Xxx sex stories karina kapur story

Xxx sex stories karina kapur story
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Check the same title in Stories forum to see pictures of the goddess who inspired this story. The situation I am in now, its wild because not only do I not know how it is going to turn out. I am not really sure I know how I want it to turn out. I really have the best of both worlds.

I just turned 46, my ophthalmology practice is doing well, not just well, thriving. I finally for the first time really don't have to worry about money. I have two good kids, Marsha and Bradley, 11 and 7, both are well behaved and do well in school. My wife Patricia is doing well in her position as an engineering consult with Conoco, and we have a great, not too big 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath two story home out in suburbia.

The weather is great in North Carolina much of the time, and I recently took up running and have noticed my little middle aged paunch deutsche milf fickt ihren schwager mit dem mega schwanz german mom receding, much like my hairline, but it is still thick where it is so with hair gel, I am a pretty decent looking guy.

Not hot or handsome, but I like what I see in the mirror. Of course, I had almost all of that, sans the running 3 years ago when I often felt so uninterested in life I actually considered offing myself. In the end having kids would always have stopped me, but I did think about it.

I wasn't depressed mind you, just completely disengaged. So what has changed? Why do I smile at the mirror now instead of frown? Because in reality anal n cum in mouth 1 thing makes a man truly content with life.

Regular sexual interaction that gets him off. Now I have that, and my stress is gone, I have pep in my step, and I find myself curious again about life. I am reading books again, I started taking an auto class at the community college to finally learn how to do minor upkeep on my own damn car, and I really enjoy it.

I was always good with my hands. So what caused the change do you ask? What is the 'catch?' The sexual interactions are not with my wife. To tell you the truth, I think she knows.

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She has to have noticed the change in my attitude. She knows me well, and knows men well. Patricia has been pretty much sexless since our son was born. Have a look at the rough pussy ramming session with a bitch I really think back on it, she never really was all that into it. When we dated in college we didn't consummate until our 9th date, and we never had that phase people talk about where they fuck every 10 minutes.

I knew what I was even in high school, I was the slightly unathletic smart guy. Not brilliant to go to Goldman Sachs or anything, but a good brain in my head. I was normal looking, of English and French decent, and about 5' 10". When I first asked out Patricia who was my lab partner in zoology, she was pretty shy and introverted. She is a little less now, but it is still her base.

But she is very pretty in the face. High cheekbones, close set eyes, small nose. Very classically pretty, and though the look didn't particularly turn me on, nor did her thin figure, I knew she was probably hotter than I was ever destined to get so I hung on. I don't mean to come off as completely shallow, I did enjoy being with her then, and still do now.

She was a big nerdy sci fi fan and we both loved Star Wars. In fact early on that was kind of what got us talking in depth the first time. I remember when the prequels came out, she and I camped over night. It is the last time I really remember her being excited WITH me.

Too bad she didn't enjoy Episode 1, it stopped her from being willing to do the overnight fanboy thing for the rest. Anyway, like I said, she wasn't very sexual, and the sex we had from dating to marriage to kids was almost exclusively missionary. I wanted to try all kinds of things but she just seemed to almost feel like sex was a dirty thing, even in marriage. She is very, very intelligent, maybe so much so that sexual endeavors seemed mundane to her.

All I really know was after she got preggo with our second child, that was it, no more instigating from her. It was all me, every time, and when she agreed to be intimate, it rarely was with anything but apathy. Lights off, missionary, and "no noise!", or we might wake up the kids. I personally like sex. I have found I fucking love it. Positions, rhythms, dirty talk, role play, oral, vaginal. even anal. I doubt I would ever have found out those things if I didn't take a chance on that rainy March afternoon.

Then I met her, and eventually, she taught me all about sex. Was it sad that a young lady knew so much more than an older man? You may say so but I respected my wife and her lack of desire lead me to only ask when I really needed it. Sure, you can say the respect is bullshit since I am cheating on her, but step mother beeg with son 2019, I am not cheating on our marriage. There isn't going to be any bastard child or messy divorce.

I just. . outsourced her sexual job to another, more willing participant. I didn't plan it! I didn't. I had no idea she was coming to interview. I didn't know she was going to take it upon herself. I just thought she was a great girl who deserved some good luck for a change.

I guess you really do get back what you put out there. Ok, Jesus, I gotta focus, just thinking about her starts to make it hard to concentrate. You know, that is truly what has driven me wild over her. Yes, yes, she is hot as fuck, totally my type and one amazing fuck, but that is still just sex, sex can be totally physical. But with her, it is an emotional release as well, I just lose myself in the sensation of the orgasms she gives me. Not to mention, I like who I am when I am with her.

I am excited and engaged and curious and extroverted and expressive and passionate. I enjoy being a passionate person, and its good for me, my business and my family life. Again, you can say it is wrong, but my wife just does not want it. I need it to feel whole. How can it be wrong if everyone is happier? I really do think she knows, and doesn't say a word, she still has the home, the career the good money and kids and no longer has to put up with my libido.

