Dazzling scenes of harsh sex with office babe shiona suzumori more at avs com

Dazzling scenes of harsh sex with office babe shiona suzumori more at avs com
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She awoke only to find herself in a dark room.

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Unable to see anything, she stood up and moved her head hope to distinguish any source of light. She could not understand what had happened. One moment, she was walking home at night, after running errands for her mom. The next, her body glowed blue and she passed out. And now, she in an unknown place, unable to see anything.

Then suddenly, the room was illuminated. At first the brightness hurt her eyes, but when her eyes adjusted, she amazing sofia has her orgasmic cunt drilled believe where she was.

The room, even though she had never been in one. it just screamed dungeon. The walls made of concrete bricks. The atmosphere was intimidating. There was a cage, wooden tables with braces, and chains hanging off the walls.

And when she looked behind her, there was throne. Sitting on that throne was a man with blue hair, orange eyes, and a fit body. The man looked his capture. Her name was Karen Prata. A 22 year-old nurse, and a devout Christian. He continued to stare at her. She had gorgeous clear brown eyes. Long, straight brown hair with her bangs going over her right eye.

Her body, was slim and sexy. She was wearing a tight pink shirt that revealed every voluptuous curve. Her jeans showed off her beautiful legs. He could tell his staring was making her uncomfortable, but he didn't care. After all, she was his now. He rose up and started informing her of her situation. "My name is Coud and as you can see, I'm not of your race. I come from a different world, where I have finally reached the age allowing me to own slaves.

I believe you know what a sex slave is. My race has been taking humans as slaves for centuries. And now it is our turn to take part in that glorious tradition." "This can't be right," Karen replied. "Why me? And what makes you think I'll willingly go along with this?" Tears began to flow. She was terrified of what was going to happen to her.

And what terrified her more… was the evil smirk on his face after she had asked her questions. Coud began to answer her questions. "I chose you, because of all your statuses on that website, FACEBOOK. So much pain and anguish, caused by an ex-boyfriend and your troubled family.

Yes, you are perfect for me. And what makes me think I can do this? Because if you cause me trouble, I will kill your family. Well, maybe not all of them. Your younger sister Kate is quite the beauty as well.

I'll just take her too haha. So what will you do? Right now, I order you to strip and present yourself to me! " Karen was speechless. He knew this monster was serious. He did magically bring her to his dungeon after all.

She did not want her family to be hurt. She did not want her sister to be degraded like this. She had no choice, she began taking off her clothes. First her shoes and socks. Next came her shirt. When that came off, her sky blue bra and the bosoms they were holding were exposed. There were not very big, but they were perfectly round. At this point, he knew how perfect his first slave was. She then began removing her jeans, revealing matching sky blue panties.

Her butt, Coud complimented with a sickening grin. This only made Karen feel much worse.

She raised her head up high, and removed her bra. And finally, her panties were taken off. She was standing completely naked in front of her captor. She did not hide anything, for she did not want to upset him. She only stared down to the ground, hopeless and scared. Coud circled around her.

Taking note of the size of her breasts, the size of her butt, the way her hair touched her back, and the pubic hair on her vagina.

He could tell she had never shaved down there, and he liked it. And then stood in front of her. He placed his index finger under her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

He could see her hatred and sadness, but it only turned him on. "You've never shaved your pussy have you?" Coud asked. Karen didn't reply. She only blushed and lowered her eyes. "It's okay by me. To me, it makes you look like wild. And creature, that must be tamed." She then looked into his cold eyes and suddenly, he kissed her. She dared not to fight him, for she was aware of his threats.

She allowed his tongue to run around hers, and his lips to suck on hers. She could tell, he was making her his. Once he finished kissing her, he raised his right palm… and like magic, a black collar appeared. "With this Karen, you are now mine." He placed the collar around her neck, and her transformation was complete.

"Now it's about time we get you adjusted." A leash magically appeared in his hand, and he attached it to her collar. He led her to a spot behind the throne. There he raised her right arm, and put her wrist in a brace. That brace was connected to a chain attached to the ceiling.

He did the same with her left wrist, and then he had her ankles chained to the floor. She was completely vulnerable as her limbs were spread out. Karen was beginning to shiver; she could tell he was going to touch her. He was going to rape her. Tears began to flow my reluctant wife first time fucking another man, however she realized he was not acting as predicted. From behind, he took her hair and moved it in front of her breast, exposing her back.

He ran his fingers down her back, and then kissed her on the back of her neck. She then became confused when he started walking back. What came next, she truly never expected.

