Horny and oiled lesbian action with big boobs

Horny and oiled lesbian action with big boobs
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Chapter 1 It's probably better that I start this story with an introduction, my name is Andy and I'm 17. I've never had a girlfriend and I'm known at school for being a bit of a nerd. My sister Ashley is 16, and has had several boyfriends. She's the popular girl at school. I looked out the window, my sister and her boyfriend John were standing there out the front of the house on our driveway holding hands and talking quietly.

I didn't know what she saw in stepdaughter kelly klass flirts and fucks her stepdad, he was just another dumb jock. I heard our parents walking towards the front of the house, the door swung open and Ashley was called inside. She leaned in and kissed John on the cheek gently, then released his hand and walked back inside the house; I heard the door close and walked away from the window.

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"Why am I the only one who can never get someone?" I thought to myself, Ashley was 16, a year younger than me and still managed to get more boyfriends than I could girlfriends.

I was well-built but nobody ever seemed to notice me, it seemed ridiculous. I walked down the corridor and down the stairs towards where Ashley and my parents were having dinner. I took a seat at the table and hardly ate anything; I was too busy concentrating on why I never had a girlfriend.

'What's up Andy?' asked Ashley. 'Oh nothing' I replied, suddenly taking it what she was wearing, a skin-tight low-cut top and jeans that fit perfectly to her legs, I looked upwards towards her face and saw her deep, sexy blue eyes staring at me. I immediately felt something stirring between my legs and realised I was slowly getting hard.

"What the fuck, this is your own sister, you creep." I thought. She was hot though and I had to get rid of this erection, fast, before someone johnny sin fuck priya rai full movie. I snuck a hand underneath the table and played with the light fabric of my boxers to try and move my erection out of the way, it was no use, and I was going to have to move quickly.

'I'm getting a drink of water' I exclaimed as I stood up, holding my empty glass in front of my crotch. As I stood up from the table and pushed my chair back, I was sure a faint smile flickered across my sister's face. "Did she know I was hard?" I wondered to myself. I moved away from the table too quickly trying to hide my erection and dropped the glass, it shattered. I swore quietly under my breath and my dad got up from the table and walked around to help me gather together the bits of the glass.

My erection big butt blonde women railed by big cock on the couch pornstars hardcore, instantly in fear of being caught by my parents.

I helped my dad gather up the bits of glass from the floor, and then went into the kitchen to get the broom. I came back and swept the glass up and placed it in the bin, I got another glass and filled it with water, sitting back down at the table I prayed this meal would be over soon.

Luckily it was, I got up from the table, carried my plate to the kitchen and put it into the dishwasher. As I finished I saw my sister come into the kitchen, I started to notice just how sexy her xxx action with sexy gal hardcore blowjob were again and instantly my erection returned.

A smile flickered across her face again for a split second; I was again bewildered and left the kitchen as fast as possible. I ran up the stairs towards my room, going up two steps at a time, I was rock hard and horny as anything. I reached the top of the stairs and turned the corner into my room. I shut the door tight and pulled the lock across, thank God my parents let me have a lock, and this could be so awkward without it.

I sat down on the end of my bed and slowly eased my jeans down around my ankles, I admired the tent my erection made in my boxers and slowly pulled them down. My rock hard penis popped upwards. I was by no means small, I had a nice 7 and ½ inch long penis, with a nice thick girth to it.

I shut my eyes, wrapped my hand around my penis, imagined my sister's tits again and started to stroke my penis furiously. It felt so good and so naughty; I was going to cum quickly.

I lay back on the bed as my orgasm approached, I let out a quiet moan and shot thick strings of cum high into the air, they landed with a squelch onto my carpet. I enema squirting les gets ass and pussy toyed back onto the bed, exhausted. I woke up with a jolt; I was lying naked from the waist down on my bed.

"How did I get here?" I thought to myself, and then I noticed cum stains on my carpet. Oh yeah, I remember now, I jacked off over my sister and then fell asleep, probably the worst thing I've ever done. Yet, I wanted more, much more. I sat up on the bed and slowly pulled my boxers back up; I stood up and pulled up my jeans.

Leaning down, I mopped up some of the cum stains off my carpet with some tissues from my desk. "My mum would go mad if she found that." I thought to myself. I put the tissues in the bin and unlocked my door, I crept across the corridor and peered into my sister's room, it was empty.

I sneaked inside and walked over to her underwear drawer. What I was about to do was so wrong, yet I wanted it so badly. I pulled the drawer open and rifled through the drawer aiming to select the sexiest pair of underwear I could find. I moved a pile of underwear aside and to my horror, underneath I found several condoms. My mouth fell open. "Was my sister fucking John? How many other boys had she had sex with?" I wondered. I'd always assumed that my sister was a 'good girl' not going any further than holding hands and kissing, now it seemed, I was wrong.

I'd never seen a condom before out of the packet, so out of curiosity I took two from the drawer, along with a pair of sexy underwear and put the rest back on slutty brunette wants you to shoot load, hiding the rest of the condoms. I slid the drawer shut and looked around the room, nothing else looked suspicious so I walked towards the door and pulled it closed.

I checked nobody was in the corridor before darting back across the corridor to my room and shutting and locking the door. I sat down on my bed and gently opened one of the condoms; it was such a strange shape I was almost amused by it.

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I pulled off me jeans and boxers and once again I was hard in second I held Ashley's panties in my hand and sniffed them, it was amazing even her clean underwear smelt sexy. I rolled the condom down over my erect penis with my other hand and started to jack off. The feeling was amazing, I don't know if it was the extra lubrication of the condom or the sexy smell of Ashley's underwear or just because the whole thing was so naughty.

I didn't care, it was hot and I was really turned on. I started moaning quietly and slowly built up towards and orgasm, I was so close. I exploded inside the condom, grunting as I did so. I lay back on the bed and collapsed, again exhausted and about to fall asleep.

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I apologise for this being deleted before, however the issues with grammar have now been fixed. Chapter 2 is being written as I post this!