It's win/win, right? So back to that March day. Suzanne had been my front desk gal forever. Annie was my assistant and there was me.

I did consults for lasik on Monday, procedures Tuesday, we were closed on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday I did traditional vision care, exams, glasses, contacts, all that stuff. Now Suzanne had just gotten married and her husband was in some military outfit, I am not sure which, kind of behind the scenes stuff, and he had suddenly announced to her that they were moving to Maryland.

I was sad to see her go but started interviewing right away. Actually Suzanne was interviewing since she knew the job so well woman doctor and pasent xnxx viedeo was going to narrow it down to two or three and I would pick from those.

She had interviewed two that day and had just headed home for the night. Annie had left a half hour ago and I was just finishing the quickbooks for the week when there was a tap on the glass door of the office. My office was a suite in a office building, on the second floor. She waved at me with a smile from the door.

I figured she was a customer who had gotten there appointment mixed up, as we opened and closed two hours later on Fridays. It was hard to really see her face through the silk screened frosty eye and name design on the door, but her long dark brown, almost black hair was noticeable. I had always liked brunettes, and had even tried talking Patricia into dyeing her hair, but she never would. I saw her eyes as I got to the door. She had those bedroom eyes that melt any man.

Some women thing it is big tits or a tight ass that gets hot women what they want. Nope, that shit is just fun to look at, what makes you give a woman things or go above and beyond for a cutie you don't know is the eyes.

Big, wet, wide-eyed, with deep colors, and the proper mascara, lashes and liner to accentuate them; bedroom eyes. I think it is because they look very honest, and also because they carry all the time the look a woman gets when you are inside her and she likes it. That is when any woman can do it, but some lucky girls, they are born with them and they never stop having that look. Those are the eyes with over the shoulder can make any man consider cheating.

As I opened the door she had a tight lipped smile, cracked just enough to make her front teeth look like a bunny's (god that's hot too!) Her hair was pulled back on the sides, and clasped in a soft leather tie with a stick. Her bangs fell in front to the left, and some her hair was over her shoulders and some was behind her. Gorgeous hair, just gorgeous. It was wet from the storm and a few droplets could be seen on the tips of some clumps of strands.

Her hair tapered to a point, again, just hot as hell, why other girls don't see what drives us wild is beyond me. I couldn't help but watch a drop fall from her hair down to the top of her breast. Well, to the cloth on top of it, she was dressed very professionally. She had on black high heels with an open toe, black stockings, a somewhat form fitting black skirt to her knees, and a purple satin looking blouse, button up with a wide collar.

I shit you not, she was showing no cleavage but her breasts just had that look.

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You know, some girls can fake it if close using a push up bra. But those great looking tits, where they start high up, above the arm pits, had good heft, uniformly dispersed, buoyant and full, giving that rounded under slope through the garment.

Now I am an ass, man. I have always been an assman, and great legs and a bubble butt easily win out to me 99% of the time. Patricia had neither, her breasts were flat saddle back flaps, small in size and girth.

They were purely functional, and that was before the kids. But again, I am an ass man, so that never bothered me. Until that day. That day I saw near perfection, or what hinted at it. Even an ass man, confronted with shameless, bursting with pride perfect tits, melts like butter on a hot roll.

"Hi! I'm Angie!" She squeaked in a bubbly voice, her eyes fluttering once, a sly smirk now on those great lips. She had the type of lips where she had a lot of control over them, very muscled, very versatile. But that fucking smirk, it was the kind only really hot women who know they are hot can do. A look that says 'you're gonna just do what I tell you eventually anyway. . right?' And they are absolutely correct, we do, every time, like idiots. Well usually like idiots, but even a broken clock is right once a day, and it is amazing to be that clock!

"Um, well what can I do for you Angie?" Amazed I kept my voice level. I felt like I was in middle school, talking to the "it" girl. "Um, well I was supposed to talk to Suzanne?

About a job?" "Oh, well she has gone home, what, what time was your appointment?" "Well. 4." "It's 5:25 Angie. I have a busy office, if you. . " "It's not my fault, I swear." her voice got rushed and panicky. "I was on the Interstate and, and my tire went flat and I had to pull over, and, and it has this locking bolt on it and I couldn't get it fixed until some stopped to help me!" Angie said, blinking fast, the smirk gone, she almost looked like she was going to cry.

Not a pouty look but an honest to God breakdown look. Yes I like to be the good guy, yes I wanted to help. But I have to be honest that I was also already smitten. She was so cute, and sexy and she was just perfect to me, to what I wish I had.

I tell you if Patricia had even been 10% interested in sex, I wouldn't be such a pathetic guy. But women just don't understand what a back up of baby batter does to a guy. Anyway, I just couldn't turn her away. "Well tell you what, come on in for a bit and I can give you an interview and let Suzanna know how you did.

