Teen masturbates skirt hd suspect originally denied lp officers charge of theft

Teen masturbates skirt hd suspect originally denied lp officers charge of theft
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A comment in the Forum the other day got me to thinking about what would happen if classic movies were re-imagined as porn films. Not an original idea, I know, but hey, I'll take my inspiration wherever I can find it.

So, for what it's worth, here are three scenes that regrettably got left out of "Casablanca", in screenplay format. ********************************************************************************************* SCENE 1 CAPT. RENAULT'S OFFICE Mid-morning. Captain Louis Renault is sitting at his desk in his Prefect of Police uniform, going through some papers. An aide enters.

Aide: "Captain Renault, a woman to see you." Renault (straightening his tie): "Show her in, and close the door behind you." Aide: "Yes, sir." He leaves, and returns with a Annina Brandel, a young Bulgarian woman, about 20. She is striking, with long, dark hair and flawless fair skin, accentuated by her bright red lipstick.

She's wearing a clinging black dress hemmed at mid-calf. The Aide shows himself out and closes the door. Annina: "Monsieur Renault?" Renault (looking her up and down slowly, as she is lovely): "Yes. What can I do for you, Miss…?" Annina: "Mrs&hellip.Brandel." (Renault nods). "Monsieur, my husband Jan and I arrived here three days ago. We are from Bulgaria. Oh, it is very bad there, Monsieur Renault! We were lucky to get away. But traveling is so very expensive and difficult.

It took all we had just cookie monster eats ass of euro butterface get here." Renault: "And now…?" Annina: "We hoped to obtain Exit Visas for the two of us on the black market, so that we could go to America.

But they cost so much, and we do not have enough money." Renault: "Hmmmm&hellip.and what do you expect that I can do for you and your husband, Mrs. Brandel?" Annina (hesitant, embarrassed): "I was told…that you might be able to help us.

That you sometimes&hellip.can make arrangements. Oh, Monsieur Renault, we are desperate! You are almost our last hope! Jan tried to get the money playing roulette last night at Rick's. Oh, of course he lost!

Monsieur Renault, I would do anything.&hellip.anything! If you would only help us! Please!!" Renault (leans back in his chair thoughtfully): "Well, my dear, perhaps we can reach an understanding." Annina (excited, relieved): "Oh, Sex appeal honey takes off clothes homemade and hardcore Renault, how can I ever repay you?!" Renault (standing up): "Oh, I'm sure you can think of something, Mrs.

Brandel. Think of what you have to offer.in trade." Annina: "But Monsieur, I have nothing left of value!" Renault: "Oh, no, Mrs. Brandel, you have something very much of value, which you are free to give." Renault unfastens his belt and the button of his pants, unzipping them and sliding them down, along with his shorts.

Annina stares wide-eyed at him, blushing, raising her hand to her mouth, feigning shock. Despite outward appearances, she's been expecting this. Annina: "Monsieur Renault!!" Renault (reaching down and stroking his partially-erect cock): "You want to help your husband, don't you? You want to get to America, don't you?" He sits back in the chair, his fingers still wrapped around his lengthening penis.

Annina: "Yes, more than anything in the world&hellip.but&hellip." Renault (smiling wickedly): "Then get over here and suck on this. After all, it's for your husband's welfare, n'est-ce pas?" Annina walks hesitantly around Renault's desk, and kneels before him. His cock is large and thick, uncircumcized, much larger than her husband's, the only one she has ever seen. Annina slides both of her hands around it and slowly strokes it, watching as it becomes fully erect.

The loose foreskin moves to and fro, revealing the glistening head as she slides her fingers down, then retreats underneath it as they move upward again. Annina (biting her full lip, looking afraid): "Monsieur, it is so big&hellip.I don't&hellip." Renault: "Run your tongue around the head.

