Small tittied teen erica rose fuck and facial

Small tittied teen erica rose fuck and facial
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The dog started it, really. Tracy Turner was sunbathing beside the swimming pool at the back of the house. The girl was young, but already very nubile and sexy, with the sort of body that had caused nearly all of the boys at school to frantically jack off while pretending that their fists were Tracy's hot cunt or sensual mouth.

Gallons of cum had been spilled over fantasies of her -- and Tracy would have been delighted had she known how many hand-jobs she had inspired, because she was a naughty little girl who aspired to be naughtier. She had a heavy mane of dark, curly hair, almost black but shot through with reddish highlights, glinting copper, bronze, rust as the sun fell over her. Her eyes, karlie montana and melissa moore epic lesbian porn now, were mahogany brown, heavily lidded and lashed.

Her cheekbones were high and rather exotic, with a speckling of freckles just a shade darker than her suntanned skin. Her mouth was wide and full and sensual -- the sort of mouth that automatically made a young man think of blow-jobs. She was wearing only the bottom half of her bikini as she sunbathed topless in the privacy of her own back yard. Her tits were plump and firm, capped by rosy nipples that stood out in twin peaks, stiff and tantalizing, a mouth-watering sight to any man or boy -- and to quite a few women, as well.

Her back was slender, her waist narrow and her belly gently rounded. She was slim-hipped and long-legged, sinewy yet soft, athletic in a very feminine fashion. Her bikini bottom was a tiny wisp of silk, drawn tight across her hips and dragged up into her crotch, as if by the suction of her cunt. A few wisps of dark pubic hair curled out from the narrow crotchband. She lay on her back, one shapely leg extended, her foot trailing in the water and the other knee slightly raised, her thighs parted.

In that position, Tracy was a most provocative sight, a vision that would have caused instant hard-on's, had there been any horny young men about to admire her. But Tracy was alone. Except for the dog. Major, the big Great Dane, was lying in the grass beside the pool, his massive head resting on his front legs, slumbering peacefully. The brute was entertaining doggy dreams, pursuing juicy bunny rabbits and hated cats. His powerful haunches stirred and his flanks rippled gently.

Tracy, as usual, was dreaming about handsome men and boys -- film stars and athletes and shaggy singers -- and her dreams were beginning to take on an erotic nature. She dreamed of being seduced -- and of seducing. Images of giant pricks, rigid and throbbing as they loomed up from swollen scumbags, danced fancifully through her sleeping mind.

Her sexy lips turned up in a smile, her long, silken eyelashes fluttered -- and her cunt began to simmer. The heated fragrance of pussy wafted from the girl's groin and drifted across the yard on the gentle breeze -- coming to the sensitive snout of the Great Dane. He, too, was dreaming and their dreams were becoming linked by that exciting scent.

The dog's nostrils twitched and rippled, inhaling the perfume of pussy. His long, red tongue came lolling from his jaw, wet with slobber. His dreams changed subtly and gradually, the object of his sleeping pursuit shifting away from rabbits and cats to a far juicier and tastier and provocative sort of prey -- aromatic pussy.

The Great Dane's huge cock began to swell and elongate from his loins. His balls ballooned and his cock-shaft slowly extended and hardened. His fat sheath drew back and the tip of his angry red knob came squeezing out. The brute inhaled deeply and all of his bloated cock-head slipped free of the hairy sheath, looming out in a fat wedge of slick meat, the cleft parted. His knob pulsed in and out and a few drops of frothy pre-cum oozed from his piss hole.

Major woofed and rumbled deep in his throat, then began to whine. He stirred restlessly, aroused by the provocative scent assailing his nose. His stubby tail wagged. He whimpered and opened his amber eyes. Raising his head, tongue hanging out and dripping, the Great Dane gazed at his young mistress.

The dumb brute was slightly puzzled, knowing full well that Tracy was not a bitch in heat and not able to figure out why his instincts and reactions were spanning the gap between the species. But he most definitely was aroused, whether he knew why or not. His prick was thundering by this time.