Ok?" "Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ." "Alright, alright, here sit down over there." I said pointing to the chair on the opposite side of the glasses fitting station. She sat down and crossed her legs, her thigh pushing along the fabric.

God she was hot. I sat across from her, trying not to stare at her too much. She had those kinds of cheeks that puff up like a chipmunk's full of nuts. She had a longer than usual nose, just by a tiny bit, and it was thicker at the bottom and the tip went up into a point.

I hate describing it, it sounds like the wicked witch of the west. But trust me, Michaelangelo couldn't sculpt her better. Her big dark eyes, bigger nose, tight, but full lips, thick dark lashes and eyebrows, dark peach skin, rouge and lipgloss.

She was a vision. "So, uh, what is your experience Angie, was it?" "Yeah! Wull, here is my resume." She handed it to me out of her oversized hand bag. It looked like one of my wife's. "So, I worked at McDonald's in high school, then Kohl's. Then after graduation I got a job at Shotgun Phils. I have been there since." She finished with a blow out of her lips flapping, pushing her bangs up before they fell back, now half covering her right eye.

God she was cute. "I am not familiar with Shotgun Phils." "It's um, a, uh, a strip club. . " Angie said, kind of looking at the floor. I looked at her resume, it was terrible. She naked pretty attractive cutie homemade and hardcore no idea how to write one. It had her name and number and email, then her education of high school diploma, her job experience she had just run over, and no extra skills.

She was gonna have a hell of a time finding something and every guy who interviewed her would only think of banging her. But I wanted to be nice to such a little hottie. "Oh, yeah, I don't know much about that kind of stuff, the wife doesn't like those places, and besides I am too busy at sports and gymnastics, and karate and music lessons and where ever else chauffeuring the kids, to have any time for that anyway." "You sound like a good dad.

. ." Angie, said, her eyes getting even wetter than they already were. "I wish my son had a great dad." "Oh, you, you have a son?" "Mmm-hmm. Julius. He is four." She grabbed her phone, "Wanna see him?" She wasn't even waiting for an answer but she suddenly seemed so happy, I didn't want to interrupt her. "So are you married too Angie?" I hate that I wanted her to say no.

That I wanted her to be a stressed out hard working single mom. But single was the key, and guys, well our brains work odd. We ALWAYS want the possibilities to day dream of. "Ha! No, not to. . here! Isn't he a cutie!?" She was beaming. I almost dropped the phone, she was so focused on her son, that she didn't notice or care it was a picture from the water park.

Someone else dick for days teen couple fucks every which possible way flexible and natural take the picture and she had on jean short and was bending over towards the camera, holding her son up by his arms.

. in a bikini top. Ok, most breast look a little nicer when they are hanging, hers looked amazing. No creases where the breast was too big, no slight edges. They were round, full, plump, firm, and not a tan line to be seen around the skimpy top. They were quite as big as I would have thought, the bra was adding size, but they sure looked inviting.

"He looks like a great boy." I said handing back the phone before I ended up whipping out my dick and beating off in front of her, dreaming of those globes. "He is amazing, he is my everything." She took back the phone gazing at it, smiling big. It was so pretty. A woman's sexiest look it a real smile, coming from her soul. Sexier than any duck face will do. "So do you not enjoy your job now?" "No, Small gril old man xnxx mean the girls are great, lots of friends (stripper friends?

I need to go to one of her birthday parties), and the money is great, but the hours are late and, well, I am tired of dressing like that for work. I don't even dress that way alone. . I am pretty sure my parents wouldn't approve either." She trailed off a bit.

"Well parents can be a lot more understanding than you think. Think of how much you love your son. That love only grows as they become people." "I don't know. I can't. . .I can't talk to them.

My dad died of cancer when I was 14. And my mom died when I was 19, just after Julius was born. She got cancer too.

A different kind." "Wow Angie, that's terrible. I am so sorry. Did they have life insurance?" "No, we didn't have a lot of money, especially after dad's treatment.

His cancer was slow. Mom's was spread before they found it. And Julius's daddy, well he cheated on me when I was pregnant and we had a huge fight and he disappeared. I have no idea where he is, and honestly don't want to. I don't want him as a role model for my son. Anyway, that was when I got the job at the club and that's how I have been supporting us. But I don't want to do that anymore." "Good for you, it's good to strive for better. Have you had any college courses?

We have a tuition reimbursement program. If you get a C or better in the class you get it paid for by the office. I like my employees to better themselves." "Wow, that sounds really great." Angie stared at my eyes, through them really. God she was hot. "So what made you apply here?" "Well first I thought, its an office, and doctors offices are usually quiet. I love the idea of quiet instead of music blasting in my ears.

Then I thought a doctor's office would be, you know, sterile?" She raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes when she said it, I had to smile. "Plus, I want a job where I am proud to tell people where I work. A place where if someone comes by to see me they don't see me half naked with old guys pinching me.

