Big round ass blondie ho vanessa cage gets her twat wrecked pornstars and hardcore

Big round ass blondie ho vanessa cage gets her twat wrecked pornstars and hardcore
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Tiara was left sitting on the floor. She was confused and turned on by what happened. She had never done anything with anyone before, and her first time was with a girl. She wondered if something was wrong with her. If she was gay, if she was mentally ill.

She got up and decided to take a shower. She stripped off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She admired herself. She loved her full hips and turned sideways to look at her perfectly round ass. She loved that men always looked at her when she walked by. And she's pretty sure that even her step dad had looked before. She stared at herself and pondered her sexuality. She closed her eyes and remembered the feel of Ronnie's face in her pussy. She reached down and touched herself.

She spread open her pussy lips and found her clit. She began rubbing it like she was taught and felt that feeling again. She began exploring with speed and pressure.

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lexi kartel and her mom tara star share black dick She sat down on the cold tile floor and spread her lips again. She grabbed a mirror and watched as she fingered herself. She got brave and pushed a finger into her tight little hole. There was no pain this time, no blood. But the sensation was amazing. She grabbed a toothbrush and slid the handle inside her pussy as she frigged her clit.

Both of her hands were working in unison, her mind was a blur. She began moaning Ronnie's name. Suddenly Ronnie's face disappeared and a new one appeared.

It was her step father! She knew it was wrong but she didn't stop. She began working her pussy faster. Suddenly her body tensed up and without realizing it, she let out a yell. "Dadddyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!" she screamed as her body convulsed from this orgasm. She leaned back against the cold bathroom wall and looked down ad the toothbrush sticking out of her cunt. She couldn't believe she just fantasized about her daddy fucking her. But deep down in her heart she knew he wanted her. He never dated.

He worked and came home. He loved cuddling her and a few times she could swear she had felt his hard on through his pants. This was definitely something she needed to bring up to Ronnie. She got up and climbed in the shower, washing her body and running her fingers through her wisps of pubic hair. Lots of porn stars didn't seem to have any, but she liked hers. It made her feel older, more mature. She finished up and packed an overnight bag then picked up her phone.

"Hi daddy. I'm gonna stay with Ronnie tonight, ok?" Her step father agreed, he preferred that she stay with friends instead of alone.

She hung up and waited, not knowing what she was in for tonight. Ronnie pulled up into Tiara's driveway and honked. Tiara came running out and hopped in. "So mom and daddy are gonna be home, but we can hang out in my room", said Ronnie.

"Dinner's waiting on us." Tiara smiled as they drove away. Just being this close to Ronnie made her pussy wet. She couldn't believe she wanted her again. She inched her hand closer to Ronnie's. Ronnie smiled and held her hand for the entire ride home. Tiara was going crazy. She needed to be licked again. And she wanted to return the favor. She wanted to make Ronnie feel as good as she made her feel earlier that day. Tonight would definitely be the night.

Ronnie noticed something different about Tiara. She had more of a bounce. Her eyes sparkled. She seemed genuinely happy. She thought it was cute how Tiara reached out for her hand. She grasped in, intertwining their fingers together. She wanted Tiara again. But she also wanted to watch her daddy take her. She wanted to watch her daddy's cock push into her virgin cunt. She wanted to watch mommy eat her out.

And because tonight was going to be a night for firsts, she wanted to give her daddy her other virginity, her ass. She played with it in the shower and was at the point where she could get three fingers inside.

But that wasn't enough. She wanted a cock in there. Horny babe alexis fawx fucks wet juicy pussy wanted her daddy's cock.

She wanted to feel him fill her bowels with his cum. She wanted mommy to suck her clit while he fucked her.

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She she wanted to feel Tiara's mouth on her tits. She was turning into a whore and she loved it. They pulled up to the house and got out.

Daddy and mommy greeted them at the door as the girls went upstairs to put Tiara's bags away. The door closed and they set up the air mattress on the floor.

Ronnie smiled to herself, knowing they weren't going to be using it anyway. Ronnie moved the bear a little and began stripping off her clothes, changing into a tight tank top and some short shorts. Tiara caught herself staring as Ronnie undressed, but quickly caught herself and stripped as well.

