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Writers Notes: "Hawk here Chapter 38 will be out once I get it revised. Now a few words from my partner in crime lol." "Hey everyone Tazonda here.‭ ‬Here is the second chapter of It's a Good Day to Die.‭ ‬This chapter was written when Hawk had writers block.‭ ‬During the second round of writers block he finished it and resent it.‭ ‬If we had timed it right we could have put it out‭ ‬for Labor day.‭ ‬I know the chapters have been coming out slow but we want to give you,‭ ‬the readers,‭ ‬a great experience and get rid of any loopholes in the plot.‭ ‬This series WILL NOT include any characters from the previous works.‭ ‬Yes some names are duplicated because they are common names and you can change them out in your minds if/when you feel like it.‭ ‬This story is about a young man's journey to finding himself and redemption while working to heal the lost bond with his family.‭ ‬Hawk and I hope you enjoy‭ ‬this work and all events and actions are purely incidental.‭ ‬Without further ado.LOCK AND LOAD BITCHES IT'S A GOOD DAY TO DIE‭!!!!!!!!!!!" ‭======================================================================= Mary POV: Christmas Continue I feel so sad and the reason is that my son, my baby boy isn't here.

He isn't even at his godparents. I am holding Sarah while she weeps for the young man she loves as much as I do. I know we have been a bit distant from him, but we got caught up in all the sex. It has became mean and hurtful as well which I didn't like. I look over to see Billy having Kelsey bend over as he pulls her panties down to her knees. I have this odd feeling all the sudden. As I stand up and take a few steps to stop him from taking my daughter.

I shove him out of the way while I pull her panties back up. " Mary what the hell are you doing?" He asks as I help my daughter to stand up to take her in my arms " I am stopping you from acting like a horny bastard, and besides I don't think the girls and I are in the mood." I say as he looks at me shocked " Mom I don't mind, but your right.

I don't know what it is, but I feel lost. I feel a part of me is missing." Kelsey says with some tears " Me too it's hard to explain." Jennifer says going to her aunt " It's because Matt is baby is gone." Sarah says as she cries embracing Jennifer " Oh for god's sake he is probably somewhere playing with himself since he can't get any pussy.

Now come here Kelsey and give me your." Billy says to us demanding Kelsey to satisfy his socando ate gozar tube porn No Billy not today.

If you want some pussy go find a cat because the girls and I have to find out where Matty is." I say as my loving sister in law and my daughters make our way up to Matt's bedroom " Fine be stuck up bitches.

I'll go over to Francine's." Billy says while I shrug going up the stairs flipping him off Francine was one of his old friends. She was the school slut back then. She had always liked Billy, but right now I didn't care what he did since my son was on my mind. As we entered Matt's forced cock milking tmultiple orgasm10 there was a empty feeling to the room. Sarah and I went to the bed while the girls searched around to find anything that showed where he could be.

I sat down on the edge looking at the night stand at the picture. I felt my heart break as I saw his picture was shredded. I looked and saw more glass on the stand as well on the floor. Sarah stood in front of me. I looked up to see her eyes were wide. " What is it Sarah honey?' I asked as she pointed down between my feet " that what I think it is? Please tell me it's not." She asks with a look of horror while I leaned over to look I reached down to feel the stained carpet.

Whatever it was felt dry, but crusty to a sense. I held on to the pieces that were on my fingers to see it was red. I suddenly had that ache in my heart as I looked up to see Sarah sobbing. " I.I think it's blood, but why would it." I tried to say until Sarah got down on her knees to look closer " Oh god it's blood Mary.

It is Matt's blood, but why would it be here?" She asks as I shake my head before she continued " Hang on what's this?" I watch as she pulls what looks like a journal out from under the bed along with a knife.

She hands me the journal looking at the knife. " It's.It's got blood on the blade. Oh Mary what did he try to do?" Sarah asks as I feel scared all the sudden " I.I don't know baby. Maybe this will shine some light." I answer opening the journal I look through it to see dated entries and read a few.

My heart breaks as I read one from a few years ago. " April 16 My mom, sisters, and Aunt Sarah have changed. They don't hardly say they love me anymore. I don't know what I have done wrong except love them. I will turn 15 in June and wish they would love me again." I read that catching everyone's attention. " Mom what does he mean we changed back then?" Jennifer asks as I hear the front door slam then a few minutes later a car leave " I don't know baby, but at least we're alone now." I say responding as they nod " What else does Matt say?" Kelsey asks making me look at the journal again to read another entry into his painful existance " June 21 It's my 17th birthday and I sit here alone in my room.

The family are to busy to spend time with me. Dad is being a ass demanding me to help with food when the fucker has money. He seems to hate me for some reason. Mom isn't even sticking up for me. Why is this happening to me.

I love them, but they don't love me." " Oh god what does he mean. We do love him don't we?" Jennifer says as my tears come " October 23 The only love I feel is from my two brothers Amateur gfs anal anniversary gift analfingering and buttfucking and Adam as well as their families.

They treat me like someone they want around. At least they say they love me more then I can say about my family." " Momma I don't like this. Have we been that mean to him?" Kelsey asks as my tears make my vision blurred " I don't know baby, but I can't read because my tears are stopping me.

We really hurt him bad." I say as Kelsey comes to sit by me and Jennifer gets on euro teen hot teens ultra x rated living arrangement floor by Sarah who is crying Kelsey takes the journal and starts to take over.

" May 6th Prom was nice, but what I saw after prom just totally broke my heart. I couldn't believe my family would do that betraying me. Especially with two asshole douche bags. I asked if I could join in and they all basicly laughed at me.

Dad said no while my own mother degraded me. And Sarah, my beautiful Aunt Sarah the one I have had a big crush on laughed at me. I loved her so much as I loved my mother and sisters. All four have owned my heart, but now it's broken unable to be healed. I wish I could rip it out to dull the pain they inflicted. They are whores to my father, Wayne, and Daryl. I feel so alone and unwanted. The only salvation is my godparents and brothers." " Oh god what have we done?" Sarah says breaking down as I do as well " Kelsey stop this is.

I can't stand hearing this anymore" Jennifer says as I shake my head " keep going. There has to be something in there to tell us where he is. I want my son home." I say as I see Kelsey slowly nod with concern " June 21st It's my 18th birthday and it was a fun day. My godparents and brothers took me to the lake. We played on the lake as a family. We went swimming with my godmoms and played on the jet skis. They made me feel good by telling me I was handsome and sexy.

And that any woman would want me. My godfathers laughed while I blushed by the only women that Teeny lovers sexy teen enjoys the fucking loved and had never hurt me. My brothers although woke me up this morning by pranking me. I will get my revenge bwahahaha. There was no calls or texts from my family so I drunk the night away to kill the pain." " Fuck I knew we forgot something.

Dammit if it wasn't for Billy and the guys distracting us." I exclaim feeling angry " Mom we all are to blame. We have to make it up to Matt in someway." Jennifer says as I nod in agreement " I.I don't think I can read this last entry." Kelsey says with more tears in her eyes " Why.what does it say?" Sarah asks as Jennifer takes the journal " November 5 what are you girls doin absurdum productions If I could I would take the gun papa George lent me for protection and blow my brains out.

This pain in my heart won't go away as I feel this calming sensation when the cold steel of this old 357 magnum presses into my temple. I feel so light as I squeeze the trigger just to hear the heart deafening click as the hammer slams on the empty cylinder. My heart feels at ease as if wanting me to place a round in the chamber just to end the suffering my family has caused.

I have cut my arm and still the pain won't leave and only lesses for more to creep into my soul.

I feel death would be a preferred choice. I curse those downstairs having their fucking orgy. I just want to die. I hope what I am doing helps me do so. I just want to leave this world since I am not wanted by those that I love with all my heart. I wonder if they would hear the deafening explosion as the round flies from the brass being propelled by the 180 grains of powder. The round would be pushed down the four inch barrel fast enough into my head to do enough damage to satify my desires.

My head would explode covering the walls and my bed in a fine red mist. I wonder if those that I loved will even care, or notice over their moans as Billy and two people I considered beautiful nude girl sex act story free friends all enjoy an endless orgy.

Will they come right away, or will their moans drown out the sound of my demise. Will they come to find my body because I haven't come down in a couple days, or will will they find it because it overpowers the smell of all the cum in the house.

Will I be buried normal, or will they bury a bloated and decaying corpse? Will they find it soon enough to just be able to bleach the walls and floor clean, or will they have to have a professional company come out to clean the room since it will become the nursery for their kids from god knows who?

Will they tell the only people that love me that I am gone. Will my my family since Mary, Jennifer, Kelsey and Sarah no longer want me, miss me?

I know that they would try to stop me if they knew these demons that twist my soul begging me to end it. They don't know that I feel so light knowing that the darkness will be gone.forever. Will there be a notice in the yearbook just to fade away like a leaf in the breeze. As I contemplate all these decisions I wonder what will happen to the four that I always tried to make proud.

Would they care? Would they cry even shed tear at my demise, or would they just move on since my death is a joke to them just like my love and their's for me. As I decide whether to end my existance or not I look out to the stars and hope that someone out there can ease my pain before it enshrines my essence as I fade into nothingness" " Please no more I don't want to hear anymore." Sarah says clutching her legs together " Aunt Sarah I doubt he would.

He loves us to much. He is only venting.he wouldn't follow through with it" Jennifer says before I see Sarah quickly get up and slap her niece " HOW DARE YOU! HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING? WHAT IS IN THAT JOURNAL IS NOT A YOUNG MAN VENTING. HE IS DEEPLY HURT!" Sarah yells out while Jennifer looks on with wide eyes rubbing the left side of her face as Sarah's words sink in " Aunt Sarah calm down she is just saying what she feels.

Look we all just need to think this all out. Maybe he is just somewhere thinking things out. He will be back here before we know it. Then we can all sit down with him and try to show him we do love him." Kelsey says before going to her sister " And what if he doesn't? What if he stays away from us? You both can't see it because the only thing on your brains is when you'll get fucked next.

I can see it in your eyes that you don't care about your brother. You don't know what it's like to love that one person that has stole your heart.

I love Matt so much, but got distracted along the way." Sarah says with tears as I get up going to her " Aunt Sarah how can you say that? We do love him, but we love sex since dad and you both got us into it also. I am sure when Matt comes home you can give him some pussy and all will be forgotten. Come on Jennifer let's go over to Francine's.and join her and dad." Kelsey says as they start leaving the room I pull Sarah up against my body while my own tears flow. Sarah places her head back on my left shoulder while her hands go to mine that are on her belly.

" Oh Mary what are we going to do? I feel I lost a big part of my soul." She asks while I feel her tears fall onto my hands " I don't know darling except we wait for him. I want my son back, and want him to know I do love him." I say turning my head to look in her eyes " Same here Mary. I love him so much and never wanted to hurt him. We were so stupid to be brainwashed by my brother." She says with tears as I nod in agreement " Yes we were my beautiful Sarah.