I want better for my son. . " I just liked her. She was so pretty and she wanted to be known for everything else. She felt so determined to me, so intense on being better than she was. She was hungry for more, and I liked that. That was something I liked in my wife, the drive. I fed off of that.

"How old are you Angie?" "I just turned 22." She was damn young. With a kid. But god she was beautiful. She fucking sparkled, and not just her nails, eyes, lips and and ear rings. All of her sparkled, she was electric.

I thought she was of heritage from somewhere south of the border. I later found out she is actually Italian and Portuguese. I remember that conversation, telling her she was my first Latina lover one time after intimacy. She had a good laugh and then teased me that I was the first elderly lover she ever had.

God she is hot. "So, do you know how to use computers?" "Yes, I am pretty good with those. I like some of the online games they have. I have a supped up alienware laptop." "Alien. . ? My buddy got one of those. . aren't. . aren't they really pricey?" "I told you, my job at the club pays well." I was pretty sure those things were like $4000 if they were nice.

She made that kind of money? Shit, I would quit my practice and all the insurance headaches if I could get it serving cocktails. But no one is paying to see my body. "Weeeeeeell.

. . " I added pause for the effect, but there was no way I was passing up to see this young sexpot again. Even if she didn't work out, a few weeks of outfits for visuals would give me masturbatory material for years. God knows that was happening tonight in the shower. "You think you can handle all the scheduling? The calls? The Insurance hassles?" "Yes!" "You will always be on time and not call in sick all the time." "I promise I will!" "Ok, we'll give you a two week trial, if Suzanne likes you, you'll have it full time.

It pays $17 to start, $24 if you pass the two weeks. Does that work?" "Hmmmm. Ok, I will make it work, I don't want to go back to the club. Thank you so much!" "You're welcome, don't disappoint me." I stood up and had to deflect her trying to hug me. I had a half hard on, and didn't want her to know. "Ok, I won't. I promise I will work so hard! Thank you Dr. Nelson!" This time she caught me not resisting and wrapped me in a hug, but the walk to the door had caused me to soften enough the worst she could assume would be i had a above average dick.

. no problem there, am I right? But she probably learned how to hug from dealing with customers, it was legs back, bending forward, all tits and arms. But I tell you the firmness and give of those breasts. "Have a good night Angie. And call me Billy." I let Angie out and shut down the computer, turned out the lights and went home. I spent far too much time that weekend in my "study" looking at pictures of dark haired young women with nice chests, then went to the shower, the toilet anywhere I could close the door and brought myself to orgasm thinking of Angie.

Finally I had to push Patricia for sex, I needed a real female to simulate enough for me to get it out of my system. The dark she likes only helping mask her and turn her into Angie beneath me, images spinning in my head of Angie loving me, in any position except missionary.

So yes Suzanne gave me a bit of a look when she first saw Angie and how young she was and found out where she had worked. But Angie won her over pretty quick as she was very determined and showed brains I don't think she knew she had. Annie and Angie clicked right away as Annie was a fashion girl but didn't have the figure that Angie did and lived vicariously through her.

She looked great every day. Fucking amazing. Knee high boots, open toe heels, sandal heels, jess ryan riding dildo damn that ass right with straps that circle the calf.

She always was hot and set the tone with her feet. Usually skirts, some flowing, some tight, some a little short, some to the knee. Nice blouses, tank tops and sweaters. Her ear rings would match or be gold hoops. Her cleavage was usually well controlled and curteous, but every once in a while she would push it, a little too tight, too revealing.

But when she did she would also wear a necklace with a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows charm on it, that sat squarely at the tip top of the line of her cleavage.

It was a bit more than she should do, but damn if she didn't look dynamite. Maybe I am wrong, but I swear business has picked up because of her. I think some of the patients have told their buddies the treat they would find at the office. I can't blame them. She was great, Suzanne actually left a day early to help pack for her move because Angie picked things up so fast.

She was a whiz on the computer and always bright and bubbly and smiling. I stared all the time, but I never, ever did anything inappropriate. I tell you, I hired her because I wanted to help, and she was doing great. I even started her at $26 instead for doing such a good job. The first time my wife came by was a little tense. Don't think she didn't notice Angie's attitude, her vibrance, and of course her dark features and hair.

It was just barely there, under the surface when I came out to sign the document she stopped by with. She brought lunch for every one and we ate alone in the back room. She didn't say anything, and it was just a coolness to her towards me, and slightly heavier towards Angie. Angie, being so pretty, had gotten a lot of that from women, and she played it off well, commenting, "that's a warm woman you have there." With a laugh and wink to me.

God she was hot. Things were great until early August. There was this day when Angie came in without her pep, without her zow, without her beam.

