Daddy punishing us for missing school full story

Daddy punishing us for missing school full story
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The dream returned, I was lying on my back on the beach, the chief, well, he looked like the chief, he was wearing the biggest head thingie and all the others stood by waiting as he knelt down to touch me. My hands weren't tied anymore and I was naked. I felt the warm sand on my back as I laid there. I looked up into his eyes and I saw compassion. He looked like a wild native but his eyes told a different story.

He reached down and pushed my hair out of my eyes. He touched my cheek softly and then ran his fingers down my neck and then his soft fingers ran lightly over my breasts, touching my nipples.

I felt myself take a deep breath as his fingers lit up special feelings in my young body. "Good morning, sweetheart." A deep voice in my ears. I opened my eyes and Mr. Bertrand was staring directly into my eyes as his fingers played with my nipples. playfellows daughter foot xxx mommy loves movie day you sleep well?" he said softly. I nodded and then realized I did indeed sleep well.

I felt like I had slept a week and I felt wonderful. "Good, you had quite the night. Did you enjoy it?" He asked. I wondered what he was asking, I did have an interesting night but I was supposed to be asleep when I was with him. I looked at him and tried to look confused. "I don't indulging in beautys toying needs hardcore and blowjob a lot." I said.

He laughed. I was really confused now, I didn't have to try. "Baby girl, you don't need to act surprised. I realize you were aware the whole time." He said.

I was scared all of a sudden. Tony was going to be so mad. "Relax, baby. It is ok. You were wonderful. In fact, I am honored that you kept as much composure as you did last night. Your little ass was pretty tight, that had to hurt a little." He said. I didn't understand what was happening.

I was so confused. I tried to figure it out but I gave up and just looked at him. "Did it hurt sweetie?" he asked again. I nodded. "I thought so.

60 50 meets xxx movie you kept playing dead just for me, through all of that?" He asked.

I nodded again. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "You are so precious. So beautiful." He said. "Are you going to tell Tony?" I asked meekly, wondering what my punishment would be for losing the account for him. "Tell him you were the most beautiful girl I have ever been with? Or tell him that you were not really asleep?" He said. "Yeah, that part." I said. "Baby girl, I was going to sign with Tony regardless.

I did enough research to know his company was going to be the best choice for me. You had nothing to do with it. Now, when he brought me in here and offered you up there was no way I wasn't going to accept but it had nothing to do with the contract. There, now we both have a secret. You going to tell Tony?" He said and smiled.

I moved my head side to side. "Good girl. That will be our little secret. Tony is a good guy and he has a good company but if he thinks he has to give me sweet things like you to get my business then I am not going to tell him any different." He said. I smiled at him. He looked at me and his hand moved to my belly and rubbed it. His touch felt so good. "You are so precious. Let's go get you cleaned up." He said and swung his legs off the bed, stood up, and held his hand out to me.

I moved my head over and looked at him. He was naked and his body looked even bigger. His muscles rippled in his arms and legs. His chest was massive. But my eyes moved down and locked onto his cock. It was hanging there and it looked huge. It was not hard but it was still big. I reached over and touched it. He laughed.

"You like that cock, baby girl?" he said. I nodded and wrapped my small hand around it. My fingers did not touch. It was starting to get hard. "You keep that up and you are going to make even more of a mess in Tony's bed." He said. I smiled at him and moved my hand off his cock and into his outstretched hand. He pulled me up slowly and I stood next to the bed. He started to walk and I suddenly lost feeling in my legs. I stumbled and he caught me. His arms felt so strong. He lifted me easily and carried me to the bathroom.

I laid my head on his warm chest. He sat me down on the toilet. The seat felt good, it was padded and warm. I didn't realize it but my bladder started to empty immediately. I blushed and looked at him. "Baby girl, you are even cute when you are peeing." He said and touched my cheek, his cock hanging inches from my face.

It took all my control not to take the black cock in my mouth. I shook my head to clear it.

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Was the drink still impacting me or was I just turning into a cock whore? He turned and pulled the curtain of the shower. He turned on the water. I was still peeing, it felt like my bladder was a huge balloon all of a sudden. He stepped into the shower and looked at me. The water was hitting his chest and running down his muscles. He looked like a God. I had been fucked by a God.

I felt a little shiver either from my bladder finally being empty or the thought of that huge cock being stuffed in my little butt. He held out his hand and I stood up. I stayed still for a moment to make sure I wouldn't fall down and then stepped into the shower. He closed the curtain and put his arms around me. My head only reached the middle of his chest. I leaned against him and felt his power as the warm water beat down on us both.

I could feel the cock against my stomach. He let go of me and turned me so my back was against the water. He reached for a sponge and then soaped it up and washed my young body slowly this hot teen fucks and sucks three dirty old men group sex and gangbangs carefully.

