Sexy story chote bacchki bp

Sexy story chote bacchki bp
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Let me start by describing myself.

My name is Roy, I am 17 with brownish/black hair with brown eyes that many girls have said to be able to "pierce them to their core." I've been told by many after they've gotten to know me that I am a very caring guy as well as a guy who knows how to have a good time.

However when I Look in the mirror I don't see that.

I see a 17 year old teenager going on 34. All my life I've had a rough past ranging from drugs to dealing. I used to go to public school and I learned there that the "preps" are nothing but arrogant pricks and as such I stuck to the outcasts.

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However, because of the many fights I found myself in I got transferred to one of the private Christian schools around my town and this is where the story picks up with yours truly, and the beginning of the unravelling of one's past.

My second year here and I just got off winter break. Because of a winter snowstorm our break had been extended but after a week extra off of school the roads have become safe to drive and I can't wait as I have a date with a girl from my school that I have had a crush on since about halfway through the first semester. Her name was Caroline Johnson. Very small and trim figure with long brown hair that extends partially over her right eye giving her an erotic look, and on top of cum on ass part 5 one of the nicest girls that has walked this earth.

She is what you would call a Christian girl though so i was very careful any time i was with her. "Hey There Caroline, we still on for tonight?" I ask as she jumps in surprise "Good Lord you have to stop doing that!" exclaimed Caroline "Stop what? Not my fault you weren't paying attention" I reply playfully as Caroline rolls her eyes "Yes, we are still on for tonight Roy" Said Caroline as a smile breaks across her face "What time should I pick you up?" I asked "Movies at 6:15 so around 5:30 most likely.

No doubt my father will want to meet you" said Caroline "I thought your dad was busy in the navy?" I said "no he served his time." Responded Caroline "Ok Cool.

I'll be there." (a few hours later I pull up to her apartment complex and notice that her father's car isn't there which surprises me at first. Shortly afterwards I promptly knock on the door and she answers it in nothing but a T-shirt and skimpy shorts) "Does your father know your wearing that?" I stuttered out "I'm going to change but come in I'd like to talk to you." Said Caroline "speaking of which, where is your father?" I asked "He went out for the night and said we could stay here.

I told him you could cook so he set out some steak for you to cook as well as some steak sauce and the full nine yards." Replied Caroline as she walked back to her room. "Um, Caroline you want me to start cooking? You said you wanted to talk to me about something." "I did, but let me go change into more appropriate clothes. You might be good at hiding things Mitch but some things are not hard to notice." as Caroline pointed to the dent that was becoming bigger every second it felt like in my pants "O sorry Caroline I just couldn't help it, just your…" I stuttered "don't worry about it.

Find a movie that looks half interesting that we can watch and I'll go change." Said Caroline (a short while later I have found a movie that looks mildly interesting that wasn't blood and gore like I was used to but my mind was thinking about what Caroline wanted to talk to me about and how she had behaved about my hard-on for her.) "How do I look?" as Caroline sauntered out in pajama pants that clung to her butt and were loose around the ankles.

And believe me when I say Caroline didn't have the biggest butt but one that made her look very sexy and still thin. "Do I even have to respond to that Caroline? You should already know the answer." As I get up playfully and start moving towards her playfully. "And besides what about the movie we were going to see." "you didn't buy the tickets yet and we can hang out here.

I'd rather just be here for the night. But there is that something I've been wanting to talk to you about." As Caroline stepped closer to me and leaned her weight up against me in sort of a hug "There's really no way to put this without being awkard but I really don't know what to say." As she leaned into me moving her lips towards mine and then it hit me what she wanted.

I leaned down slowly and our lips met and I could swear that angels were singing. Gorgeous teen ladygirl best pals aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny lips felt warm, moist, and welcoming. She felt so much like an angel in my arms and I wanted nothing but her. Even as we stood there kissing as true lovers even though we were friends, it felt right. "are you sure about this Caroline?" I asked "I've been wanting to lose my virginity to a guy that would be careful and would care for me.

I've waited for the past year and a half and all the guys I dated wanted me for sex and that was it. You on the other hand aren't like that. You want me for me, and these two lesbos enjoy licking their cunts big tits lesbian what I heard you have experience in this department… so if you don't mi…" stuttered Caroline as I kissed her this time with all the passion I could that is reserved for that special someone.

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I can hear her sigh in relief as my hands find their way under her shirt and up her back. I can feel her shiver partially in fear but also reverence. In one smooth move I pick Caroline up in my arms and carry her the three feet to the couch and lay her down and lay down next to her and passionetly kiss her. Suddenly Caroline sits up and starts to remove her shirt.

"let me do that. Let me show you how a real man should treat a lady who asks nicely, it is the least I can do." I said My hand slides down her stomach and under her shirt and slowly moves it upwards over her arms and head till it's free. The first thing I notice is the Black Bra that seem to carry two decent sized breasts. Not to big but for a girl of her size, they could fit in my hands easily; of That I was sure.

I slowly reach around her and unhook her bra and watch it fall to the floor revealing delicate, and the perkiest tits I have ever seen. Not so big where a man's jaw hits the floor but enough where they aren't ridiculously small where she looked like a little girl. My hand slowly cups her breasts and lean in and nuzzle her neck and scrape my teeth down her neck and I can feel her shudder as I squeeze her breasts alternating between the two of them.

"Now the fun begins" I teased as my hand slid down her stomach into her jeans. I could feel the heat radiating off from her vagina as well as the moisture when my hand made contact with her euro bride giving handjob in car pov and Caroline's back arched almost to a 90 degree angle and here her sigh of ecstasy to which I snake my way up her body and whisper in her ear "Let catholic school girl not interested cock tell you exactly what I'm going to do.

I'm going to slowly tease you till near orgasm then stop and let you catch your breath and then go back down on you till you can hardly breathe. Do you think you can stand that?" I asked to which Caroline responded "I'm waiting…" "let's see how long it takes for you to lose your mind shall we?" I said teasingly "try me" whispered Caroline seductively Slowly I made my way down Caroline's body scraping my teeth against her neck down to her breasts to which I swish my tongue around in circles around Her tit and randomly scrape my teeth against it then quickly alternating to the next one.

After a little teasing her with that while grinding my hand against her clit, i felt her body tighten and knew she was orgasming. However she didn't expect what i had planned for the rest of that night.

That's the first part of this story. If you like it there will be more and I will go in greater detail(you have my word on it) but I would like your feedback and what you think the routes i might take with this story. i do intend to bring in more people to this story but first i must know; Good storyline or no?