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Cute kitten stretches juicy honey pot and gets deflorated
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Mr Rogers was an odd man. He lived alone in an isolated bungalow that needed quite a lot of work doing. He was a bit fat and wore odd things, that often needed washing. He didn't have any friends and never seemed to go out. He was only one of three people who had their paper bill delivered by me, and who left the money out for me to collect.

The other two couldn't walk, but Mr Rogers could. He had a car in his drive and it looked ok, but he was never seen shopping in the High Street locally. I had been delivering his papers for just over a year, since I started the paper round at 13. I had tory lane cumshot compilation (lord of cumshots tube porn ride down a track to get to his bungalow, and the track was rough and full of holes that made puddles when it had rained.

My bike often got very muddy going to his house. He had The Sun and The Daily Sport.

The only two good things were that he gave me a decent tip at Christmas, and he also had The Railway Modeller and British Railway Modelling every month. He was pretty much at the end of my round. Sometimes I went one way and had five calls after him, and sometimes I went the other way and he was the last delivery.

I like trains and model trains, and I have a small layout of my own. I go to local Model Railway Exhibitions, but I had never seen Mr Rogers at any of them. I used to read his magazines when I did my round, before I delivered to him. It was ok when it was dry but if it was raining I had to go to the bus shelter and read them in the dry so they didn't get wet and spoil. It saved me over six pounds each month as I never had to buy them. One Saturday, when I got to his bungalow, there was a note on the door asking me to knock.

He did this sometimes when luscious sluts get their holes destroyed pornstars hardcore had to pay, and I had dropped off his monthly bill the previous weekend. I knocked and could hear him moving around inside, slowly, and after a bit he opened the door. He had a dirty almost white tee and a pair of baggy grey jogging bottoms on, with slippers.

"Oh yes the paperboy, Kyle or something isn't it?" "No Mr Rogers it's Carl" "Oh right yes, well step inside Carl will you" This was odd cos he never invited me in his place before.

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I stepped into the dirty sort of hall and he closed the door behind me. He led me to a room with some arm chairs and a table. I guessed it was the sort of living room, but it was untidy. He turned and faced me. "Carl have you been reading my railway magazines before you deliver them?" It was not what I had expected and I didn't know how he could tell, but he did seem to know I had.

"I have like just skipped through them now and then Mr Rogers" "My magazines have been looked at by somebody every time I get hem. I can tell by the binding. Have you been reading them" "Yes Mr Rogers, I am sorry I never knew I was damaging them, I won't do it anymore.

Please don't tell old man Davis, sorry Mr Davis" "I had no intention of telling anybody Carl, I just waned to know if you squirting amd fucking extrem tube porn interested in model railways, that's all" "Oh yes, I have a small layout of my own. I love trains". "Then you had better follow me" This time he led me across the dirty hall and into what I thought was a bedroom.

As soon as we got into the room I could see it. There was a huge layout all around the room that just left enough room for the door to open. It was amazing!! "Wow" "You like it then Carl?" "Oh yes" "Here, let me switch it all on" Mr Rogers flicked a few switches and the signals lit up, lights came on in buildings. It was awesome. Then he moved a few more switches on a control panel, turned the controller and a train started to move around the layout, a Great Western Castle Class with eight brown and cream coaches.

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I just stood there with my mouth open. "How much more of your round do you have to do Carl?" "Yours is the last house today Mr Rogers" "Well in that case would you like to help me operate it?" "Really, would you, oh yes please" Mr Rogers showed me what to do, and which controllers to use.

He said he would work the points and the signals and I had to obey them. I nervously turned the knob and a beautiful West Country Class loco started to move with nine green coaches behind it. I carefully increased the speed, but kept it fairly slow so I didn't do anything wrong. "Get the castle going to Carl" Now I was working two locos on two controllers.

Mr Rogers was flicking switches to change points and signal. As they were on each side of the controllers he had to keep moving behind me to get to the two rows of controls. Each time he did he rubbed against my bum, and I could feel it through the thin shorts I had worn that day. My bum is very sensitive, even in a crowded train or bus, if somebody rubs against it by accident I get a stiffy.

Even though I was concentrating on running the trains I could still feel my dick getting hard. It didn't matter as I was facing the layout so Mr Rogers couldn't see it. I was really getting in to running the trains when Mr Rogers said to stop sweetie likes to be stuffed smalltits and hardcore trains. I did and turned towards him. I saw him glance down and realised he had seen my shorts and my hard dick.

"Sorry Mr Rogers have I done something wrong" "Good lord now Carl, although I didn't know operating my layout would get you THAT excited" I blushed. "No Carl, one of the points is not working or it is not telling me it is. I think it is because the connecting wire has come off the switch that gives me the indication.

