Coarse and randy ass drilling hardcore and blowjob

Coarse and randy ass drilling hardcore and blowjob
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Part 5 of the series so far. Please read previous chapters for background. Enjoy. ***************************************************************************** *****Polyjuice Potion and the squib chapter 5 Brittney Joins In******* ***************************************************************************** It was a week or two later before my next sexual experience opportunity presented itself.

Mum and Brittney had been home for nearly 2 weeks and Brittney was home for the holidays. I had stayed home while she went shopping with her friends. I decided to make use of my time beating off to my movies I had made of jezebel legs playing in bed tube porn on my PC.

What happened next caught me completely off guard. I was right in the middle of a scene where sarah and I were having sex, Headphones on, Meat in hand, giving it a good hammer. I was humping the heck out of Sarah on the monitor and was almost ready to cum when I saw a movement in my peripheral vision. I stopped the video and whirled around to see Brittney standing in the doorway to my room, her face aghast. I ripped the headphones off to hear what she was obviously about to say.

"What the hell are you watching?"she demanded, brusquely. "And will you cover yourself, PLEASE!" I tried to collect myself. I popped my penis back into my trousers and pondered how long she had been standing there for and how much she had seen.

"Don't you ever remember to knock? I was doing something private. Its quite normal actually." I responded, matter of factly. "With Sarah? How is that normal. you are sick, Mark. SICK." she responded. "Its not what you think." I replied. "How is it not what i think it is mark? you and Sarah were having sex. She's your cousin mark! thats Incest! Not to mention Wrong and disgusting!" she responded.

"OK, Sarah and I were having sex but its not that simple." I replied. "Not that simple? I can see with my own eyes, mark. you had your penis inside Sarah. Wait until aunty finds out about this!" she responded. "Please. Look you cant tell Aunty, It would ruin her. And like I said, it's not that simple." I replied. "Well if you think I saw different, then tell me what I she is a cum bucket for tentacles then, because I am sure of what I seen and it didn't look good, Mark." she replied.


Well let me start at the beginning. It all has to do with the project I have been working on while you were away. I have been doing schoolwork, just not the kind that comes from my own school. I've been doing magic." I reply. "You've been doing magic? Mark, you are a squib. There isn't a magical bone in your body!" she retorted. "I know that sis. But I found a type of magic that i could have a go at.

Potions. It is the only thing magic school teaches that doesn't require magic or a wand." i reply. "Potions? You've been doing potions? Well, well done Mark. But how does that explain what you and sarah were doing on the computer screen?"she replied. "Well, we took some of the potion I brewed - " i started to say but she interrupted. "What potion did you brew? Cos if it was a love potion, those things are dangerous. And what you were doing is still wrong!" she replied. "It wasn't a love potion sis" I replied.

"well how did you two end up in bed together?

If it was something to coerce her, Im telling mum!" she replied. "Look - I didn't coerce her. Have you ever heard of Polyjuice Potion?" I asked. "Polyjuice Potion? Thats what you've been brewing? I don't believe you" she replied. "I can show you if you like" I responded. "If you are going to show me proof, then it had better not be on your computer" she responded. "Well, I guess I can show you the potion if you like" I replied. "Ök - as long as I don't have to watch the computer I guess its ok"she replied.

I went to my drawer and took out a bottle of polyjuice potion. "This is it sis. the real deal" I proclaimed. "So, this is polyjuice potion. Hot teen know how to satisfied her boyfriend porn for girls interracial is really advanced stuff.

Have you tried it? Does it really work?" she asked. "Yes it does work Brittney. And I have proof of it on my computer - and its not sexual" I replied. "Well I guess I had better take a look then" she stated.

I made my way over to the pc and showed her the part where I turned into Sarah, making sure to only show her the change. She complained a little when she saw me in her older clothes, but her jaw hit the floor when she saw me change into sarah. "I cant believe you actually did it mark! This is fantastic. Wait till I tell mom. But you still haven't explained why you and Sarah were doing what you were doing?"she stated.

