My step sister natalja spied in our bathroom

My step sister natalja spied in our bathroom
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Now don't get me wrong, I'm no Danielle Steel here but Orgasms nervous teens pussy soaking wet being licked by older lesbian friend do have some minor experience with writing.

There are minor spelling and grammar mistakes but the story should make sense regardless. This is my first story and if you find it too hard to read then simply exit out, along with that if you find anything vulgar or offensive to you then don't complain, just leave.

Lynne was always a different girl. Although she had many boyfriends and had done tons of straight things with them, she always strived for something more.

Whenever she masturbated alone at night she always wondered what it would be like if it was another women doing this job. Lynne was pretty popular, sitting with a group of girls that all the guys loved. Her best friend in the whole world was named Jenna, a 5'8 broad with 32B boobs and a perfect ass to match. She was a cheerleader for many years but still managed to keep that body that all the guys dream of getting in and all the girls dreamed of having. Lynne wasn't a slouch though, although the wasn't as developed as Jenna she still had perky B cup tits and a perfect ass for a girl being only 5"4 and skinny.

Drinking was part of these girls live at the young age of 15 and although they found it most fun drinking with other people at parties, they still manages to get their hands on alcohol whenever they steph kegels fuck pizza man. This meant they would drink even when they were by themselves.

Their teen drinking is where it all began. It was 7 o'clock on a Friday night when Lynne's cell phone began to ring. "Helllo." "Hey Lynne! It's Jenna, you want to come over?" "Yeah sure, what are we going to do?" "Well my parents are going out to a party and won't be back till late tonight, you can sleep over and we might be able to take some of my parents drinks." "Well if you put it like that, I'll be over soon!

Bye babe!" "Byyyyeee" By the time Lynne got to Jenna's it was 8:00PM and her parents had just left. "My parents have tons of Vodka left over from their last party we can drink," Jenna said with an eager look in her eye.

"Let's wait till later to drink though, we've got all night!" They decided to watch TV for a little but as they were flipping through the channels they both saw something that caught their eyes. On one of the HBO Channels was something called "Lesbian Lickers", they both got a laugh out of it and decided to turn in on. "Wow this stuff is so weird!" Said Jenna,"but there is something so hot about it.""Oh my god I know, I use to watch my brother jackoff to this stuff and it got me so hot," said Lynne.

They talked about all their sexual exploits alone including all the times they fingered themselves to the thought of a guy fucking their tight, young pussy's. They had both become noticeably wet, with Lynne wearing tight grey "yogo" pants that showed off her perky ass and a tight spaghetti strand top in which you could by that time see her hard nipples poke through. Jenna was wearing small, tight, green "booty" shorts that could have easily passed as underwear, she also was wearing the same top as Lynne.

When they were done talking it was 9:00 and they decided to start drinking. At first they mixed the Vodka with other juices and sodas but as they got drunker and drunker they began to take straight shots.

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They had consumed more than most adults could handle! Lynne began fooling around, grabbing Jenna's ass and playing around with her tits.

Jenna started playing back and it became more of a game but before long they began stripping each other and giggling the whole time.

They both knew at this point, something big was going to happen that was going to change them forever. They began to kiss. But this wasn't one of their best friend kisses that they would share every now and then.

No, this was passionate, sexual kiss that they had only been able to experience with the opposite sex. For the first time they were experiencing the thing that they had only dreamed about but now that it was coming true they were going to make the best of it.

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Their tongues danced around each others for hours it seemed. Jenna had decided to make the next move; she moved her hand gently up Lynne's body to feel her hard nipples that just seemed to be screaming to be sucked on. Jenna did just that, licking and sucking on her best friend's nipple like it were a babies bottle.

Lynne had never felt this intense pleasure in her life, making her moans sound like screams of pleasure that she could finally release.

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"Awww Jenna, keep sucking my tits you whore!" she screamed. This continued on for about 10 minutes, But it was Lynne's turn now to try and make her best friend cum. She slowly led her fingers down to Jenna's groin, making sure to not disturb Jenna from sucking and licking on her boobs.

She began stroking the area around Jenna's cunt, teasing her she knew would drive her crazy and make her orgasm even better.