I wonder if you could help me fix it?" "Sure Mr Rogers, anything" "Good, I will just get the step then" I thought he was going to ask me to hold the step for him, but when he returned he put it in front of me and told me to climb up on it. I did, excited that he trusted me. "RIght Carl, see the point near the signal by the Land Rover?" "Yes Mr Rogers" "Well just this side of it is a thin wire that should be in a connecting hole teensdoporn harvard student wants to be a pornstar first timer and first time the solenoid.

I want you to lean over and see if it is in the hole and if not, fix it back in again for me. I want you to be sure you don't knock anything, especially near this front edge, so I will hold you to keep you steady? I lent forward and I felt Mr Rogers put his hands around me, just at the top of my legs. I lent over and could see the point but not the wire. I had to lean a bit further and as I did I felt Mr Rogers hands slide round in the front and his fingers touched my still part hard dick.

"Can you see it now Carl? It should be a red wire and it goes into the connection at the right hand end" I leaned a little bit more and was now not balanced. If Mr Rogers had not been holding me I would have fallen forward. I found the wire and got it in the pliers Mr Rogers had given me. As I did I felt him feeling me up!!

If I had stood up suddenly I would have pulled the wire off. If I had moved to get his hands off me I would have fallen forward. All I could do was to try to get the wire connected and then stand up straight.

I had been felt up like this before, in a bog and in a wood. Some men seemed to like feeling my dick and sometimes I liked it happening. My dick started to get real hard. I had been feeling really horny like this a lot since I was 13 and I wanked off and had been wanked off under a bog wall and liked it. I decided not to be too quick with connecting the wire after all. By the time I had it connected I had started leaking pre-cum and my dick was pushing my shorts right out in front of me, and Mr Rogers was now wanking my dick.

I slowly stood up and Mr Rogers let go at once, andI stepped of the little stool.

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I saw that Mr Rogers had a big lump in his dirty grey jogging bottoms too. He never said anything and I didn't either. "Right let's see if that has solved the problem. Damn, no it hasn't, it must be underneath, and at my age and with my belly I can't get under there very easily." "Let me do it Mr Rogers, just tell me what to do and I will do it for you" Mr Rogers explained where to go under the board and what to look for.

He said that if everything seemed ok then it must be an led that had blown and he would have to do some soldering. I got down on my knees and started to crawl underneath the layout. She loves to suck dicks amateur teen I did Mr Rogers sort of patted and felt my bum.

I got to the middle and did what Mr Rogers had asked me to do but I couldn't see anything wrong. "I can't see anything not connected or anything broken Mr Rogers" "That's a good boy Carl, thank you, you said you would do anything I told you, and I like a boy who is obedient and does what he is told.

Just turn round very carefully so as not to damage anything and crawl back exactly the way you went under" I did what I was told, looking down as I went forward. As I got to near the edge of the layout to get out I looked up.

Mr Rogers had his joggers down and his big dick was semi hard and right in the way of my face.

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"Mr Rogers!!" "Come now Carl you never objected to what I was doing to you now did you? You enjoyed it. Well now I would very much like you to do it to me please" "Mr Rogers I really don't think I should" "Well you do it in Thatchers Copse Wood don't you, and more.

I sometimes drive there for a bit of nature study myself you know. It is surprising what sorts of nature behaviour you can see going on there, and can photograph" I knew right off I was stuffed, and being blackmail.

I never knew if he had seen me or if he had taken pictures of me sucking a man's dick there, but I couldn't take the chance. I reached out slowly and took his dick in my hand. "Oh Carl you have such soft hands" I slowly and carefully wanked his fat dick and it started to grow in my hand. It was not like real long, but it was quite fat and the skin would cover the knob end and then slid right off it.

It had a big fat sort of vein thing running straight, all the way underneath it; and another one on the tops that sort of wandered around the top of his dick as went towards the end. "Oh my god Carl that feels so good, but I know you can do more, so stop pissing about and get those soft young lips round my cock" This was a different Mr Rogers, sort of angry and scary, but I was getting into holding his dick so I did what he said and sucked his dick into my mouth.

As I did he let out a really loud gasp! I sucked him and slowly got more into my mouth. His dick was not long so the knob end was in my throat by the time my nose was sunny leone sex xxx storys his pubes.

I used my tongue on him and licked his balls, and then pulled back and licked under his knob end and in the pee slit.

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He was moaning and sort of swaying a bit and he soon started to leak and the pre-cum dribbled into my mouth. It wasn't the best I had tasted, but I could manage it. I kept it going for a few minutes and I expected him to cum. I wasn't wanking myself as I need my spare hand to hold myself, but my dick was very hard and new xnxx hot xxx story 2019 against my belly.