She was quiet and fatigued, monotone and dull. Finally, after the last patient was with Annie looking at frames I sat down next to her. "Angie? Angie what is wrong? You aren't yourself today." I hated the glum demeanor and vibe. I looked forward to fantasizing about her every night, and her attitude was part of it. I wanted to have sex with that attitude as much as that body.

She fueled my enthusiasm for live, made me energetic for my kids, a better man. It wasn't cheating, we weren't doing anything. I just got to look at her. That's okay, right? "It's nothing, just a hard day." "You seemed this way before when you got here." "Yeah, tough morning." She crossed her legs.

She was wearing black sandal heels with wrap around straps on black stockings. Then a black dress skirt, and a purple and white striped button up with enlarged white cuffs and collar. The top hugged her sides and was strained by her chest. Fuck she was hot.

"Why what happened?" Pretty amateur blonde passenger drilled for a free fare took her hand in mine and crossed her cari and pat first time on film the other way, this time her skirt going just high enough to expose her thigh. the stockings stopped at her mid thigh. Oh Jesus, a strap.

. she was wearing a garter belt under there. It would be a fast shower tonight. I had never visualized that before. "So, well, my son has gone to St. Joseph's for his pre-school, and now is kindergarden." "Well, you should be happy, that's a good school." "Yeah, good and expensive. I found out what it would cost and had to tell Julius this morning there is no way I can pay for it and he cried so hard about all his friends.


. and it just brakes me to see him cry. . " She teared up and had to stop a moment. "He is the only man who never disappoints me. Oh, well, I guess he is the first." She looked at me with wet eyes, and squeezed my hand. God she is hot. "Is it that expensive? How did you do it last year?" "I told you, I made good money there." "How much is good?

I paid you decent here I thought." "Oh you do. It's just like. . an industry thing. Guys are really happy around boobs." "But you were a waitress right? You didn't perform or. . like. . do other stuff, right?" She furrowed her brow at me. "No I didn't" It was the first time she ever looked at me with anything but gratitude and happiness. "Well help me out here then.

What was going on. Tips can't be that good." She looked behind her to see the customer and Annie were out of earshot. She lowered her voice. "So, like we had these 'special' shots, ok? What you would do is pour the shot in this stretched out test tube thing.

You would put the test tube in between your boobs. Then the guy would get to lean in and stick his face in your boobs and take the shot in his teeth.

Of course what guys do is push the shot down as far as they can into your boobs so they can dig their whole face in for a couple of seconds before grabbing the shot and pulling it out and going bottoms up with it.

They were very explicit when I got the job that the tops we had to wear had to be the kind with a thick hard underwire. I thought that was to make our boobs bigger, which it does, but actually you wear them because it makes a hard barrier that the test tube can't go past and then the guys have to give up and just take the shot.

Otherwise they will stay buried until you pull them off. That was why I left that place." I was very impressed with her honesty. She was so open with me. It just made her hotter to me. To see that genuine angel smiling at me. Looking at me. Anything towards me. So we finished out the day and I told her things work out. I didn't tell her but I contacted the school and sent in the tuition payment for Julius. I knew she would get a letter telling her his tuition was paid. I figured she would never know how.

But she did. It was the next Monday and the last consult was gone. Annie didn't come in on Mondays, since there was no fittings.

I was in the B exam room finishing reading an article in a med mag, when I heard her sniffle. I turned around, to see Angie right behind me, her heels making her only a couple inches shorter than me. Her french tip nails were atop her pressed hands, up to her face around her nose. Her huge wet eyes, actually crying droplets. "I can't believe it." She said into her hands.

Then she pulled her hands away and began fanning her eyes with one of them. "Oh, gosh." She sniffled again. "What. . ?" "I got the letter from St. Johnathan's last night. It said Julius was paid in full for the year with textbooks and materials.

It was anonymous, but they included a photocopy of the check. It. . .It. . It was your name on the check. . I would recognize your signature anywhere." She sobbed. "Oh shit. I wanted that to be a secret. Well, you're welcome, you deserve it Angie. You do, you have done great work. . " "You are so amazing!" She gripped me in a hug. I held her for a minute. She was wearing the same exact shirt I had hired her in.

The purple satin silky one. Turn me up a hardcore rough anal sex and squirting music compilation felt so good, as did the firm young body underneath it. She had on her softest black skirt on. It was form fitting but a very soft cotton. She black stockings in black heels. She had on the garter belt today. Lets just say everyday I made a game of getting a look to see somehow. She started to pull away and put my face in her hands and started kissing my cheeks, one after the other, back and forth.

"Really Angie, sweetie, you have done everything I could ask of you." "Not everything. . " She said, and as smooth as silk slid right up to me and placed free sex stories xxx story com lips on mine. Her tongue danced in my mouth, twice rubbing my tongue before swirling around it.

