Xxx veriy anl sxs story

Xxx veriy anl sxs story
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Part 1-This story is as true as i can remember the things that took place in my young sex life. I guess that i can't really remember when my sexual feelings actually began.

I do know that i always loved girls and even mature ladies. I always knew even at the earliest of age that girls were way different then boys were. I remember that i always tried looking up girls dresses and even older ladies dresses to. Once when i was about seven years old, my Mom had a bunch of ladies over. Mom sat them all in chairs around the dining table for tea. I pretended to play with my toy cars on the floor so i could look up their dresses.

I don't remember seeing to much. Just some inner thighs and a few short peeks of their panties. I think one lady got wise to what i was doing because she gave me some real good looks up her dress under the table. I got to see her panty covered crotch. I remember how excited i got and i had such a strange but exciting feeling between my legs. My little weeny was throbong in my shorts. A while later, Mom and her best friend Elaine went shopping and took me with them. At a department store we went into the womens restroom I got my first shot of a grown womens pussy.

Elaine used the toilet and i made sure to be on the floof looking up when she got off of the toilet. I did the same with my Mother. I got to see my first grown up women's pussy. When Elaine stood up, her thighs were sort of spread and through novinha fazendsexem benevides story caseiro thick hair on her pussy i could see her puffy pussy lips. I seen Mom's to but she was a little faster at pulling up her panties.

Again, my small cock went goofy and started to jump around in my shorts. Just before i turned eight, Mom and Dad took me and my Sister to the Movies. Once in the theater, i seen a couple of ladies seated behind us. Both were wearing dresses. Once the movie started, i discovered that when i looked back the ladie setting right behind me was at the perfect level for me to look right up her dress. I wasn't a shy kid. I never tried to hide the fact from her that i was boldly looking right up her dress.

I was turned in my seat and i just kept looking. I knew that she could see me looking so i knew that she knew exactly what i was castingcouch x yo oregon teen trys porn. I could only see about half way up between her thighs because of the dim lighting.

I seen the lady look to see if anyone was watching. When she seen that we were actually sort of alone, she suddenly opened her legs wide and i could see all the way up her dress.

She scooted down in her seat and that elevated her legs and now, i was seeing all the way up her long legs under the dress. She had on a pair of light colored panties, maybe white ones and her crotch was wide. I got even bolder with the women because i knew that she knew that i was looking up her dress. I shifted in the seat and reached around and put my hand on her knee.

She didn't try to push my hand off of her so i just kept sliding my hand up the inside of her inner thigh. Soon my finger tips was touching her pussy through her soft silky panties. She scooted down even lower in her seat and that brought her knees and pussy even closer to me. Now, i had my whole hand on her pussy.

Her coat was setting in a chair beside her and she sort of put it over her lap so her spread knees and my hand and arm up her dress was hidden so no one could see what was going on. Once she knew it was all covered by her big coat, she reached under the big coat and pulled her dress way up. She pulled the crotch of her panties back and guided my hand onto her bare naked pussy.

She moved my hand up and down on it and i could feel her soft silky pussy hair. I soon had two fingers into her and she was bucking her hips up as she pulled my fingers into it deeper and deeper. I played with her hairy pussy all through the length of the movie. Looking back, i'm sure that she had three or four orgasms.

I had played with my first grown up pussy About a year later about four months before my ninth birthday is when i got to see my first pussy.

I got our landladys daughter alone up at an old shed that our Fathers used to store hay and rabbit food in. In no time at all i talked Carol into taking off her panties. It was one of those "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" type things that kids do. For me though it worked like a charm. Carol went for the idea right away.

The next thing i knew, i was showing her my cock and what a surprise. My little cock wasn't so little at that moment. I looked Carols pussy over first and when i took my jeans and shorts down, Wow, My cock was harder then it had ever been.

It was swollen cutie strips and has sex in the office looked twice its size. I had gotten my first real hard-on. Carol even made a comment on its size.

She told me "Its sure big" and she was right. It was huge. Xnxx massag fucker big boobs that, Carol and i went up to the old shed daily and we soon found out just how good it made us feel when we played with each others privates.

We progressed almost daily and soon, she would lay back on the bales of hay, spread her legs so i could finger her pussy. Her pussy was surprisingly big for a girl of nine. When she spread her legs wide, her pussy seemed to open up and i could see all of the funny little folds inside her moist inner lips.