Let me watch you. Look up at me." Annina leans forward, her fingers sliding the foreskin down to expose the head. She extends her tongue, and slowly encircles it as she looks into his eyes. Renault moans. Renault: "Ohhhhh yes&hellip.lick it." Annina continues her patient licking of his cock, gradually becoming more enthusiastic. He is now rigid, his cock wet and glistening with her saliva. She ovals her lips and pulls his cock toward her mouth, leaning forward and taking it slowly into her mouth.

She never takes her eyes off him as she begins to suck on the head, her head slowly bobbing. Renault (groaning): "Ohhhh, that's it, Mrs.

Brandel, suck my cock. Use your tongue." Annina (pausing and letting his cock slip out of her mouth): "Am I doing it right, Monsieur?" Renault: "Yes, you're doing it perfect.

Your husband is a very lucky man." Annina begins to suck him in earnest, her mouth filled with saliva, her dark hair cascading over her face, making soft slurping sounds in the quiet room. She raises one hand and sweeps her hair over her shoulder, so that the camera can get a clear, close-up view of her sucking his rampant cock. Her full lips are pursed tightly as they slide up and down the shaft, and up over the head.

Renault: "Ohhhhhh, fuck, that's good…play with my balls." Annina nods, and raises her slim hand. Her fingers begin to caress and fondle his balls as she sucks him, then her hand cradles them from underneath. She is sucking with increased urgency. Renault reaches down and grabs her hair, slowing her movements. Renault: "Hey…not so fast…take your time." Annina releases his cock from her mouth again, drooling spit.

Annina: "I'm sorry, Monsieur. I did not mean to rush you." She again takes him into her mouth, and this time she aligns her throat and her lips slide almost all the way down the wet shaft.

She opens her jaws and forces him deeper into her throat, blinking back tears as she almost gags on the cock wedged in her throat. She makes gurgling sounds, and then coughs, as ropes of saliva ooze down from her chin. Renault: "Ohhhh, fuck, that's it, suck it deep." Annina is really into it now, sucking him far back in her throat, holding it there, then easing back. Her mouth is flooded with saliva. His cock is drenched with it.

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Now she begins to suck him in long, luxurious strokes, establishing a new rhythm, taking him deep each time, her lips pursed tightly as they slide up and down the shaft. She sucks him for several minutes, slurping noisily. Renault: "Ohhhh, yeah, what a sweet little cocksucker!

Do it just like that, baby." Annina whimpers softly, slurping on his swollen cock. She knows he's about to come. Annina: "Mmmmm&hellip.mmm-hmmmm&hellip." Renault (his face tense): "That's it…just like that&hellip.oh, jeezus, I'm gonna come!" Annina sucks him hard, squeezing his taut balls, watching his face intently. At the last moment, she slides her mouth off his cock and wraps her fingers around the shaft, stroking him firmly, her lips parted. His come spurts out, heavy and thick, splattering against her bright red lips, and cascading down over her hand.

He erupts again and again, bathing her face with his semen. After a moment, she plunges her mouth down over his still-spurting cock, and sucks him, her fingers still holding his cock tightly and stroking it rhythmically. Her face is drenched with sperm. Renault: "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Annina: "Mmmmmmmmmmm&hellip." She sucks him for another minute or two, until she's sure he has no more come in his balls. Then she eases him out of her mouth, looking up into his eyes mom and son and black guyattr xxx movei she raises her hand and slowly licks his come off it.

Annika (swallowing): "Was it good for you, Monsieur Renault?" Renault (gasping for breath): "Very good, my dear." Annina (smiling, gathering stray globs of semen from her face with her fingers, and licking them off): "Then we can have the Exit Visas now, Monsieur?" Renault: "You can have them tonight, Mrs.

Brandel…after you and I complete our&hellip.business transaction. Be here at 6:00 sharp." Annina (staring wide-eyed): "But I thought…" Renault (chuckling): big white cock anal and dirty tit s hot gonzo girls at college the goods thought one blowjob, as great as it was, was worth two Exit Soniya gandhi xxx sex story No, no, my dear, I can't let you get away without experiencing your tight, wet pussy, too.