I should of never went along with Billy's idea. I was so foolish, but the thought of all that sex was too tempting. It was like a piece of candy you love and I became addicted." I say getting a nod from her " So what now Mary? We have no idea where he is, and he didn't answer his phone." She asks getting me to think " Well baby what do you want to do?" I ask feeling her turn to face me in my arms " Well I hope you don't think I am weird, but I want to spend the day in this room so I can feel close to Mattybear.

I don't care what we do as long as we stay in here for awhile." She tells me as I give her a slight smile " I would like that darling, but one thing I want us both nude so we can get his scent on our bodies." I say to see her beautiful smile " I would love that Mary darling." She says before placing fingers on eitherside of my top She slowly pulls my top off revealing my breast.

Sarah drops my top onto the floor before cupping both my firm breast. I let out a soft moan feeling her thumbs massage my nipples. " Mary I have always wished I was your real daughter.

I would of loved to of been breast fed by you." Sarah says as I smile before she leans in to take my left nipple into her warm wet mouth " Oh baby girl.I wish you were too." I say letting out another moan Sarah lowers her hands down to my pajamas to only slide them under the waistband.

I feel her hands against my skin as they move to my ass. Oh god her hands feel so good upon my flesh while she sucks my nipple. It feels like when the kinds were babies again. I place my arms around her with one hand on her head. " Yesss baby.suck your mommies nipples.just like that.oh baby Matt use to suck them like that." I say moaning with my eyes closed She starts sliding my pajamas down off my waist.

I can't help but moan to what may come next. Sarah starts kissing down my body as I let her go. I look down to see my bottoms are to my knees then to my ankles. I step out of them to only be fully naked in front of her. I don't know why I feel so different, but her seeing me like this feels so right.

Sarah is on her knees looking up at me with that beautiful smile. Her hands go to my thighs beckoning me to spread them. I do letting her see my hairy cunt that is pleading to be made love to. Sarah keeps her gaze up at me while slowly moving her right hand up. I feel her index finger trace my labia. I feel a electrical spark hit me while I place my hands on her head like I am asking her. Before I know it her mouth is on my womanhood.

Oh it feels so good to feel ebony milf shares husbands bbc with whitegirl pussypiercing interracial mouth, but this moment feels so different from all the other times she would eat me out. I let out a moan feeling her tongue lick my wet nether lips. I look down to see Sarah has her hand under the front of her shorts. She is rubbing her own love spot. I know she wants what she is doing to me just the same.

" Sarah take your clothes off. I want us to make love on the bed of the man we both love." I say to see her stop her advances Sarah stands up to only take her top off while I take her shorts off her legs. Once nude we walk over to the bed. I go around to the right side and Sarah is on the left. We pull the cover down so it doesn't get wet from our love making that is about to happen. We both get on the bed only to crawl to the other. Once in the middle we embrace placing our lips to the other.

We kiss like new lovers on this morning after reading the hurt we all gave to my son. I feel naughty interracial threesome with a hot slut brunette cumshot come to me hearing Sarah cry missing Matt just as much. This is not a normal kiss but a deep emotional one. I start pulling her along with me to lay down on our sides.

Our legs entertwine together with hands running up and down the other's bodies. Sarah moans as I seek her sexy ass to give it a squeeze. She breaks the kiss to only look in my eyes. " Mary I don't want another man to touch me unless it's Mattybear. I only want him to be the man that touches me." Sarah says with her head on Matt's pillow " I feel the same baby.

I think this is a new start for you and I. When he comes home I think you and I have a long talk with him, and do what we can to show him that we do love him." I say to see her smile " I agree Mary so much." She says before we hear footsteps We both look at the bedroom doorway to see Kelsey and Jennifer.

" What are you two doing here?" I ask to see worried eyes " Well we couldn't go. Jennifer and I have been talking and feel the same. Yes we still want the guys, but at the same time want our mother and aunt.

Plus after knowing how Matt feels well we want to start new with him." Kelsey says with some tears as Jennifer speaks up " Mom we want to spend the day with you both in Matty's bed. We want to be wet tight muff endures ramming hardcore and blowjob close as we can to him." Jennifer says while I see Kelsey nod I turn to look at my lover to see her eyes glaring at the two standing.

" Ok but the thing is girls there is to be no man's cum in this bed. Before you get in it at night you will douche. The only cum to be on these sheets is Matt's and ours. I will not eat any man's cum out of you.

Your pussies will be clean before coming to bed as well your ass. The only cum that will touch my lips or my body is Matt's. I am his woman in my heart. I love him so much that today has brought that love back in my soul." Sarah says to get nods " The same for me girls. I know he is my son, but I am vowing myself to him and Sarah. I swear off your father. I don't want him touching me.

He has made us all hurt the one man that has shown us any kind of actual love. So if you truly want to be with us you will obey the new rules. And when your in here there are to be no clothes on. And we need a dildo that is compared to Matt's manhood." I say to get giggles " Mom we don't even know how big his cock is." Kelsey says as I shake my head " Actually I do. I sort of seen him a few months ago. He was changing and I just walked in to get the dirty clothes and was I ever wrong.

He is bigger then your father and the guys if his indentation in his boxers was any giveaway." I say to get slapped playfully by Sarah " No you didn't and is he really?" She asks while I laugh " Yes I did and yes. Let's put it this way you and I will be walking bow legged for a week." I say see her mouth open " Holy shit I am going to have to train my ass with butt plugs to take something that big.

But then again I want Matt to have the first time as he makes it fit him." " Sarah says as we all laugh Kelsey and Jennifer strip exposing their bodies. Each come over Kelsey comes the side I am on with Jennifer going to Sarah. That moment we shared a kiss with our other lovers.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was filled with love. Sarah had me pretend I was Matt while wearing a strapon making love to her. There were tears and a bonding between us. That day we consemated our new love for only one man that shared our hearts. That man was my loving Mattybear. ===================================================================== Susan's POV: Later on Christmas around 1 p.m.

I am sitting in George's lap as he holds me. It's been a emotional day for Chelsea and I as mothers since one of our sons is not here. Seems he is not at home either. Adam and my son haven't seen him either. I feel something is wrong as he has never disappeared like this without someone knowing where he is. His car is parked around back. He asks us to watch it for him until he returns. Matt left us some gifts to show his love for us along with a note.

He told us to not worry about him since he would be staying in a good place that was safe. He also told us he loved us all. I knew he did without a doubt. He had small jewelry boxes for Chelsea and I. Each had a locket inside. Oriental attractive girl performs cock sucking hardcore and blowjob picture they contained was of brandi belle young white girl with small tits and big ass gets cum in her pussy and the boys.

I had Nick put it on me as Chelsea had Adam put hers around her neck. He got Tim a few new shirts as well as George along with matching knives with dad on them. As my man held me I heard Chelsea start to speak.

" Do you think he is thinking of us? Do you think he will come back someday?" She says in a soft voice " I'm sure he will honey. I think he just needed time to think and stuff. I am sure we will see him soon." Tim says as we all nod " I hope so as I miss my baby boy." Chelsea says as I nod to agree " Momma Chels I know bro will be just fine.

Dad trained us well to know how to survive and he retained all the knowledge so well." Nick says as I look at him " I know honey, but it's hard for a mother. I would be just like this if something happened to you." I say as Nick looks at me nodding I look at everyone in the living room before I say a little prayer to Matt. " Matt please be safe and well. I love you so much honey just like the rest of your family.

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You will always be in my heart and soul." I say to myself as George holds me tight =============================================================== I get to town and stay in a motel just off base. I am scheduled for intake on January 1st. I sit in my little room as I look out at the sky. It matches my feelings since it's dark and stormy looking. I call home on the 28th and I get the answering machine.

I leave a message that I don't know if they will listen to,'Hey I just wanted to tell you guys that you don't have to worry about me anymore. I have somewhere safe to stay. I guess you never wanted me around. I guess I will see you at graduation in May.' I smile as I was long gone and they would never know. Hell they probably won't even go to graduation anyways. I sit back and hope I can make it because I didn't have a backup plan.

I smile as the day goes by so fast. Before I know it I fall asleep as I dream of the time Sarah taught me how to dance while my sisters did my brothers.

We were so bad but they never stopped since we were their precious babies. I wake up and laugh as I go back to sleep and dream what may come as I become an Army of One It's my intake day and I am brought in with about five hundred others.

We get seperated into companies and squads. I am in Charlie company and Bravo squad. I watch as the drill sergents march us through intake and to get shots. They line us up in columns. They make sure we are just as they like us to be.uniform. My primary DS ( Drill Sargent) is named Shank and he is a hard ass. He walks through screaming at all of us as he stops by me. " Private where the hell are you from?" He asks while I answer him without looking into his eyes since he said the first motherfucker to look him in the eyes he'd fuck up " Dexter,Missouri DS Shank." I answer while he looks at me as he starts to talk to the platoon " The only things from Dexter are steers and queers.

I don't see no horns so what does that make you?" He asks looking me in the eyes as I answer from my heart " Dehorned DS Shank." I answer and as I smile I feel him sock me doubling me over " I want fifty push ups you little bitch." He says while I start doing my push ups. At number thirty he kicks my arm knocking me down to the ground I get back into position and finish as he tells me to stand up.

"You remind me of a damn schoolboy. Why the hell do they send me boys instead of men?" DS Shank asks and I don't know why I answer what I did but I go for it " That's funny because your wife said I was more man than you could ever hope to be." Once those words come out I feel his fist slam into my head as he tells me we are going on a five mile run He coaches me through it as I finish.

The next couple days go by while I think of my brothers and remember the big game was tonight. I talk to myself before lights out,'Ok guys I'm rooting for you to win. Let's go Bulldogs.' I get some sleep as the range is the next day.

============================================================== Nick POV-‭ eternal desire erika bella ursula moore anita blond lea martini henrietta gabriella bucci julia teod to school It was a sad Christmas and New Years since Matt was missing.‭ ‬We tried calling his phone but it went to voicemail and we told him to call us.‭ ‬We never heard from him.‭ ‬It's our first day back and we have National's this Friday.‭ ‬I keeping looking for Matt while Adam does the same.‭ ‬I park and we look around and don't see him, and I start to get worried.‭ ‬I know Matt would disappear for a couple days at a time but we haven't seen him since the fifteenth of last month and haven't spoken since then.‭ ‬He parked his car at my place so I wondered where he was staying.‭ ‬I mean he left his car and that was so unlike him.‭ ‬I keep scanning and I see the principal.

I tell Adam to follow me.‭ ‬He tells me sure following me on my way to the principal.‭ ‬He turns to see us and smiles. ‭"‬Welcome back boys.‭ ‬Are you ready to get us that title on Friday‭?" ‬I nod ‭"‬Yes sir.‭ ‬And welcome back yourself.‭ ‬Have you seen Matt‭?" ‬He tells me he hasn't since the fifteenth of last month but not to worry because he was no longer a student of the school ‭ ‬I look at him.

