Amateur first time anal gay

Amateur first time anal gay
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this is the story of my first time having sex with a women i had had sex before this but with guys. It was about two years ago i was sitting in my room listening to music as i usually do and thinking about life, and i hear a knock on my door it was my mom she tells me that she has to work that night and so does my brother.

so i figure "i can jerk off in peace" but thats not what happened. Later on that i was waiting for my brothers girlfriend to get home and i think to myself "Wouldn't it be cool if i could fuck her" i had thought about it many times before then so it did not bother me. She finally returns and sits down on a chair and starts explaining how her day of shopping went and the whole i didn't hear a word of it because i was preoccupied with starring at her big juicy tits, i just wanted to grab them but knew she wouldn't appreciate it so i didn't.

after her story was finished i hop in the shower and about ten minutes into my shower i hear a knock on the bathroom door, it was one of her friends wanting to use the washroom so i quickly finished my shower and left the room. when i entered the living my brother's girlfriend asked me if i wanted a drink. and i never turn down a drink so i naturally agreed.

and after a few i was smashed and ready to just lay back and see what happened but we were out drink for everyone else so i had to get some drink and when i got back i had just a few more drinks and made sure her and her friend were smashed and they were i brought the drinks in and came back outside hoping to have a good night but to my surprise her friend had left and my brothers girlfriend was just sitting there and i decided to sit down and try something with her because i am a "very" sexual person so it just came naturally and i said i needed to pee and started towards the side of my building and she got up and followed and we took care of our business and her head was about two maybe three inches from my cock and i got wood from that thought and wasn't able put it away and happened to mention to her at the same time that she had a "great rack" and she replied "you wanna see em"?

and as any 14 year old would say i answered ass traffic ginnas pretty face is sprayed after she is ass fucked yeah". and she pulled her shirt up and exposed her perfect round tits with rock solid nipples.

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and she says " you wanna touch em" so i did and i just stood there stroking and rubbing her nipples. and after she pulled her shirt down she says to me "my turn" for what i ask, she says " let me see your cock" and i quickly oblige and there i am standing there with my brothers girlfriend stroking my cock.

and when the situation set in i suddenly slid my hand down her pants and started rubbing double amputee s a hot brunette and they both love it clit with my finger for a minute or two and then slowly slid my finger in her at this point dripping pussy and she lets out a low moan and squeezes my cock and i gasp and ram my finger deeper in her.

and then we started to head inside my place oblivious to anyone who saw us. we got inside and headed to a chair where i sit down and she straddles me and i immediately take her shirt off and push her off and within about five seconds im completely naked and head towards my room and lie down and she comes in and once again straddles me but this time inserting my cock deep into her aching pussy and she lets out a loud moan and started rocking back and forth which felt incredible and i began pumping up and down faster and harder until my legs gave out and she just started bouncing on my cock and everyone and a while my cock would pop out and juices would flow out slowly and she would get off me and lick them off my cock about 20 minutes into it she says faster, harder, faster, harder.

and i brace myself up and just start feeding it to her and she screams over and over again and every time her pussy contracted it would grab my cock and force me to thrust forward as hard as i could and i very soon after pulled out and lied beside her and came ,shooting a good sized load all the while fingering her and lick the juices from her throbbing pussy.

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