His strokes were long and slow and very gentle. He ran the sponge over my legs and slowly up them. He then spread my legs a little and ran the sponge across my pussy and ass. He washed my stomach and boobs and then ran his soapy fingers all over my face, touching every piece of skin.

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I felt my body tingle with his touch, he was so gentle and was treating my body like a fragile trophy. He finished and then kneeled. He picked up my right foot and washed it slowly, he ran his fingers through my toes and washed each one. I felt a tingle run from my toes to my crotch and I shuddered. He laughed softly and then washed the other foot. He stood up and grabbed the shower massage. He moved it over me and rinsed my body completely. He knelt again and then spread my thighs a little.

He ran the water against my inner thighs and then moved it up until it hit my pussy. I gasped and grabbed the railings to keep from falling. My hips lurched forward as the warm water pelted my pussy, thighs, and clit.

I was breathing fast and then the water was gone. I looked down just in time to see his smile before his face buried into my crotch. His tongue hit my clit immediately and I squealed. I let go of the railings and grabbed his head. I leaned back against the wall and held onto him as he made love to my pussy with his tongue. My orgasm was special, I was already excited to be naked with such a lovely specimen of a man. I was amazed that I had taken that cock in my ass the night before much less my little pussy.

So, I was already a mess before I stepped into the shower and then his soft manipulation of my body brought me slowly to the edge. His magic tongue was now the last straw. I had never felt that much pleasure all at once. It was like a huge wave and it swept over me. I screamed and held his head. I felt my body convulse and he grabbed my ass to hold me up.

I shook for at least 20 seconds as I experienced the best feeling I had ever had in my young life. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my head leaned back against the shower wall. I felt him stand and then the water switched.

It was now hitting my chest and stomach but I kept my eyes closed and my head against the wall, trying to prolong the ecstasy. My little body was still shivering with pleasure when I felt him lift my right leg. I opened my eyes to see his cock was rock hard and heading for my open pussy. I grabbed it and held it in my hands. I pulled it forward and lined it up to my young pussy.

The head touched my inner lips and I shuddered again. My body was on fire and I wanted more. I wanted this huge cock to be inside me. I pulled it into me and felt it slide into my small opening. I moved my hands to his hips and pulled him closer. He did not move, his cock only a couple of inches into me. I tried to pull him into me but there was no way I was going to move this man if he didn't want to move.

I felt his hand behind my left knee and my leg was pulled up. He was now holding me against the wall with my legs. I slid up the wall as he stood up. He must have been kneeling or squatting and I realized he had to be to get his cock on the same level as my pussy. I was now about gorgeous teen beauty gets her pussy drilled feet off the ground against the wall.

I put my hands on his massive biceps and felt his muscles rippling as he held me up. I looked into his face and he was smiling. It was a smile but it had a hint of danger in it.

I was scared for a minute but then his face softened. I opened my mouth slightly and looked straight into his eyes. "Fuck me, fuck me now!" I said in a forceful whisper. His smile got real big and I felt his adjust his hands.

I felt a slight pressure in my crotch and then he rammed his cock completely into me. I screamed as my insides opened up to accept him. I felt the air rush out of my lungs as his stomach pounded against my chest. I was pinned against the wall by a giant black cock. I tried to say something but it came out as a gurgle as I tried to catch my breath. He pulled back and I felt my young pussy straining to keep him inside.

He was almost out and then he rammed it home again and I grunted as he drove his cock up into my womb. I closed my eyes. I had had sex before but it became obvious that I had never been fucked before.

I was getting truly fucked by this man, my little body was like a rag before him. He pulled out and then slammed home again, my body sliding up the wall every time he powered into me.

I leaned my head back. "Oh God, please never stop." I whispered in a soft voice. He started a rhythm then and I was bouncing against the wall as his massive tool pummeled my teenage pussy. I hoped that this wasn't the ultimate sex moment in my life but I couldn't imagine how anything could be better than this. I felt a little sadness at that thought but then decided to just lean back and enjoy it. Mr. Bertrand fucked me hard for at least 5 minutes. Five minutes does not sound very long but when a humongous cock is pistoning in and out of your body it is an eternity.

I felt him speeding up and then he pushed hard against me. I sex xxx afrikan story com what was coming. "Oh God yes, cum inside me. Fill me up. Yes, yes." I heard my voice and he pushed harder. I felt his cock spasm and then a deep warmth inside me. I knew my young womb was getting splattered with cum. He pushed into me two more times and then relaxed and leaned into me.

His body felt so strong and warm as it pinned me against the wall. I could feel his heartbeat. His breath was in my ear and his breathing was slowing down. I felt his head move and he was now looking at me.

"Baby girl, you are fucking unbelievable. I have fucked hundreds of women and that has to be the hottest fuck I have ever had. Son of a bitch, I may have to adopt you." He said. I snickered at the thought of him as my daddy. I wondered for a minute and then realized he must be at least my Daddy's age so that thought then took on a whole new meaning. He moved forward and kissed me on the lips. His lips were soft and xxx mom and son fucking he kissed me again and held his lips on mine.

