Explosive doggy style drilling hardcore and blowjob

Explosive doggy style drilling hardcore and blowjob
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The click of the lock woke me up the following morning. I sat up and watched him enter the room. He was wearing his work suit. It must be nearly time for school. 'get up' he said. I complied. I stood their. He came over and ripped my nighty off. 'did i tell you you could get dressed?' I remained silent.

' did i tell you you could get dressed?' He said louder.'no' i said quietly. ' no what?' ' no father' i replied. ' master, you will call me master from now on, do you understand?' ' yes master' i said, fear sunk into me now. The realisation of what had happened, what could happen.

' you will go out onto the landing and sit on the bannister. The level part.' He commanded. I began to head towards the door. ' forgetting something?' He asked. ' yes.

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master' I sat on the bannister, side saddle, he hadn't told me how to sit, so i figured this would be best. He had gone downstairs to his office and came up with duct tape and some Other things i had never seen before. he came towards me and shoved something in my mouth. A ball gag he called it.

It was uncomfortable.

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And forced My Mouth To be Open Around A Large Silicone Ball. He tied rope around my ankles seperatly not together. He also did this to my wrists. And one around my waist. ' now, this will hopefully teach you to be a good girl, an obidiant girl.' He said. I was confused, i couldn't see where the other ends of the ropes were tied.

He had pulled them so my legs were spread tight, but my arms were loose. He took out a pair of sissors and cut my panties off. And began pokeing my vagina with the sissors.

They were sharpe and cold. But it was making me wet. He rubbed my huge ass woman uses toy to get horny with the sissors and i squeeked. Laughing he then moved them into me. ' its real tight in there. This should help open it up.' I Paniced, Pretty Sure He Was Planning To Cut Me. He removed the sissors and took out something new. Something white, and big, and rounded.

I squirmed as he attempted to push it into my vagina. I screamed and swung my arms round. And nearly slipped off the bannister. ' stupid bitch.' He stopped. It wasnt entirely inside me, but i could feel it. I didn't like it. Then he pushed me over the bannister. I was too shocked to scream. I now knew where the ropes were tied to. They were all that was keeping me up. He pulled my arms tight. I was hanging upside down, legs and arms spread above the stairs. And there was nothing i could do about itThe thing that was half inside me was still loose, but no longer my main focus.

Till he shoved it completly inside of me with one push. I tried to scream. but The Ball Gag Stopped Me. The pain was excruciating. This must be it i thought. This has to be all. Then it began to move. It started to vibrate, making the whole of me shake. ' by the way, the more you move, the faster it gets' he laughed as he headed out to work.

He didn't lie. The more i moved the faster it got, but the faster it got the more i moved, involunterally trying to get away from it. I began to moan. It had to stop. It just had to. It didn't. For hours i was stuck there. Hanging, naked wet, unable to lil teen elf fucks santa smalltits and hardcore my self From Cuming. I wanted to close my legs so badly. To have a shower.

I couldn't take much more i was shaking more than ever. So scared that the ropes would brake. Then it stopped. I could still feel it inside me, it wasnt much of a relife but it was still amazing. It didn't last long, it began to move again. This time spinning and vibrating.

I had no idea how long this would last. I had no idea why he was being so cruel. I didn't think about this whilst i hung there. I didn't think of anything except the spinning white thing inside of me and how it was starting to feel good. I must of passed out, when i woke up i was lying on the kitchen table my hands duct taped together above my head, my legs in some metal contraption forcing my knees to be bent and wide open.

The ball gag was still in place and a blindfold. I heard voices, two, one my fathers. Masters one unknown male voice.

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The voices came closer. ' yeah shes good' said the strange unknown voice. ' can i?' He said. ' sure, go ahead' said master. The strange man began stroking me. The ran his finger from my neck to my vagina. And then he stuck it in. i jumped. I should have been expecting that.

' how much can she take?' He asked ' I'm Not Sure. do what you like with her.' Master said. ' cool' said the man ' bring her by the shop anytime' he slapped my vagina and walked away. I bit into the ball gag so hard. He left and so did master. I heard nothing for a while.

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Then master came back. ' right, lets get you washed up' he said as he removed my blindfold and began releasing my feet. A shower!

Finally! Maybe i would have a shower, go to bed and wake up in the morning and life would go back to normal. No, it didnt.

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He pulled me to my feet. My vagina hurt when he pushed my legs together. I squeeked. ' lucky i left that gag on you.' He slapped my ass and lead me to the kitchen door and out into the garden. It was dark, i had been out cold for a while. I guess i won't know if i learnt my lesson. He made me stand on the grass whilst he opened the green house door. I was confused. He said shower. Not trim the hedge. He pushed me through the door and stood me in the center of the plant free green house.

He hand cuffed my arms above my head. These handcuffs were strange. They were solid and tight. He then stood me on a stall and attached a rope from the celling to the cuffs. ' I'm going to record this' he said as he switched a spot light on and directed it towards me. ' reasons being next time you fail a task like this morning itl remind you what will happen to you. So i failed this morning. Secondly because i can and thirdly because i want to.' By the end of this explanation he had positioned three cameras around me.

' shall we begin whore? Oh wait, i want to hear you scream, and beg' he removed the gag. Panic arose in me. What was happening. He switched on the cameras and took out a new girl xxx sexy story vip sex stories. And began lashing my back with it.

it hurt. With each lash i squeeked. He stopped. He came round to the front of me and grabbed my face. ' would you like some more cunt?' He said. I was silent. I stared at him.

Tears rolling down my face. 'i said would you like some more cunt?' He said sounding more angry. ' no master' i replied. 'i think you'll find thats the wrong answer' he said. He took a step back and lashed my front. I screamed. ' now I'll ask you once more cunt, would you like some more?' ' yes master' i said through tears. He smiled. ' very well then, now remember to say thank you to your master' he began whipping me again all over pausing after each one for me to say thank you master.

He put the whip down and came towards me with metal pegs and string. He put the pegs on my nipples with the string connecting the two. It felt uncomfortable.

He kept hold of the string. ' now bitch would you like me to remove these from you' he tugged the string. ' yes master' he pulled the string ripping the pegs off me. I screamed. He laughed. I closed my eyes so tight i didnt realise him coming over with something and shoveing it up me. Delightful thrusting and oral job smalltits hardcore screamed and opened my eyes.

He kicked the stall out from under me. I hung there, this long object hanging from me. I soon discovered what it was when he switched it on. Water came gushing out the hose inside me. The force of the water was penetrating me.

I shook about. ' please stop' i screamed. He turned up the force. ' no' he said. ' Ive got to make sure that pussy is clean' he came towards me. ' now we dont want this falling out whilst i make diner.' He tied my legs together, bound them with rope. The hose still running inside me. I tried to resist the rope And The closing Of my Legs. but he cocooned mylegs in it.

my Vagina Throbbed. The memory Of Its Previous Punishment.Water seeped out through the gaps in the rope. He put the stall back under me, this time so only my toes touched it Andthats how he left me