After we fuck, we'll complete the necessary arrangements, and you and your husband can be on the plane to Lisbon tomorrow. And nobody needs to know anything about&hellip.this." Annina (resigned to her fate, but part of her very much looking forward to feeling Renault's big cock inside her pussy): "You win, Monsieur Renault. I will be here." She stands up and smooths her dress, and Renault quickly pulls up his pants. Zipping up, he shows her to the door, and she walks through it.

Renault (bowing): "Au revoir, Madame. Et merci." Annina: "Goodbye, Monsieur." SCENE 2 YVONNE'S HOME Evening.

Sascha, the bartender at Rick's Café Americain, has taken Yvonne, a young French woman, to her home at Rick's request, since she has had far too much to drink. She staggers as they climb the stairs to her apartment. Yvonne is in her twenties, and spends a lot of time at the bar, being hit on by the German military officers. She is beautiful, with wavy blonde hair, bangs, and flashing blue eyes. She's wearing a white silk skirt with a high slit, and a white sequined top.

Yvonne enters the apartment and walks to the bar, pouring herself a drink. Her words are slurred. Yvonne: "Come in, Sascha, have a drink." Sascha: "Yvonne, I love you, but Rick pays me, and he said I was to come right back." Yvonne (pouring another vodka martini): "Ohhh, c'mon, Sascha, one little drink?

Rick won't even notice you're not back. Besides, he's an unfeeling, fucking bastard, who cares what he thinks!" Sascha (looking around, as if arguing with himself): "All right, Yvonne, a quick one." Yvonne hands him his drink, then wraps her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his. Sascha is all too aware that she can feel his rising cock in his pants. Yvonne: "You're sure you don't have a LITTLE more time, Sascha?" Sascha (gulping down his drink): "Yvonne!

Rick will kill me!" Yvonne (reaching down and rubbing Sascha's penis through his slacks): "Fuck Rick. If he wanted me, he shouldn't have stood me up last night.

Since he did, I'll sleep with anyone I like. Including&hellip.his bartender. It's been way my first time on cam long since I've felt that big cock of yours inside me. Now, fuck me, you crazy Russian!" Sascha abruptly picks her up at the waist and deposits her on top of the dining room table, spilling her drink in the process.

She lays back on the countertop, resting on her elbows, and Sascha reaches up under her skirt and grabs her panties, pulling them roughly down under her luscious ass. He untangles them from one stilleto heel, but leaves them dangling from her other slim ankle. Then he parts her slit skirt, revealing her delectable pussy. Immediately, he pushes her legs apart and bends down, licking upward along her cleft, surrounded by silky blonde curls. Yvonne: "Ahhhhhhh, oui, lick my pussy, Sascha!

I've been so wet all evening, cheri!" Sascha is licking between the wet folds of her cunt, exploring all of her. She tastes and smells heavenly. He stabs his stiffened tongue up into her vaginal opening, and she gasps, aching with need. He thrusts his tongue into her several times, then begins lapping at her tiny clit.

She reaches down and grabs his hair, guiding him, pulling him against her yearning flesh. Yvonne: "Ohhh, god, Sascha, I'm so fucking hot! Do it! Make me come all over your face!" Sascha buries his face between her legs, licking her hard, shaking his head as he drives his tongue into her again.

His nose rubs against the sensitive bud of her clit. Then he raises his hand and roughly thrusts two fingers into her pussy, curling them upward and pressing rhythmically as his lips fasten around her clit. He suckles it, then lashes at it with quick flutters of his tongue. She holds his face against her as her orgasm surges upward within her. Tvonne (climaxing): "Ooooohhhhh&hellip.oui!…oui!…OUI!!!…OUI!!!!…UHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Yvonne trembles as her body explodes in an orgasmic frenzy, sobbing breathlessly as the waves of her climax crash through her.

Sascha, meanwhile, has undone his pants and shoved them, along with his boxer shorts, down around his ankles. His cock is rock hard. He guides it to her vaginal opening, rubbing it up and down her wet folds, then positions it again, poised to thrust inside her.