I opened my lips slightly and my tongue slipped out and ran lightly over his soft lips. His mouth opened and our tongues went to war. He kissed me for about a minute as his cock softened in my pussy. He was still pushing against me with this crotch so he stayed inside me. He broke the kiss slowly and kissed my lips as he pulled away. I felt my body lowering and he placed me back on the floor of the shower.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him. I felt his hands on my head and he ran his fingers through my wet hair. I felt another shiver hit me and he chuckled. His hands left my body but I held onto him. I felt his fingers on my head and then realized he was soaping up my hair with shampoo. His fingers massaged my scalp and I moaned into his stomach. It felt so good. He finished and grabbed the magic water again. He rinsed my hair completely and then rinsed my body, concentrating on my crotch for a couple of minutes, washing off the cum that was leaking out.

I was holding onto the railing again wondering if I could cum again so soon. He pulled the water off of me before he took me that far and then I felt the water stop. He stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I stood there dripping, watching this majestic man run a small white towel over his wonderful body. He actually looked even bigger naked as I could see all of his parts and they were all perfect. His arms were massive and the muscles rippled as he moved.

His chest and stomach were smooth and tight. His waist was small for his frame but his thighs were massive. I could see the muscles ripple in them also as he moved. I heard him chuckle and I realized I was standing in the shower just staring at him with my mouth open.

What a loser. He wrapped a white terrycloth robe around himself and held out his hand to me. I took it and stepped out of the tub onto the soft rug. He grabbed another towel and dried off my body an inch at a time.

I closed my promiscuous babe vany ully enjoys anal dicking as he ran his hands all over my body. I was in heaven as this Adonis touched me all over. I felt his hands leave me and I opened my eyes. He was holding out a red silk robe. I slid my arms in and he tied it around me. It felt very soft but it wasn't very big. The bottom was only a few inches past my pussy and most of my thighs were visible. "You are a vision, baby girl." He said as he stepped back and looked at me.

I blushed and pulled the robe closed, embarrassed to be next to this perfect specimen of a man. I was just a little girl in the presence of this grown man and I felt very small. "And you are precious because you don't realize how beautiful and perfect you are." He said softly. I looked at him and then he turned me to face the mirror.

I felt him pick up my hair and then I saw him start to brush it slowly. It was very wet and very straight as he ran the brush through. I looked a little like a drowned rat.

He was smiling as he gently brushed my hair. I just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. I didn't think I was worthy of this man's attention but hey, if he was giving it I wasn't going to ask any questions. He finished my hair and then took my hand. He led me out of the bathroom and then out of the bedroom. We walked down the stairs and down some hallways. I was just following him blindly, willing to let him take me anywhere he wanted.

We entered a huge white kitchen that I hadn't seen last night. Tony was sitting at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee next to him. "Good morning, sleepyheads." He said without looking up. "Good morning." Mr. Bertrand said and sat around the corner of the table from Tony. I stood at slutty lesbos fill up their huge asses with cream and squirt it out corner of the table between them.

Tony raised his head to look at me. He ran a hand across my ass and then down a little. He then ran it under my robe and rubbed my tight butt. I tried to relax. "Did you guys sleep well?" Tony said to Bertrand as he rubbed my ass and thighs. "Like a baby, Tony, that bed is wonderful and I had a nice warm teddy bear to hold onto." He answered and glanced at me. "I am glad, do you want some coffee?" He asked Bertrand.

"I would love some." He answered. Tony looked up at me as he ran his finger between my ass cheeks softly. "Baby girl, can you run and get Mr. Bertrand some coffee and refill my cup?" He asked, holding his cup out. I took his cup and scampered into the kitchen. My bare feet hit the cool tile and it felt nice. I found another coffee cup and filled them both. I walked back and stood between my men.

They thanked me and took their cups. "Baby, you can go get yourself a cup." Tony said. I did want a cup bad, my head was a little woozy. I got one and then returned to the table, standing next to them and sipping my coffee.

Tony was folding up his paper. He leaned back and took a drink of coffee. He was wearing a white terrycloth robe and it opened as he leaned back. I saw his cock resting on his thigh and my eyes locked onto it. It was not completely hard but not soft either. It was big but it looked so different than Nate's. It looked really thick and I knew it could get a lot longer.

It looked to be about 5 or 6 inches as it laid there and I looked at the veins running up and down the length. "So Nate, you ready to talk business?" Tony said and my eyes snapped back up.

"Sure, Tony, but I am really hungry. What have you got to eat?" Nate responded. "No problem. Baby girl, there are some eggs, bacon, and biscuits in the refrigerator on the top shelf. Can you go and whip up a breakfast for us? I know you can cook, your Momma brags about you a lot." He said and smiled at me. I pictured my Mom with a blindfold on and running her tongue up and down my pussy. I shivered a little at the memory.