He arched his big, blunt head around and licked at the slippery tip of his flaring cock-head, then stared back at the girl from whose groin those delicious aromas were streaming so tantalizingly. Because he was only a dumb animal, Major didn't know why he was getting so excited about the girl but, being only a dumb brute, he also had no idea that bestiality was taboo.

The Great Dane decided to investigate this phenomenon. He got to his feet, rising awkwardly around the looming bulk of his cock. With his long prick jutting out under him, the naked cock knob almost reached his massive chest. Uma jolie gets a creampie that oozes out from her pussy pornstars and cumshot advanced cautiously toward the pool area, his haunches lowered as if he were stalking a wary prey.

He inhaled, following that compelling odor, drawn to Tracy's steaming cunt like an iron filing to a magnet. Tracy stirred, breathing a bit harder as her dreams got more intense. Her hips shifted slightly.

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She dreamed that she was sitting on Mick Jagger's face, with the double advantage of masking his unsightly countenance while taking advantage of his voluminous mouth.

Major crept up, his muzzle thrust out, quivering. His wet, black nose flared. He lapped lightly at the inside flesh of her sleek thigh.

Tracy murmured in her slumber. The dog licked higher, then pushed his questing snout right into the teenager's crotch. The crotchband of her bikini panties was sucked up into her smoldering cunt, exposing a hairy pink cunt-lip on either side. The material was drenched with pussy-juice. The Great Dane sniffed rapturously, then slid his fat tongue out and began to slurp at the delicious spillage of her cunt. His tongue lapped at her unfurled cunt-lips and at the sensitive nugget of her clit as it stood out stiffly against her panties.

Doggy slobber soaked her crotch. Tracy woke up abruptly. Still smiling dreamily, she gazed down the gentle slope of her body -- then gasped, as she realized that her doggy was sniffing in her cunt! She jerked away automatically. Major raised his head and whined, his drooling lapper dropping from his jaws, an inquisitive look in his eyes and his ears standing attentively. "You naughty dog," Tracy admonished. But then she giggled, thinking that the dog blonde cuckolds husband interracial and big dick just like some hopeful teenaged boy on his first date.

His tongue had felt lovely and her cunt was still steaming. Tracy nibbled at her lower lip, thoughtfully. Was it really so very wicked to let a dog lap her cunt? she wondered. And even it was, it would be her secret. The dog, obviously, could not kiss and tell -- unless he could somehow pass on the information to other dogs, and Tracy giggled again at the thought of having a pack of hounds baying outside her window whenever she lay in bed, playing with her pussy. Well, was it wicked? Maybe so.

But naughty things were always a hell of a lot more thrilling than wholesome things -- and felt better, as well.

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Tracy flushed, radiant with excitement at her own depravity, grinning impishly as she made up her mind to be naughty. She lay back, arching sinuously. She cupped her fat tits in her hands, pushing the heavy globes together and deepening the smooth cleavage. Her thumbs glided back and forth across the pert pink tips.

"Well -- go ahead, then," she whispered, huskily, giving her pelvis a suggestive jerk. Major cocked his head uncertainly. "C'mon, you big, dumb son of a bitch." She giggled. "You want a dog yummy? Ummmm? You wanna lap my pussy, boy?

Go on, then -- lap the fucker --" She hiked her trim little ass up, arching her slender back and tilting her groin higher.

Her long, shapely thighs parted wider. Major yelped and jammed his muzzle back into her bikini-clad crotch. He snuffled and licked, his wet tongue slapping moistly against her. Tracy purred, wriggling against his snout, enjoying atrocious from behind nailing hardcore and blowjob the pleasant sensation and the dark psychological thrill of being so naughty, of surrendering so willingly to such an unholy whim.

Shit! I'm getting my cunt licked by a fucking dog! she thought, feeling deliciously degenerate. The Great Dane burrowed in, as if he were trying to root a rabbit from its warren.

His nose nudged, pushing the sodden crotchband of her bikini panties right up into her cunt. Juice creamed down her rosy cunt-lips, and the doggy hungrily lapped it stunning babe is showcasing her opened spread twat in close up, slurping around the hairy rim of her pussy as the aroused teenager squirmed and writhed in ecstasy.

