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Dirty slut in blue lingerie wants to fuck
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Late Eight By Systematic I woke up early with Sandy still in my arms. He was holding me very tightly, and he's a sound sleeper.

Slutty brunette ex taking dick during wild dorm room party hardcore college must have drifted off without remembering that he wasn't supposed to sleep in here but the only one who would notice would be Red, and she already suspected.

Even if I couldn't convince her that we hadn't been up playing video games all night, she wouldn't spill. So I relaxed. Our Saturday morning was lazy, and Sandy and I went to school together. I had practice, and he had student council work to do. Even though I was hurt, I was still expected to show at the field. "No, Late. You're a part of this team. You need to be involved.

You're going to be there on the sidelines today." "Okay, sure. I'll just be right back." I slipped away. Yeah, I wasn't going to be right back. The thought of sitting there and watching the team practice made me want to sign up for advanced trigonometry. Not on your life, Coach. But I didn't want to climb stairs, either, which limited the number of places with ideal napping conditions.

It was too hot outside. Way too hot in the greenhouse. I doubted the redhead and her boy would be back there, but I steered clear just in case. All these chance encounters were robbing me of a lot of rest. I spotted swim team members coming out of the girls' locker room. Had they wrapped up early?

It looked like it. I watched with interest. It was air conditioned in there. There wouldn't be anyone else there all day. No stairs to climb, and because of the slow pace necessitated by my injury, Sandy and I had been making love late into the night. I was urgently sleepy, and the locker room was right in front of me. I waited for several minutes after the last girl emerged, then slipped in.

Of course it was deserted. And it smelled so much better than our locker room. I found a tile and wiped down one of the benches, which was damp, then used it as a pillow.

In moments I was fast asleep. The door opened and I awoke. Unlike Sandy, I am a light sleeper for obvious reasons. There are a lot of situations I can talk my way out of, but being found in the girls' locker room isn't one of them.

I was hidden in a locker before the door was fully open. I am an athlete, after all. I didn't want to be there, but I was curious to see who'd be coming in here when the only people at school were the football team, the newspaper club, and the student council. It was Kylie from my class, and Miranda, our PE teacher. Kylie was wearing her school suit, and dripping wet. Miranda was wearing hers too, but she had on a sweatshirt, which was just long enough to tease me when she leaned over.

I'd known for a long time that she had a great body. Kylie's also very sleek and fit. Next to me, she's easily our school's best athlete. Her hair was pulled back, but she untied it as she set her bag on the bench I'd been sleeping on.

Kylie was to the swim team what I was to the football team. Miranda had kept her late for some one on one coaching, very common with key players. I should have checked the pool before I came in here. "You want to tell me what's on your mind?" Miranda asked, stepping out of her flip flops. "I'm okay." "Come on." She patted the bench beside her. She's fairly young, and maybe the best teacher at our school. I like her a lot, and as the coach of the swim team, it made sense that she and Kylie would have a special rapport.

"You're twisted up about something, I can tell. You can do much better than you did this morning." Kylie reluctantly sat down and publicagent british underwear model gets fucked in the bushes over.

"Anything you tell me stays between us," Miranda assured her. "I'll help you if I can. I need you in top form. I know you have a lot on your plate with the council and everything." She waited patiently. "I did something weird and I don't know what to think about it," she said.

Miranda looked curious. I was curious too, though I felt truly terrible about listening to this. This wasn't like my usual inadvertent voyeurism. Watching people have sex in foolish places is one thing, listening to them spill their guts was something else. It felt especially dirty that it was Kylie, someone I knew and respected, even if I didn't exactly like her.

But announcing that I was there would have been an even worse disaster. I'd just have to live with the guilt.

"What did you do? How bad could it have been?" "I sort of experimented with another girl." Miranda's eyes widened, and she covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. "It's not funny," Kylie said. "I I know. But it's not something to get upset over." "It feels weird." "Don't don't worry about it," Miranda said, shaking her head and grinning.

"It's normal." "I don't know." Kylie put her face in her hands. Miranda sighed and rolled her eyes. "Can I ask what led to it? I guess I'd better not ask who it was." "I I can't get off," Kylie said, looking up, but lowering her voice as though someone might hear.

I heard it, and I wasn't surprised at all. It explained a lot. I could picture that frustration contributing to her constantly high tension, though it didn't explain why she was so determined to compete with me in everything. "Oh." "I overshared, didn't I?" "What? No." Miranda shrugged. "That's tough, though." "I'm not normal." "You're normal." "No.

It's weird." "You can't even finish when you masturbate?" Kylie shook her head. Miranda frowned, then she seemed to have an idea. "Well, I can prove you're not weird. You think I'm weird?" "Of course not." "Can you keep a secret?" Kylie looked curious. "I guess." Miranda put her arm around Kylie's shoulders and leaned in, lowering her tone a little. "Did you know Nurse Sarah and I were roommates in college?" Our Nurse Sarah? She was the right age. You learn something new every day.