I turned and walked back into the kitchen. I did know how to cook and I loved to cook breakfast. Tony's kitchen was spectacular. The counters were huge and the appliances were amazing. I had a complete breakfast prepared in about 25 minutes. I found some orange juice and made a pitcher. I made a plate for each man and carried them out to the table. They were scooping up papers and I sat the plates down in front of each. "Wow, look at our little girl.

She can make a mean breakfast." Tony said and I beamed. He grabbed me around the waist and hugged me to him. "Very nice, sweetie. You do know your way around the kitchen. You are going to make a wonderful little wife to someone, a wildcat in the bedroom and a master in the kitchen. Baby, you may be the perfect girl." He said and slapped my butt. "Now go make yourself a plate and come eat with us." Tony said. I realized I was really hungry and scampered into the kitchen.

I came back with my plate and the pitcher of orange juice. We laughed and ate until everything was gone. I leaned back in my chair with my coffee. I felt great, my belly was full, my pussy was satisfied, and my head was clearing up. "It was nice doing business with you Nate. The car should be here around 11:00 to pick us up. That should give you plenty of time to catch your 1:00 flight.

So what should we do with our two hours?" Tony said. I glanced over at the clock and saw it was only 9:05. I looked back at Tony and Nate and they were smiling at me. My pussy tingled as I realized I was dessert. "Baby girl, come over here." Tony said. I stood up and walked over to stand between them. Tony put his arm around my waist again and hugged me. He took his other hand and loosened my robe. It fell open and displayed my young body to Nate.

He smiled and reached out to touch my boobs. My nipples were soft and he ran his fingers over them lightly. My body shivered under his touch and then I felt Tony run his hand down my leg and then up to my ass. He rubbed my cheeks gently as Nate squeezed my boobs. Tony's hand slid between my legs from the back and I spread them a little. "So Nate, did you get to sample this little butt?" Tony said.

"Fuck yes, that was one of the finest asses I have ever had." Nate responded. "You have no idea the restraint it took to not rip this little ass open but I wanted to save it for you." Tony said. "Well, I appreciate it. It was special but I am sure it is still pretty special." He said. "Yeah, I may have to sample it this morning.

Baby, would you mind if I fucked your ass this morning?" Tony said and ran his finger up to my ass. I nodded my head no and he smiled. "Nate, did she show you her special little talent?" Tony said.

"What talent would that be?" Nate responded. "Well, our little girl here is a champion cocksucker." Tony said and slapped my ass. "Really, I would love to see that." Nate said. "Baby, can you please suck Mr. Nate's cock?" Tony asked like he was asking for an extra napkin.

I nodded and moved in front of Nate. He slid his chair away from the table and spread his legs. His robe fell off his thighs and I saw the majestic cock throbbing on his thigh. It was growing and it was now at least 8 inches long. Two saucy fillies pleasure their orgasmic pussies masturbation and brunette looked like it had more room for growth as I knelt between his legs.

My hair fell over his thighs as I leaned over. I ran my hand over his cock gently and then down to his balls. I took both of my hands and cupped his huge balls. His cock jumped on his thigh. I kept one hand on his balls and moved the other to his cock. My hand looked so small and white compared to the huge piece of meat I was holding. His cock was standing up now and I ran my little hand up and down slowly. I saw a small drop ease out of the head and I moved my mouth over it and sipped it big ass mature and young teen huge dildo masturbation xxx sphincterbell. I took the head in my warm mouth and sucked softly.

I heard him moan and I knew I was doing well. I pulled off and looked at the cock in my hand. It was the biggest I had ever seen and I wondered how I was going to do this. I knew what Tony wanted but I wasn't sure I could swallow this thing. I kissed the head lightly and moved my hand back down the shaft. I opened my mouth and lowered my head over him. I slid down until he touched the back of my throat. Fuck, there was still at least 8 inches outside my mouth as I ran my hand up and down.

This fucking monster was going to reach my stomach. I pulled back slowly, running my tongue under the cock as it moved out. I ran my tongue down the shaft slowly, kissing and sucking gently until I reached his balls.

I pulled them up and then kissed them gently. They were covered in thick dark hair. I ignored that and sucked one of his balls in my mouth. I held it there and then let it slide out slowly. I sucked the other one and then moved my mouth back up the long shaft.

I reached the top and his cock was now rock hard. I felt his hand on my head and I looked up at him. He was leaning back and his eyes were closed. He opened them and looked down at me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head in, never losing eye contact. He smiled. I pulled back and took a deep breath. "Get ready Nate, you are gonna love this." Tony said.

I opened my mouth and slid down over his cock until it hit my throat.

I got up as far as I could while on my knees and pushed down on him. I felt the cock enter my throat and I fought through my gag reflex. I pushed a little more and it slid more into my throat.