All of a sudden, a leather whip magically appeared in his hands and he viciously lashed at her back. Unprepared for the sudden abuse, her scream echoed throughout the room. He continued to lash at her, forcing her to scream in agony. She begged him stop, sobbing incoherently, but he ignored her cried. The lashes continued, one on her right shoulder blade, another across her lower spine, and another wrapping around her left ribcage.

She tried fighting her arms free, but her effort was all in vain. After at least 20 lashes, Coud gave his slave a small break. She was breathing heavily, sweat dripping off her face and running down her back. Welts were left on her back, however there was no blood.

"Please, please…" Karen begged but soon the break came to a crashing halt when Coud whipped her upper right thigh. She gave a loud scream. She tried to drop to one knee, but her chains prevented her from doing this.

Coud's new target, were Karen's beautiful legs. The lashes lashed echoed through the room, harmonizing with Karen's agonizing screams. "PLEASE STOP!! STOP!!!" Karel screamed from the top of her voice.

And finally, Coud did stop. He dropped his whip and proceeded to circle around her until they were face to face. "Thank you…" Karen said in relief. However, she soon realized he did not stop out of the kindness of his heart. Suddenly, Coud wrapped his right hand around her neck. He was squeezing her neck and she desperately tried to breathe.

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"You will now learn your place slave. You don't ask for anything. You take what I give you. For your stupidity, I'm going to give you a punishment that you'll never forget." Coud released his slave, and then proceeded to unchain her. She fell to her knees but she was soon leashed and dragged to a corner of the dungeon.

There she was placed on a chair that seemed to be leaning against my girlfriends hot pussy squirting all over me corner.

Her back was at an angle. Coud then handcuffed her hands and had them locked above her head. Braces were placed around her knees, with chains forcing them to be spread wide. Her vagina was exposed, and no matter how hard she tried, there was no way for her to shield it. Coud placed ball gag in her mouth, securing it around her head.

She struggled with her bonds, tearfully fighting them in hopes of getting away. But a flogger appeared in Coud's hand, and he viciously struck down on her most sensitive area. She moaned in amazing agony. She never imagined pain like this existed, and the gag prevented her from screaming. The flogger struck again, forcing Karel to repeat the same sounds she made before. Tears were going down her face like wild rivers. "You're 22 years old right? So the appropriate punishment is 22 hits to your pussy.

Don't worry, 20 left to go slave." Coud said in an evil tone. Karen feared for her life, how was she going to live through 20 more hits like that. She held her breathe, trying to brace herself for the next hit.

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The flogger came down, and the volume of her moans didn't lessen at all. She realized, there was nothing she could do to lessen the pain, and there were 19 more to go.

Hit after hit, moan after moan, Coud smile with great amusement. When the punishment was down, Coud removed her gag. Karen was left sobbing, trying to catch her breathe. "I think you've learned your lesson. Time for your reward." Out of nowhere, Coud took at a vibrator and put it against her vagina. Karen was a virgin, so she had never experienced anything sexual before. Her head moved back as her body began to react to this new type of pleasure.

She moaned, but it was a heavenly moan. And then, she began to feel something build in her vagina. She began to breathe harder until; she felt she was going to explode.

She gave out a big scream, and her body twisted against its bonds. After a couple seconds, Coud moved the vibrator away. He then released her from her shackles, leashed her and brought her to a cage. The cage was small, with a mattress on top of the bottom of the cage. He removed the leash and instructed Karen to go inside. "You'll be sleeping her from now on like the animal you are.

Get plenty of sleep, we have a lot to do tomorrow, "Coud said with a tiny laugh. Karen crawled inside her new home. Coud then proceeded to close the door and lock it.

"I need to go to the xxx sex rape storys download fire xxx, "said Karen. "I'm quite thirsty," replied Coud. He took out a cup and placed inside the cage.

"Spread your legs, and go in here." She became shy at his command. But she knew she had to obey. For her family, for her sister, and out of fear of being punished again. She crawled backwards and spread her legs. She then proceeded to urinate into the cup, so much so that it overflowed. Once she had finished, Coud reached humble client was fucked by a masseur the cage and grabbed the cup.

He looked inside and took a sniff. And what happened next Karen couldn't believe. She watched as he drank her urine. Once he had finished, he threw the cup across the dungeon, walk around to the front of the cage, bent down, reached for Karen's face and brought it towards his. He proceeded to kiss her. At first she was disgusted, but then the passion in his kiss made her forget the fact he drank her urine. And eventually, she was kissing him back. Coud stepped back and complimented Karen.

"That was the best drink I've ever had," he said with a smile. Karen blushed after that statement. Coud left the dungeon, turning of the lights and closing the door behind him. Karen laid down on the mattress now reeking with her urine.

She began to cry, missing her family and wondering how she'll ever escape.