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Hot lesbians ava and gracie love pleasuring wet pussies momlickspussycom pornstars and fingering
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My wife just up and left us. What a fucking bitch. She had been acting strange, weird and jealous for a while.

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As our daughter matured it was like she hated her. All my sweet daughter wanted was to be loved by her mom. But all that bitch could see was the body she didnt have anymore and the face she never had. When we got married she was a single mom and I did what Daisy's birth father didnt have the balls to do and I took her in as my own.

After her last birthday she came home from a party drunk and was acting really crazy with me in the kitchen. I tried to shush her so her mom wouldn't wake up but it didn't work. That bitch walked in right as Daisy planted a kiss right on my lips. It lasted longer than any other kiss we'd ever shared and her mother was furious. It wasnt long after that the crazy bitch packed her shit and left. Daisy has no memory of that night.I think its better that way.

I don't know how the poor girl would handle information like that. Being a single dad now is difficult. I've been trying the online dating stuff and at that point I was getting so desperate I was considering paying for it! A few weeks ago twgirl one boy xxx com opportunity came up that I just prayed I could pass but I wasn't strong enough.

Daisy has been going through a party girl phase and especially since her mom bailed on us she's been partying and coming home blasted. Most of the time I make her a grilled cheese Sandwich she tells me a story about one of her friends has some water and I put her to bed.

When she came in the kitchen throwing her purse on the table screaming "daddddy! I'm hunnngry!" I thought it wouldn't be any different. I started to pull things out of the fridge for her when I looked over to the table and noticed she was starting to cry.

"What's wrong baby?" I walked over and sat next to her. "What a fucking bitch, you know?" at this point I've learned to just agree with what Daisy is going on about. "Who the fuck does that?.She's just a big fucking bitch.we should get back at her!" I was so confused. Who was she talking about? "Ok sweetie.what do you think we should do?" her eyes were starting to close.I might not have to make that sandwich after I was starting to plan carrying her up to her bed she started to take off her shirt." you wanna change into your pjs?" "No.I think we should fuck".

I was stunned. She started to take off her bra and the next thing I know she is sitting next to me at the table with her soft little tits and pink nipples. "That will show Mom that she at least didnt leave for nothing. At least I could get that dick" What the hell was going on? She was trying to stand up wearing only her skirt as she slipped off her underwear.

I was frozen was she being serious? Maybe she was SO blacked out drunk she had no idea what was going on.maybe she wouldn't remember any of it at I pondered what one should do in this situation my mind went to the rational "just get a blanket wrap her up, take her to bed, go in your room, jerk off, and go to bed." but like I said eariler.I just wasnt strong enough. She got tired standing up it seemed. "Come on Dad lets go to the living room".She got up off the floor and laid on the couch on her back aubrey sinclair in nun of your business her legs spread.

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I slowly walked over to the living room.still not entirely believing that this could be true or that Beautiful busty ebony babe fingering her ass hole shouldn't just go with plan A.but it had been so long. I reached down and grabbed my dick. It was already so hard that I didn't need to grab it much before I was ready to go.

"Sweetie?." She didnt answer. I started to rub my dick around the outside of her hole. "Daisy sweetie?" she didn't answer, all I could hear were soft snores. Really?! what should I do?

do I wake her up? What if she doesnt remember the last few minutes? my throbbing dick needed it. I decided to just put in the tip.slowly I lined my dick up ready to enter her just slightly.being very careful not to wake my sleeping daughter. I gently lifted her bottom to get a better angle of penetration and delicately pushed the tip of my dick in and out of her tight little hole.

Holy fuck her little pussy was tighter than any pussy I'd had in years. I dont know if it was because she was so slippery and wet or because she felt so good but I was moving in and out so much that it was no longer just the tip.

I was moving my hips and thrusting my whole dick as far as I could into her hot little hole. I was trying so hard not to move so much so that she would wake but she started to stur in her sleep. "Whashappinenening?" she muttered with her eyes still closed.

I pulled out for a second till she seemed to wander off to sleep again. I moved her body so that she was lying on her belly and putting her knees under so that her ass was lifted enough for me to enter her from behind.

"Whatturryoudin?" "It's ok baby just go to sleepy." I grabbed the blanket that was on the couch and put it over her. "Night night daddy." she stayed in that position and started to drift off to sleep again.

I could have stopped right there.just pretend mom son shotting fast mom sleepinf nothing ever happened.she would never have to know. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the tequila bottle out of the cabinet and poured myself a shot.and then I poured myself two more.

What kind of monster was I? I needed to stop but I didn't want to. I walked back into the living room. She was still lying with her ass up in the air. I lifted just that part of the blanket and her hole was still glistening wetness.I kissed it and started to lick it softly. I took my dick in my hand and started to rub it up from the bottom oiled ass amateur wife jenny deeply fucked homemade amateurs her pussy to the outside of her asshole through her crack, lubing myself up with her juices.

I pushed myself back into her trying so unsuccessfully to keep the moans of pleasure inside me. She started to wiggle in her sleep but I just grabbed her ass "Hold still!" I demanded. I needed to cum and I didn't care if she woke up anymore. "Daddddy" she said with her eyes slowly opening. I panic and threw the blanket over her face. "Go back to sleep!" I pounded faster and faster, if she was gonna wake up I better cum fast.

I grind and pump her little hole, stretching out and pushing in as far as I could go. I heard her yelp and start to cry and somehow that sent me over the edge and I pulled my dick out but it was too late, I was already blasting in her and all over her ass.

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Daisy cried from under the blanket "Wusgoing on?.Why is this happening?" I waited a beat.and slowly backed out of the room. I ran up the stairs to my room to throw on my pajamas. "Daddy!" I heard her cry out. After I counted to 10 I pretended to run into the room. "What's going on baby?" I didn't know if I was going to be able to pull this off.

She was crying and still not really able to keep her eyes open. "Are you ok?" I sat down on the couch next to her. "Idunno".Daisy looked around the room obviously not able to focus on anything.

Then she looked back at me. "I had a WEIRD dream." She sighed and laid her head on my chest. "Was it a good dream?" I asked. "It was wrong.but it actually felt really good.but don't ask me anymore Daddy!" She blushed and started to drift off to sleep again. I laid her down to sleep and walked up to my room. This might get to stay my little secret after all.