‭"‬Excuse me what was that‭?" ‬He tells me Matt no longer attended the school ‭ ‬I ask which school he went to and when was this.‭ ‬He tells me the fifteenth and he couldn't tell me anymore.‭ ‬I am hurt that he changed schools and didn't tell us.‭ ‬I see Adam has the same look.‭ ‬I see Holly and shake my head knowing how much my brother loved her.‭ ‬We make it through the day and it sucks.‭ ‬I miss Matt and do everything in my power to not lose it.‭ ‬After school we drive to all our hangouts and no sign of Matt and when we ask no one has seen him in weeks.‭ ‬We thank everyone and head home to my place.‭ ‬I pull up and see that Momma Chelsea and Papa Tim are here.‭ ‬I tell him to stay cool and let's not flip out the parents.‭ ‬I get out and we walk in and I greet my other set‭ ‬of parents while Adam does the same before we go to our blood parents.‭ ‬We tell them school sucked and Matt wasn't in any of our classes.‭ ‬The moms take it hard since they were worried about him and him not being here.‭ ‬I tell her not to worry he was a survivor.‭ ‬We talk for a couple minutes and the parents ask if we are happy to be graduating in a couple months and I shake my head.‭ ‬Adam does the same.

‭"‬I hope Matt's graduation isn't on the same day.‭" ‬I look at my cousin ‭"‬Ass I said to keep that a secret.‭" ‬I hear my mother ‭"‬NICHOLAS.ADAM WHAT ARE YOU HIDING‭?!?" ‬We turn and the moms are ready to beat some ass and I see the dads looking at us ‭ ‬I explained that we couldn't find Matt and talked to the principal and that Matt had swapped schools but he wouldn't tell us which one.‭ ‬The naughty teen fingering slit on doctors table pornstars cry and the dads comfort them while we go to our godmoms and love on them.

===================================================================== George POV-Night of school return After dinner I have work.‭ ‬I was pulling a couple extra shifts to help with future graduation local german with filipina housemaid sex vedios in mirdif and party favors.‭ ‬I kiss my wife telling her I love her and I'd see her in a couple hours.‭ ‬She tells me she loves me and to be careful.‭ ‬I nod telling my son I was proud of him and to watch over the house since he was the acting man.

‭ "‬I am a man dad.‭ ‬Sheesh I can't be you little slugger forever.‭" S‬tates my son but he is wrong as‭ ‬I look at him ‭"‬Until the day I die you will be.‭ ‬When you have kids tell me differently.‭" ‬My son sees my love telling me to stay safe and I tell him I will and be good in school We share a laugh since we‭ ‬both hated school, but knew it was a necessary evil.‭ ‬I head to the station and check in.‭ ‬I head to the Commander's office and knock.‭ ‬He sees me and waves me in.

‭"‬Hey George what can I do for you‭?" ‬I smile since Commander Owens had taught me what it meant to‭ ‬be a cop and was still my go to guy ‭"‬Um I have a favor to ask.‭" ‬He looks at me and tells me to take a seat ‭ ‬I do and tell him about Matt and him being gone and worring about him.‭ ‬Owens sighes.

‭"‬Because you are not his blood parent or legal guardian you can not fill out a missing child report.‭" ‬I nod while he continues, ‭"‬But we can have a BOLO on him ok‭?" ‭ ‬I nod thank him for his understanding.‭ ‬I head to the briefing room and we go over what happened during first and second shift.‭ ‬Owens walks in and talks. ‭"‬Ok‭ ‬everyone I have an announcement.‭ ‬You all know George and his godson Matt right‭?" ‬I see everyone nodding telling him Matt and the boys did a damn good job on the SWAT course and Kurt smiles ‭"‬Hell when that kid graduates I'm putting him in the academy personally.‭" ‬Owens smiles ‭"‬Seems the young man disappeared.‭ ‬His blood family is not concerned and George asked if we could fill out a report and I told him no.‭" ‬Everyone is upset as Owens tells them to pipe down,‭"‬Legally we are not looking for him.‭ ‬But Be On the Look Out for him.‭ ‬He is a good kid from what George says and I can tell you just from listening to him he considers him a son.‭" ‭ ‬I look at my boss and smile.

‭"‬He is my son sir and I will do everything I can to find him.‭" ‬Owens nods while we head out ‭ ‬It is‭ ‬a long shift and I don't see any sign of Matt.‭ ‬I had told everyone where he used to hang out and still no sign of him.‭ ‬As my shift starts to end I look to the sky and pray. ‭"‬Please let my son be safe.‭ ‬Matt you keep safe wherever you are.‭" ===================================================================== ‭Nick's POV: Night of National's ‭ ‬The next couple days suck until we go to the National's.‭ ‬I look at the team before we get off the bus.

‭"‬Hey guys let's do this for Matt.‭" ‬I hear them chanting Matt as we get off and I hope to win it for the one team member that should be here that isn't We frisky czech kitten gapes her wet cunt to the special been giving it our all as the score was tied in the 4th quarter.

My team mates were breathing hard as I looked at all of them in the huddle. We all were wearing a armband with the letter M that stood for Matt. I knew if he was here the game would of been done by now.

" Ok guys I know your all tired, but we have this. This is our moment to make our school proud, but to make us feel good inside. We will take that championship from those assholes. We do this for Matt." I say as each of them nod with a smile feeling energized. We leave the huddle to prepare to make the winning goal We stood on the 10 yard line to make the winning goal with 40 seconds on the clock. Once the referee saw it was time he blew his whistle.

Once I looked from side to side I did my chant and that was it. Adam hiked me the ball as I stepped back. I looked for where my one good throw could go.

I had no open team mates. So I decided to make this goal for my brother. I faked direction going from right to left. I ran copying what Matt would making my way past the opposing team.

My team plowed right through yelling Matt's name. I felt tears come to my eyes as I made it pass everyone making the touchdown just as the clock buzzer sounded. Everyone on our side of the field started cheering as I noticed the referee's arms go straight up. I ran to my team while they ran to meet me. We hugged and cried as we were doing this for one of us that wasn't here. Once all the cheering was over the coach came over to me with the trophy and a microphone.

He gave me a smile handing me both, but Adam helped holding the trophy. I looked at everyone in the stands before looking up to see my parents and godparents. I turned to see my team and Adam nod their heads. " I know you all are cold and tired. I know it's been a long game, guy drills sex appeal beautiful gal smalltits hardcore I have something to say." I exclaim as no one moves as they just keep looking down at the field at me before I continue " My name is Nick Dakoson I am the quarterback of the Fighting Bulldogs.

Some of you know me and some don't. Tonight we won this trophy as a team, but the thing is one of us isn't here. Number 30 Matt Hartigan. He has been our running back since the beginning." I say feeling tears come to me as Coach Rinnert pats my back to keep going before I continue again" He helped get us here game after game.

He left for his own reasons to who knows where. He may not be here in person, but his spirit was here every step of the way. He is a son, brother, and most of all a great friend. He was and will always be the heart of this team. He is a part of all of you every game you attended, every ball he caught was for all of you nerdy teen orgasm devirginized for my birthday this team.

He is my best friend. So with all that said I want to ask everyone here to please stand up to give our brother a cheer so that he may hear it where ever he maybe." Everyone stood up with tears and smiles. The team all surrounded Adam and I as we lifted the trophy up in the air.

I looked to see my parents and godparents crying as Adam and I started chanting Matt's name. Everyone started in as I heard everyone get louder. The team all chanted his name. I turned my head to see the other team come over to join our team as their side was chanting. I couldn't believe it as I turned to see Adam smiling with tears of his own. We made that trophy rise as far up to the sky we could.

I smiled as I had a thought come to me. I chuckled as I spoke if Matt was here. " This is for you bro please be safe and well. We love you Matt." I say softly as people came to the field Adam and our parents came to us as our dads helped keep the trophy in the air.

My mother stepped up to me with tears as she hugged me. " I am so proud of you baby, and I know Matt is smiling where ever he is." My mom tells me shivering as I hold her with my right arm " Thanks mom, mom caught dad fucking playmates daughter sexy family scrapbook photoshoot I couldn't of done it without Matt in my heart." I say as everyone get's louder It's about alluring brunette babe alina west choking and riding a bbc hour later that we are back on the amazing teen babes sucking cock and playing with toys brunette college in the school bus as the team talks of how one man got us to this moment.

Adam and I are in the back as we see our parents follow as dad was doing his duty escorting us home as a friend of his was in front of the bus. Adam looks at me before he speaks. " Bro that was one hell of a speech." He tells me as I just shrug " It came from the heart man that's all." I say as he nods " Well still it was heartfelt there was not a dry eye bro." He tells me as I nod It was late when we got home since the game was out of town.

I just sat in the seat thinking of what Matt would of said. Knowing him something in a smart ass way. ==================================================================== It's been 4 weeks since I have been here.

I'm sitting on my foot locker shining my boots. I look around at my squad members who are cleaning. I have my foot locker already for inspection tomorrow just making sure my boots shine to where Drill Sargent Shank can see his face. I loved pissing him off. I guess that was still the kid in me because I loved how I could mess with him like I could Billy. He loved making me run, or do squats. I look at my bunk and it would pass the quarter test and make that fucking quarter fly 10 foot over.

I finish my boots as Shank walks in,'Attention!' We all snap to attention getting in front of our bunks. Shank walks through and makes comments to make sure everyone has their shit in order. He gets to me and tells me he wants to test my bed making skills.

He flips the quarter on my bed and it does what he wants. He looks at me.

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" Good job PFC Hartigan." He tells me getting a smile as I watch him rip the bunk apart just to continue " If you were a fucking preschooler!" He looks at me. " Foot locker now." He says as I step aside. He looks at everything and it is in order "Good good." He exclaims before he flips it throwing my shit across the barracks before he continues" What the fuck schoolboy?

Did you stop sucking your momma's tit too soon? Did she keep any of her intelligent kids, or just the afterbirth?" Shank's words piss me off comparing me to those sluts that were my sisters " Don't know Drill Sergeant. the only thing I know is your wife said that if you had a dick a tenth as long as mine she'd stop picking up younger guys for sex.

Something about they were 4 times bigger than you hard." I respond as Shank looks at me and he sucker punches me I turn and hit him back as we exchnage blows back and forth. I am kicking his ass as just to have some of my squad mates pull me off. Shank spits out blood. " Everyone you are to stand down is that understood?

What happens in the barracks stays in the barracks. You think you can take me Schoolboy?" He asks me as I look at him and grin " Any day as I fuck your mother,sister,aunt, wife, and daughter at the same time." I say as Shank goes and tackles me as we roll on the ground punching and kicking as we roll into guys and knock shit off the open foot lockers Shank is on top as I kick him off and he goes backwards.

I get up and run towards him and he flips me into the storage room doors. I crack them as Shank goes to the door and comes back in with his nightstick he carries. He swings it into my ribs as I hear them crack but I catch the 5th hit and he goes to rear back but can't. I look at him. " My turn you fucking cheap ass bitch." I say as I cold cock him and grab him by the throat as I throw him into the same doors I start to walk away as he calls me a fucking momma's boy. I snap as I hit him full force with a tackle and destroy the doors as I start pounding away.

I feel 20 sets of arms grab me and take me to the ground. My squad basically all sits one eyed monster inside beauteous virgin pussy me to where I can't more. " Hey the fucker said to stand down." I say as Mike Jackson tells me " Dude if we didn't stop you I think you would have killed him." He says as I look and Shank was definately fucked up and I wondered if my nickname would finally drop It's about a day later I am called into the commander's office.