She looks up at him. Yvonne (whispering urgently): "Stick it in me, Sascha! FUCK me!" Sascha buries his cock in her in a single, hard thrust.

She groans in ecstasy. Yvonne: "UHHHhhhhhhh&hellip.yesssssss&hellip.oh, god, your cock is wonderful! Ohhhh, I love to fuck!" Sascha begins to thrust his cock in and out in long, slow strokes.

The camera zooms in on his cock as it spreads her labia, glistening with raunchy caroline delivers a fantastic footjob masturbation and brunette wetness, sliding easily in and out. Sascha: "Ohhh, FUCK, your pussy is tight!" Yvonne: "Fuck me, Sascha! You're so threesome fuck in the basementvisit bzhotpornscom pornstars and hardcore better than that bastard Rick!

Bigger and better!" Sascha (fucking her hard, slamming her body with each thrust): "Yeah, you like my big Russian dick, huh, Yvonne! Better than those limp-dicked Nazis you let fuck you, HUH?" Yvonne (her voice rising as her orgasm approaches): "Ohhhhh, yesssss, yours is better!

They MAKE me do it, Sascha!! Oh god, FUCK ME!!! I'M GONNA CUM!!!" Sasha pushes Yvonne's top up, revealing her unfettered breasts, which are large and firm, as his cock continues to drive relentlessly into her.

He reaches down and grabs her tits, squeezing them as he fucks her, then lets them go. They quake as he pounds her pussy hard and fast. The quickened tempo sends her over the brink. Yvonne: "OHHHH, OUI!!! OUI!!! OUI!!!!! UHHHHHHHHHNNNN!!!!!!!" Sascha continues fucking her hard as she screams out her climax, her cries punctuated by his hard thrusts.

Finally, he feels himself start to come. Quickly, he pulls his cock out as the camera zooms in to an extreme close-up.

Yvonne reaches down and grips his cock, stroking it as his come gushes forth, surging against her heaving tummy. She strokes him rhythmically, in time with his flourishes, as he pumps his come all over her smooth skin, some of it pooling in the little font of her belly-button.

Her fingers moving up against the head with each hard pulse of sperm, forcing it out of him, milking him. Finally, the spurts begin to diminish, and the last ooze of semen drools down over her fingers where she holds him.

She waits until there's no more, then brings her hand to her lips, licking the come off as she smiles happily up at him. Masturbating with my inch dildo part reneecummings missxcumsalot 3 RICK'S LODGINGS Late night, after closing.

Rick Blaine walks through the door into his room above the Café Americain. He's wearing slacks and a white dinner jacket. He lights a cigarette, then goes to the bar and pours himself a shot of bourbon, downs it, and pours another.

Holding it in his hand, he turns and sees Ilsa Lund silhouetted in the window. She is cool, willowy, luminous, lovely. She's wearing a long white dress and an elegant hat with a wide brim. Rick: "What are you doing here?" Ilsa: "I had to see you, Rick. You know why." Rick: "Yes, it seems that as long as I've got the Letters of Transit, I'll never be lonely." Ilsa: "It isn't that, Rick.

Yes, of course I want Victor to be able to escape from Casablanca. So that he can continue his work. But that isn't the only reason." Rick (downing his drink and taking a deep drag on his cigarette): "I'm listening." Ilsa (walking to him and standing close): "Rick…I want Victor gone from here!

So that you and I can be together! It can be like it was in Paris! Don't you want that?" Rick: "You're the one who ditched ME, remember?" Ilsa: "I know, Rick.

You'll never know how hard it was for me to do that." Rick: "And how to you proposed to explain all this to Victor? You're his wife." Ilsa (pleadingly): "Please, Rick, you'll think of something to tell him! You must!

Now that I've found you again, I can't bear the sight of him! I can't bear the thought of being in bed with him, can't bear the thought of his little, short cock inside me one more time! Not like yours&hellip." She's reaching down and rubbing and squeezing his cock through his slacks. Rick (slowly succumbing to the power she holds over him): "Ilsa, it won't work." Ilsa (sinking to her knees): "Please Rick&hellip.please.

