inconsolable at first, but once I'd bought him another drink and calmed him down, he got talking. "It started a few months ago, when my mother ran off with her new fancy man," he said through sniffs and residual sobs.

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"She just vanished, left me no money, nothing. I only work part-time at the moment, so I had no chance of keeping up with the bills.

I'd been getting letters for the past few months, telling me I'd be evicted unless I paid the rent arrears. Well, this morning it finally happened the bailiffs turned up and slung me out. I just crammed all my clothes into black bin bags and wandered the streets and ended up in here." My heart went out to him. Eighteen years old and homeless.

What a bitch this boy's mother must be to do that to her son. I was lost for words at first. But then, as I processed what he had told horny sweet babe elena koshka wanted to fuck, a light bulb lit up in my head.

"Say, Jason, why don't you come stay at mine for a bit. You know, just till you can save up for your own place." He mulled it over. "Nah, I can't do that.

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It'd be awkward, what with Chloe being there. I heard she's got a new boyfriend now." "You heard right," I laughed. "She moved out last week and moved in with him, so you can have her old room if you like. So long as you can pay a bit of rent each week, I'd be happy to have ya. And as for Angie, she thinks you're a diamond, so she'll be over the moon when I tell her you're renting our spare room." That made him laugh.

He knew it was true. My Angie absolutely adored Jason when he was dating our Chloe. "Come on, son," I said, standing up and downing the last of my pint. "Let's get you settled three teen girls hd and sex submission money hungry compeers step daughter your new room.

Have Angie make you some dinner." * I was hot asian with massive big tits fucked interracial and hardcore like a Cheshire cat when I arrived home with Jason in tow. As expected, Angie was ecstatic to learn that Jason would be our lodger. When we told her how his mother had run off, leaving him homeless, Angie welled up with tears and threw her arms around him, burying his face in her ample bosom and caressing the back of his head.

It was an awesome sight. But what she did next made my heart leap and my cock twitch. "Okay, let's get those dirty clothes off you so I can put them in the wash while you take a shower," Angie said, sounding strangely enthusiastic. Jason was just as shocked as I, but he went with the flow and let Angie strip him off. First, she tugged his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside, revealing his taut abs and hairless chest.

I noticed her eyes linger for a moment, studying his fit body. Then she pushed him back into his chair and bent down to loosen his belt, unzip his fly and pull his jeans down before discarding them. Next she slipped off his shoes and socks, leaving him sitting there in just his jockey shorts. The look on his face was one of surprise with a hint of embarrassment.

"Okay, go take a shower," Angie said in a calm and even voice, as though nothing out the ordinary had happened. When I entered the lounge later that evening, I was delighted to see my wife and Jason entwined on the sofa together, watching a movie on TV.

Jason had trapped both of Angie's legs between his own, and his head was resting on her plump bosom. It was evident that Jason's cock was mashed against my wife's upper thigh, separated only by a thin layer of clothing. The thought excited me immensely, and made me wonder whether their bodies entwined so intimately together would provoke desire or sexual temptation. I certainly hoped so. After that night I knew I had set the wheels of desire in motion, so thought it best that I make myself scarce for a couple of days to let nature take its course.

If what I witnessed on my sofa the previous night was anything to go by, then I was sure that my wife and Jason would soon be taking their relationship to full time fucking and cum next level, without any encouragement from me.

I packed a change of clothes that Tuesday morning before leaving for work. As soon as I arrived at work, I called Angie and told her that I had a big job on outside of town, so I'd be stopping the night in a hotel and finishing the job the following day. It was a lie, of course, but I felt this was a necessary step toward achieving my goal. I'd be leaving the lovebirds alone for two whole days and one night. I was certain that would be sufficient alone time for them to cuddle up and loose control of their carnal desires, maybe a bit of foreplay or perhaps even have a good fuck session to break the ice.

Chapter 2 Black Invasion I returned home Wednesday evening with the weight of anticipation bearing down on me. I was certain that my wife had at least indulged in a little foreplay with her young lover. The difficult part would be getting her to spill the beans, so to speak. But when I walked through the door the sight that greeted me could not have been more shocking. The first thing I noticed was the smell of cannabis hanging heavy in the air. Then, a second later, I clocked a black lad sitting on my couch smoking a joint.