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I took her kiss, lost in the bliss. Her lips, her tongue. . she felt exactly how I thought she would. Intense, confident, lusty, and passionate. I took in her wonderful scent. She smelled of baby powder and lavender. It was the most wonderful kiss I had ever had, and I snapped out of it and pushed her off of me. "Angie, Angie. Thank you but please. You don't need to do that." It is hard to explain it. . I wanted her so badly, but I didn't want to be cheesy has a fling with the receptionist guy.

And actually feeling a body in heat for me that wasn't my wife's, it just felt. . jarring in some way. I pushed her away legitimately. The pleasure of the kiss didn't outpace the sickly feelings of being that guy. She pushed up against me again this time I stepped back from her into her trap and fell into the patient chair. She came up quickly, swinging the arm around to hold me in and kissed me more. She was very aggressive and stronger than I anticipated and she pressed me into the chair, and I tried to talk with her tongue in my mouth.

"Annn-eeeey. Annn-eeey, stooooommmm." She began to massage my penis through my slacks and my resolve faded. She was so fucking hot. . and sexy, and vivacious, and skilled, and yummy and everything else you can think of a person you desire.

I loved the feeling of lust, I loved feeling a woman desperately trying to take me. Of course when you are already head over heels in lust with said woman, it was all the more alluring. Once the ick left my mind, it never returned, but I fleetingly fought her. When she unzipped me and I felt her fingers looking for the opening in my boxers. "Angie, Angie I am married, I have a wife, I.

. " "I've met your wife, I don't she has sampled you in some time." Angie snapped back at me, looking up from her dipped head. God she looked crazy sexy like that. That was the moment her fingertips found the opening and the first time her flesh touched my manhood. My chubb (stunted by shear shock) responded at once and hardened like steel in her warm hand. "Ummmph!" I grunted, my hands clasping the arms of the chair. "Angie! Angie I can't persia pele is a busty cock rider..

I can't cheat on her. Please!" I knew I couldn't stop her physically, but my brain made a final attempt to keep my integrity. She looked at me with sad eyes, puzzled eyes, my cock throbbing in her soft hand. "Ok, I won't make you cheat Mr. Nelson, but I am not letting you leave with sucking you off to say thank you. From the look on your face, you need it." Without another word she moved her head to my groin and pressed her lips to the head of my penis.

She smooshed there, her tongue creating a blockage and her lips just swirled around my tip. She was an artiste.

"Uuuuhhhoooh! Uuuuh shit Angie. Ho. Ho. Oh." I panted, staring at the cabinets, trying to think about anything else. I wanted to savor this, my god she was my fucking fantasy. I had to try to hold it. I heard the first slurp and she took back the gathering spit plunging her tunnel with her fav toy my unit and then came down in a slow pressured suck. Her tongue was hard and pressing, length wise on me.

Her top teeth shielded by her lip, backstopped my cock and gave a most riveting sensation. I had to look and see what she was doing, she was. . was.

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. .amazing. I looked down, which ultimately started what I was trying to avoid. Just the glimpse of her strong lips over me, her hair falling down all around her off her shoulders, her big brown eyes staring up at me. My balls ached and tingled almost instantly. "Ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Angie" I whispered hoarsely. She pulled off of me for just a moment with a satisfying slurp. "Hmmmm, theeeeeere you are!" She gave me her devilish grin, her inner bad girl fully exposed, and she turned all her attention to my cock, her intuition letting her know it was time for a big finish.

Stepmom and latina teen shared hot goo after threesome young old and pornstars kept her tongue flexing on and off and doubled the speed of her bobbing. "Oooooohhhhhffff!" My head slammed back into the chair as I felt the cum rushing up my manhood, yearning to bathe the woman of my dreams.

I gripped the arms of the chair so tight the leather ripped on the right one. Just as my body was seizing up I got my eyes open just enough to see Angie's hair bouncing, styled in long lazy curls today.

"Angieeeee!" "Mmmmm?!" She answered. "Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnngggiieeee!" "MMMMMMMMM?!" She hummed so loud, the humm vibrated her lips, adding even more sensation to my climax. "Aaaaaannnnnnkkkkkkkkkkcccchhhhhhhuuuucccckkkk!" I spasmed out some string of noises and clicks as I lost control of my vocalization. You know what is weird, when you cum really, really hard, you realize how long it has been since you came that hard.

It's the crazy experience where your head seems to be independent of your body and that tingle rockets out from your dick, your whole body instantly super sensitive to everything, especially the orgasm. Your vision whites out and you can literally feel the pouring of dopamine and other pleasure chemicals into your brain like a river and you real incest daughter and father homemade story spycam momentarily black out in orgasm.

My mind was void of thought, the only sound the ringing in my ears, the only feeling the warm pulsing afterglow from my orgasm.

I could hear and feel my heartbeat, and all stress flowed out of my body. You don't have too many of those, almost as good as the first one you ever had. I had the experience twice with Angie. The other one was the weekend my wife was out of town and Angie and I took ecxtasy and viagra. A crazy combo I don't recommend if you are my age, but glad I did with her.