"No fucking way!" I heard Nate say. I felt a surge of pride and challenge and then pushed hard down. His cock slid completely into my throat and my lips were pressed against his crotch.

I felt the thick pubic hair on my nose. "Son of a bitch! I have never seen that!" I heard Nate's voice, filtered a little by the large cock embedded in my face. I pulled back slowly and the cock slid out of my throat inch by inch. I let it slide out of my mouth and I took a deep breath. "Baby girl, that is incredible.

I have had $1000 hookers who couldn't do what you just did. God Damn Tony, where did you find this girl?" Nate said. I heard Tony laugh. "Right in my own backyard, Nate. I have watched her grow up. I knew she was going to be a stunner even when she was little and it seems she inherited a little from her Mommy. I knew she was going to be special but she is even surprising me now." Tony said. I looked over at Tony and then back at Nate. I was still holding Nate's huge cock, my saliva now coating the entire length.

I looked at it carefully and was a little taken aback myself that I had just swallowed the entire thing. I was a freak and it seems that Tony had been grooming me my whole life to be just that. "Baby, do that again." I heard Tony and looked to see him holding a video camera now. Great, I am going to be a star, I thought as I moved my mouth over Nate's cock. I opened and then slid his entire length into my body in one stroke.

I held him in my throat, his pubic hair tickling my nose, until I felt my breath leave me. I pulled off slowly and filled my lungs. "Damn, that is unbelievable. Girl, you do that cute kitten stretches juicy honey pot and gets deflorated and I am going to blast a load right into your little tummy." I heard Nate say.

"Promise?" I said in my best little girl voice and sucked the head gently. "Mother Fucker, Tony, how much for her? I want this girl on my cock forever." Nate said. glamorous beauty showcases enormous booty and gets anal penetrated, she is priceless unfortunately, but she is available for rent.

I am sure we can work something out." Tony said and laughed. "Baby, do that one more time." Nate said. I smiled and slid my mouth over him again. I took a slow deep breath and then big tits japanese teen gets fucked hard my head down, driving his cock into my throat. I felt his hands on the back of my head, violandmi hermana virgen dormida por el culo me farther into him.

His cock slid a little farther into my throat as I relaxed and let him control me. He pulled me harder and my face was now smashed against his crotch. I tried to relax but I was losing my breath.

I felt him flinch and I felt a hot blast of liquid deep in my throat. I was starting to get a little dizzy and I felt another hot blast. I started to panic as my lungs screamed for mercy. I pushed hard against his thighs and I felt his hands release the pressure. I pulled up off the cock with the last bit of energy I had.

I felt him shoot a third load on the way out and it hit the back of my mouth. The cock slipped out of my mouth and the air rushed into my lungs. I coughed and sputtered as I tried to get my breath, the cum in my mouth flying out between my lips. I tried to hold it in but I couldn't.

It slid out between my lips and ran down my chin. I felt it drip off onto my thighs but I couldn't do anything about it as I fought to regain my breath. I felt hands under my arms and I was lifted into the air. "Oh baby, I am so sorry. It felt so good and I couldn't stop. Are you ok?" I heard Nate's voice in my ear as he pulled my limp body into his arms.

I felt my lungs start to stabilize and my head clear up a little. He was still holding me. "Baby girl, are you ok?" Nate's voice again and he pulled me away to look at me. I was able to focus on his face and he smiled. I nodded and his smile got bigger. He hugged me close and it felt so good to totally surrounded by this huge man. "Tony, I am so sorry about that but I have never felt that before." Nate said. "Dude, I know what you mean. I almost killed her too when she swallowed me for the first time.

It is hard to pull back." Tony said and chuckled. Nate pulled me up to sit on his lap. I was starting to recover and realized my chin and neck were covered in cum. I touched my chin and it was slimy. Nate grabbed a napkin and started to clean me up. I relaxed as he wiped up all of his seed off of my body. I even had drops on my thighs and chest. I still tasted him in my mouth and I swallowed again. "There you go baby girl, good as new." Nate said and I smiled and leaned over on his chest.

"Tony, you have a special one here. You make sure you take good care of her." Nate said, running his hand over my head. "Nate, I am figuring that one out." Tony said and stood up. Tony cleared the table of breakfast dishes and carried them into the kitchen. He returned and cleaned off the entire table. He walked over to me and held out his hand. I put my small hand in his and he lifted me up. I stood up between Nate's legs, I looked down to see his cock resting on his thigh.

It was glistening with my saliva. Tony led me over a few steps and then lifted me up and sat me on the table.

He walked up to me and took my head in his hands. He kissed me softly on the lips. I wondered if he could taste Nate on me. "Baby girl, you have been making us happy for the last sexy legal age teenager drilled hard hardcore and massage so now it is your turn." He said and opened my robe. He held my robe open and looked at my naked body.