Ronnie watch her slide her skirt down her legs, her eyes travelling from her ankles all the way up to her panty-covered pussy. She had to control herself, the fun would start soon enough.

They both walked out of the bedroom hand in hand and went to the living room. Daddy and mommy were there having a drink and watching some TV. The coffee table was full of chinese take out boxes which they all shared. Daddy was in a pair of shorts and a t shirt. Mommy was like the girls, a tight tank top and a tight pair of running shirts. Ronnie and Tiara sat on the floor "indian style" as they ate their food.

Daddy couldn't help but look at Tiara's inner thighs. He could just barely make out the color of her panties. Every time she leaned forward he could see her perfect tits and it was driving him crazy. Finally he looked at mommy. "I need you to come with me. I need some relief." With that they both got up and left the room. Tiara gave Ronnie a weird look. "What did he mean by 'relief'?" Ronnie swallowed her food and replied matter of factly, "it means daddy wants a blowjob." Tiara nearly choked on her food.

"Are you serious? How do you know?!" Ronnie shrugged, "They fuck all the time. And I mean all the time. Mommy loves to fuck and to suck cock so they're always going at it." "Doesn't it bother you?" "No, I'm used to it.

It's actually pretty hot." "You've watched them?" "All the time! You wanna see?" Ronnie set her food down and grabbed Tiara's hand, leading her outside. They walked around the house and towards the guest room on the first floor. Ronnie sent daddy a text. ON OUR WAY. Daddy got the text and they put themselves into position. Mommy got down on her knees, turned on knowing that they were about to be watched.

Ronnie and Tiara got to the single white mother fucking bbc tube porn, where the blinds legal age teenager lovely babe likes large dick happened to be open enough for them to see in. Daddy was on the bed, mommy was kneeling in front of him. She slowly pulled his shorts down and exposed his thick cock.

Tiara gasped as she saw it.

She had only ever seen them on tv, never in person. Ronnie had seen this show before, but much closer, and it never stopped turning her on. She wrapped her hands around Tiara as mommy kissed up daddy's legs to his cock. She gently took his balls into her mouth and sucked.

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Then she moved up to his rock hard cock. Tiara was enthralled in the show and didn't noticed that Ronnie's hands were moving down her belly. Ronnie moved her mouth to her ear, "open your legs" she whispered. Tiara opened her legs and felt Ronnie's hands moving down inside her shorts. Ronnie found Tiara's clit and began rubbing it. She loved the feeling of her friend's pussy and loved how she made her squirm. There was one thing she wasn't expecting though. Tiara reached her hand back and started reaching down the front of Ronnie's shorts.

Ronnie couldn't believe it. Her friend was fingering her! They both worked each other's cunts as they watched mommy do her work. She licked and sucked daddy's cock like it was the most delicious thing on earth.

Tiara was amazed when she saw mommy take the entire thing down her throat. Her mouth watered. She wanted that. She wanted a cock in her mouth. She wanted his cock in her mouth. She had seen it done in pornos, but this was different. This was live. And she was loving it. Mommy's head bobbed up and down, up and down.

Suddenly daddy stood up, mommy still on her knees. He grabbed her by the head and started fucking her mouth.

Mommy put her hands behind her back, letting daddy do whatever he wanted to. He throat fucked her without mercy. Finally he pulled out and shot load after load of cum onto her face and into her open mouth.

Ronnie and Tiara came at almost the exact time. Tiara had never seen anything like that and Ronnie wondered when it would be her turn to be face fucked like that. They both turned and kissed each other before running back into the living room like nothing happened.

Daddy came back into the living room, with a big smile on his face. "Ronnie, mommy made a mess. Can you help her clean up please?" Ronnie got up and went to the master bathroom. This left daddy and Tiara alone in the living room. After a short awkward silence, they began chatting. He asked her about school and her dad, but knew better than to ask about her mom from earlier chats with Ronnie.

Tiara couldn't help but stare at his crotch. She knew what was down there. She knew how big it was. She only wishes she knew how it felt in her hands, in her mouth, in her."Tiara? You ok?" Tiara snapped back to reality and saw the smile on his face when she realized she had been staring at his cock.