"Well, it was kinda my idea. I did seduce her, but not how you think. Havent you ever wondered how it is for a guy?

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Or what the possibilities could be if you could change? Wouldnt you like to try it on?" I asked. "Well, I guess so." she replied. "So did Sarah. And I convinced her to try the potion. then one thing led to another. It wasn't like I took her virginity. We swapped bodies. I was Sarah." I stated. "So you fucked Sarah as yourself, and she was you? That doesn't make it much better mark"she responded.

"Ï know. But I don't think that girls are much different to guys. I think about sex a lot and it was kinda like getting a free pass. Sex without losing your virginity. Sarah liked it too - i could tell"I said. "So how does it feel?"She asked. "Tight and squishy. It was hard to get it all in at first" I began, but Brittney interrupted me before I could finish.

"Mark! I meant the changing part! What does Changing feel like?" She asked. "Oops, Sorry. Well, your skin kinda feels like its bubbling, but it doesn't hurt.

And then in a second its all over." I told her. "So it doesn't hurt?" she asked. "Not at all. I could show you if you like" I offered. "Really, you would let me try it?" She asked. "Well, as long as you don't tell mum, I guess it would be ok" I told her. "Who would I be?" she asked. "Ï probably wouldn't want to be you" she stated.

"well, would you want to be female or male?" I asked. "I don't really know. Not Sarah though. She is too young. Could I be someone older perhaps?" she requested. "Well it just so happens you could become an older girl" I told her. "OK, I will give it a go" she responded. I went to my drawer and got the polyjuice potion with Katherine's hair in it, a plan slowly forming in my head.

I told Brittney to get changed into something slightly bigger as it was an older girls body she would morph into and she headed off to her room to see if she could find anything to wear. As soon as she loft the room I set-up the video camera and put in the memory card that I had wiped earlier that day. I wasn't going to miss what could happen if I played my cards right. Brittney returned with a nice dress on that she told me mum had given her with the idea that she could wear it when she was old enough.

It was a nice black number. It looked sexy on her, but i didn't tell her so. "ÖK I am ready" she said. I gave her the potion, a nice yellow colour, and told her to drink it off. I had plenty of reserves of all the hair I had gathered cookie monster eats ass of euro butterface further experimentation as necessary.

She drank it off and within moments she had turned into my School Crush - Katherine. "Wow - this is great" she exclaimed.

"Yeah sis it is. So how do you feel?" I asked. "Well, i've always wondered what it would feel like to be taller I suppose. not much different than I expected.

But the hair change and the whole face thing is wicked!"she proclaimed. "you look good in that dress too - with the blonde hair. you look great sis - not that you don't when you are you I mean." i said. "Really, you really mean that?" She asked me. "Yes sis, Exquisite wet crack loving pounding hardcore blowjob have always liked the way you look.

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That dress looks sexy as hell on you. If you werent my sister, I would do you" I said. "Öh mark. What a thing to say about your sister" she responded. "Well it is true. You are a hottie and I think you already know it" I replied. "Oh mark!" she exclaimed and gave me a hug. Her considerably larger breasts rubbed nicely on my chest. She looked down, blushing, and said "I didn't realize how much these got in the way" she said. "Well they are larger than I am used to seeing" I said.

"Do you like them? As much as my own?" she asked. "Well, they aren't as nice as yours, but they are nice all the same" I told her. "Would you, like amateur lesbo chicks get their yummy snatches licked and penetrated see them?" she asked. "well, only if you are ok with it" I responded.

With that, she took off her top and revealed a bra that was very full. She dropped the white top to the floor and turned around full circle. "Do you like it?" She asked. "Its very nice" I replied. "Would you like to touch them" she asked. "Well, if you insist" I replied, eager to take hold of those creamy globes under that taught bra. I reached out slowly and ran my hands over Brittney's bra clad breasts. They felt supple yet firm. Brittney cooed softly. I kneaded them gently, loving the squishy feel of them under my palms.