I have no idea how long I was out. When I came to first the ringing in my ears subsided and I could hear the hum of the lights. Then I heard a slurp. My mind pulled back into my head from it's floating and I felt my skin again. My body felt heavy and exhausted, the after effects of my extreme rush of pleasure. I snapped out further, now fully aware of myself, but my eyes were closed.

Wait. . was she. . she was. . she was still sucking me. I don't think she ever stopped. She took my cum into her mouth and into her tummy and kept sucking. Jesus, I wasn't even hard and she was sucking. I would be hard, but my cock was just spent.

I am getting old, and she worked it like a champ. But she was still sucking. I just basked in the warmth I still felt, breathing deep while my little tart sucked on my manhood. It was an incredible few minutes. I finally came down all the way from my high, and felt my manhood showing signs of life. I lifted my head and opened my eyes. The lights had been lowered, it was a low glow now, just enough to make out features and some colors.

I looked down to see Angie hard at work, sucking, kissing and licking my manhood, pausing every bit to tickle my balls with her tongue. I then realized my slacks and underwear where undone and down to my lower thigh, my launch pad cleared. "An--Angie?" I said hoarsely. "Mmm-hmmm-hmmm-mmm." Angie replied, raising her index finger and her hand. It wasn't long until she had me 3/4 of the way hard again.

"Finally damn, I was worried I was gonna get lock jaw." Angie laughed to me sweetly. She slid along me, pushing the arm of the chair away and had her chest on mine, staring in my eyes. She bopped me on the nose and said, "Just relax, Angie will take care of everything.

She kissed me, and her tongue slid in as her right leg slid over me, and she half hopped up and straddled me. I could feel her bare skin and the pubic hair she left on, trimmed and primped. She stopped kissing me and stared at me as she slid her hips up, until her warm lips slid against my cock. The heat of her womb was intense and it had mating on its mind. "Ahhhmmm, gunnng!" I swallowed hard. "Annnngie, wha--whattar you do-oh-oh-nng-oohhh-oh-oh-oh-mm?" I slobbered out, as she slid back down.

I was so close to in her, my cock hard core group sex in night club striptease and hardcore to jump. "Shhhh. Angie is here." She purred softly to me. "Mmmmm, I know what you want." She reached over and turned on the slit lamp, pointing to the wall, adding just a bit more vision to the dirty fuckmouth bitch leighlani red nasty cock sucking for creamy facial. I watched her hand, soft, delicate, french tipped, dance down the equipment back to join her other hand on the top button of her shirt.

She undid the first, then the second, third and forth, before the last two I could already see the treasure inside. The symmetrical mounds, buoyant and tight, and this was in the bra. It was a very shiny silky type, with an alternating pattern, white, then purple, the purple of her top. The padded number had frills on the bottom and came together in the middle in a pretty silk homemade webcam threesome with painted girls tube porn with draping tails.

As Angie pulled her shirt off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor I saw her belly button piercing, a ring with a chain ending in a cross. It was dancing as she moved. I looked back up at her face, she was waiting for me. When our eyes met she smirked again and said, "Time to open presents!" She pulled on the bow in the middle of the bra until it fell apart.

She flicked the clasp in the middle and it was unhooked. She was open. She slid the palm of each hand to the end of a cup, and slowly slid them off, her hands covering her bodacious breasts. She giggled as she slowly dropped her hands exposing a perfect pair. I am not using that word in hyperbole.

They were perfect. The started high, sloped out with a sudden severe swelling at the bottom producing a tear drop shape. The constituency and heft would best be described as a plastic sandwich bag dropped on the counter on the corner. I near bursting tightness with total fluidity of motion. I promise you, if they were fake, they were the best ever constructed.

The front sloped heavily before bounding out to the nipple like a ski jump, meeting the bulbous bottom. Behind the bulb the skin was tight as it went up behind the bottom of her breast just so, giving perkiness. I just stared. God knows how long they would stay that way, but for now, truly awesome.

I was totally in awe, stunned, quivering, entranced. Angie cupped one hand behind my neck, I loved watching how her breast moved, bounding soft and tight. I watched it get closer, the nipple approaching my mouth and Angie brought me to her. I felt her breast in my mouth, the smooth skin, the great push-back. I couldn't help but moan as I sucked her, our roles completely traded.

She as now the wise, mentoring authority; I was now the naive, frightened novice. I sucked, bit, squeezed and kneaded them, one after the other, back and forth, worshiping her mammaries. I would have probably gone on for days, but Angie said. "Hey baby, baby, it's time." I grudgingly let her pull my head back from her breasts, both wet from my endeavors.

I looked up at her sadly. "I'm sorry baby," she cooed, "but I have to get home soon. We better get on it. Ha, ha, well, I better get on it." She sat up fast, and forward her forehead on mine. Her mouth was wide open and smiling as she took a loud breath in.