Nobody ever fucked me the way you did. In Paris. Don't you remember…at La Belle Aurore, when we drank all that champagne, with strawberries.the first time you let me do.this?" She fumbles with his pants, finally succeeding in unfastening them and pulling them down, along with his shorts. His cock stands forth, aimed directly at her full, parted lips.

She slides her fingers around the base and takes him quickly into her mouth, sucking him deeply, wetly. He moans softly. She sucks him for a few moments, then lets his cock petite babes lucie and whitney oral sex out, trailing strands of saliva. Ilsa (whispering): "I'd almost forgotten how big your cock is!" (She slurps him back into her mouth) Rick: "And I'd almost forgotten what a wonderful cocksucker you are!" He reaches down and takes her hat off, tossing it aside.

Then he holds her head in his hands as he begins to thrust his cock slowly in and out of her wet, welcoming mouth, fucking her face.

Her lips stretch tautly around his rigid shaft, and she gazes up into his eyes as she sucks him hungrily. Rick: "Ohhh, yeah, suck my dick, you gorgeous, cheating bitch!" Ilsa eagerly nurses on his cock, until he abruptly pulls her to her feet. She looks questioningly up at him as his hands move up the front of her dress, grabbing incredible sex for a curvy legal age teenager pretty chick hardcore blowjob lapels&hellip.and then, with a sudden violent motion, he rips her dress open, the buttons flying off and scattering on the bare floor.

She gasps, frightened of him, but wanting him desperately. He represents to her the bad boy antithesis of the upstanding Victor Laszlo. She stands before him in her slip, trembling. Her full breasts thrust against the silk, making it clear that she's not wearing a bra.

Rick: "Now you'll get the fucking you've been missing!" He picks her up at her waist and throws her back across the bed. Lesbians pussy licking fingering outside tube porn moves to her, and runs his hands up her legs, raising her slip and grasping her skimpy silk lace panties. She lifts her hips as he pulls them off roughly.

Then he grabs her legs and shoves them back, exposing her delectable pussy, glistening wet with her aching arousal. Ilsa (breathlessly): "Oh, god, Rick, eat my pussy!

Lick me as if it were the last time!" Rick attacks her pussy, licking it in long upward strokes, his tongue glancing against her tiny clit, nudging it out from under its hood. Ilsa (clutching the bedspread with her fingernails): "Ohhhhhyessssss, nobody ever licked my pussy the way you did!" Rick laps at her like a dog, bathing her cleft with his spit.

Then he forces her legs still further back and begins licking at the tiny pucker of her asshole. He licks it until it's dripping with his saliva, then raises his head, gathers the wetness in his mouth, and suddenly spits it out on her. He leans forward again and licks her all the way from her asshole to her clit, several times, as she squirms and moans.

Ilsa: "Ohhhhh, Rick, please, fuck me now, HARD! I need you so bad! Make me forget I ever met Victor Laszlo!" Rick moves up and guides his aching cock to her vaginal opening, nestling it between her beckoning cunt lips.

He pauses, their eyes locked on each other's. She hisses up at him, her face betraying her urgent need. Ilsa: "Do it!" Rick grimaces and thrusts forward, burying the entire length of his lust-hardened cock in her sopping depths in one hard lunge. Ilsa: "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Rick (sawing his cock in and out of her viciously): "Yeah, you fucking whore, you want me to fuck you like I fucked you in Paris? HUH?" Ilsa: "Yesssssss!!

UH! Yesss, FUCK me! Fuck me forever!! Make me your whore!!" Rick: "You LOVE to fuck, DON'T you!!? Victor could NEVER give you enough fucking! HUH?!!" Ilsa (out of her mind with lust): "NEVER!! FUCK ME!!! Rick thrusts his cock into her, then reaches down and rips her slip apart, revealing her lush, heaving breasts.

He grabs them as he saws his cock in and out. Her nipples are hard against his palms. Ilsa: "Oh god, oh god, I'm coming!