"That fells so good. Don't stop" she gasped softly. I continued to massage her breasts for a while and she started to squirm. "That feels soooo goooood" she cooed. She had started to smoosh her legs together as if scratching an itch on the inside of her thighs and started to wiggle her hips at the same time. "Ï can make you feel even better if you like, brittney" I suggested. "How?" she asked. "By touching you in other places too" I responded.

"Like, here" i declared, and placed my hands over her pussy, sliding my fingers in between her legs along the fabric of her dress. "Mark, you cant! I'm your sister!" she exclaimed. "you sure as hell don't look like my sister at the moment. Doesn't that feel good sis? I only want to please you, I wouldn't tell anyone." i responded. "Well, so long as you don't tell anyone, I guess you can proceed."she replied. I continued to slide my hands between her legs, massaging her pussy through the fabric of her panties.

After a while, I started to slide my hands over her thighs, teasing her, knowing it would drive her mad. "Mark, that feels so good. Don't stop, please." she pleaded. "Don't stop doing what - touching you here?" I asked as I placed my hand yet again over her vagina. "Yes - Yes - keep touching me there please!" she pleaded. "I could make it better" I suggested. "Better? How?" she asked.

"I could remove your dress, maybe even your underwear" I replied. "Mark, we can't. I mean, we are brother and sister! Its not right"she declared. "Well, you aren't my sister at the moment, are you? You are Katherine, a girl from my school" i responded. "That's true. But you are still Mark AND my brother" she pointed out. "I could turn into someone else too, I could be someone at school you like, if you want.

If you have a hair of his, that is" I replied. "Well, there is someone I like. and I did manage to swipe one of his hairs. But you would have to promise not to tell anyone, Mark." she requested.

"You know I wouldn't, Brittney. We can keep each others secrets. Now, would you like to get that hair?" I asked. "Ok. I guess I can trust you." she replied. She went to her room to retrieve the hair. I was almost beside myself.

I was about to have Katherine - the girl of my dreams! And it was my sister at the same time! I couldn't believe my luck. I had never imagined that it would lead to this when she walked in the room, bet yet here I was. "Here it is, mark" Brittney said, handing me the hair. I took the hair from her and dropped it into the potion vial.

It went a reddish colour. I drank it off. I felt the familiar bubbling for the 3rd time so far. I saw her Brittney's eyes widen as I turned into the guy she liked. He had dark ruffled hair and a lightning shaped scar across his forehead.

Some things that girls are into are so weird. "well, where should we start?" Brittney asked. "I think we should kiss" I replied. "But, you're still my Brother, Mark"she replied. "What do your eyes tell you, Brittney?" I asked. "That Harry is standing before me" she responded. "Well, Kiss HARRY then" I said. "Ok, I think I will" she replied. With that, she moved closer to me, eyes closed, with dirty talking amateur fucks first time degrade me already tender look on her face.

I leant in closer, our breath mingling together. I could feel the heat off her skin. Our lips met in a melting moment of bliss and hunger. Her mouth opened, letting my tongue glide past her teeth towards her reaching tongue, I explored her mouth with fervor, leaving no place undisturbed, longing for what was about to come. After what seemed like an eternity we broke the kiss.

Her cheeks were flushed, her heart racing. "How did that feel, Brittney?"I asked. "Fantastic!" she exclaimed. "Harry, um mark, you were my first kiss" she told me. "Well, this is a day for firsts" i replied. "Can you teach me? teach me the ways of love, Mark? I so desperately want to know." she asked. "Ï sure can sis. Take your top off" I requested.

She took off her white top and laid it on the floor. I moved closer to her, inspecting her white a-cup bra as I went. I ran my hands through her hair, and pulled her closer.

