Hot blonde nurse wants her patients bbc

Hot blonde nurse wants her patients bbc
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the next day me and harvey went to the doctors to see if harvey was healing well the doctor said "mr Spencer your health is improving and i recommend you get some exercise" harvey thanked the doctor and we left we got back into my car and harvey said "what new car are you getting babe" i turned beganli xx best bf story face harvey and said "how do you know im getting a new car?" "your mom told me babe she wants to know what your doing with your old one" "okay.

well im getting a ferrari f430 black and i was going to give you my porshe for a get well soon gift" harvey gave me a kiss and we went home when we got home there was a few bills and a letter addressed to me so i opened it the letter said Dear Mr L.N.M.Spencer and guest i would like to invite you to a formal thanks giving dance at my houses tomorrow.

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you are exspected to be dressed in black and white attire. men are exspected to be dressed in black tuxedo with white shirts and woman are exspected to wear dresses to an exceptable length and non revealing.

this upper class formal event will begin 7 Pm and will conclude at 1 AM the following morning best regards (the inviter) harvey looked at me and said "are we going to it babe?" i turned to harvey and said "only if you feel up to it babe" "i do baby im up for anything that invovles getting out of this apartment for a night" i laughed at harvey and asked him "do you have a tux babe?" "no baby i dont" i walked away from harvey and picked up my car keys and said "do you wanna drive us to beverly hills" harvey took my keys and said "you bet your ass i do" slapping my ass after he said that "harvey!" "what babe you have banned me from sex i gotta get something" i took harveys hand and placed it on my dick over my jeans and said "you can have that when your better" harvey smiled and said "your such a tease baby" i winked at harvey and said "i know" when we got to Rodeo Drive we walked into chanel the shop assistant walked over and said "Leon i havent seen you in here for ages" "hi racheal im sorry thing happened and you know how it is" "i do darling so what can we do for you today" "by hustband need a black tux and i broke my white sunglasses" "the last ones you brought?" "yeah" racheal stepped back and said "take a seat and i will bring you some options out" so we both sat down and i started making some calls i rang my mom and asked if she was going and she is i rang a limo company and manged to get a white one with a little extra money (if you get my meaning) so harvey decided what tux he wanted and i ebony girl with big ass loves to fuck some new sun glasses so we went home when we got home i went into the shower harvey waited until i was fully undressed and in the shower before he invited him self in he started kissing down my body and i was hot for him he started moving lower and lower but i snapped back into all of my senses and said "harvey your still banned" harvey moved his head back up and said "come on babe i only wanna suck your dick" "thats to bad baby the doctor said you cant handle it yet" harvey lowered him self straight onto my dick and started sucking me off and i started moaning i manged to say "harvey your banned" harvey carried on sucking and i was moaning loader and loader it was fantastic when we was done we got out the shower and i said to harvey "your still banned from intercourse but that was amazing" so me and harvey had something to eat and i asked harvey to show me what he looks like with his tux on so harvey went and got changed and came back in to show me how he looked harvey looked hot and i mean really hot harvey said he had to go out and i asked where to babe "i gotta go see my mom she feels a little lonely now a days without anyone arround" "let go get her harvey and we will go out for a meal im sure she would like that" so me and harvey drove to his mom house we went out for a meal and came home i was so tired and i think harvey was to so we went straight to sleep half way though the night i woke up and turned to face harvey he was jacking off i said "harvey cant you do that in the bathroom baby im trying to sleep" "you could do it for me babe" "no baby hurry up so i can go back to sleep" i finally got back to sleep and woke up fresh the next morning to harvey serving me coffee i said "you know a boy could get use to this" harvey laughted at me and said "dont get use to it babe it a kinda sorry for waking you up last night when i was jacking off" i laughted at harvey and said "baby why are you saying sorry for jacking off it natural and i have been starving you of sex lately but you got to understand it is for your own good" so are morning went on with the usal stuff like brushing are teeth anyway i said "harvey" and he said "yes babe" i said "it dont matter" "what was you going to ask baby" "if you would go to the store for me but i will go my self" i opened the door and harvey closed it before i had change to leave he handed me my keys and said "drive to the store baby i dont want you hurt too" jocky joy and bbc men sex