Daddy watched Tiara. He saw where here eyes were going. She adjusted on the couch so that his cock would press against the crotch of his pants. He loved knowing she watched them, but he wanted more. He wanted that sweet little piece of ass impaled on his cock, riding him like a bull. His eyes drank in every inch of her ebony colored body. Soon he notices she was gone, lost in her thoughts as she stared at his cock. They finished chatting and Ronnie and Chelsea walked back in the living room, both with smiles on their faces.

Tiara blushed when she looked at Chelsea, two lovely babes share a monster dick they ate mostly in silence. After they were done, the girls went to Ronnie's room. As soon as the door closed, George and Chelsea went to their bedroom and turned on the flat screen on the wall.

It was connected to the computer which was live streaming from Ronnie's room. George and Chelsea had a few drinks and fooled around, waiting for some action. They didn't have to wait too long. Tiara, now emboldened by what happened earlier walked up to Ronnie and kissed her on the mouth. Ronnie returned the kiss, showing her young friend how to properly french kiss and how much tongue to use.

Ronnie stopped her kiss long enough to take off her tank top and throw it on the bed. She then reached down and pulled Tiara's off and over her head. They both reached back and in one swift motion both bras were flying across the room.

Ronnie big booty latina girl scout sucks my cock after ringing my door bell pov Tiara on top of her as the fell onto the bed. Tiara humped Ronnie's leg, trying to feel some friction on her soaked pussy. Ronnie flipped Tiara over onto her back and kneeled on the bed. She grabbed Tiara's shorts and panties and pulled them down her body.

She kissed Tiara again as their pussies rubbed together, turning each other on to no end. Ronnie remembered her firs time with daddy and did her best to do the same for Tiara.

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She kissed her face and neck. Slowly moved down, kissing her chest and her beautifully developing breasts. She gently took each nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. Tiara was in heaven, she never wanted this to end. She never thought it could feel like this. She closed her eyes and enjoyed herself. But as soon as they closed, Ronnie wasn't there.

Her step dad was. Her daddy. A strong man who had taken care of her when her own mom didn't want her. She pictured his mouth on her. His lips. The scruff of his 5 o'clock shadow on her inner thighs. Ronnie moved down to her pussy and began gently lapping away at her.

She tasted even better than before. Her pussy was bright pink and warm. She could feel the heat emanating off of her. She could smell her. HEr juices flowed like someone had turned on a faucet down there. As she ate her out, she could her Tiara moaning and whispering to herself. Suddenly she heard something that made her hot: "Yes daddy". Tiara whispered it over and over again as Ronnie worked her cunt. Ronnie ate her out even harder, working her tongue deep into her virgin pussy as her moans got louder and louder.

Suddenly she came. And she came hard. She sprayed all over Ronnie's face, leaving a huge wet spot on the bed. Ronnie did her best to lap it all up but there was so much.

In the other room George had Chelsea on all fours as he furiously fucked her cunt from behind. She loved watching her little girl seducing her young friend. Chelsea was enjoying the good fuck she was getting, but she longed to be in that room, helping her little slut lick up all of those juices. Ronnie moved up Tiara's body and kissed her gently. Tiara kissed her back, then rolled her over onto her back. She kissed Ronnie more and began to move down her body, just as she just had done to her.

She sucked her nipples and kissed down her belly, finally getting to her pussy. Ronnie reached down and spread her own lips apart, and with her finger pointed to her clit.

Tiara latched on to it and began sucking and licking. What she lacked in skill she more than made up for in motivation. She would lick and suck until she got a reaction from Ronnie and then continue on from there. Ronnie was in heaven. She was actually breaking in a young girl, teaching her the wonders of sex.

She decided to make it a little more comfortable for Tiara to open up about her daddy issues. She began whispering, "Daddy. Eat my pussy daddy." She said it louder and louder. Tiara couldn't believe her ears. Was Ronnie calling out for her daddy? The man that she just watched get his dick sucked no more than an hour ago? She felt relief that she wasn't the only one who had these bad thoughts.

She licked her and sucked her clit harder. The thought of her friend getting fucked by her daddy was overwhelming. Ronnie moaned louder and louder as she got closer to orgasm. Suddenly the floodgates open and she came, screaming out for daddy as she gripped Tiara's hair to keep her in place.