"Carl stop stop!!" I stopped and Mr Rogers puled back and out of my mouth. "Climb out boy, climb out, and be quick" I did what he said and he grabbed my dick as I stood up. "Sweet sweet and so hard" He rubbed it and then dropped to his knees and started to suck mine, OMG!!! It was one of the best I had ever felt. As he did it he forced a finger into my bum. Fuck that hurt!! I yelled. He kept pushing his finger in and then started fucking me with it as he sucked.

Soon I was moaning as it felt really good. The he pulled out, and off my dick, and stood up. He grabbed my arm and took me out of the train room and into another room which turned out to be his bedroom, with a dirty single bed in it. He pushed me down onto the bed and pulled my shorts down and off. He then pushed my top up and had a good feel of my tits.

Then I felt him pull my bum cheeks apart and I knew what he was thinking. "Mr Rogers, sorry, I don't do that." "Well you have, I know you have" "Only a couple of times and I said no then" "Well I'm glad no doesn't mean no then" "It does Mr Rogers, it does" By now he was lying on me and his weight was pushing me into the bed and it was not easy to breath.

The he lifted himself up a bit and I felt his dick between my bum cheeks. "Mr Rogers, no, please I don't Oh SHIT!!!! Agghhhh! It fucking hurts take it our please Mr Rogers please!!!!!!" It didn't make any difference he just used his weight to force it melayu sex bawah umur pancut dalam and just let me scream and yell.

The I felt his pubes against my bum and he laid on my back so I could hardly breath because he was so heavy. The he drew back and started o fuck me! My bum was on fire and I felt sick and like I was going to feint "Oh Carl so tight, so beautifully tight.

What a sweet ass, so fuckable. Do you like me fucking you Carl, you little cock whore. Do you like a big fat cock fucking your sweet little ass boy. Oh yes this is what boys like you are created for, to please men like me, oh yes oh my god oh yes. You were made to be fucked hard. An ass like yours is made for a big fat cock to abuse, lots of cocks.

I bet you're as hard as a nail you little cock hound" As he was saying this he was getting faster and faster and it was hurting but every now and then he hit that spot and my dick twitched. I was crying quietly. I felt dirty, It hurt. Tears were running down my face. I felt ashamed, especially as he was right.

I was hard? Then he gave four or five huge shoves into me and I yelled again as it felt like he was ripping me and trying to get into my belly. The he made a very loud grunting choking sound and froze and I felt him squirt into me. He pulled back and force rammed in again and shot. He did this four more times and then collapsed over my back.

He lay there gasping and I was too but that was because I could hardly breath. Then he slowly pulled his softening dick out of my bum.It made a disgusting squishy sucking sound and I felt some of his cum running out and down my thighs. He rolled me over and shuffled up the bed. He wiped his dick across my face and then forced my mouth open and slid it in. "Clean me up boy" With his dick in my mouth I didn't have much choice, so I did what he said. Then he stood up and lifted me off the bed.

He sat on the bed and pulled me towards him and looked at my hard dick. "Well Carl you cannot say you didn't enjoy that, look you are still hard and still leaking like crazy" I was so embarrassed because it was true, but I had NOT enjoyed what he had done to me.

Then he leant forward and took my dick in to his mouth raunchy interracial action with a slutty blonde started sucking me.

He was good, and real quick I shot a huge load into his mouth, a really big one, and I yelled as I did it. He swallowed it all and then leaned back and smiled. "Well I think you enjoyed that Carl didn't you, I think we both did. Best we don't say anything about this I think. I would not like people to know and I don't think you would, and photographs in the wrong hands can be so embarrassing and sexy babe rides her office mates dick a lot of shame and suffering.

What do you think. Shall it be our secret and we both forget it ever happened?" "Yes Mr Rogers" He stood up and gave pulled his joggers up. He told me to get dressed too, and meet him in the hall.

When I got there he gave me an envelope with his paper money in it, and a ten pound note. "A little tip for a very good and helpful paper boy. Thank you Carl. As you like trains so much, and were very good with my layout, would you like to help out on an operating day?

Now and then a few like minded friends call round and we have an operating session and it would be nice if you could join us" "Oh yes please Mr Rogers" He wouldn't be able to do any more of that stuff if other people were there.

I could just play trains. "Well it is Thursday next week, about seven? If you can come please do. I am sure you will enjoy it.

The guys bring their stock to run as well so there will be a lot more trains. "Thank you Mr Rogers, thank you" "Well off you go now young Carl and, Thank You for today, our secret" I walked out a bit funny as my bum didn't feel right. I decided against riding my bike for a bit until my bum was less sore, so I walked back down the lane. Carl [email protected]