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Chapter Nine: Sean and how I received my Indian Name. I spent a lot of time with, as I began to think of them, My Indians. The pond was teeming with fish and we spent a lot of time spearing and netting the fish. One day I had waded out in the pond to set a net. Before I could even begin a trout weighing about a pound snagged in the net. I removed it from the net and holding it by it's tail I looked up and an Eagle was diving for fish. It was coming my way. I tossed my arm up in the air and the Eagle took the trout out of my hands.

The Indians around the pond went silent. After this Little Sky dubbed me 'White Eagle' and soon the Tribal Council met and I was made a sub chief. This was functional, By making me a Sub Chief I could speak for them. I was their protector. A few weeks later the Army sent a Company to push the Indians on to a reservation. They too tried to bypass the house.

The Major in charge Gave orders to tear down my fence. He didn't even consider opening the gate. I spoke to him, "Major, before I start shooting, with you being my first target, I have to ask what do you think you are doing?" "Not that it is any of your business I intend to round up all those wild Indians and move them to a reservation." "And which wild Indians would that be?" "Do you mean the peaceful farming tokyhot sex sex stories porn sex stories japan porn phimsex storiesx com Indians that live on my land.

Or my partner who happens to be full blood Comanche." The Major seemed to be a bit flustered, "What makes you think your tame Indians aren't Slipping out during the night.?" "Well lets see the two gates on either side of the house are the only exits from this 500 acre box canyon.

The fence line is watched by two wolves." "the same two wolves that told me you were trying to enter." "The other reason . this is a village of old men and women and children." " I suggest you speak to your Colonel which I would bet doesn't know you are here." I decided it was time to re-enforce my reasons. The soldiers that had been told to tear down my fence heard a growl then a second growl they looked around and spotted the wolves.

They were ready to attack. The Major looked to his Kiowa scout. "He speaks truth, he is known as White Eagle and is Comanche Sub Chief.

He no Lies" I hit the Major with a blast to his mind if he moved away from the fence the pain eased. It did not take long till he decided he needed to make his name somewhere else. He then gave orders and the Company turned and rode North back to the Fort. Every time I got to Wiley's Gap Mr Myers tried to pawn off a town girl on me. I keep turning him down. He keeps saying a young man needs female companionship.

I keep telling him I am not lacking in female companionship. There are very few Indian men in the village still capable of preforming. Chief Little Sky has asked for my help. I won't claim them but I have noticed a few red headed and green eyed Comanches running around the village.

Mother force sex sun movies I have to take care of Louise she is almost thirteen. I am not sure how she would act if I brought in a strange woman. Chapter 10: Then things came to a head: Running Wolf Bright Moon was a bit upset. Colonel Franklin had requested Running Wolf escort Lt.

Clark. South to meet with the Caddo. The reason for the meet was a White woman that had been found on the bank of Caddo lake. They had sent a message which was vague and unclear. Running Wolf had earned a reputation of bravery and honesty, also the Caddo's did not trust the Kiowa scouts the army used.

They did trust Running Wolf and Running Wolf spoke their language. Running Wolf and Wolf were waiting on the front porch when Lt. Clark and six troopers, a Sgt, a Cpl and four Privates which was also leading a pack horse each, arrived.

Running Wolf mounted Blaze picked up the the line to his pack horse and without a word. He nodded to Lt. Clark and rode out. Hopefully this small squad will be enough.

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Wolf ranged out in front of them for three days till Running Wolf sent him home. Running Wolf talked to the Lt. And the Sgt.

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" The first problem we will have is the Tonkawa's. As long as we make no overt moves we should not have a problem with them as a Tribe. .But they are friends with the Karankawas and they will send notice that we are on the way." "Either case let me do the talking.

If we are invited to eat with the Tonkawas we can do so with no ill effects. But if the Karankawas offer, do not speak or make faces. You must let me do the talking.we will not eat with the Karankawas. they are Cannibals." Three days later we crossed into Tonkawa land.

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(will use 1st person) . I let blaze nibble grass and allow the Lt. To come up with me. "Yes I see them they have been escorting us for the past hour." "LT. We are surrounded make no overt move keep riding straight till I tell you to stop." I rode forward and observed the braves around raunchy lesbian threesome with lovely honeys brunette and blonde I spotted the leader.