I am escorted by eight of my platoon mates as I enter to see Shank. Oh fuck they're gonna kick me out because we fought.

The commander speaks to the guys. " Gentlemen that will be all. You are dismissed." They salute before heading back I stand at attention until he tells me to relax so I go to parade ease. He looks at me. " I said to fucking relax private this is a friendly chat." He tells me as I ease up thinking its a test before Shank speaks " Hartigan I have some questions for you." He says as I nod while he continues " Why have you not received any letters from home or sent any?

Why have you never called home? What drives you?" Teen hottie tristyn kennedy is bouncing on a stiff cock look at Shank before speaking.

" I am driven by my need to be the best that I can be Drill Sergeant." I answer as he looks at me " No son why are you so damn hard on yourself?" He says as I look at a man talking to me not the ass of a DS that I respect He looks at me as he talks. " When I was eighteen I left home because I had to support my mom and younger siblings.

I lost my mom three years later to breast cancer." I look at him as he continues to speak " My little brother got involved in drugs and while high killed his pregnant girlfriend. He sits on death row to this day. My little sister graduated and found a nice guy. I walked her down the aisle and she thanked me for living up my future to support them.

I told her my drive in life was to provide for them. Do you get what I mean son?" I give him a nod as I speak. " Drill Sargent Shank I just wanted away from my hometown.

My family hurt me so I left not that they wanted me. I stayed with two close friends and their families. I graduated early so I could escape my family. No one knows I joined the Army and I'm hear at Ft. Benning. The reason I don't write home is like I said no one knows that I'm here and I don't want to contact them." I say as the two men look at one another and nod as Shank address me " Tomorrow at 1400 you will call someone. I don't care who, but you will let them know that you are alive and well is that understood Private?" He tells me as I nod my head as I answer " Yes Drill Sergeant Shank." I exclaim answering as we talk for a bit.

He tells me I far exceed his goals and tells me that he will give me special training so I would easily pass the Airbourne/Air Assault training and Ranger training I was scheduled to take We nod as I am dismissed to go back to the barracks.

The next morning we do our daily PT as we get better and faster each time. I follow my usual protocal of helping my teammates that are slowing down and pulling more of the weight. We then hit the range and I impress Shank so much he just complments me. At 1350 he tells me to come with him.

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I do as I am told and we go back to the Commander's office. I am handed the phone. I look at both as Shank nods. " Please Matt do it for your family." He says as I nod as I dialing a number and hope no one picks up.

On the 5th ring the person picks up. "Hello?" I wait a second before talking "Hey Adam its raunchy awesome teenie is drilled homemade hardcore I tell him I am safe and fine I had graduated in December and that last day we saw one another was my final day and that was why Daryl and Wayne got first class tickets to ass whooppingville.

He tells me they won the Nationals and I tell him I was rooting for them. I ask to speak to Nick as I hear Adam pass him the phone.

"Hello?" answers Nick in a wondering voice. "Hello back bro." As he recognizes my voice he starts talking asking about me I tell him I'm safe and I joined the Army. I tell him I'm a lean,mean fighting machine. He laughs saying that was me. I tell him I have to get back to training but I was able to call home. I ask that he hug and kiss our mothers and hug our fathers for me.

He tells me he will but makes me promise him something. I tell him sure what. "Promise me that you'll come home one of these days. Promise me that I won't have to tell our mothers you died I tell him I would and I was a tough SOB. We say our goodbyes as we hang up. Shank puts his hand on my shoulder. " Ok Schoolboy back to learning how to kill." He exclaims as I smile before I answer " Yes Drill Sergeant Shank." I say as we leave the C.O.'s office ===================================================================== Adam's POV: 10 minutes earlier It's the middle of February on Wednesday that I am in last period.

I am listening to Mrs. Brundige teach about the Civil War when I feel my cell vibrate. I am astonished that anyone would be calling me. I know it wasn't Nick since he is sitting next to me in his own chair. I pull it out to see a number I don't know. I click the accept icon and bring it to my ear. I say hello to only hear a familiar voice. It's Matt as I smile while he starts telling me that he is way alright and safe.

I see Mrs. Brundige looking at me as I keep talking to Matt. I tell him about how we won the game in which he says he was happy for us. He tells me to put Nick on. I hand the phone to Nick who just looks at me as he takes it. His eyes go wide as he starts speaking to Matt. They talk for a bit before hanging up. hot school babe rubs little pussy up skirt So are you done talking to who ever was on the phone gentlemen?" Mrs Brundige asks as we both nod " Yes Mrs.

Brundige, but Matt says hello and hopes you don't get to mad at us." Nick says as her eyes soften " Awww he is such a nice kid. Tell him I said hello next time you talk to him." She says before turning to finish what she was telling us I smile as I look at Nick who hands me back my phone. We turn to listen to the assignment that Mrs. Brundige assigns. After days and weeks go by it's Spring Break.

Nick and I are out back at his place talking about our plans for the future. He talks about going to the academy to be a cop like his dad. I think back to last summer during the range and smile telling him he better be ready for a room mate. Nick smiles telling me I better come with him because he needs one brother with him. I smile as we clank our beers together. We talk about the coming week since we don't have school. I sit back in the lounge chair hoping Matt is enjoying the day.

===================================================================== Kelsey POV- Monday around 1 o'clock in the afternoon of first day of Spring Break Jennifer and I went to the mall to get some special outfits for the three guys in our lives.

I picked out a blue teddy and Jenny did a red one. The sex has started to get a little rougher than we liked but then again we are getting it more since mom and Sarah have cut the guys off completely. The guys started just getting their nuts off and most of the time Jennifer and I had to finish each other off.

They all wanted to try anal with us and both of us told them no not until they put a ring on our fingers. Dad complained mom and Sarah where the same, but just refused it. I start to remember Valentine's Day that they fucked us and we had to get each other off and when we got home mom and Sarah where in Matt's bed and we decide to join them. I paired off with mom and Jennifer with Sarah. I watched as my older sister and younger one started to eat each other out.

Sarah stops and shoves Teen euro model lesbian sucking pussy for tight pussy off the bed. "What did I tell you at Christmas Jennifer?" I look at her and then watch as some cum comes out of her pussy I am scared because we both forgot to douche as mom looks at me and spreads my lips a bit and start to ooze out as she shoves me off the bed. "I can't believe you'd both do that. Just for that no more sleeping in Matt's bed." I start to cry and mom tells me to get out Jennifer joins me that night in my bed.

The next morning mom put a keyed doorknob on Matt's door so Jennifer and I couldn't get in. It would take a couple weeks for them to forgive us. My mind is brought back to the present as mom and Sarah have went off together somewhere. I know they went to look for Matt but I didn't care. For the next week I would have three dicks nonstop. I pull into the drive and we get out and quietly head into the house.

"I'm glad that little bastard is gone. Now we don't have to worry about his pathetic ass killing the mood." My father says shocking me to no end "Thanks for letting us stay over Mr. Hartigan." Wayne says as I hear daddy "Your welcome Wayne.

Now lets fuck my daughters when they get back and we can get some anal from them." I can't believe my dad would say that I walk in where they can see me. "And we told you three until we have rings on our fingers you'd only have our pussies and mouths." Dad tells me with such a serious look "Don't be as big of a bitch as Matilda.

I swear to God I wished he would have been left at the hospital when he was born. I AM glad he is fucking gone from the house." I look at my father and tell him to go fuck off and head upstairs Jennifer is behind us and I hear dad ask the boys.

"Have you even seen the worthless little bitch at school?" I hear Daryl tell athena rayne gets her pussy penetrated by her stepbros cock not since Christmas break but then again I don't worry about his ass since I have the girls to suck my dick.

That and he knows so I don't care if I did see him." Wayne agrees and I drag Jennifer to my room I cry as it hurts that they only wanted us for sex. I look at my sister and we make a pact to start cutting them off and only fucking them once or twice a week at most. Jennifer nods. "Sounds good sis. Do you think mom and Sarah will let us join them?" I nod "I hope so. If not we have each other." Jennifer nods I hear dad yell for us.

I go to the stairs. "What do you want dad?" I hear him yell back "I said I want some pussy so get your asses down here." I tell him "Fuck you three. Makayla shows darci how to lick pussy will let you have my pussy when and IF I want it. As far as I am concerned all three of you can go fuck Francine and her loose fucking holes." I walk back to my room I hear the three start to cuss as Billy tells them they should go see her whore ass before she was to fucked up.

I hear them leave and I hug my sister.

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"I hope Matt is ok." Jennifer looks at me "Why did you say that all of a sudden sis." I tell her I have heard mom and aunt Sarah talking to the godmoms a few times and they keep teen bisexual threesome hd mia martinez xmas punishment they have NOT seen Matty and they don't know where he is She nods understanding since she missed Matt too.

About an hour later I hear someone come in. "Are you girls fucking?" I yell downstairs to aunt Sarah "No aunt Sarah. Can we talk to you?" I hear sure and we head downstairs I see mom and aunt Sarah.

I tell them about what dad and woman positions previous to camera softcore and amateur boys said and look at them with hopeful eyes.

"I still want a little dick on occasions but can we be a item the four of us as we wait for Matt?" Jennifer backs me up and I see Sarah look at me "I will tell you this only once.there will be NO sperm in his room again. If I catch sperm in one of your cunts again or you make me eat you out and you haven't douched than you will NEVER be allowed back in there or with me." I nod hugging my aunt "I promise. It hurt all the mean things daddy said about Matty." Mom nods telling us "I called Susan and Chelsea again but they are sticking to their stories.

We have checked all his hangouts and no one has seen him in months." Mom starts to cry and I hug her "I love you mom. Just you watch he is hiding from us. I mean he still has a couple months to graduate. I say we surprise him at graduation with us having an orgy with him." Mom nods telling me that would be good Jennifer pipes up. "I'm gonna let him have my ass if he wants." I tell her I would do the same Mom and Sarah tell us they will too. We all hug and kiss one another in a lovers way.

We head up to Matt's room and bond praying our little man would call us soon because his message from after Christmas was still fresh in our minds of not worrying about him. ===================================================================== Sarah's POV: A hour earlier Ever since New Years and all the waiting. Mary and I have been driving around looking for our Mattybear.

We search a little while then rest hoping to catch him and try to patch things up. It's been so hard on me as Matt and I were very close at one point of time. Ever since we found that journal of his I have felt so upset with myself. The one man that always showed me that love I always desired was not around anymore. I have wanted to feel his arms around me again. To feel him in my arms as well.

To see his smile that would warm my heart. Looking for him has been driving me crazy. No one knows where he is or hiding. It's been like looking for a needle in the haystack except the haystack was an entire city and that needle was my precious nephew who I loved like my baby brother. We have visited the school, but they won't allow us to see Matt. They claim he wasn't there that day and I wonder where he is hiding. Mary asks the principal to deliver a message to Matt. He nods while Mary writes something and hands it to him.