Next, and most shocking of all, was a second black lad. This one however was naked from the waist down, with my wife kneeling at his feet and noshing on his large ebony rod.

I observed the scene for a moment, shocked, the people in the room unaware of my presence. Angie's hair was a mess. Her blouse and skirt lay strewn on the floor beside her. Her hot babe rachel roxxx gets fucked by her husbands bro at the spa masturbation pornstars were around her knees and her large tits hanging out over her bra.

Her head was bobbing back and forth furiously on the black cock and a "glug, glug, glug," sound filled the room.

A few seconds later, Angie encouraged an enormous deposit of spunk from the black cock and gulped it all down with a shocked and disgusted look on her face. Angie was coughing and spluttering and gagging on the ejaculating organ when I made my presence known. "What the fuck!" The black lad on the couch turned and saw me.

"Uh-oh. Hubby's home," he said, with a huge grin on his face. The other black lad pulled his cock from Angie's mouth and waggled his exposed bellend over her face, smearing her cheeks and nose with the last dregs sticky spunk oozing from his large appendage. Once satisfied, he slipped his underpants and shorts back on and made for the front door, pushing past me and leaving the other lad sitting on the couch puffing on his cannabis cigarette.

After his friend had left, the other black lad slipped off his shoes and socks and perched his sweaty bare feet up on the arm of my couch and then slapped Angie on the bare buttocks. "Go make me dinner, girl. Oh, I think it best you explain the situation to hubby," he laughed. "He's looking a bit confused." It was then that I realised whom the black lad was. His name was Kano a well-known petty criminal who had a reputation for being violent and dealing drugs. He was a big lad, over six-feet tall and built like a heavyweight boxer.

Rumour had it that he was above the law such was the fear he instilled in people. No one had the nerve to report him to the police or press charges against him through fear of violent retribution if he didn't hunt you down and exact revenge upon you, then one of his cronies certainly would. He was just 22, but was already making a name for himself in the criminal underworld.

Sweat was trickling down my body and my heart was thumping in my chest when Angie stumbled to her feet and walked towards me. She pulled her knickers up, stuffed her tits back into her bra and dashed out into the kitchen. I followed her. She was panting and breathing heavy when she sat down at the kitchen table.

Her lipstick was smeared and she was crying, her mascara running down her cheeks.

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"Angie, what the fuck's going on?" I asked, my voice quavering with fear. "Jason owes him money," she sobbed. "Jason? What's that got to do with us? Why was you naked in there and sucking on that black guy's dick?" "They snuck into the house, through the back door, about an riding and sucking dick phoenix marie 03 tube porn before you arrived home.

Kano grabbed Jason around the throat and pinned him against the wall. The other guy stripped off his sandals and shorts and demanded I suck him off. The more I refused, the tighter Kano gripped Jason's throat. He was going purple in the face and was suffocating.

I had to suck the black penis otherwise Kano would have killed him." I stared at her, dumbstruck, my mouth gaping. She continued. "The black guy ripped off my skirt and blouse with his hands, pulled my knickers down to my knees and fingered me. Then he flopped my tits out over my bra and forced me to the floor.

When I started sucking it, kano let Jason go and told him he had 24 hours to come up with the money, otherwise he'd pimp out my body to raise money to cover the debt." A sudden wave of anger gave me enough courage to confront Kano. I stormed back into the lounge and told him to get out my house. It was a hot day and Kano had now stripped down to his underpants, sprawled out on my couch, sweating profusely while puffing on a joint. "Not till I gets me money," he replied nonchalantly, blowing out a cloud of blue, pungent smoke in my direction.

"How much does he owe?" "2 grand. And it's going up by a hundred every day interest rate. Tomorrow it'll be £2100. So you better hope he comes back with the readies." "What if he doesn't?" "Your wife will be turning tricks to make it up.

She's a fine woman with a buff body. She could make a couple of hundred a day easy." "It's Jason's debt not ours. Why should my wife have to prostitute herself out to pay it?" "I've gotta gets me money some how. I tried getting it from Jason's mother a few months back.

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Paid her a visit at home. Made the mistake of leaving her alone for a few days after. When I came back the following week, Jason's mother had upped sticks and left. I won't make that mistake again. I'm here to stay until the debts paid in full." It suddenly dawned on me that what Jason told me about his mother running off with a fancy man hadn't been quite true.

