Hot secretary alison rey gets destroyed by boss

Hot secretary alison rey gets destroyed by boss
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After an age something suddenly happened, I did not hear any one come in or remember the flick and buzz of the bright flourecents turning on, but suddenly and forcefully, my butt cheeks were opened and a mans thumb was pushed hard and purposefully into my anus. 'oh, you fuckin like that do you bitch?' Came his voice from behind me.

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his thumb began moving with rigor dryly against the skin of my anus, in and out, bending and probing inside me. With his thumb still pushing in and out of my anus, his other hand slipped between my thighs and started groughly handling my balls, they were on fire, my whole dick was burning, and I could feels the young mans head shaking at my groin.

'"lets spice this up shall we? I want some action from you bitches' He must have used a control to start my head pulsing up and down; the man was still strapped helplessly to the table but my head began to pump up and down with the pistons, a small amount at first wild babysitter gets freaky with sexy boss balls stayed crammed within the mouth ring, and they stretched upwards with each lift of my head.

The new guy cranked it up more and the young mans balls stretched painfully through and out on the third, hard tug against I felt his throat and tongue react the quivering entered my balls.

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Now laughing at our groans, the guy cranked up the remote more and more, now my head was ramming over and over into the mans sack, faster and faster he went, my vision began to blur and shake with each downward smash into his loins, I could see nothing but strapped up balls and the massive shaft plummeting in and out of my mouth. His end was leaving and entering my throat over and over again I stuggle to keep my breath as my mouth was stretched wider and wider by the base of his cock.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what was happening, while my head was pumping up and down I was aware of the thumb continuing to probe my anus, the second hand snuck back to my scrotum and gave rhythmic hard squeezes, toying with me, fumbling and violating me as I was used on the machine.

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I do not know how long I was like this for either I was losing all sense of time, my vision was blurring with the monotonous thrusts of my head, all I could hear were the hissing rhythmic pistons, but I could still notice what was happening to my anus …his second hand gave a final crushing squeeze to my scrotum and then slipped up my crack where this second thumb began to work my anus from the outside aswell.

Both of his thumbs working in rhythm, my anus was tight and unwilling to accept it, but he used his thumbs to work it and open it, his techniques was smooth as he pressed the second thumb in more and more with each wriggle, next came some fingers unlubricated and dry against my hole, it seemed I was stretched as far as I could go but he found ways to make my asshole take more and more digits. But as he took time to work my anus he started to use spit as lube, after spitting onto my hole, he large tit milf cunt stretched lingerie and japanese in a few more, and then eventually all this fingers and thumb of one hand, with the winding and pumping of his well rehearsed technique he gradually worked open my anus until his entire fist was clenched inside me, I could feel his wrist protruding out from between my buttocks, his fist twisting rhythmically inside.

The guy laughed, as he stopped momentarily his hand left inside me 'you're getting fist fucked in your virgin ass you best be prepared for the most severe fist fuck of your life' I let out a yell from the depths of my throat as he withdrew his fist slowly and deliberately, my anus reflexing back towards normal and then suddenly and at once he punched his fist, deep, deep into my rectum.

He grabbed my balls hard with this other hand, all this time my head was still pumping ferociously at the mans loins. Trying to breath and trying to yell out loud his arm continued to pump, I could feel him forcing me way up his forearm my pulled in buttocks resisting its entry, with each hard punch he would twist his arm, my anus was stretching and shrinking over his forearm and wrist, as he rammed it deeper and deeper.

Next he drew right out. There was a pause before his clenched fist came punching back in through my rectum, punch punch out and in. Fucckk I did not know how much more I could take my anus was raw and hurting.

Suddenly he stopped, I realised not at first that he was no longer within me. then I heard the sound of a strong caught my sister masturbating and fucked her tape being pulled off its roll, tape was stuck down the inside of my buttock first on the right hand side, then the left, he had taped something to them, next was some fiddling around at the sides of the table before a pulling from each side and my butt was held open, splayed apart revealing my battered anus between them, he took a second again at each side to pull the futher open.

A fist suddenly punched into me again, I tried to howl but just chocked on the dick that was intruding into my throat. Behind me, he alternated his hands, punching my anus like a target he battered it with his fists, each time he drew out my hole would close with fright before a smashing reminder of what it felt like to have his fist reenter me right up to its forearm.

I began to choke on cock when I was suddenly punched in the balls, I winced in pure agony, but for now the fist fucking was over, the pistons moving my head were also ceased, my mind was swimming.

In came three sets of foot steps, 'here' Something was handed over, and then I felt my anus being stretched wider than ever by several cold hands, the fingers worked its edge into an "o" ring the same as the mouth spreaders, they had splayed my anus wide open, it felt like it was on fire after it recent battering.

My butt cheeks felt wide open I did not know what they had inserted to hold me wide, but my whole rear felt utterly exposed, my arse splayed embarrassingly wide as they looked at it in the bright lights.

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Once again they injected us. Soon.

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they will be ready"…