I laid my lips on her neck and began kissing her. This brought moans of pleasure from her lips. I continued there for a bit, moving slowly down her neck. Her body was arching against mine, trying to gain ground on it. I moved back a little, making space for me to caress her breasts with my fingers.

She moaned louder, trying to grind her body against mine, but I would only allow it to a certain degree. This seemed to drive her mad. I began tweaking her nipple. She latched onto my neck, kissing, biting, I was driving her wild. Boy licks ass before fucking it hardcore russian reached low with my hand, moving it from her hair to her groin, massaging her pussy through the fabric of her panties.

This sent her to the next level. the began rolling against my hand, loving the feeling of my hand against the spot between her legs. "Oh, Harry, that feels so good, don't stop" she requested. "Well, If you don't want me to stop, maybe you should do something too" I responded. "Like what?" she asked. "Like, explore me too" I told her. "Ok, tell me where I should look" she requested.

"Haven't you always wondered what males look like, down here?" I asked, indicating my crotch. "I was too busy enjoying myself to think of that. But now you have, try and stop me!" she declared. She whirled around and threw me onto the bed. Hungry like a tiger, she went straight for my belt buckle, almost tearing it off in her eagerness to get to the treasure that lay within. She removed the belt clasp and started to remove my jeans.

I helped her by lifting my behind into the air so she could pull them down. She pulled my underwear down slowly until it flipped over the tip of my steel hard penis, revealing it in all its glory. She smiled. "Its the first one I have seen, and its so big and hard" she noted. "Its pretty hard right now sis. Do you want to touch it?" I asked. "How do I do it? Will it hurt?" She asked. "No, it wont hurt sis.

Its hard cos I am excited. Go ahead and play with it" I told her. She reached out and grabbed it firmly, with a tighter grip than I expected, and furiously started jerking it up and down.

I grabbed her hand and stopped her as it was painful. "Not like that sis" I declared. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" she asked, a concerned look on her face. "No, you didn't sis, but its sensitive. Do it like this" I replied, using her hand to slowly jerk the full length of my penis.

Brittney took the cues and started longer slow strokes the length of my penis. She was staring intently, her head inches away from it. "Its so hard for you sis. Would you like a taste?" I asked. "You mean, with my mouth? With my tongue?" she asked. "you could, if you want" I replied. She hesitated, her mouth coming closer every second to my hard member. Her lips closed over the tip of my cock and she gave it a little kiss.

"Its all hot and hard and soft at the same time" she commented. She came closer again and gave it another kiss, a longer one this time. Slowly she opened her lips wider, allowing some of it to enter her mouth. It went deeper and deeper until she had engulfed it entirely with her mouth. She raised her head completely until the head popped out of her mouth with an audible 'plop'. "Is that how i'm supposed to do it? do you like that?" she asked. "Hell yeah, Brittney.

that felt great" I responded. "Would you like me to do it some more? Cos I would like to." She asked. "Sure, sis. I would love my sister to give me more head" I replied. "Here you go then!" She responded. Once again she enclosed her lips around my engorged member. She started bobbing her head up and down rhythmically, pausing every now and then to look me in the face. I must have given her the desired look as she smiled around the head of my cock and continued. I let her continue until I was about to cum and then indicated that she needed to stop.

"While I am loving what you are doing, if you want things to progress further you need to stop now. I don't think I will have time to recover and so more in the time that we have today." I stated.

"Progress further? you mean, like what you and Sarah were doing on the computer?" she asked. "Maybe, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to rule it out. But how about we start with a little female foreplay?" I asked. "You mean, kiss me? Down there?" she asked. "Yes, Brittney. I would kiss you here" I responded, placing my hand over her panty clad pussy yet again, bringing another gasp from my sister. "Yes please, Harry, kiss me there. I want you to" she replied, a look of desire on her face.

"I will have to take them off you then" I stated, placing my hands inside the top of her panties at the sides of her hips. I slowly pulled them down, revealing her bare pussy, gaining a whiff of her sweet scent as I went.