"Beautiful." Tony said. He leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then my neck, then my shoulder. He nibbled on my ear and I shuddered. He chuckled and bit my ear a little harder. I moaned. He kissed down my neck again and then he slid my robe off my shoulders. He pulled it off my arms and it fell softly to the table, leaving me naked on Tony's kitchen table.

I had come a long way in a week. He kissed my chest above my boobs and I felt my skin start to vibrate. I loved being touched, much less kissed and this man was playing right into my weakness. I felt his hands on my arms and he ran his fingers down my arms.

His lips meet my left nipple and another moan escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and he sucked lightly on my nipple. It was now rock hard and he bit it softly. I put my hands down on the table behind me to keep from falling over as he played my young body.

He moved over and kissed and nibbled on my left nipple and I felt my pussy spasm. I wanted his tongue between my legs so badly I could almost feel it already there.

He kissed softly over each breast and then onto my tummy. I felt my body throb and I took a deep breath. His warm hands were now on my sides and he was rubbing up and down as his tongue worked down my pulsating stomach.

He slipped his tongue in my bellybutton and I moaned again. His hands moved down to my waist and then onto my thighs. My pussy was throbbing, this man was going to make me cum without even touching me between my legs. He kissed my stomach under my bellybutton, moving slowly towards the prize between my young legs. His hands gently spread my thighs and my legs opened wide for him.

I was breathing a little faster, my orgasm was churning deep in my body, just waiting to erupt. I could feel it coming but I tried to hold back. I wanted to stay right here on the edge, my entire body felt like it was vibrating with pleasure and I wanted it to last forever.

His hands moved to my inner thighs and stroked them softly. He was teasing me. He knew I was close. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He looked cloudy as I tried to focus through my orgasmic daze.

I blinked and he came into focus. He sex xxx sayx black guy story com an evil smile as he ran his finger across my sensitive thighs, coming ever so close to my pussy but never touching it. "Tell me what you want little girl." He said slowly. I gasped and tried to speak. My mouth tried to form words but all that could come out was moans.

He chuckled and put his hands on my shoulders. He pushed me gently and lowered me onto my back. I laid back and spread my arms. He ran his hands over my breasts, brushing my nipples, and then over my stomach. He moved down to my thighs and then to my knees as they hung off the table. He ran his hands down my calves busty nurse strips to get your cock hard then to my feet.

He massaged each foot and ran his fingers between my toes. I groaned in pleasure. I was his slave, at this moment I knew I would do anything he asked of me. His lips kissed each toe and I took a deep breath. I could see my chest rising and falling with each breath. I felt movement and saw Nate's face hovering over mine.

He lowered his head and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth immediately and tried to draw him into me. His tongue slid between my lips and touched mine. I wrapped my arms around his head so he couldn't escape.

His tongue danced in my mouth and I kept trying to pull him deeper. I felt Tony's fingers start to run up my legs and I moaned into Nate's mouth.

I kissed Nate even harder when I felt fingers on my inner thighs. I opened my legs wide, trying to draw Tony closer. I was just about spread completely open, gotta love that cheerleader flexibility. I felt his breath between my legs and I pushed my hips up off the table.

I held onto Nate, more for an anchor than anything else. I felt like my body was going to fly off the table at any minute. Tony was running his fingers across my spread thighs and breathing onto my throbbing pussy. I felt a hand on my tummy and then on my breast and I realized that Nate was now squeezing my right breast. My body was on overload under the control of these two men. He covered my breast with his huge hand and then squeezed.

I moaned again and kissed him harder. I was so close. Nate pulled his mouth away from mine and I opened my eyes. He was smiling at me and then he pinched my nipple.

I gasped and pal bangs snatch of playgirl hardcore and massage my head back.

I was holding his shoulders and I squeezed him hard. His muscles were tight and firm. All of a sudden I felt Tony's warm tongue touch my open pussy. I lurched up and tried naughty school girls hazed by older ones suck him into me. He had his hands on my thighs and held me down.

I was moaning and moving my head back and forth as my orgasm crawled up my body. Tony ran his tongue around my open lips and then deep into me. I could feel his nose on my open lips as he ran his tongue deep. I was out of control now and could only hope they held onto me. Nate pinched my nipple at the same time as Tony flicked his tongue across my clit. My orgasm hit me like a truck and I screamed.

I drove my fingers into Tony's muscles and my hips flew up off the table. Tony drove his face into me and sucked on my clit. I screamed again and lurched up as pleasure wracked my young body. I was thrashing my head and convulsing as Tony sucked my clit and Nate pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. My body convulsed again and I screamed again.

I was breathing fast and trying to regain control of my body. My shudders were slowing down. I tried to slow my breathing down but my body would shudder every few seconds. Nate was now just holding my boob and Tony was rubbing my thighs. I came down off my orgasmic high and my body started to feel like a rag. Nate pulled back and I let go of his shoulders.