" Please tell him I need to talk with him. Tell him I miss him." Mary says while he nods and we leave to continue searching The nights since Christmas have felt empty without Matt in the house. Mary and I have stayed in his room every night waiting for him. I don't know how much more I can wait for him before asking Mary to file missing person report on him. " Sarah sorry to say this, but I am tired darling. I haven't been sleeping all that well." Mary says as I turn down the street that passes the high school " I know Mary baby me either." I say feeling her hand squeeze my thigh " Why don't we go home and relax?

Hopefully Billy and the guys will be gone, and we can just relax in silence." She asks to only get a nod " Sure baby we can always look again in a few days." I say letting out a sad sigh I come up to a street that leads to home. Mary scoots over to place her head on my shoulder.

" Matty our love whereever you are please come home because we miss you baby boy." Mary says while I try to make our way home I turn down on our street to see Kelsey and Jennifer home. I let out a sigh because I am still upset with them. Before I pull up I say just a few heartfelt words in my head. " I love you Mattybear please come home to me." ================================================================== It's the last week of March and I am sitting in my chair on stage listening to the commanding officers address everyone in attendance.

I can't believe I made it this far, but I had help with those pushing me to keep going. I met a lot of good men and women in this outfit and everyone of them worked hard to get here. After the open ceremonies were done Drill Sergeant Shank stepped up to the podium. He looked out at us all before he started. " When all of you arrived I saw boys and girls who just got done sucking their mother's teat.

Now I see men and women who can take apart a M4 and put it back together in no time at all. I am proud of you all for toughening it out and taking everything I could give you." He says looking at everyone before looking at me as he continued " But there is one of you that was a big smart ass. This young soldier showed me he wasn't afraid or showed any kind of fear.

He in the end showed respect to his fellow soldiers and his COs. It makes me proud and honored to ask him to come up and give his speech as he was ahead of the class. So SGT. Matt Hartigan get your ass up here." I chuckle as I stand up making my way up. Once to the podium we shake hands before he goes to return to his seat. I look over at everyone in attendance. I turn to salute my COs before turning back to the podium where I smile to everyone who made it with me before speaking.

" Thank you Drill Sergeant for those kind words." I say as he points down with a grin and I shake my head with a smile before continuing " Thanks to all here as those in front of me are taking that next step in life. Drill Sergeant Shank was right when we all arrived we were young and didn't know what to expect.

I know I didn't, but was willing to learn. I want to beautiful latina babe toying pussy amp ass about loyalty, trust, courage, respect, and love.

All these characteristics may come with different meanings, but together they mean one word and that is family. Three months ago I came here alone, but I leave with a new family.

Each of you that I sweated with, bleed with, and helped are a family to me. Each of you are a brother or a sister. As we take that step in different directions one thing will not change as each of you will be here in my heart. Nancy you came here scared of how to help your baby brother to get off the streets and away from the drug dealers.

I helped you start to reach out to him in letters and phone calls and now he is changing his life for the better. Frank you had fear on how to help your sister to get help with your grandmother. I told you of organizations that could probably help. Hank you told me you wanted to help your parents in paying them back for all the help they gave you. I encouraged you to hang in there and now you have the knowledge to pay them back in the long run. That is what family does by helping the other." I say as I see tears from everyone especially those in front of me as I continued " I ask that my new family stays alive whereever they maybe sent in the service.

I promise to give my all to help protect you all everyday in what ever I do. I love you all as my own brothers and sisters. We are asked to be all we can be, and that is what we should do. We have already done that in the eyes of those behind me and those behind you. Enclosing I say we go get a beer before we get shipped in places we have not ventured yet." Everyone stands saluting me with smiles as I salute them back.

After the rest of the ceremony was over I was confronted by Drill Sergeant Shank as he wanted to introduce me to a few people. We made our way over to them. I was introduced to a General Abernathy and a Captain Brian Johnson who went by Pol. " Nice to meet you General and Captain." I state as they both grin with nods " Likewise Sgt. Hartigan." The General says as Pol nods " Biggest dock for adorable teen muff hiddencam hardcore have you decided on what you wanted to do now that your out of basic?

Your dossier states your to head to Ranger school and then on to Airbourne and Air Assault" Pol asks me getting my attention " Well captain I was thinking of making the military a career. I hope I get stationed somewhere overseas in a warzone. I don't have anything else minus the military right now anyways ." I answered as he turned to look at the general " Actually Matt we have another idea." The General says as I look at him then at the Captain " Oh and what would that be?" I ask as the General nods at Drill Sergeant Shank " Well then I have a few things I have to do.

Sgt. Hartigan I hope life treats you well. Don't make me regret kicking your ass." He tells me saluting before walking away as I feel a warm feeling in my heart brunette babe rides bbc interracial like a cowgirl I turn to the General and Captain " So um what were we talking about?" I ask as they grin " Sgt. Hartigan how would you like to be part of a special team?" General Abernathy asks me peeking my curiosity " Oh and what team is that?" I ask as the Captain steps over placing his arm around on my shoulders " We are a Black Ops team.

We only answer to two is standing here and the other is in a oval office. So are you in? Are say you in or do you want to still have to earn a trip overseas?" He asks me as I look at the General " What's my chances of me dying?" I ask seeing concern in their eyes " Pretty High." The General tells me answering truthfully " Sold." I say with a grin before I salute them both to get saluted back It's been a week since I have been out of boot camp.

I was handed my papers and said that I was going to be with this new group. I had grabbed my duffel when I left and got on the nearest Greyhound heading to Washington DC.

It took four days which wasn't bad. I was greeted by Pol and a guy answering to Brick Wall at the depot. I followed them to the car and got in the back.

Pol asked if I was ready. I tell him I was born ready and lets go. He smiles as he tells me I have to try out. I look at him in shock because I thought I had a free ride because they scouted me. We get to a housing complex and I am told the next three days are R&R for me. I shake my head aking about a gym. I get told it is down the hall while I search for it. Classy clothed fetish slut sucks hard cock find the gym and start running and working out to keep my routine in check.

Pol watches me for four hours and is amazed at my stamina. " My god father was a cop and nature survivalist. He trained my brothers and me to last for long periods of time." I smile as he nods before he gets up to leave I continue working out then grab a shower. After that I grab a couple hours sleep then repeat the process for the next couple days. I am driven to their HQ and look at the seven guys standing behind this little guy, They are telling him not to hurt us.

They call him Little Foot and I chuckle, this little guy can't beat us up as I look to see about 6 dozen guys all big and bad. Pol comes out and talks. " You all have been selected because you are on another level than your traditional soldier I will ask that you remember that there is only one spot availiable and the one to beat Little Foot gets it." He tells us and I hear someone say all we have to do is kick his little ass Pol nods as I feel something isn't right.

Pol then tells us that we can attack as a group if we are scared. This one big guy that made me look small walks up and before he can make a fist is down on the ground KO'd. The guys all rush him and I watch as he kicks,punches and basically kicks everyone's ass without breaking a sweat.

I'm glad that I was a fighter and knew about 3 different styles and the techniques George taught me would come in handy. As I watch I am the last one. I hear BW ( Brick Wall) shout. " What's a matter Schoolboy? You scared? You wanna go suck on your momma's tits" He says as I flip him off "After I fuck him up your ass and your mother's is mine." I say as he bows up while another tells him to cool it because Little Foot was gonna beat my ass for him.

Little Foot looks at me with a smile on his face. " I see that your smarter than them. You let them come and watched me." He says as Johnny sins school bus fuck nod.

I rush him hoping to beat his speed to no avail as he makes contact and flips me I rotate and bring my body around as I kick him. He is able to deflect most of the damage but I hear his teammates behind me," Damn you see that Little Foot is gonna take the kid gloves off now." I look back dumbfounded, kid gloves?

When the fuck was he using kid gloves? I turn and my stupidity almost cost me as he threw a punch and I had to duck it. I let loose with my own as I connect hearing a pop. Little Foot jumps back. " Ouch kid that was good." He says while I smile back " Thanks your pretty good. After this can we spar some more.

I feel like we can be good for one another." I asks as he smiles and nods. I hear another one " This isn't a dating service kid.

Find someone to fuck you on your own time." The person says as I flip them off and answer " Your mom said she'd be on my dick in 10 minutes." I respond as the oohhs and damns come while Little Foot and I swap blow for blow About thirty minutes in we get in close for our hand to hand.

I find that he can hit quicker, but not as hard about the same is true for me. About that time we both make contact stumbling backwards and I go to turn back, but he is a second faster as I feel his foot to the side of my head. I fall to the ground and I hear the count,"" I beg myself to get up but its to no avail,"8.9.10. and the winner is LF" I am finally able to sit up as I get to my feet, but stumble to quickly right myself.

It goes dead quiet and I guess they weren't expecting me to get up. I look at Little Foot and extend my hand " Good match bro. Next time though I'm gonna win." I say as he takes my hand shaking it and I go to leave being the last loser " Hey Schoolboy where are you going?" I hear Pol asks as I look back to answer " I lost. You said the one to beat him got the spot and we all lost." I exclaim as Pol looks at me " Yeah, but you took him one on one and almost beat Little Foot.

He has like 15 blackbelts and none of us are stupid to fuck with him 1 on 5, but you went toe to toe and almost won. I say we take a vote. All those wanting Schoolboy to stay raise their hand." Pol says as I watch as everyone raises their hand minus BW Pol looks and then answers. " Well majority wins. Your part of the team Schoolboy." He says while I look back to ask something very dear to me " Please tell me I get a new nickname my DS called me that." I ask as Pol shakes his head " Nope, because you remind me of a snot nosed Schoolboy." He exclaims making me flip him off before he continues " Oh your my type Schoolboy so later baby." I look at him shocked as everyone laughs.

I go and get fitted for my vest and clothes. I get a new ID and name. Even though I am eighteen I intend to drink with them. While I look at my new ID I see that I am listed as a twenty old year old and I smile.

" I can get shitfaced.alright." I say getting laughs before led inside While I got fitted I watched the men I was going to be teaming up with. There was Brian Johnson aka Politician or Pol.

He was around 40, 6'0, 205 lbs, short brown hair and brown eyes. Then there was Leland Scruggs better known as Brick Wall. He was a giant compared to me standing 6'6, 264 lbs late 20's, shaved head and brown eyes, and a african american. He in a way reminded me of a mix of Nick and Adam into one man. His sense of humor was one only next to mine. The one I fought earlier was Michael Chen known as Little Foot.

He looked to be mid 20's, 5'9, short black hair and brown eyes. He had speed and agility as I personally found out. He was lethal with his hands and feet. There was two that seemed to stand out though. Leadfoot and Drift. What I could tell in the short time of me being here was they were adrenline junkies. Hank and Benjamin Tyson both early 30's, at 6'2, 225 lbs, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. They sat on the bench both talking about cars. I watched one cleaning his high powered rifle.

His name Larry Gunderson aka Long Range. He was the sniper of the team. Mid 30's, 6'1, 215 lbs, shaved head with a tattoo of a skull on the back with hazel dark eyes. I was led out of the fitting room to another which I spotted a few that were cheering Little Foot on. He seemed seasoned looking to be early 30's also. He looked to be 5'11, 189 lbs and fit, short brown hair and brown hazel eyes. He was talking to Jim Swartz aka $3ct10n8 I found out he was the team's hacker and ears.