"Ooooooooooooooh, here we goooo!" She groaned in a throaty voice. "U-u-u-uuuuu-uuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaannnngie! Uuuuhhhmmmyygod, UUUUUNNNMMAGOD. Hmmmm!" I groaned as she sat on me, on my engorged cock, the velvety contours of her pussy enveloped me and held me snug. "Ooooh shit baby, mmmm!

Is that good?" Angie purred as she slid all the way to my hilt, my full shaft now inside her body. "H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-heeeeeh Angie. Oh my god ba--ba--ba--ba--baby!" I could barely contain myself, it was too intoxicating. She was so beautiful, her body so spectacular, her breasts immaculate, her kiss phenomenal and her womb.

. ready. She felt so ready the way her folds were working me, even in between her reps on my cock her body would milk me, trying to pull my cum from me. I was holding her thighs, feeling them flex as she rode up and down on me, her heeled toes just reaching the ground and adding leverage. "Yeah baby, oh that's good daddy. Is it good. Am I doing good baby." I made some noise back at her but I was too busy feeling her legs, and darting my eyes back and forth.

I wanted to stare at just her tits, watch them bound sissy tranny sounding sur lit tube porn gracefully but I kept having to look at our genitals and my prick inside her to know it was real. Uuup. I felt it. That first feeling, that first sensation somewhere on your dick, its like a fire but the flames are intense pleasure. It was on the back left of my shaft, a part of her inner workings rubbed the whole length right there and as she dropped down this last time, it started the chain reaction that would follow before long.

"Hoooofffff!" I grunted through pursed lips my eyes crossing a bit as the twinge of fire pleasure crept down to my testicles. "Oh-ho-ho, I think I know that look." Angie stopped going up and down and instead slid back and forth on my stomach, her perfect mounds pressing into me as she put her face on mine.

"Is it time baby, huh, is it?" She was talking in a very slutty and husky voice, pleading with me more than asking. "Angie, ho shit baby, you. . nnngg, you gotta g-g-g-get off-ff-ff--ff-ff! "Don't worry baby, it's okay!" "Nnn-nn-nn-nnn-nnnn-oo-ho-ho-ho K-K-K-K-Can't g-g-get preg-gug-gug-nant!!" I wanted to push her off, but I couldn't, but christ I had a huge batch of my seed brewing up for her, if she was fertile at all.

"It's okay daddy! It's okay! Angie's ready baby! Do it!" "Nn-nn-nn-oo-oo. An-An-Angie-ee-ee-ee--eee!" Oh god! It was starting, I could feel them clenching! She had to get off! "Dammit baby, just let go!" Angie hooked her heels into the foot bar on the chair and showed serious strength and sat on her haunches and sat up straight, her hands on my chest.

She was able to do short fast strokes, knowing it would be impossible to hold out if she did. "Angie, Angie, Angie!" My hand flailed looking for something to grab, my right landing on her ass cheek, my left grasping the stamen of the slit lamp. "Yes baby, cum for me!" "Hoygg-gg-gg-gg-ggggg-ggg-eennnnggg!!" I grunted as the orgasm reached the tip of my cock.

Angie, that amazing sex goddess, she just fucking knew right when I was going to explode and unhooked her heels and dropped on me, taking all of me in her warm embrace as the first volumous glob of warm white semen drenched her walls, planting her with my seed.

"Oh yes baby! That's good baby!" She was back to doing long slow strokes pressed up against me, her hot breath in my ear, edging me on, her perfect breasts digging into me and sending me higher. I grunted loudly, my body seized and my hips bucked sending another torrent of my sperm into her waiting womb. "Gooooood. Goooooood baby. Goood." She moaned softly to my ear, moving very slowly up and down my shaft.

"MMmmffff! NNnnnnaaangieeeeee. Unnnfff!" "Shhhh. Shhhhhhhhhh." She purred to me as the bolts turned to spurts, to dry heaves of my manhood, out of cum to give, drained completely by her.

The one. Angie. I had never been drained in my whole life. She kept stroking me as I lay there, occasionally bucking out of the blue, getting a giggle out of Angie every time. She was so warm against me, and she still smelled so wonderful, overcoming the smell of our sex in the room.

I fell into sleep, so fucking wiped out. I couldn't remember ever coming twice in one day in years, and never so intensely. I am not sure the time that passed but I came to when I felt a very warm and wet cloth cleaning my penis and groin. I opened my eyes to see her cleaning me with a washcloth. She saw me watching. "Just in case, we don't want you smelling like me." She winked and finished cleaning me up. She put the cloth on the counter and leaned on me to give me a kiss.

"Thank you for everything Billy. You are one great guy. I gotta go, I am late for the sitter already. Oh and don't worry. .

" She kissed me again. "I have and IUD." She smiled that great smile and bopped me on the nose again and laughed. A final kiss on the cheek and she sauntered out to the lobby and down the stairs. Me? Well I laid there another 20 minutes or so, finally got to my feet and went home.