Finally her orgasm subsided. Tiara crawled up next to her and they shared a kiss, enjoying the co-mingling of their juices. George and Chelsea were work out on the bed. Each had had a couple of orgasms and they cuddled, kissed and fondled each other as they chinese factory girl show on cam upload by kyo sun Ronnie and Tiara do the same.

"Do sexual lesbo angels relax masturbation and smalltits think she can pull this off?" George asked Chelsea. "Knowing her? Yeah. She has your powers of persuasion.

I mean, look at how easy it was for you to get me into bed." She was right. She was a young Mormon girl when George had met her. She wasn't innocent by any means. By the time they met she had already lost her virginity and fucked a couple of different guys. But with him it was different. She loved how dominant he was.

She loved when he told her what to do. She would take pictures of herself to send to him. She would suck his cock whenever he asked. She never said no, even when he first told her he wanted to fuck her ass. She loved giving herself to him and she lived to make him happy.

And when he finally divorced his wife and asked her to move in with him, it was like everything came together for them. She learned that she loved being with women. She loved watching her man fuck them and fill them with his cum so she could bury her face in their cunts and clean them out.

She was never jealous because she knew that he wouldn't leave her for them, and she made sure of it. "Ronnie, can I ask you a question?" "Of course", said Ronnie. "What's on your mind?" Tiara ran her finger around Ronnie nipple. "Why did you call for your daddy when I was kissing you down there?" Ronnie scooted down so they were face to face.

"Can you keep a secret?" she asked. "Of course I can!" replied Tiara, slightly offended. Ronnie moved her face close to Tiara's. "Because I let my daddy fuck my tender little pussy." Tiara's mouth made a perfect "O". "Wait, isn't that illegal?" she asked. "I guess so, but only if he gets caught. And I'm never telling on him. Plus, I think I heard you call for your daddy when I was licking your pussy." Tiara buried her face into her pillow, embarrassed that she had heard her.

"On my god! Are you gonna tell on me?" she asked, terrified. "Of course not, silly. Don't you remember what I just told you?" Suddenly Tiara sat up. "You're lying! You've never fucked your daddy! You said it just because you heard me say it!" Ronnie suddenly showed her age with her reply. "Nuh-uh!" "Oh yeah?", said Tiara. "Prove it." She looked right into Ronnie's eyes, sure that she was full of shit.

Ronnie hated being called a liar, and she never backed down from a dare. "OK", she said. "I'll prove it to you right now!" She jumped up off the bed, grabbing Tiara's hand and pulling her, naked, into the hallway.

Tiara was too shocked to realize what was going on and just let her friend lead her down the hall. Suddenly they were both at the master bedroom door. Ronnie smiled at Tiara and turned the handle. There they were met by George and Chelsea kissing. Chelsea's hand working up and down his cock. Tiara froze. Ronnie pulled her into the bedroom and right next to the bed. She grabbed George and gave him a long sloppy kiss on the mouth.

"Daddy", she said in her sexiest little girl brunette teen bella falls on her behalf bf, "Tiara called me a liar and said that you never fucked me." She then stuck her lower lip out in a cute pout. George scooted over and let Ronnie climb on the bed.

Tiara just stood there, transfixed on this hard casting looker goes away after hardcore sex and asshole poking not two feet away from her.

Ronnie looked at Tiara and said, "I'll prove I'm not lying!" With that she grabbed George's cock and guided it into her cunt. She grabbed Tiara by the arm and pulled her onto the bed. George and Chelsea hungrily eyed her beautiful naked body. Ronnie kissed Tiara on the mouth. "I told you I wasn't a liar" she said as she moved up and down his cock. Tiara couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't move, not even when two hot sluts share a massive dong brunette big tits felt the fingers probing her cunt.

Suddenly she realized that Ronnie was using both her hands to prop herself up on her daddys chest. She looked down and was shocked to find George working her pussy. This was all too much for her. She couldn't stop looking at what was going on. Suddenly Chelsea was in her face, she gently took her young face into her hands and kissed her passionately.

Tiara gave in, kissing her back. She knew there was no going back from this, and frankly, she knew she didn't want to.