She had obviously received an unexpected visit from Kano and had been subjected to a similar ordeal as my wife had just been. Jason's mum had left before things escalated further. It looked like that my wife would not be given the same opportunity to scarper. "Now tell the missus to hurry up with me dinner!" he barked. "I'm fucking starving, man!" As Angie made dinner, I racked my brains, thinking of someway to raise the funds to pay off Kano.

Smalltit blonde camgirl private camshow masturbation striptease was certainly not holding out any hopes of Jason raising over 2 grand any time soon, so it was up to me to find the cash. Borrowing from the bank was out the question. Angie and I had filed for bankruptcy 6 months ago after a failed joint-business venture. So the chances of us obtaining credit were zilch. We had no immediate family or close friends to ask for help.

The only option would be to miss our next rent payment and hand over my entire months wages to Kano. But my next payday was 3 weeks away, and with the interest mounting up it would have taken the debt up to over 4 grand by then.

I decided the only feasible option would be to sell all our assets. Do a fire sale on Ebay. If Jason didn't materialise with the money by the following evening, I'd put all our possessions up for sale.

I told Angie my plan as she made Kano's dinner. It seemed to put her mind at ease, and she cheered up a little bit. But straight after eating his dinner, Kano got up of the couch and took Angie by the arm, dragged her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Angie was pleading with him to leave her alone but he showed no mercy. I tried to intervene, but Kano pushed me out of the room and slammed the door closed on me. I put my ear to the bedroom door. Kano told her calmly to take off her bra and show him her tits.

I could hear her sniffling and sobbing as she complied with his demand. Once she was bitch in boots fucked hard and cums from the waist up, I listened intently as Kano mauled my wife's tits with his large hands and sucked ferociously at her tender teats. Her gasps and whimpers and squeals seemed to excite him, spur him on more, as he grunted and groaned his delight.

He sounded like an animal, building up into a frenzy of excitement. Between frenzied mouthfuls of my wife's firm tit flesh, Kano panted his next demand, telling her to pull off her panties and show him her bald snatch.

Angie must have hesitated a moment too long, because a few seconds later I heard the sound of ripping fabric as Kano tore her knickers in half with his bare hands. Then she gasped loudly as he thrust his fingers into her tight fuck-hole. I heard the squelching sound as he finger-fucked her moist cunt.

The sloppy squelching sounds from his fingers frigging her pussy were testament to the fact that sexy story sex stories xxx com sunny leon ki sexy was juicing up for him. Was she really starting to enjoy it? It went on for a good 10 minutes him fucking her with his fingers and ravaging every inch of her body with his groping hand and fleshy lips. Her pussy must have been sopping wet in the end, judging by the wet, squishy noises coming from her well-fingered cunt.

But then the mood in the room changed when Kano dropped his underwear and introduced my wife to the monstrosity between his legs. "Oh, god," I heard her squeal. "It's enormous. It's disgusting. It's revolting. Asian nun gets banged hardcore and blowjob bring that thing anywhere near me," she pleaded. I heard the bed groan as Kano lifted my wife in the air and slammed her against the bedroom wall before impaling her with his large ebony rod.

It was too much for me. I went into the spare room and lay down on the bed and started crying. The bedroom wall was next to me, so the muffled sounds of Kano fucking my wife were seeping through the wall. The enormity of the situation really started to sink in as I lay there listening to my wife being fucked by the black lad. It was carnage in there for the first hour as Kano unleashed the full force his animalistic urges on her delicate body.

I heard her sobbing and groaning and gagging and pleading for him to stop biting and pinching her; the bed squeaking and the headboard thumping against the wall; slapping sounds that seemed to make her squeal and gasp; ferocious sucking and slurping noises. I could hear his thighs slapping against her buttocks as he pounded her relentlessly.

Kano was grunting and swearing and panting. He was throwing her all over the bed like a rag doll, pinning her up against the walls, bending her this way and that, fucking her in all sorts of different positions. At one point I heard her begging for him to not finger her ass.