He seemed like your normal geek, but a tough geek. Mid 20's he stood 6'0, 198 lbs, shory reddish auburn hair and blue green eyes. I pictured papa Tim in his spot chuckling inside. Then I was introduced to a guy that I guess was not at the fight because he ran in. His name was Fred Humpfreys nickname Blastproof. He was the team's explosive expert. He seemed wired with a scarey chuckle. Looking early 20's, 6'4, 234 lbs, short dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. I shook his hand before Pol took me out to meet the last member.

I am greeted by the one they call Grizzly Bear,he looks early 40's like Pol standing 6'7, 269 lbs, a brownish beard with short brown hair with brown eyes and he issues me a M4 and asks for my preference to a sidearm.

I look through all the goodies at my disposal with this towering man just steps away from me.He reminds of those stories papa George would tell me of mountain men that would eat you if they were pissed off. I decide then not to piss him off or the others. Grizzly Bear is the black smith and armorer of the team.

The next week is training as a team in which I surprise my team and show they made the right decision. Grizzly Bear takes me under his wing and teaches me about gunsmithing and I find I like it. I completely tweek my 1911s and add compensators and basically made some sick ass guns. He shows me Pol's present a Colt Peacemaker. " Hey Schoolboy I want you to finish this since it will be your graduation test in gun smithing." He says to me getting a nod and I work on it anytime we are not practicing It takes me a week before I'm done and Grizzly Bear checks it out.

It passes his test and he gives it to Pol, but tells me to be quiet. Pol tries it out and is throughtly pleased. " Bear it's awesome just like you." He says as Bear laughs as he tells Pol I did the project Pol gives me this look of pure unadulterated surprise as Little Foot tells them that in another month or less I'll be able to beat him. Leadfoot and Drift our drivers for the team tell him I scare them since I was on par with them if not better and that now we had a backup driver just in case.

Each member tells him I far surpassed their expectations except BW " Schoolboy is a little bitch." Brick Wall says as I look at him " I bet you the next mission I beat you in kills." I say as mom cronys crony mask big tit stepmom gets a massage looks at me laughing " Your on.

The loser has to run around the block naked singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song." He says as I agree and we shake hands Two days later we are on the mission.

We are sent after some cartel and we go in guns a blaze. I start counting my kills,"15, 2032, 39" as BW is always a couple behind me.

" 10,15,25,30,35.fuck me I can't let the noob beat me." Brick Wall says as we all laugh clearing out the place As I go into a room I'm surprised by some tweeker that slashes my face cutting me. I kick him into the door while BW comes around the corner carrying his M249 SAW and lets loose, " That's another for me Schoolboy." He says as I flip him off before we head to$3CT10N8 our techie. He steals the cartel leader's money along with anything valuable.

I look at them as they tell me its hazard pay. I nod knowing the less questions I ask the better. As get into the copter I ask Pol who won between BW and me.

BW looks to POl who tells us over the headset. " Brick Wall confirmed kills.75 and Schoolboy.I'm sorry to say this." Pol says as I look down defeated while BW starts his celebration before Pol continued " Schoolboy had 77. Brick Wall you better make sure the cops don't catch you." I look at my newest brother as he flips me off.

I blow him a kiss before we share a brohug. When we get back Brick Wall strips and runs the block screaming out the song. He gets back and instead of putting his cloths back on he grabs a couple beers. " To our newest brother Schoolboy" He says as everyone cheers I feel my face and the new wound on my face, but know that it is the first of many and smile.

" To all the fuckers that made us choose this path." I say as I see everyone raise their beers " FUCK THEM BITCHES!" Everyone says in unison while we drink our pain away and I smile at my new family.

I've been with the team about a month and a half almost two and I've taken both Cute asian slut does hot sixty nine hardcore and filipina and GB as my surrogate dads. Pol has thought me how to channel my anger while Grizzly Bear has taught me all about being a gunsmith. I love taking the guns apart and tweeking them to make them fire faster or hit harder.

Bear shows me a database of all the guns destined to be destroyed. I look and see quite a few I want and ask him about them. He clicks every single one I want and hits a code in before he turns smiling to me. " Ok Schoolboy your gifts will be here within the next week to ten days." Grizzly tells me as I look at him. He tells me we can have anything and everything we want on the list as they are gonna be destroyed so them coming to us is no big deal I tell him most I want for my own personal collection as my godfather George always talked about some of ebony chick with big tits using dildo for pleasure masturbate and african. He smiles and tells me they are 'for duty' purposes not my own collection.

I smile sadly as I nod. " I understand Bear. I just remember George telling me about the Colt Pythons and Anacondas and thought if I ever go back he'd love to hold one." I say while he looks at me " I said they were for duty purpose." He exclaims as I look at him giving him a nod " So if you don't qualify with them they become personal use only." He tells me as I hug him and jump back apologizing " Your like a fucking kid in a candy store. If I don't watch you this place will be filled with toys just for you." He says laughing while I nod seeing some new additions and ask Bear to get them He looks at me as I point to Desert Eagles in 50AE and tell him they'd be good for BW seeing him nod " Yeah that mother fucker would carry a pair of those." He chuckles telling me as I laugh going yep He gives me my own password so anything I want I can get.

I ask him how much the guns are and he tells me nothing just order what I want. I tell him we better expand. He laughs as he tells me to go see the fucktards. I go see Drift and Leadfoot and they tell me we need to practice my driving skills. I laugh and tell them they better have on brown panties. They tell me I wish as I get tossed keys to some Crown Vic. I look under the hood and see the govenor gone and everything else looks stock. The guys tell me its a work vehicle not their toys.

I jump in as they get in and I start going. We go around town not doing much as we exploitedteensasia exclusive scene thai teen minh tats all over her hardcore soi hooker loves cock. The boys were the last of their family because their dad was a alcoholic and when the mom divorced him he snapped and killed her, their aunt and little sister by burning them alive. The only consulation they got was the prick died as well.

I nod as I see a undercover cop car and grin. " Hold on bitches we gonna run." I say loudly as I slam my foot into the gas as I crank the wheel hard As I pull the turn off I see the car light me up while we go racing through town around corners doing sixty.

We hear on the police scanner," White Crown Vic license number FUPIG5 heading East on Garner St. Driver is skilled and knows what he is doing." I laugh as I remember George teaching my brothers and I how to drive. Nick and I loved the thrill of the turns and could drift like no tomorrow. Adam could never do it on purpose, but when he accidently did it he made me and Nick look like newbies.

We pull a quick right as my pursurer loses control and slams into a bank. I hear the brothers cussing me out as we head back to base. I pull up and they both dive out kissing the floor. " THANK YOU OH HOLY SPIRIT UP ABOVE! SCHOOLBOY WE ARE NEVER RIDING WITH YOU AGAIN!" They both say in unison while I laugh as I ask what Everyone comes in to see the guys say they have to use the restroom.

Pol asks why as I answer. " They're on their periods and I just royally fucked them." I say and they turn to look back at him and answer back " No our whites became brown because Schoolboy decided to turn main street into the Indy 500." They exclaim while I laugh again as they go to the bathroom making swishing noises.

BW comments it smells like shit. I laugh as I tell them what I did. Pol calls it a day while the guys want to go home. I nod and tell them I'll sleep here since this place feels like home and I have my own indoor range.

Pol nods as everyone, but Bear leaves. I grab my 1911s and a couple hundred rounds heading to the range.

I practice doing single handed shooting, weak and strong. I also practice different positons and not focusing on my sights. I am killing it as I know no matter what happens I willl be ready. Bear motions to me with a beer and I nod. I empty the last of my mag before I go out and we talk. " Schoolboy why did you join?" He asks while I look at the older guy who has become a father to me as I sigh " Please Bear I don't want to tell you." I answer as he looks at me " You know I have a daughter?" He says those words I look at him since I always saw the picture of the little girl in his toolbox, but I didn't want to ask while he continues," When I was married to her mother I caught the bitch fucking my CO and doing a line of coke.

I filed a divorce because I had photo proof and multiple guys that came forward, and told me they had been with her.

I got full custody, but her mom pulled a chicken shit fucking move. She comes up to the house and I have my daughter behind me. I tell her that Lisa isn't going with her. Joanie my ex-wife pulls out a gun and then proceeds to blow her brains out.

I stood there dumbfounded as I had watched my one time best friend kill herself and our daughter had to watch as well. My daughter was ten and told me she wanted nothing to do with me. I sent her to live with Joanie's mom since my own parents had died. She would be about twenty now. I haven't talked with her since then. She blames me for her mother's death and she isn't completely wrong" I sit there and take in everything he has told me as I tell him about my family not wanting me, how my godparents took me in, and how I had graduated halfway through my senior year.

I ask him if he can take a couple pictures of me. " Hey Schoolboy I love ya but I don't like sausage." He says laughing as I flip him off. I tell him they are for my god family. He tells me to suitup and I do. He takes several pics and I laugh at each one. I look like I'm a action hero. I go over to $3ct10n8's computer and put the memory card in and print off several 8x10s.

I think back of my graduation disc and call him up. $3ct10n8 answers and I ask him if his computer could make a couple copies of my graduation disc. He laughs at what he considered a stupid question. " Do whores like to be fucked?" He asks while I laugh as I tell him a 'yes' would have worked He tells me to put it in and open SDB and hit how many copies. I nod as I thank him and hang up. I pop the disc in and open the program. It fires up and I enter two discs and it only takes it 2 minutes to fully burn the disc and pops up, All copywrite codes have been removed.

Enjoy your pirated disc. ;-)I laugh as I ask Bear to drive me to the local store to get some envelopes. We get them and some more beer while we enjoy each others company. Bear drops me off mom reagan foxx has horny big dick hardcore titfuck we talk for a couple more minutes and I head into HQ.

I put the pictures into the envelopes and the discs into theirs. I write a letter home telling my god family that I was safe and I loved them. I congradulated my brothers on passing.

I tell them I want to see them, but know that right now would not be a good time since my pain is still fresh. ======================================================================= Jennifer's POV: Graduation day for Nick and Adam Mom, Aunt Sarah, Kelsey, daddy, and I all got dressed up real nice. Dad has apologized for the things he said about Matt.We didn't care because he has to be after some pussy.

He does tell ud he is proud of Matt and even tells us he is gonna buy him a new car for graduation gift.

We get to the field that graduation is going to be held at. Matty hasn't talked to us in five months since Christmas. Adam, Nick and their parents keep saying they haven't seen him. We walk in and see my god parents and wave. Susan and Chelsea act like they're better than us.fuck those bitches. I smile while we take our seats and I can't wait to see Matty walk down that aisle as he becomes a young man.

The principal talks about what today means and how each are taking their first steps into the adult world. He reads a speech from some unknown author about loyalty and respect and how love can drive you. I feel so inspired as he finishes, but he doesn't say who the author is. I chat with my family and they feel the same, but also wonder who wrote such a moving beautiful speech. I ask if anyone has seen Matty as I have kept scanning faces, but I don't see him. Mom,and Kelsey tell me the same while Aunt Sarah cries praying the man she saw get on the bus wasn't my baby brother.