Her heart-shaped ass jerked and her hips and belly pumped in a fucking motion. Reaching down, she grasped the Great Dane's collar and pulled his head away for a moment. Major gave her a baleful look, thinking she was denying him that succulent snack steaming between her thighs.

But Tracy only wanted to uncover the tray. She tucked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and, hips grinding, drew her panties down. She kicked one foot free, leaving the soaking garment looped around the other ankle. She tilted her crotch up again, presenting her naked cunt like a steaming hot dish on a hairy platter. Her pussy-lips were unfolded, exposing the darker inner folds, all streaked with girl cream. Her clit stood out like a stump in a swamp.

Pulling gently at her tingling nipples, Tracy gazed down her belly and licked her lips. She couldn't blame the doggy -- her cunt looked awfully delicious!

Tracy knew, from licking her fingers when she frigged herself, that pussy-juice was scrumptious and, naturally, she often wondered what the stuff would taste like when a girl sucked it straight out of a creaming cunt-hole -- another naughty experience to which she aspired! Whining, Major dived into her crotch again, lapping with glee at her naked cunt-gash.

Tracy moaned. It felt even better now that her panties were not hindering his tongue strokes. She reached down and spread her cunt-lips wide open, turning her pussy into an oval slot. The dog's long, hot tongue slid right up her cunt-hole and she gasped at the sensation.

He ducked down, running his eager lapper all the way up her groin with a slurp. She arched, trembling. The brute's wet tongue started in the crack of her ass and dragged up through her open cunt, then flipped out in the dark tangle of her cunt-mound. Pussy-nectar sprayed onto her belly and into her curly pubic thicket. Trickles of the pearly stuff ran down the insides of her thighs and soaked into the crack of her ass. The doggy was going crazy as he lapped at her overflowing cunt, his nimble tongue slapping at her in a frenzy.

"Oh! Oh! Oooooh --" Tracy moaned, jerking in a wild, horizontal dance against his head. He whimpered into her steaming cunt. His tongue dipped into her pussy, traced along her cunt-lips and bathed her clit.

As the girl's cunt got hotter and creamier, the Great Dane got hungrier and hornier, lapping up that heavy flow with joy. "Yeah -- yeah -- tongue-fuck me, boy!" she cried. His lapper slid in, filling her like a cock. He licked at the inner folds, then drew his tongue out and lapped at her clit again. Waves of fiery sensation rippled across her shuddering loins, running across her heaving belly and shooting like an electric current up her trembling thighs.

As her cunt-juice got thicker and creamier and even more fragrant, changing into cum, the Great Dane went into a frenzy.

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The flavor and the aroma drove the beast wild as they registered on his taste-buds and his nostrils. He seemed to be trying to jam his whole head up into her cunt. His tongue lashed her furiously and his nose flared in her pussy, inhaling her pearly perfume. "Oh, shit -- I'm creaming," she gasped. Her lovely face had contorted into a mask of lust, eyes narrowed and lips parted. She was moaning and whimpering and panting as she soared to the crest.

The doggy wallowed greedily in her cunt as spunk poured out, all foaming and frothy and steaming hot. His whole muzzle was streaked with her cream and his jaws were dripping. "Lap it up -- lap it out of me -- oooh -- fuck -- fuck -- ooooh!" Tracy wailed, dizzy with desire.

Her ass churned and her pelvis jumped and jolted. Spasms shot through her, each wave coming faster and higher. Then those waves had merged into one creamy crest.

Tracy cried out in ecstasy, hovering at the peak, clinging to her climax. The final spasm shook her to the core and she slumped back, trembling and panting.

The doggy kept on lapping merrily away, spooning out the last spillage with his eager tongue. He slurped cum out of the crack of her ass, licked it from her thighs and cunt-mound, then lapped at her pussy again. Tracy smiled dreamily, enjoying the after-play.

And thinking that she owed the dog a favor .