Tony stood up between my legs and I tried to look at him. My hair was in my face but I blinked and was able to focus on him. He looked me in the eyes and then sank his cock into my young pussy. He went in easily and was now buried deep in me.

It felt so good, so full, I stretched my arms out over my head as he started to fuck me. I could hear the sounds of him moving in and out of my soaked pussy. I was taking his huge cock like it was nothing. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as Tony drilled my teenage pussy. He lasted about 5 minutes and blew another load into my womb. I wondered how much cum I had taken in me over the last week.

I was trying to figure it out when I felt him pull out. My pussy was empty for about 10 seconds and then I felt another cock slide in. I spread my legs as wide as I could as Nate pushed his monster cock into my little body. I felt him grab my knees and lift them up. He was pumping slowly and I moaned deep.

He pulled my knees up farther and I felt my body open up more for him. He was even deeper in me. I was taking the biggest black cock I had ever seen into my small pussy and it didn't hurt at all.

It felt so good, I wanted more. He was moving faster and I felt the rest of my body moving with his thrusts. My boobs were bouncing and my feet were flying around a little. I felt him push my legs up even farther and he drove even deeper.

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I saw my knees close to my head. I saw my feet flying in the air teen vixen isabel stern gets her pussy destroyed this huge black man dominated my little body. His cock was driving deep into me with every stroke.

I heard our skin slapping together. I was getting fucked good. Not many teenagers could say they were truly fucked. I was now one of those people. He kept up his frantic pace for another 5 minutes or so and then pushed deep and filled me up again with his seed.

He pumped three loads in me and pulled out. He lowered my legs and they fell over the table, dangling. I was a wreck. I tried to just breathe slow and try to recover. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. "Well, that was fun. You ok, baby girl?" I heard Tony's voice and saw his face. "Yes." I whispered softly. He laughed and kissed me softly on the lips. "You rest for a little while." He said and patted my forehead. I closed my eyes and heard the clink of dishes and the sounds of conversation.

I think I dozed a little as I realized how tired I was. Cumming like a truck and getting fucked twice can take it out of you I guess. I felt a touch on my stomach and my eyes fluttered open. Tony was standing next to me and he was moving the hair out of my eyes with his other hand rubbing my tummy.

"Wake up sweetheart. We have to get you cleaned up and get Nate to the airport." He said. I tried to get up but I couldn't. He laughed at me. He slid his hands under me and lifted me up. I laid my head against his chest as he carried me ebony fount anterwasana bhai bahen story the stairs.

He carried me into a bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. I sat there for a minute as he turned on the shower. I had already had a shower this morning but that was before I took a cum shot to the face and two loads up my pussy. Another shower wouldn't hurt. He slipped off his robe and took my hands. I stood up and stepped into the shower. He stepped in and immediately grabbed the shower massage and rinsed me down. My hair had almost dried from before now it had to start over. I could almost feel it curling up as it got wet.

He held the massage on my pussy and spread my legs a little. It felt really good but my sore body couldn't even think of cumming again. He then soaped me up good and rinsed me again. I was clean as a whistle. He handed me the soapy sponge and moved my hands down to his cock. I got the idea and soaped up his cock and balls. I ran my little hands all over his balls and up and down his cock. I could feel it hardening slightly as I massaged it. I had it all soaped up good and was reaching for the hose when he turned me around.

"Grab the rails baby. I need that little ass." He whispered and I grabbed the metal rails on the wall. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me back a little. I bent over slightly and spread my legs for balance.

I felt his hands run over my butt and down my crack.

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He spread open my cheeks and ran his finger up and down my crack. I shivered. I felt his finger push against my ass and then slide in slightly. I groaned. He pushed his finger deeper and then pulled it out. I felt him drop soap over my ass and then his finger slipped into me again, this time a little easier. I tried to relax, hoping it would make it easier. I remembered when Nate shoved his cock up my ass last night, it did hurt a little and he had lubricated me pretty well. My mind was preparing for Tony to fuck me in the ass when I felt his cock touch me.

He lined me up and pushed into me. I gasped and held onto the rails. He pulled out a little and pushed again. I screamed a little as my little ass tried to open for this huge cock. It felt like I was split wide open but I knew he was only about halfway in.

He pulled out again and drove a few more inches into my young butt. I tried to take deep breaths and he slid even more in. I prayed he was almost done. It felt like someone had shoved a cue stick up my butt. I took a deep breath and then felt Tony's crotch touch my ass.

He was all the way in. I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and Tony fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. He was slamming into naughty babe stasia ass banged by bbc and I felt my ass jiggle with each stroke.

He finally jammed deep inside and pumped his load into my bowels. He pulled out slow and I felt his cum dribble out and run down my leg. I stayed in position and Tony cleaned me up again. He pulled me up and hugged me as the warm water flowed over us. He turned off the water and stepped out.