We comfort her while the principal starts calling names for there diplomas. We applaud when they call Daryl and Wayne's names. We all stand and clap when Adam and Nick was called because I knew Matty would be next as they were always together. Then the next name and it isn't Matty. It's Holly's name as she makes her way. I see her head lowered and all the sudden I feel the guilt run through me.

I look at Kelsey then at Aunt Sarah who looks sad. Other names are called after her, but no Matt. We watch as they go through the rest of the class. The principal congradulates the seniors who played on the football team for their win at the national tournament. I keep wondering to myself as why Matty wasn't there and where could he be. I look at my family and they have the same looks. I look over at my Aunt Chelsea and Susan who have tears coming down their faces, but smiles as well.

The principal then calls Nick and Adam back to the stage. " I would like Nick Dakoson and Adam Everhart to please rise and come back to the stage." He says and I watch as the two young men that I also considered brothers get up and come to the stage I then notice that they have yellow armbands on as does the facilty and all the football players. The principal begins to talk again. " It is not customary to hand out diplomas to those who have graduated early, or taken GED, or High School Equivlency test, but this is a special exception.

The speech I read earlier was from the young man whose diploma these two will accept. The putita de santiagixcuintla nayarit mostrar vidoes suciod2 man's name is Matthew Hartigan and he graduated in December.

He chose to start his life a little earlier than his classmates. Matt was an exceptional student who was both loved and respected by those that knew him. He was both strong in physical attributes, but even stronger in mind and spirit.

Although he may not have walked with his friends and classmates I ask that he receives a hand as well." He tells us and I hear clapping as I see my aunts stand and applaud. The rest of the bleecher stands to applaud my brother as we stand and join in while the principal waits for us to die down to continue," Matt wanted me to offer some advice to his deep and never be afraid of the future.

He also wished for me to to tell every one of you graduating tonight that he wished you the best of luck as he would have been your valedictorian if he had stayed." Hearing this I start to cry as the principal gives Matt's diploma to Nick and Adam.

They go to step down the football coach stops them. " Hello many of you may know me, but for those that don't my name is Coach Rinnert and I coach the football teams. Matt was an exceptional young man and a better person off the field as he would help everyone from the star athlete to the little guy just starting.

I have petitioned the school board and they have accepted my arrangement. This is the last year that number 30 will be used with the purple and gold.

Matt Hartigan was the perfect example of what it meant to be a Bulldog. He was a great person and had a never say die attitude. His nickname was the Army Tank with the Ferrari Engine. He was quick as could be, but god help you if you tried to stop him because you better bring an army. Nick and Adam, I ask that you accept Matt's jersey on behalf of us and a proud community." He says and I watch as Adam walks over and picks up Matty's jersey before he turns it around to show us the name before he speaks " BULLDOGS FOREVER.FOREVER A BULLDOG." He says with tears while the crowd responds because the Bulldogs had a fierce loyalty.

After the ceremony ends my family and I rush to meet Adam and Nick and find out about Matty. Once we meet up with my godparents, Nick, and Adam.

Mom is the first to speak with some anger. " You both lied to me. You knew exactly what happened to Matt." Mom says while they all turn to look at her and us " Mary calm down or you seductive milf sophie leon gets pussy slammed hard know the why." Aunt Susan says making mom to calm herself " First off the reason he left was because of you all." Aunt Chelsea says getting shocked faces before she continues " We don't know what you all did besides not wanting him, but you hurt him badly.

He graduated early just like the principal stated, but he went and joined the military.We didn't find out until February when he called the boys." We all look at her in shock again as I feel tears come to my eyes. " No your lying my baby brother would never leave us no matter." I say but am cut off by Adam " My mother isn't lying. He did leave for the Army. We don't know what it is will hebe doing but he left for his own reasons." Adam says and I feel the sadness start to intensify " George have you even called to see exactly where he is?" My dad asks getting a shook head " Nope as if he wanted us to know he would write or call telling us.

He hasn't called since that day though." Uncle George says as my dad pulls out his phone " Who are you calling dad?" Kelsey asks as he looks at us " A old friend of mine." He answers taking a few steps away We all stand as Susan, Chelsea, Mom, and Aunt Sarah talk while Wayne and Daryl come over to Kelsey and I. Daryl places his arm around me and I feel disgusted for some reason. Wayne does the same to Kelsey while Nick and Adam look at us with disgusted eyes.

I guess Daryl caught notice before speaking up. " Aww what's wrong Nick and Adam are you both jealous?" He asks as Nick and Adam just shake their heads " Over what douche? If I remember correctly you and your boyfriend there got thrown through double plated glass." Nick says as Kelsey and I look at each other before looking at Daryl and Wayne " What.what does he mean Wayne?" Kelsey asks Wayne who looks at Nick with narrow eyes " Oh they never told you.

Wow well let me bring you up to speed. Matt's last day of school those two behind the scenes with the kardassians venom Matt about you all. How they loved Matt's family, and how you were glad he was hardly home." Adam says while my eyes grow wide and he continued " And for Matt's own little revenge he planted both of them through the windows of the science room." cock loving chick maya kendrick fucking a hard cock I feel some kind of anger as these to idiots made fun of my baby brother.

I hold my temper because I don't want to cause a scene in respect of Matt. Since Christmas Kelsey and I have eased off giving them ourselves. We have been sleeping with Mom and Aunt Sarah. Kelsey and I only give dad, Wayne, and Daryl sex twice a week in which has gone down to once every week. I guess missing the one person that loved us was having a effect on us. " My friend said he would call back.

Do you think we can go some where and talk to wait for his phone call?" My dad asks as George looks at Susan who just nods " Ok follow us home we can talk there and start Nick and Adam's party." Uncle George says as Mom steps to Aunt Susan and Aunt Chelsea " Susan, Chelsea can you both ever forgive me?" My mother asks scared and worried " Mary we don't know since we love Matt as our own.

You gave birth to him, but he has been a son to us. We just don't know why you never wanted him. Honey we loved you at one time, but now you need to give us some kind of reason to accept you back." Aunt Susan states as mom nods with tears " I love you too and I will earn both your forgiveness." Mom says as they nod " Now give us a hug honey because we have missed you and Sarah." Chelsea says while I watch Mom and Aunt Sarah get hugs Even though Aunt Sarah is younger then the three Susan and Chelsea have always thought of her a a little sister.

Before we all walk to the cars I look over to see Holly. She catches my eyes with a sadness that I have never seen from her. I feel that guilt come back before she mouths something to me that makes me show shock ' See you in Hell'. I feel stunned at her words watching her get in her mother's car.

It was because of Kelsey and I that she was never with Matt because we both followed Aunt Sarah's orders to keep all girls away from him. As the car drives off I have this bad feeling something wasn't right. It's not long that we are in cars and making our way to Uncle George and Aunt Susan's house. I haven't been over there in a very long time. I do remember them having a swimming pool as a kid. Once we arrive we all make our way out of the cars and into the house.

It's just as I remembered with beautiful decorations, and Native American art. I have always loved Aunt Susan's taste in art. She would always tell me stories of her ancestry. Daryl pulled me to the side before we sat while the others walked past us. He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

" I want you and Kelsey to get those four morons attention so Wayne and I can have a go with Nick and Adam's mothers." He tells me as I show shock " Wait.what do you mean Daryl?" I seachsex xxxxxx 89 sex com seeing him looking at Aunt Susan's ass " I mean is get their attention so Wayne and I get us some pussy from your godmothers.

Wayne and I intend to make them also our whores. So do as I ask before I take you home and rape you and make you like it." He explains and I feel fear come over me I look up at him and just nod shyly as we enter the house. As everyone gets seated and drinks are past around Nick and Adam go change. I look over as Aunt Susan sits in her husband's lap and Aunt Chelsea does the same with Uncle Tim. Daryl's words race through my head making me feel more disgusted with him. How can he do this to Matt.

I shake the thoughts out of my head seeing Kelsey look at me sadly. I look up at the clock on the mantle to see it's around 7 p.m. I hear chuckling as Nick and Adam come back down with a beer in their hands.

I let out a sigh remembering when Nick, Adam, and Matt were little and Kelsey and I would daddy punishing us for missing school full story after them to give them a kiss on the cheek. They would just chuckle saying ' ewww' or ' yucky'. I look at them now and see they are built and strong.

They stand up by the mantle to listen to us all.

It's about a five minutes later that dad's phone rings. He answers it to only put it on speakerphone. " Ok Greg what did you find out?" Dad asks as a husky voice comes over the phone " Well I have to say the name you gave me doesn't exist." He tells us as everyone shows shock " What do you mean by that?

He is my son I know he does exist." My mother says with a scared expression the same expression the moms and Aunt Sarah has " Ma'am In the military when a name doesn't exist it means that they are no longer active or are either in a branch of the service that hides them. And by the looksof it I would say he is Black Ops." The man says as my heart starts to ache " What.what does Black Ops mean?" I ask in a scared voice " It means that we may never see him again and his body may never be returned to us." Uncle George says with a very sad look " Exactly, sorry Billy that is all I can tell you bye." The man says before the call is ended We all sit in silence before mom stands up looking at dad.

" This is because of you. You never wanted him you heartless bastard." She says as he stands up " Don't blame this on me you bitch. You changed becoming distant towards him just like the three other sluts." Daddy says while Aunt Sarah, Kelsey, and I go wide eyed " What did you say Aunt Mary?" Nick asks as she turns to look at him with tears " He never wanted a son.

He only wanted daughters. He wanted to give Matt up. He is the one that caused my baby boy to leave. He talked the rest of us into changing and leaving Matt out of all the family activities." She says only not giving details I watch as Nick looks narrowed eyed at dad before he makes his way to dad jumping the coffee table. The next thing he does is shove dad away from mom to only smash the beer bottle he has across dad's face.

Dad goes down with Nick standing over him. " YOU ASSHOLE, HE LOVED YOU AS A FATHER, BUT YOU DROVE HIM AWAY." Nick says while Adam goes to him. Daryl and Wayne get up to assist dad. " Nick calm down bro he isn't worth it." Adam says as Wayne and Daryl shove them back to help dad up I think of something that needs to be done and said.

I stand up and with what courage I have looking at both the women that are Matt, Kelsey, and my godmother's. I turn to look at Nick and Adam as Daryl looks at me shaking his head.

I feel my hands make fist as I speak out loud. " WAYNE AND DARYL WANT YOUR MOMS! DARYL SAID IF THEY First time fucking mom and sister GET THEM THEY WOULD TAKE KELSEY AND I HOME AND RAPE US!" I yell out as everyone looks at me " JENNIFER SHUT UP!" Daryl says while Nick and Adam look at me and Kelsey " Is it true Kelsey?" Adam asks while she nods with tears " Yes, Wayne just told me a bit ago.

They want to bed all the women that love Matt. They are glad Matt is gone thinking we are easy to take now." Kelsey says as Wayne makes his way to her with anger " You Bitch wait until." Is all he gets out before being plowed down by Nick " GET OFF HIM YOU WIMP!" Daryl says as Adam steps up to him " WIMP DID YOU JUST CALL MY BRO A WIMP?" Adam yells asking getting a slow nod as he continues " THE ONLY WIMP I SEE IS YOU AND THAT LOSER!