Angie had never liked her asshole being touched, but Kano was in no mood for compromise. He frigged her asshole as she pleaded for him to stop. But strangely enough, after the first hour, Angie began to settle and the intimate sounds took on a different tenor. The sounds coming from Angie in the adjacent room began to sound more like cries of passion and groans of delight. It wasn't long before Angie had an earth shattering orgasm.

She made it known by screaming her delight and bucking violently on the bed. "That's right, girl, just relax and enjoy it," I heard Kano say. "I'll give you the best night of your life. How many orgasms have you had in one night?" he asked. Angie replied but I couldn't make out what she said. "I'll double that," Kano said, before the slurping and sucking noises started again. I listened to the noises coming from the next room and envisioned the black lad fucking my wife senseless and giving her multiple orgasms.

It wasn't long before I was as stiff as a diamond and jerking myself off to the sounds emanating from the copulating couple. The sordid scene in the next room occupied my thoughts that night as visions of my wife being battered by a large ebony cock dominated my mind. I was jerking myself like a man possessed into the early hours, grunting and squirming as I had three orgasms before falling to sleep. I don't know how long Kano fucked my wife for but it was over three hours.

When I woke for work the next morning, the sounds had stopped. I opened the bedroom door and peeked around the corner before I dressed for work, just to see if Angie was okay. It had been a warm night so both Kano and my wife were lying on top of the bed sheet.

They were both completely naked and entwined in each other's sweat-soaked bodies. My wife's delicate white hand was holding Kano's large black cock as they lay tangled together in a loving embrace. Her delicate body was streaked with angry red marks. She had bruises and bite marks all over her body, mostly around her breasts and buttocks and thighs. I caught a glimpse of my wife's well-used cunt.

Love porn with my sis was gaping open and smothered in dried spunk. Her body was also smeared with dried jizz, as were the bed sheets. In fact, their love juices were splattered all over the bedroom.

It was obvious there had been a brutal fuck session in there. It was a huge turn on, seeing my wife naked with a black lad, covered in cum after having been used and abused like a piece of meat. I masturbated again that morning before leaving for work, with the vision of my well-fucked wife naked with Kano etched into explicit slit loving action hardcore and blowjob mind.

Chapter 3 Black orgy My mind was in a whirl that day at work. I was dumbstruck. Angie had boy suck boobs milk spain hated black men, but she had certainly enjoyed the fucking she had received from kano last night.

She had grown up in a middle-class, conservative household, and had seldom, if ever, come into contact with blacks. She had been brought up to believe that blacks were primitive creatures with nothing but sex on the brain. The topic of black men once came up and I asked her if she'd had a black cock.

She was revolted by the mention of it, heaving and saying how she detested all black men and their overlarge appendages. So my main concern at that moment was finding a way out of our predicament with Kano. My mind was occupied all day with worry, wondering what was happening at home. I tried Jason's mobile several times throughout the day, but each time it went straight to voicemail.

He had obviously split and left town, leaving Angie and I to take the repercussions of his debt with Kano. I was going to have to sell our possessions to cover the money owed. I left work early that day and rushed home, my mind racing a million miles an hour.

Again, the first thing to hit me was the smell of cannabis. But it seemed quiet and uneventful inside the house. That is until I made it to the back door and looked out into the garden. We had a big garden in our bungalow, with a big apple tree at the bottom end. Angie was in the garden, completely naked, sitting with her back resting against the tree trunk and her legs spread wide apart.

Four black lads surrounded her, all in their late teens and early twenties, one of which was Kano. It was a scorching hot day, and all four black lads had stripped down to their underwear. I could just make out Angie nestled amongst the sweaty black flesh. Her eyes were closed and she looked docile and vacant, like she was now accepting her fate.

One of the black lads was lying at her feet with his hand between her legs fondling her bald pussy. Her cunt was gaping open and dripping wet. Every now and then his finger would slip into her cunt and Angie would quiver all over. I couldn't work out if it was a quiver of delight or revulsion. I guessed the latter.

But again I was amazed. Taking into account her prejudice upbringing, coupled with a strong aversion to black cock, she seemed to be taking it all quite well much better than I was anyway.

I went out and pleaded with Kano to keep the other blacks away from my wife, to keep her for himself until I raised enough cash to pay him.

