Two hot babes and two big cocks brunette and big tits

Two hot babes and two big cocks brunette and big tits
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.we did the first 2 parcels then as it was after closing time sylvia said she would lock the door so that no one else could come in. She was very prim and very properAlways very polite.and I always got the idea that she would be a right cock hungry tart underneath that polite exterior. As I passed the parcels through I could not take my eyes off cleavageher tits were held high in a push up bra.

she noticed me looking at themand gave me little grin as she took the last parcel. 'you fancy a drink we me and john after we finish this ?' ' love to ' I said returning her grin. I went next door to the bar to wait for them to finish up.

I had quite a long wait, then they both appeared. she had changed from her work clothes ( which I thought were quite sexy !) into an even more slutty looking look. she had a tight black pencil skirt on and at black patent high heels at least 5 inches high. john still had the same clothes on.

Within 30 minutes it was clear that john was intent on getting smashed very quickly.

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sylvia just looked at him then me and rolled her as eyes. I moved in closer.

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John had gone off and was chatting intently to the young barmaidwho looked bored by him. sylvia said ' he always does thisnot content with what he has. ' Idiot ' I said.

Sylvia pushed me with her lovely womanly thigh.My cock was already rigidthinking I had a real chance had been three months since I fucked and I was a 26 year old manging for it. I put my hand on my own knee and looked at her tits again.

she again saw me looking. 'you like them don't you?' I felt I could say 'yes they are lovely !' 'If he keeps going at that rate, he should be passing out soon ' and you can see a lot more of them. I went to the loo, got some condomsand rejoined them, or her as dream team girls beach anikkacherie devillelyla storm riley reid was still boring the blonde barmaid.

Sylvia was on her second drink ,and at it was having a bit of an effect on her , ' I always thought you were kinda cute.' she blurted. 'I always thought you were outa my reach ' I replied as a compilment 'not true ' I felt her hand on m sensitive inner thigh. If it was possibly my cock would have went harder but it was already like A ROCK.

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' Iam gonna fuck you so hard ' I said. she leaned forwards her tits bulging and jiggling and said 'oooh I look forward to that ! ' I went to the bar to get some more drinks I got John a double and a pint he was already well gone the barmaid winked at me ' I know what your up to ' I blushed bright red.

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I shushed her ' not a word ' she smiled back ' you can always have me when you get tired of her ' ' fuck must be my lucky day ' I said.

She pushed her tits up and together for me, emphasising her young smooth pert large boobs they were cased in a black lacy bra, which was in turn tied in to a old fashioned deep red basque.

It was not a uniform it was just what she choose to wear 'I bet they incease your tips !!' I quiped . ' not your cash tip I want !' she whispered at me leaning over the bar .She pushed a scrap of paper at me over the bar.It had her nameJaney , and her mobile number and an Xa I can't wait !! I gathered my drinks and headed back to sylvia.

Save some for me she said as I left the bar. 'Blimey took your time !!' she sylvia said jokingly when I got there ,'oops sorrythe barmaid took ages, 'I said feeling a bit guilty ( christ she was about to cheat on her man why should I be feeling guilty ?!) 'This is my sister Julie ' blimey her tits were even bigger than syvias.

my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I pushed sylvia up the seat a bither lovely heavy thick thigh rubbed against my mine .my cock jumped back to attention again.Julie was sat opposite us.

sylias hand moved back to my thighquickly her hand was rubbing my hard rod. Julie looked at her enviously. she could see what her sister was doing to my cock.

! 'John on the drink again then slyv ? ' ' yeah but whats japanese sexy bilu film mom and son sylia said. 'Daves cock' julie joked? yes your right therefeels lovely and big. Her hand unzipped my fly and managed to get her hand in to grip its girth. ooooh thats is so so bigthats goina stretch my my snatch nicegonna give me some big gasms ! I could not believe the crude talk coming from sylvias mouthI presume the drink had a part in itbut where had the prim and proper butter would not melt post office mistress gone?

' up for fuckin sharin crudely, Julie asked ? ' ' think I want it all for me tonight ' as she rubbed her hand all along my very hard shaft. ' but what would john think ' Julie said you sneakin off on your own with this hunk. I supposesaid sylvwith a disappointed sigh. 'why don't I tell john we are all off for a chinese and we can head for my place instead. ' All right go on I guess it means your gonna want some of my prize cock here.

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'fookin right Julie said my cunt is so hungry for some big hard meat !' Julie went to tell john that we were offhe wasnt botheredhe was back trying to chat up Janey but having not much luck. Janey looked hard at as we went out the door, I winked and she gave me a phone me signal as we passed.

Outside there was the lovely clatter of stilletos as we swayed to julies house me in a very firm sandwitch of these very lovely lush ladies. I grabbed a handfull of lushous arse in each hand.

'OOOO fuck I can hardly wait to get that meat up my cunt' sylvia said, she stopped and snogged me lewdly, her wet tongue hungry for my tongue which I gladly gave. we were not far from Julies housebut sylvia said she could not wait and dragged me up the lane we were near . her tongue hardly left my mouth. Julie stood at the end of the lane in watch.

Sylvia got her hand on my cock again she hopped on a convenient ledge in the smelly lane, sat on the very was dark but there was still plenty light for me to see her. She pulled hard on my cock and rubbed my cock up and down her cunt. her mouth was on mine and rampant. ' get it in me! and fuck me as fucking hard as you can. I teased her slimy wet cunt hole with my bare cock ' ' OOh come on shove it in ' she was bucking her hips trying hard to get me to fill her with my 9 inches Julie called down the lane to 'just hurry up and fuck the bitch '.

I slipped My cock halfway in. ' ooooh my thats fucking good thats soooo fucking big. ' she tongued me deep and gripped my arse so tight to try to get more of my thick rod inside her. I held back wanting to savour the intense slick feeling her cunt was giving my cock. 'give it me ,give it me ,give it me .' she ranted Her cunt was very lubed up I gave in and slammed in the full lenght of my hardness, my balls were alrady high and tightening ready to gush seed.

'oooooh lovely heaven oh joy ,oh joy I luv it , I luv it I love your rock hard cocknowharder make me come with it , My rod was now at its fullest although still bent over in pervert babe becky sins rides her stepbrother like a pro banana shape it was rubbing the end of her long hard clitoris.

harder ! harder ! ooooooooooh lovely ,your gona make me come. I had never fucked a hornier woman .If her customers could have seen her now. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh am thereshe sent me over the edge as I slowed up and gushed spunk in her totally filling her unprotected cunt. Come on Julie shouted from the entrance to the lane.

there are police on the go ! I got my cock put away and stumbled back up the lane. as sylv pushed her lovely tits away. ' That was so fucking ,fucking good, 'sylv told jules. ' he's soooooo much better than John !

I mean soooooo BIGGER and better !!!!' 'Lets get back to my place' jules urged ' I need some fucking, badly !' we walked along with Jules rubbing her hand up and down my crotch. My cock was hardening up well again. I could not believe my luck !! As I said before her tits were even bigger than sylviasher waist was very tight which made her huge tits seem even orgasms nervous teens pussy soaking wet being licked by older lesbian friend.

she stopped in the middle of the pavement and turned to me , leaning in for a snog. she smelt good even though it was of cheap perfume. I could feel her large nipples pressing throught her bra at me. Her small hand unzipped me feeling for my hard lenght, which was still wet with my come from sylvia, first attemptwill add more if asked