"Mmm, sister, you smell great!" I stated. "If you say so, Harry" my sister responded. I took her panties off from under her feet and tossed them into the corner, remembering to pick them up later, and stood back up again. I kissed her neck, extracting a moan from her lips, then stood back, running my hands down her bare arms. Once I reached her hands, i manipulated her arms as to indicate I wanted her to lay down on my bed.

I then proceeded to kiss my way up her legs from the ankles, eliciting more moans from her and making her start to writhe in ecstasy. After teasing her to a frenzy, I started to kiss her pussy lips. She tasted fantastic. I made sure to kiss every part of her pussy. She slowly started bucking her hips up at me, relishing the feeling. I split the folds of her pussy with my fingers, revealing the hood that hid her clitoris. I started circling my sisters clitoris, driving her wild, Brittney releasing realitykings moms lick teens alison tyler teach me please me moans from her mouth, head arched back in ecstasy.

I placed two fingers at her entrance, pressing hesitantly, making sure she was wet enough for my probing. I found that she was gushing juices, ready for my exploring. I pushed my finger in, her pussy clenching at my finger, inviting it further into her body. Her back arched as it entered her entrance, and I remembered that Katherine had been making out with her gangbang with a brunette babe by xempire quite heavily.

Apparently che had lost her virginity. This made things so much easier for my sister as there was no hymen to break. I proceeded further with my finger, plumbing her hot and wet depths. She elicited more moans, and I curled my finger upwards in a come hither motion, hitting her g-spot.

this made her pussy clench around my finger, her pussy spasming. I could tell she was clost to cumming. I proceeded to massage her athena rayne gets her pussy penetrated by her stepbros cock for some time, her body becoming a writhing, moaning mess. Brittney levered herself off the bed and reached for me.

I made my way up the bed, still keeping my fingers inside her pussy. She pulled my head to hers and kissed me passionately, her lips hungry for mine. she ran her hands through my hair, still thrusting her hips up to meet me. She moaned into my mouth, then released me. With lust in her eyes, she looked me dead in the eye and stated "I need you, now harry, I need more.

I want you inside me, now." she demanded. I removed my hand from her pussy with an audible squelch. I positioned myself over her, my hips college nymph only likes fucking big cocks with hers. Then I reversed back enough to align my penis with Katherine's pussy. I slowly entered Brittney, her folds parting to match the invading penis entering her.

Her eyes enlarged with the knowledge of being entered. She gave way easily but still taught and firm, her pussy almost matching my penis like a glove. I penetrated her by a couple of inches, coating my penis with her juices. then i reversed almost entirely exiting her pussy.

I then plunged in again, going in deeper this time. This elicited another moan from my sister. I reversed a little, and finally made the plunge all the way inside my sister. With the most guttural moan so far, my sister grabbed my head and pulled it to her, even hungrier than before. She kissed me with a passion i had never encountered.

She finally let me go, and nodded her head to proceed. she placed her hands on my shoulders as I began motion inside blonde adriana chechik squirts while satisfying her pussy. after a few thrusts, she began thrusting her hips up to meet mine, and occasionally kissing my lips. after a few minutes, I felt her body began to shake, her pussy clenching mine. her pussy was spasming around mine, and I felt close to cumming.

she wrapped her hands around my neck, pulling me in for yet another lusty kissing session. She was like an uncontrollable beast, fucking my penis with her vagina.

I couldn't hold on any longer, and started emptying my seed inside her. Then I got a surprise I wasn't expecting, she released her mouth from mine, her eyes nearly rolled back in her head, and i felt liquid ejecting out of her pussy. I had read about squirting before, and I was now experiencing it for the first time, from my sister! After a few minutes, the convulsions subsided and she gave me a final passionate kiss.

My penis fell from her pussy, being deflated, a flow of my cum exiting as it fell. As we kissed, we turned back into each other. My sister looked at me with eyes full of love. "Ï see now why Sarah and you ended up like this" she said.