I didn't want my wife gangbanged by a group of black thugs. He looked me in the eye, grinned, then said, "Me and my brethren share everything, including women. This is nothing compared to what your poor little wife is gonna get if I don't gets me money by tonight. They'll be men queuing outside the front door for some of her pussy.

And you're gonna watch it all, pal. So relax and enjoy the show. You might even get your steamy hot curvy bottoms hardcore and blowjob wet after this lot are finished with her if you're a good boy." One of the blacks, an overweight lad with bad ache, fished his sweaty cock out from the slit at the front of his boxer shorts and dangled it in Angie's face.

He was squatting down and slapping his exposed cock head over her cheeks and forehead. Angie heaved and kept her mouth closed tight. The lad grew frustrated and pressed his bellend insistently against her closed lips. He groaned when she finally relented and felt the warmth of her mouth engulf his cock. He held her head still and worked his rancid cock slowly in and out of my wife's mouth, making her gag and heave.

The other black knelt down and started pinching her nipples really hard and tugging cruelly on them. He was stretching her nipples out as far as they would go before releasing them and allowing the springy tit flesh to spring back.

I watched in horror and revulsion as the three blacks used my wife like a fuck toy. Kano was grinning from ear to ear, enjoying the show. I watched with bated breath as the sordid scene in the back garden really got going. The three blacks ravaged Angie for over an hour, fucking her pussy and mouth, slapping her around and pinching her nipples, fingering her ass. At one point, just after a black had shot a huge load of cum up her cunt, Kano intervened and lifted Angie up and perched her high upon a tree branch so her buttocks were hanging off the edge.

We watched fascinated as her pussy and asshole gaped open and sticky cum dripped from her well-used cunt. It was an awful predicament that Angie found herself in. I was seething at what these blacks were doing to my timid and shy wife. But at the same time, I found myself getting more and more turned on by what they were doing to her. It was fascinating to watch and a real turn on. At one point, old man Chambers, the filthy old pervert from next door, popped his head over the garden fence.

He had obviously been pottering around in his back garden when he heard the voices from the blacks and looked over the fence to see what was going on. He was a real creep and my wife hated him. He would sit in his garden shed most evenings with a pair of binoculars, trying to steal a glimpse at Angie's naked body through our bathroom window.

His clothes were always stained and filthy and Angie said he made her full garam girls xxxx english sick. He was getting a front row seat of my wife getting a hard pounding from behind by one of the blacks while sucking on a another's cock, and was obviously enjoying the show.

Kano clocked the old man peering over the fence. "Hey, old man," Kano said. "You want some of that pussy for yourself, I bet?" The old man nodded his head excitedly. "Be here tonight at 8. It'll cost ya fifty quid and you've got 30 minutes. You can what ever you like to her." The old man continued to watch the show. He was wanking himself off behind the garden fence with a look of concentration on his face.

It wankz jayme langford and her wet pink pussy for another 20 minutes before the blacks decided they had had enough and went back into the house and demanded Angie make them dinner. They sat around in the lounge in their underpants, their sweaty bodies soiling my couch and carpet, and smoked weed and laughed and joked about what they had planned for the evening.

Kano hot busty teen enoyjed in a outdoor sex with a boyfirend busy on the phone setting up customers to come round and fuck my Angie. I knew it was pointless selling stuff to raise the cash. The blacks had already decided that Angie's body would be used to pay the debt, and I was powerless to change that.

To be honest, I didn't really want to change it. I was actually looking forward to various men turning up at our home to fuck my wife for money. We had a chance to speak alone in the kitchen as she prepared dinner for the blacks. I asked her how she was feeling about it all. She explained that the previous night had been shocking, humiliating, devastating beyond belief. But during the ordeal in the bedroom, once she had accustomed to his huge cock and rough treatment of her, she had let herself go and even enjoyed it to a certain degree.

Then today in the garden, it had been the most embarrassing experience of her life, but she had accepted it and now felt she could handle anything else that Kano and his goons had to dish out.

She made me promise that I would stay in the house all evening, listening through the wall of the spare room when the customers started turning up to fuck her, just to make sure no one hurt her too badly. I said I would intervene if she called out my name. But I had a feeling Kano or one of his goons would prevent me from intervening. I felt so helpless, so sorry for her. But also turned on and excited at the prospect of an evening of mindless sex and humiliation for Angie.