Do it HARDERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Rick fucks her like a machine, like an animal, his cock pistoning in and out of her harder and faster, as she arches her back and convulses in an orgasmic cataclysm. Ilsa (screaming): "UUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Her body wrenches upward to meet his final vicious thrust into her, holding herself there as she trembles violently in the throes of her come. Finally, she collapses back against the bed, gasping and sobbing.

Ilsa: "Oh god&hellip.oh god…" Rick suddenly pulls his cock out of her, and roughly turns her over and yanks her hips upward. Rick: "I'm not done with you yet, bitch!" Ilsa (moaning): "Ohhhh, noooooooooooooo!" Rick fits his wet cock head to the little rosebud of her ass, forcing it slowly, inexorably against the tight, resisting ring.

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She cries out in pain, feeling herself slowly expand to accommodate the obscene invasion, then sucks air quickly into her lungs, and the head of his cock pops inside her. Ilsa screams in pain. Rick (ignoring her cries): "Yeah, you know you like it like this, Ilsa. You remember how much you like it now, don't you?" Rick slowly forces his cock, inch by inch, into her unyielding ass.

Ilsa bites her lip, her eyes tightly closed, as he impales her. Ilsa: "OHHHHHH!!! OHGOD!!!! Go slow!!!" Rick's cock is now buried in her ass to the hilt. He slowly begins to fuck her, as she whimpers helplessly.

Rick: "Victor won't fuck you in the ass, will he? He wouldn't think of defiling his sweet little wife like this, would he? He doesn't know what you want. What you need." Ilsa moans, but the pain is easing, and she's beginning to move her ass, wriggling against him as he skewers in and out, pushing back against him. She loves emily 18 alone at pool, and he knows it, and she knows he knows.

Ilsa: "Ohhhhhh, god, no, Victor won't do this! I hate him! I hate him! Fuck me, Rick. Fuck my tight little ass like you did in Paris!!" Rick grabs the cheeks of her lush ass and thrusts his impaled cock in and out. After a tattooed babe gets pounded in hardcore fashion, he raises his hand and brings it down on her cheek with a stinging SMACK!!!

She shrieks, her body again on the edge of orgasm. Ilsa: "UH!!!! YES!! HARDER!! FUCK YOUR WHORE HARDER!!" Rick spanks her hard, making her white flesh quiver and redden from the impact, then does it with the other hand, as she squirms against him eagerly. She reaches between her legs and begins frantically rubbing her clit to bring herself to her climax, seething just below the surface, aching to be unleashed.

Rick reaches forward and grabs her hair, jerking her head back as he jams his cock into her, her tightness gripping his cock like a tight, hot fist. Ilsa: "UHHHHGODDDYESSSSSS!!!" Her body explodes in orgasmic fury as she cries out incoherently.

Her orgasm triggers Ricks, and he pulls his cock out of her ass quickly, feeling his come surging upward. Ilsa rolls over on her back and he climbs above her, gripping his cock tightly to prevent his come from erupting too soon. Rick: "OHHH, FUUUCCCKKKKKK, HERE IT COOOOMMMMEEEESSSSS!!!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!" Ilsa gazes up at him adoringly, her lips parted as he releases his cock and a huge burst of semen erupts across her face.

He pumps out spurt after spurt, bathing her face with his gooey sperm, until it oozes down her cheeks and chin in slow, thick rivulets. Some of the spurts land on her lips, and in her mouth, as his never-ending orgasm continues. Finally, she raises her head and he guides his still-spurting cock between her lips.

She sucks it eagerly, sucking out the last weak spurts of come. He pulls his cock back, and she obediently licks the stray globs of semen from it. He grips his shaft with his fingers and slides them up, forcing out a last ooze of sperm onto her waiting tongue.

Ilsa (lovingly bbw riding wall mounted anal dildo "Mmmmmmmmmm.I've missed you." Rick (gazing down at her come-drenched face): "Here's looking at you, kid." FADE TO BLACK