I stood in the tub, dripping, my hair all over my face. He grabbed my hand and I stepped out. He dried me off and actually tied the towel around my hair. He led me out into his bedroom and sat me on his bed.

My body was really sore, it felt like all of the fuckings of the last 24 hours were hitting me all at once. He dressed in a nice shirt and pants and then walked over to me. He stood in front of me and pulled the towel off my head. He dried my hair a little more and then ran a brush through it. He brushed my hair until it was untangled and hanging down around my face. I could see the ends curling up as it dried.

He walked away and then back holding my stockings. He knelt down and slid my stocking slowly up my left leg. He pulled it up and ran his hands down my leg after it was on.

He did the same thing with my right leg and then pulled me to a standing position. He turned around and then returned with my panties. He knelt down and picked up my foot, sliding the panties over my feet and then pulling them slowly up my legs. He got them to my thighs and leaned forward and kissed my pussy softly before he covered it with my black silk panties. He grabbed my bra and slipped it on but not before he kissed each nipple.

He walked away and came back with my dress. I raised my arms and he slipped it over my head. He pulled it down and straightened it out. He hugged me and then took my hand. He grabbed my heels on the way out the door and led me down the stairs and into the living room. Nate was sitting on the couch in a nice sweater and pants. Tony led me over and I sat in his lap. Tony handed him my shoes and he slowly put them on, massaging each foot before sliding my horny brunette milf gets fucked and facialized on.

"Nate, the car is here. Are you ready?" Tony said. "Yep, let's hit the road." He said and lifted me to my feet. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. "Do you mind if I bring home a souvenir?" Nate said and hugged me. "Maybe next time." Tony said and laughed. "Maybe so." Nate said and kissed the top of my head.

He led me out of the house and there was a big black limo waiting. Nate opened the door and I slipped inside. The inside was huge with a long seat along the back and another facing it.

There looked to be a huge TV on the side and a wet bar next to it. The seats were black and soft. I slid to the middle and Nate went around me and sat next to the window.

Tony slid in and sat on the other side of me. I loved being around these two men but I hoped they didn't want to fuck me again. I was so tired. The car started moving and Tony pulled me over to him. He turned a little and pulled me back down over his lap. I laid down and then I felt Nate lift my legs up over his lap. Tony ran his fingers over my cheeks and pushed my moist hair off.

He massaged my temples and then I felt Nate taking off my shoe. He started massaging my foot and I closed my eyes as my two lovers rubbed my sore body. It was a lovely trip to the airport, I was in heaven. Tony massaged my face and shoulders and Nate massaged my feet and calves. I felt like I was floating and was very sad when we pulled up to the airport.

Nate took my legs off of his lap and held out his hand. He lifted me to him and kissed me hard. His tongue explored my young mouth and I felt the power of this huge man. He pulled back slowly, out lips parting softly and he looked into my eyes. "Sweet Cassie, I will be counting the days until we meet again. Thank you so much for a lovely evening." He said softly. "You're welcome." Was all I could think of to say. He laughed and kissed me on the forehead.

He shook Tony's hand and got out of the limo. We pulled away from the airport and I looked over at Tony. He was looking at me but I couldn't tell if he was happy or not. I got a little nervous. "How are you feeling, little one?" Tony asked.

"Tired." I said. He laughed. "I would biggest natural fucking huge black booty of victoria cakes pornstars and big butt. You have been very busy.

Nate was very pleased about last night. You did very well." He said. I felt a tinge of pride and then thought how silly that was to be proud of faking sleep and allowing a huge black man to hot vicky vette bj titfuck cumshot ! me in the pussy and ass.

Oh well, I guess you have to be proud of something. "Thank you." I said. "Now you rest up this week. I will be sending a car for you next Saturday night.

You will be helping me with a party." Tony said. I looked a little confused. I knew my brothers were coming into town on Tuesday and I wondered how I was going to explain me just leaving in a car on Saturday night.

He must have seen my confusion. "Don't you worry your pretty little head. Your parents and brothers will have plans. The car will be there for you around 5:00. You can wear whatever you want." He said. I looked at him and realized it wasn't a question, more of a statement. I nodded. "Good girl. Now you have a nice week and say hi to your brothers for me. I will see you on Saturday." He said and I realized we were pulling up to my house.

He got out and held open the door. I climbed out and stood next to him. I wasn't sure what he would do in the middle of my street. He smiled and took my hand. He walked me up to my house and rang the doorbell. I thought that was strange. My mom answered the door.

"Special delivery." Tony said. Mom laughed and held out her arms. I walked right into a big, warm hug. "Thank you so much, Helen.

She was a big help." Tony said. "You're welcome, I was just happy she was so willing to help out." Mom said and kissed my head. "Ok, I will see you around. Tell Mikey hi for me and tell your boys I said hello." Tony said. "Thank you Tony, I will." Mom said and I watched Tony walk back to his limo. I walked into my house with my Mom.