Karen fisher and molly bennett amazing threesome sex

Karen fisher and molly bennett amazing threesome sex
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I've never known what it is about me, but for some reason I just love to do things you aren't supposed to do. Once again I found myself up to no good. I'd just gotten off work and was heading to a local bar with one of my married co-workers. She and I had been flirting on and off for the past few months and this week her husband was out of town on business. Seeing an opportunity I asked her if she would care to join me for a drink after work, and she jumped at the chance.

We made it all the way to the parking lot of the bar before she changed her mind and instead decided she would rather have me than a drink. As soon as the car was parked she hopped over in to my lap and pressed her breasts in my face. This was not an easy task since I drive a small sports car. Liking the way this evening was turning out I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips to mine. We made out for 4 or 5 minutes like this in the car before we decided we would be better served to drive to her house than be caught in the bar parking lot.

She only lived a couple minutes up the street, and soon we arrived at her house. Before she even had a chance to flip the light on I was all over her.

We had entered the kitchen and wasting no time, I pushed her forwards against the counter top effectively pinning her between me and it, with her facing away from me. I let one hand roam free, while sliding my other hand around her neck and roughly pulling her towards me.

To keep her guessing I gently kissed the back of her neck, being both dominate and sensual at the same time. My free hand soon found it's way under her shirt and to one of her breasts.

I kneaded her breast and nibbled on her ear, all the while whispering dirty things I wanted to do to her. She started to moan, and soon I was mom and son eu fucking to see what was under her clothes.

I let her out from under me, and we moved to the living room. I sat down and told her I'd like to see a little strip tease. She agreed and stood directly in front of me and started to sway her hips. I could tell she was a little nervous so I paid her a compliment and told her how sexy she looked. That seemed to be the boost she needed and she really started to work it. She ran her hands down her sides then turned around to take off her shoes bending at the middle, her ass only inches from my face.

After her shoes were off she slowly turned back around and started to work her tight shirt up and over her head, making sure to squeeze her breasts together as much as possible to show off how great they looked.

Once the shirt was off I really started to admire just how well she took care of her body. She had all the right curves! Her pants were the next thing to go, and as she started to unzip the front I couldn't help but notice she was wearing a see-through lace thong. God, how I love a little slut.

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She once again faced away from me to wriggle out of her jeans, giving me another great view of her shapely ass. After taking an extraordinarily long time to remove her pants, and shaking her ass as much as possible, she straightened up and quickly removed her bra. I could tell she was getting tired of stripping and was soaking wet. I was just as ready for cougar amber busts teen jade playing her clits making herself horny as she was.

I stood up before she had a chance to take off her thong and grabbed her wrists, holding then together behind her back. I ran my hand up and down her lovely body, while I held her still next to me. I lightly twisted her nipple and loved how she gasped at the light pain.

I then ran my hand down her stomach to her panties and pushed them aside so that I could slide a finger into her hot slit. I gently fingered her for a minute or so, while I again kissed her neck. I could start to feel her legs going weak. I let her fall to the couch while I quickly stripped my clothes off, tossing them left and right, trying to get back to the action as quickly as possible.

Once I was naked, my 7" member was proudly standing out, and I took the opportunity to guide this pretty sluts mouth to it. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards me, as she started to suck my dick. I was happy to see she was good at this, and soon she was able to deep throat me.

I grabbed hold of her with both hands and started to quicken my pace as I fucked her throat. I could tell by her excited moans that she was enjoying herself. What a perfect little fuck slut. I had to stop before too long. I had so much more I wanted to do, and didn't want beautiful slave gets oral and fuck training to end prematurely.

I picked her up and had her guide me to the master bedroom, not only did I want to fuck her properly, I wanted to use her and her husbands bed to do it.

I dropped her on the bed and had her get on all fours near the edge of the bed so that I could mount her doggy style. She seemed only too eager to comply. I grabbed her hips and guided myself into her, she was so wet I was able to slide most of the way in with relative ease. I held her thong to the side so it wouldn't get in the way as I slowly pulled out and pushed back into her getting just a bit deeper this time.

Her moans got louder every thrust. After a short time of taking it slow she yelled for me to fuck her hard, and I was only to happy to comply. I began to pound her furiously from behind, my balls slapping her with each thrust.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me as I fucked her and her moans turned to screams. She yelled out that she was going to cum and after all the teasing, and foreplay before this I knew I would be soon to follow.

I felt her clench down on my cock, as she started to spasm. I kept fucking her for another minute or so to let her finish then I pulled out and spun her around so that she could finish me off with her mouth. As soon as she wrapped her lips around my dick I came, shooting a huge load into her mouth, then shooting another load onto her face. After I came, I collapsed on the bed beside her, total spent and needing a bit of rest. We laid there for a couple minutes, then she looked over at me and said "I hope you've still got some left because you've neglected one of my holes!" God, how I love a good slut.