Slim teen enjoyed fucking in her hairy pussy with stepdad

Slim teen enjoyed fucking in her hairy pussy with stepdad
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"Don't worry, mom, I'll be fine home alone!" It was Friday night, and my parents were going out to Wyoming for the weekend to a funeral. My uncle had recently died, and I couldn't go because I had tons of reports due for school. "Fine, honey, but be sure not to have any crazy teen parties, okay?" mom warned. I was 17 years old at the time, and I was always wild and ready to party. I have large 34C, natural, breasts, and my nipples were almost always erect.

I have hazel eyes, I weigh about 125 lbs, and I am 5 foot 9. My friends were all busy with their schoolwork, so a party would be out of the question. "Alright. Bye, now!!!" I said, very loudly, wanting them to just leave, already. My parents walked out the door, and I watched them drive away. Sitting myself on the couch, I got out my notebook and began writing a report on Abraham Lincoln. I flipped on the tv, already bored, and scanned through the channels. I settled on channel 14, thinking a nice video would be on, when it turned out being a porn movie.

I sat there, staring in awe at the way the girl was working herself up to an orgasm- all on her own! I brought my cold fingers inside my pants, and to the crotch my my underwear, gently stroking my clitoris through my wet panties. I closed my eyes, and moaned with her as I stroked harder, rolling my hips. I brought my finger down to my fuckhole, sticking two fingers inside and teasing myself. I began to pant, and brought my other hand up to my erect nipples, hoping to get up to my orgasm, myself.

I opened my eyes to watch what she was doing. I noticed she had a pink jelly dildo, and I knew my mother had a black one.

I quickly paused it, and ran upstairs into my mother's drawer, retrieving the dildo and bringing it downstairs, and layed myself onto the living room floor. I watched as she teased herself, poking the dildo against her clit, then into her pink slits. The camera zoomed closer onto her pussy as it enclosed the toy, making small squirt sounds.

Since this was the first time I used a dildo, I was a little cautious. Would it give me as much pleasure as a real dick tons of adorable bitches are cheerful to watch dick I slowly moved it between my pink satiny lips.

My cunt juices were waiting, and assisted by acting like lube to help the dildo slide in. I started off slow, then harder, as I moved it faster and faster, in and out of my cunt. I closed my eyes and panted as I felt my muscles tensing, and my pussy muscles clenching and unclenching on the dildo. I screamed, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, not on the carpet!" I blew, quickly getting a pillow, putting it under me to get some of the cum onto there.

I quickly changed the channel, stopping myself from any more distractions from my homework. I sat back down on the couch, putting my panties and pants back on, resuming to my Lincoln report. About 3 hours later, I got bored again, and decided to go on the internet. I went up into my room and turned on my Windows XP Dell computer, logging on to MSN and going onto one of my favorite websites-

I was dressed in my pajamas, which was a thin t-shirt without any underwear. I always liked to sleep that way. Sometimes, I slept naked. So, I was on, when a story about two lesbians caught my eye.

Seeing as I am straight, I still had yet to experience a lesbian encounter. I had no idea what it felt like. So I clicked it. The detail on the pussy sucking made me go wild. The way the author described it." She sucked, drawing sticky cream into her mouth. The taste of her sister's pussy made her dizzy and her cunt contracted sporadically, pulsing, gripping an imaginary cock." That just made me go wild.

I quickly spread my legs, and licked my fingers, dipping them between my already hot cunt. I pumped harder two adorable cuties for one penis interracial and hardcore harder, as I added more and more fingers.

I used my thumb to caress my clitoris, and my other hand was taking care of my erect nipples. I swirled around the nipple, and pinched it, moaning in pleasure as loud as I wanted. I loved being home alone. I got my mother's vibrator and immediately stuck it inside of me. The vibrations were pure pleasure, and I felt my muscles tensing, once again, and let free one of the greatest orgasms in my life.

I exited cleaning lady blowjob ends with a mess and a unhappy lady of the website, and went onto my bed, working myself until I was completely empty.

I waited until around 10 o'clock PM, when I went to bed. I lay there on my bed, in the hot weather, without any sheets. I was naked, since nobody was going to be home, I figured I could do whatever I wanted. I closed my eyes, my legs spread wide, and let out a soft sigh, when I felt something cold on my clit. I looked down and saw my 4 year old Golden Retriever, Jack. "No, Jack. Go away." I whispered, angry that he had awoken me, when I was about to fall to sleep.

I was tired after what happened that day. Jack disobeyed, and put his two front paws on the end up my bed, his tongue making slurping noises as he licked at my fuckhole. His cold nose against my clit gave my body shivers, and when I tried to push his head away, he growled. In fear that he might bite me, I left him alone, and laid back.

I let Jack do his thing. He licked and licked, my body having the ultimate pleasure. I grinded my hips against his tongue, and he stuck his tongue through my hole. He immediately took it out. I was panting hard, and rubbing my nipples violently, when he suddenly stopped. A little disappointed, I thought nothing of it, and closed my eyes, once again attempting to fall asleep.

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About 5 minutes later, I was laid on my back as I always end up while I'm sleeping, and felt his cold nose against me, again. I noticed he was on top of my bed, and me, this time. My legs were spread wide, and I have no clue if he was still working me while I was sleeping. He had his front paws on each side of my top part of my body, and I felt his doggie dick poke at my vagina.

I tried to move him away, but he nipped at my back. I bucked and tried to escape, but he bit me this time and growled, giving a loud, frightening bark.

I let him do his thing, once again. He fucked me harder than I have ever been i want to share your big cock with my hot friend before, and it hurt.

He violently fucked me in and out, many time, and I felt like I should cry. My breasts were pushed against the bed, and they hurt. He was pounding away, and I felt his doggie dick get larger, my vagina in pain. He let his load go, and I cried out as the hot semen went through my body. He sat there, and I waited for his dick to go back to size.

He popped it out, and I sat there, his seed dripping out and my juices dripping out. Oddly, I still got pleasure out of this.

I sat up, and my cunt gave a small squirt sound, as some more juices fell out. I patted Jack on the head, and kissed him on the lips. "You're my secret lover.", I told him, and gave a sly smirk.

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He barked back at me, and walked out. In the morning, I woke up. I was still a ltitle sore from Jack, so I went into the shower to wash off from all the action yesterday- I felt very dirty. I walked into my large shower, and washed off my body. I perky tits blond bitch jessy brown interracial gangbang the shower head and put it on full power, moving it between my legs to wash off whatever was there, and to give myself a little pleasure.

I moaned as the hot water went inside of me, and I was very surprised on how good it felt. I rubbed my nipples again, and laid back, as one hand manded the shower head, and the other manded the tit. My hips rolled, and I could feel myself reaching the climax. I let free, and my juices were everywhere in the tub. I finished washing myself, sticking my soapy fingers inside my pussy and ass.

I went back downstairs to do my report, when my phone rang, It was my friend Candy. "Hey, girl!" she exclaimed. "What's up?" "Nothing. I'm working on my report, and you?" "I finished it already." she giggled, "Can I come over?" "I don't really know.

I don't want to be distracted from the report, or anything." I pretended to sound very academic. Secretly, I've always wondered what a girl-on-girl encounter would be like. And with Candy, maybe I could persuade her to try it, too. I'm sure she always wonders. "Oh, don't be silly! I'll be there in 10 minutes." I quickly got ready.

I put on a short skirt without any panties, and a thin dress shirt without a bra. I was ready for my girl-on-girl dream. To be continued.