Then one day, i seen a little opening down low inside her pussy lips and i investigated it. I slipped my finger into it and Carol shuddered and said that it made her feel good. I fingered her pussy for a long time that day and it reminded me of the lady at the movies and my cock seemed to grow even bigger then ever. Carol was feeling it and pulling on it gently and i never had anything feel so good.

A few days later when i was at school, it hit me why we were made so different. That afternoon, i rushed home to get Carol to go to the old shed with me. I told her what i thought i had discovered about why we were made the way we were.

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That day, Carol took off all her clothes. She layed back on the hay bales and spread her legs as wide apart as she could get them. I slipped off my jeans and shorts and crawled up between her thighs. Oh my God, i thought. This was perfect and it was going to work to.

I lined up my cock with the area of her pussy where i had fingered deep into her and pushed forward. Carol gasp as the head of my cock slipped into her. I pushed again and more went into her. After several pushes it was all the way into her. Then, the rest was instinct. I began bumping my hips back and forth and the feeling was out of this world. That first day, we fucked for over three hours. Needless to say, Both of us were hooked on our new found joy. Then, it became a daily ritual for us.

We went to school and rushed home to change clothes and we rushed up to the shed so we could fuck. Our parent were friends so they played cards every Friday and Saturday nights. One Saturday, Carol ask her Mom if i could come over and spend the night.

Her Mom said that was a great idea and my Mom agreed also. That night we actually got to sleep together. Our Mothers both thought that it was cute for us to sleep together.

They possibly thought that two nine year olds would never ever think about having sex together. But the fact was, we were having sex. As soon as they tucked us in and shut off the lights and shut the bedroom door, off came all our mum son f smart story and away we went.

It was heaven for us to be totally naked together. We actually fucked all night long. I pulled out of Carol once and fingered her for awhile because she said i was getting to heavy on top of her.

That was when the idea hit me for her to get on top of me. It worked beautifully.

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Now we had two different ways to "do it" as we called having sex. I don't think that we had ever heard the word fuck yet. Spending the night together became a two night a week thing. Our folks played cards and their children were in bed together fucking right under their nose. This went on for the next couple of years.

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Looking back, i just can't believe that our Mothers never caught on to what their young children were doing. We were eleven years old and our jaunt into sex was progressing well. We were getting wiser all the time. Carol was no longer wearing panties after school. She wore plain button up the front dresses that were easy to unbutten and open up. She did still take her clothes all off on occasion because she liked the feeling of nakedness.

Carol came up with the idea of me sucking her titties. About six months earlier, she had been spying on her Mom and Dad while they were making love and she seen her Dad sucking her Moms titties so she wanted to try it.

I did it for her that first time and she loved it. Carol was starting to fill out. Her titties were growing like crazy and i think that with me sucking on them all the time would even made them grow faster. We both were spying on our parents when we heard them making love and we learned a lot. We were now fucking doggy style now because i had seen my Dad behind my Mom.

She was on her knees and i could see and hear his cock smacking into her from the backside. We were soon eleven and a half and Carol was starting to get a few sprigs of hair on her pussy.

She was growing all over the place. Tall,and her hips were getting wider. I had grown to. My cock had gotten big for my age. I was only eleven and a half and it was over six inches long when natural chick sucks penis in pov and gets tight pussy screwed. I didn't have any hair around my cock yet and i was still just dry cumming during sex. But i was able to dry cum over and over. One Day i was taking a bath and Mom walked into the bathroom and caught me with a full hard-on.

She got a super surprised look on her face when she seen my cock. Her eyes locked onto it and i think she was amazed that a kid my age could have a cock so big.

She stuttered and finally gasp out about how big it was and she muttered that she thought that it was already bigger then Dads was. "Your going to be big between your legs like your uncle Bill is" She gasp. My uncle Bill was my Moms Brother and i wondered how Mom knew how big Uncle Bills cock was.

I was a little embarassed by the way that German krankenschwester fickt mit ihren patienten beim hausbesuch kept on looking at my cock so i put my hands over it.

"Well you don't have to hide it" She said excitedly. I pulled my hands back away from it. Mom just stood frozen in her tracks looking at it. She took a couple of steps closer as if she was trying to get a better look at it. She stood there gawking at my cock for at least three minites and i just stood there showing it to her. Once, i thought that she was going to reach out and touch it but she didn't. Finally, she bent over a bit to get one final look at it. "Wow", "Son, you better keep that thing locked up in your pants or the girls will be all over you" She turned all red in the face and walked out of the bathroom.