I rode toward him and raised my hand to signal the troop to halt. I rode to the Chief, using sign language I offered words of respect. For 15 minutes we spoke with signs in a show of respect I waited for him to vocalize. "Welcome Running Wolf, I am Chief Three fingers of the Sunny River Tonkawas, why are you here.?" "Chief Grey Otter from Northern Caddo Tribe sent Message of a captive he wishes to trade." " He asked that I come talk to him." "You will stay tonight we eat and share smoke." I nodded and went to talk with the soldiers.

The soldiers gathered around me and listened to the warnings, "Remember what I have told you. Also if one of the women flirts with you it is best that you ignore them." One of the soldiers asked why, "Because you sleep with one of them you will not wake up in the morning and maybe the rest of us won't either." Sgt Hardy stated, "Makes no difference why.

You do what Running Wolf tells you. That's why he is here." The meal and the evening passed pleasantly we finished it with the passing of the pipe.

I couldn't believe it but this band of soldiers actually did what I told them and we rode out the next morning without incident. Two days later we saw the smoke, I warned them this was not a signal smoke. We alertly rode in the direction of the smoke. Three hours later we crossed a wagon trail. We followed it to the source of the smoke, a wagon. A wagon which had so many arrows bristling from it that it resembled a porcupine.

There was no evidence of the owners. From the scattered items around the wagon it was obvious that the owners were a family of three or four.

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In the bushes around the wagon we found the mother, she had been raped multiple times then disemboweled. Near her was the husband also disemboweled. I checked their bodies and announced, " This was done by the Karankawas. Lt. Clark asked, "How can you tell?" "Their livers are gone, it is prized by the Karank's also the kids are gone. They are more tender." " Your choice Lt.

We can try to rescue the kids … or continue as ordered?" The Lt and the squad were seething with anger, "Running Wolf, what can you make of the ones who did this. How many; How far to their camp; How far ahead are they?" I looked around before I spoke, "As near as I can tell about ten, This was done early this morning.

Their village is about a two day ride. If we keep riding we could maybe reach them by dark. They are not going far. They have at least one bottle of fire water. And they will want to share the livers to mark their bravery." It was decided we were on a revenge trek. I led off and the squad followed slowly.

Nearing dusk I smelled a cooking lesbo teens natasha shy and beata making out passionately. I dismounted and left Blaze and proceeded on foot.

I edged over a dune and spotted the Karank's on a sandy beach area next to a fresh running stream. They were a Sub tribe called Sankara. I observed for awhile then went back to meet the squad. I found them milling around the spot where I had left Blaze. The Lt and the Sgt listened to what I had found.

"They have had at least five bottles of whiskey so all of them are drunk and will soon settle down for the night. The two kids are boys about four or five yeas old and are tied to a small tree. They will probably set a one or two man guard. But with the booze they have consumed they won't be very alert." The Sgt.

Thought about what I said, looked around to the Lt. "Sir if we wait till about midnight most will be asleep. I have seen Running Wolf use that bow, he can take out the guards and never disturb the others." Lt Clark looked at me and asked, "What do you think?" I nodded and said, "You do understand we will have to kill them all and bury the bodies. There is no way we can handle prisoners.

Plus if we showed at the Caddo village with Sankara prisoners they would turn us away and we couldn't complete our mission. " "I don't understand why not?" "If they allowed us to enter their village with Karank prisoners, it would mean they agreed the Sankara should be prisoners.That would be the same as a declaration of war." The Caddo's are not prepared for that." The Cpl had been listening and spoke his mind, "For what they did to that family they deserve to die." the rest of the squad mumbled their agreement.

Private Bundy all 6' 6" 350 pounds of him and near childish him self expressed his desire to protect the kids. He was angry … and … You didn't want Private Bundy angry.

We staked out the horses and began our approach to beauty experiments of a hot chick in fucking camp. Private Abel crawled around till he was near the children. The two guards were nodding off I took the one across the fire first. I loosed the arrow which penetrated his heart. He tumbled over almost silently. The second guard my arrow penetrated his neck and tore out his throat.

With a few gurgles he fell forward into the fire. A soon as my first arrow was on the way Private Abel sliced the rawhide holding the boys. He grabbed them and backed away. The instant the second guard fell into the flames the other Karankawa began leaping up and the soldiers began to fire.

They never had a chance between the soldiers bullets and my arrows it was over in minutes. We buried them deep in the sand where they had fallen. Private Bundy took control of the boys although we all carried them off and on, it was always Private Bundy when we stopped.