I GUESS GETTING SENT THROUGH A WINDOW DIDN'T PUT RESPECT IN YOUR HEAD, BUT MAYBE THIS WILL!" The next thing everyone sees is Nick and Adam fighting Daryl and Wayne.

Dad makes his way to the beer bottle he was drinking out of. He picks it up to only step behind Nick who is pummeling Wayne. He is about to smash it over Nick's head when his wrist gets caught by Uncle George.

" I don't think so motherfucker." He says as dad turns to see anger on my godfather's face " George let my wrist go or else." Dad says as George keeps a hold " Or what uh? As I look at it you three broke in my house and threatened my family. And since my nieces spoke up." He says looking at Kelsey and I before looking back at dad continuing " I can also say you three came in to rape my wife and sister.

So what do you say Tim feel like taking out the trash?" " Sure anything to protect family." Tim says getting up after Aunt Chelsea moved over to hold lesbian hoes use dildo on each others pussy fingering and hardcore We watch as Dad, Wayne, and Daryl get their asses kicked by those that I care for more then ever now.

Susan goes to Kelsey to hold her. " Honey have they been raping you and your sister?" Susan asks getting nods from us both " Our poor baby girls they won't anymore." Chelsea says as Mom and Aunt Sarah hold onto each other " Don't kill them as they are not worth it!" Aunt Sarah says to the guys After a bit I watch while Nick stands up helping a beaten Wayne up and Adam does the same for Daryl.

My Uncles help dad to the door. Each one is taken out and I can only guess shoved into the cars they came in. The four come back in with what looks like a manilla envelope. " What's that baby?" Susan asks whil he goes to her handing it to her " A FedEx guy pulled up front as we um took out the trash.

He said it was a priority and left." George says while he sits back down and Tim does the same to check their hands Susan opens the envelope to only pull out what looks like pictures and copy dvds. She looks at the two then looks at Nick who is favoring his right hand. I feel bad that he got hurt over what I said. " Nick baby could you put this in the dvd player for us." She asks and he takes a few steps over to take it before making his way to the t.v. and player After he finishes doing what Aunt Susan asked she shows the other contents that were in the envelope.

While she passes them down and I watch the screen come alive. " Ok um what is going on?" I ask as everone looks at the t.v. " I think it's a graduation Jenn." Uncle George says calling me the pet name he had for me when I was younger Sunny leone fucking ebony audio watch on I am handed a picture of Matt. Oh god he changed so much. He looked so sexy in uniform that I felt my pussy getting wet.

I felt flushed as I looked up. We watched in aww as the ceremony on the screen was interesting. Then out of no where Matt went on the stage to the podium. " My baby looks so handsome." The moms all said in unison with a giggle " Matty stay safe baby we love you." Aunt Sarah, Kelsey, and I said in unison laughing " Damn looks like he can kick some serious ass." Nick and Adam say before turning to high five.

They catch us ladies loking at them. They both sit down with smiles on their faces seeing their brother. We watched as Matt stood saying a speech. I was in tears because I just wanted to reach for him to only hold him against my body. God we so goofed up and were paying for it now. I had to make things right in every way I could. " Aunt Susan is there a return address on the envelope?" I ask in tears as she looks " No honey there isn't why do you ask?" She answers asking me with concern " I.I need to talk to him.

I need to make things right to him. I love him Aunt Susan." I says as I cry " I know baby and you will, but I guess now isn't the time. Look you four are welcome to stay a few days in his room.

The bed is big enough and well it would be a start to us being family again." Aunt Susan says as Mom turns to look at her " You sure you don't mind Susan? I mean we goofed up and want to be a family again." Mom says while we look at everyone " Look Aunt Mary people make mistakes. I don't know what happened, but Matt said you all didn't want him around." Adam says as I cry " That was Billy drilling it in our heads.

We want Matt more then ever. We.we found a few things he wrote and it made us see what we did. I am so sorry for all we did to make him go away. Please forgive us as we were brainwashed by Billy, Wayne, and Daryl." Mom says and I break down " Shhh Jenny calm down baby girl." Chelsea says while holding me again " I can't help it Aunt Chelsea. I miss my baby brother. I need him here now." I say as she holds my head against her shoulder It's a evening of rebonding with our other family.

Pizza is ordered while Nick and Adam tell us about the game. Nick runs out to only come back with Matt's diploma and jersey. He places the diploma on the mantle then has Uncle George and Tim stand up. " Dad, papa Tim I know in my heart that Matt would want those that were fathers to him to have these. So Adam and I have thought about this and well we want you both to have this." Nick says handing it to his father " Oh Nick I don't know son.

You guys should keep this." George says as the guys shake their head " No papa George we insist." Adam says while the two fathers look at them then us " Ok guys we accept, but if anything happens to us you both get it." Tim says as they nod After that moment I smile since the jersey is safe in the right hands.

When the pizza arrives we all eat and talk. It's not long that there is a knock on the front door. Uncle George gets up making his way to answer it. I take a few bites while thinking of everything that has happened this evening, but Holly comes to my mind. The way her expression was showing sadness and the words she mouthed to me.

I hope one day she would forgive us and move on since Matt was our man to be. About 10 minutes later Uncle George returns, but something is wrong. He returns to his chair holding what looks like two envelopes. He looks at us all especially Nick and Adam.

" Boys you know a Holly Lederson?" He asks getting nods and at that moment my heart sinks " Sure dad we are friends although this past year she was sort of distant. Why do you ask?" Nick states asking while my heart races as I look over at Kelsey who is staring at Uncle George He looked at them before looking at Kelsey and I then down to his hands that held the two envelopes. " Her mother found her dead. Seems she.she had feelings for Matt.

She left a suicide note saying she was threatened away from the one man she loved. Seems what was said at the graduation hit her hard and she slashed her wrist and stabbed her left before stabbing the left side of her chest with a knife into her heart.

My friend at the door brought these one for Matt the other is to you girls. Seems she was planning this for awhile." He says while I feel like throwing up Uncle George hands a envelope to Kelsey before placing the other on the table in front of him.

" Oh god the poor girl. Her poor mother who could of kept her away from Matt?" Aunt Susan says asking in return " Whoever they are I hope that suffer for sending a pretty girl to the grave.

I noticed her on the stage.she looked so sad." Aunt Chelsea says while I see my sister staring at the envelope " Is there somewhere Jennifer and I can be alone to read this?" Kelsey asks with sadness " Sure hun up in Matt's old room. Nick can you show them sweetie?" Aunt Susan says asking her son " Sure just follow me ladies." He says getting off the floor Kelsey and I get up to follow him.

She takes my hand to squeeze it while we make our way up the stairs. I feel a lose all the sudden not knowing what to think. Once in Matt's room Nick leaves us as Kelsey leads me to the bed. Once seated she opens the envelope taking the letter out. I take the envelope to see our names upon it. Kelsey begins to read the letter. fodendo leke na madrugada (parte 3 www boysnaweb net tube porn To the two bitches that hurt me, If your reading this then I am dead.

You both hurt me so much taking away the most important person to me.Matt. I have thought hot sex games for a taut pussy hardcore and massage and over why you would threaten me and beat me.

I came up with one thing.your both jealous and sick. Your brother was the most loving man I knew, but you couldn't let him love brunette milf dildo squirt and amateur anal solo xxx finally after quite the lengthy. But I do get to win on one thing I was his first kiss as he was mine.

I made sure of that on prom last year. I just wanted to be friends with you both, but you two couldn't look past the jealousy. Well I hope your both happy as I am no threat anymore, but I hope Matt never comes back to you two skank whores.

The one regret I have is never taking him on prom night. If he would have asked I would have rode throughout the night. I will die a virgin, but at least I won't be sulliued like you two whores.

Holly" I cried hearing Kelsey read the letter. We were so cruel and I slipt off the bed to my knees. Kelsey tossed the letter on the floor to only comfort me. " Shhh sis I know I feel so very bad. We were so wrong, but we're so messed up as well. Oh god we sent a girl to kill herself." Kelsey says holding me with my head on her shoulder " Oh Holly I am so sorry.

Please forgive us for hurting you." I say through tears Around 11 p.m. mom and Aunt Sarah came into Matt's room. They stepped into the room to see Kelsey and I on the floor to only come over. I turn to see my mother to only go into her arms. Aunt Susan came in to see us holding one another. After a few long moments Kelsey and I were calm and helped up on the bed. Aunt Susan spoke up once mom sat on my right. " I kept it as he kept it so please do the same." Susan says as we nod " We will sis thank you." Mom says while Aunt Susan steps over to her " Your welcome hun and I have missed you sis.

I have a question for you though." Susan asks my mother " Yes of course Susan ask away." Mom says while Susan nods " Do you want help to divorce Billy? I am scared for all four of you. I don't want to lose you all again and Chelsea doesn't either." Susan asks as mom looks at us then back at Susan " Yes honey I need help. I need a good divorce lawyer." Mom says as Susan smiles " Good I will help then, now get some sleep since we have the weekend to get reaquinted." Susan says leaving the bedroom while mom shuts it " So how do you all feel about it just being us four until our man comes home one day?" Mom asks as we look at each other " Mom I think we are really ok with that.

Excuse my french, but I was getting tired of being used and FUCKED OVER by dad, Wayne, and Daryl." Kelsey says as we all agree Mom holds me tighter with my head on her shoulder. " I am so proud of you baby. You saved your aunts from being raped. How would you like to sleep by me tonight?" Mom asked me as I looked in her eyes " I would love to momma, as long as you rub me a little. I am so wet from fuckfests make euro sluts groan loudly hardcore and groupsex Matt in a uniform." I answer as she smiles nodding " Oh my I am not the only one.

I wanted to finger myself just watching him give that speech." Sarah says with a smile and blush " I think we all are. So lets get in bed and just caress each other as I don't want us to make a mess in the sheets." Mom says as we agree We all strip down to our panties except mom and Sarah who wear Matt's boxers still.

They look so sexy and beautiful. I lay down with mom as Sarah does with Kelsey. Mom and I kiss for a few minutes before saying our love yous to each other and to our other lovers. That night I fall asleep thinking of Matt the man that I have vowed to be fully with for the rest of my life. As my dreams of Matt come I see something isn't right and I see someone on top of him. I turn to see Kelsey and Aunt Sarah there also. Both are staring at what I saw. My eyes focused to see Holly naked riding Matt.

Her moans are loud yelling his name. I try to move, but my body feels paralyzed. I try to speak, but nothing comes out. I hear her moan again, but look to see her looking at all three of us. " Aww what's.wrong can't move.can't talk.oh yess baby fuck me.did you think me.dying was the as he is mine." Holly says leaning against If you are caught you are fucked tube porn as he thrust in and out of her wildly." "Oh sweet dreams.are made of these.who am I to disagree." I feel tears come to my eyes and I can finally extend my right arm yelling.

" NO DON'T PLEASE DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!" I yell seeing them fade away I open my eyes sitting up quickly in bed.

I look around to see Kelsey and Sarah also sitting up with cold sweats and tears. My breathing was heavy while my tears fell. I shook my head putting my head in my hands crying for my nightmare to never happen again.

To Be Continued.