So Miranda and Nurse Sarah went back. Interesting. "Really?" Kylie nodded. "I didn't have a life at all, but Sarah was a wildcat.

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She was out every night. It was like she couldn't go five minutes without a man. I'm serious." Kylie turned a little red. "Really?

She does kind of seem the type." "She doesn't try to hide it. Well, here's the thing. One night I wasn't expecting her back, but she struck out with the guy she wanted, so she actually came back to our room. I was masturbating at the time. Like, very openly. Totally sex appeal gorgeous hottie takes off raiment, on top of the covers. She totally caught me." "Oh, wow." "Yeah, but she didn't care. She was so pissed off about not getting laid, and so frustrated, that she just threw off all her clothes and did it with me.

It was weird. We never touched each other. But it was hot. One-time thing, it was close to graduation." Kylie was very red. "Wow." "These things happen. You want to know the real secret?" "You're gay?" "No. But I want to do it with her again.

Actually, I want to do more. Sarah just flips my switch. I don't know, something about her. She's got such big…" 'Knockers," Kylie said. "Yeah. It must be pheromones or something. I'm not gay, but if I ever got a chance to do anything with her again, I'd jump at it. So if you're weird, I'm weird." "You make it sound like it's not weird." "Then I'm glad that's cleared up. Feel better?" "I don't know." "You're still all tense," Miranda said, squeezing her shoulder.

"How about a massage?" "What?" "I went to college for this. Lie down." "Well okay. You think this'll help?" "Only if you don't get freaked out." "I'm not freaked out," Kylie said defensively. "Great." "Well, all right." I watched her lie down and rest her head on her arms. Miranda straddled her lower back and began to rub her shoulders.

"If you stay like this, you're going to sink like a stone." "I can't help it." "I think we can help it." Miranda's sweatshirt had ridden up a little, and I had to admit that despite its conservative cut, our school swimsuit did an excellent job hugging the contours of a woman's backside.

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Kylie's toes were fidgeting as Miranda massaged her shoulders. I had to admire Kylie almost as much as her coach. Her legs were strong and slender, and she had better muscle tone than you'd think, looking at her in uniform. Her swimsuit was drawn tight against a bottom so lean and perfect that workout experts across America would have killed for it.

I'd have to give Kylie more respect in the future. She wasn't just a gifted athlete, she worked hard at it. She was starting to relax as she became accustomed to being touched. Receiving a massage takes getting used to, and Kylie wasn't used to it. "So you've never had an orgasm?" Miranda asked after a little while. "No." Kylie certainly sounded relaxed. Miranda paused, appearing to think.

She looked down at her hands, and at Kylie's damp back. She rubbed the exposed skin sunny leone sexy storys with husband, then pulled the straps of the suit over her arms to get at her back, where she rubbed some more.

"I might be able to give you advice," she said. "I've tried things." "You even tried another girl." A pause. "Yeah," Kylie sighed. I think Miranda wanted to ask for details, but she didn't. "I I probably have a little more experience than this girl," she said finally. "Would you like me to try?" "What?" "Would you?" Kylie tried to play it cool.

"I've tried everything," she said. "I doubt that. Just relax." Stood up, then knelt beside the table. "Look that way," she said, and blushing, Kylie turned her head. Miranda put her hand on Kylie's thigh and rubbed it gently. Kylie's legs had been together, but now she spread them slightly.

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All the tension that had left her during the massage was back. She was rigid. Miranda ran her hand over the smooth, taut curve of Kylie's rump, and her hand slipped between her legs. I heard her breath catch as Miranda's hand probed her mound through her suit.

She wasn't doing much, just touching and pressing, but it was making Kylie squirm. The massage had turned her on. "You're sensitive," Miranda said, and I could tell she was warming up a little herself. She gently cupped Kylie's mound and squeezed, getting a whimper out of her.

"And wet.

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There's nothing wrong with you." Kylie's flawless legs were trembling, and her toes were curling. Her eyes were squeezed shut. She was terrified and excited. Miranda was enjoying herself too, I could see her smile. She slipped her hand into the suit to touch Kylie directly, and I wished I could've seen her technique, because the reaction it got was spectacular.

Kylie's body jerked, and her legs spread wider. Her back arched, and she let out a grunt that had started as a scream. She caught herself. "Turn over," Miranda said, caressing her hip. Kylie obeyed, spreading her legs again. I couldn't really see, but I could tell Miranda was pulling aside Kylie's swimsuit for a full view. Then she put her right hand between Kylie's legs, and Kylie went wild. She bit her finger unfathomable and carnal asian group play japanese hardcore clutched at her suit, taking ragged breaths and bucking wildly.

Miranda must have had a finger or two inside her, and her thumb on her clit. Her left hand was between her own legs, but I don't think she realized it.

Though I couldn't see, I could hear wet noises from between Kylie's legs, and Miranda's hand was moving faster. Kylie thrust her hips off the bench, and her whole body was damp with sweat now, not water from the pool.

She panted, and Miranda breathed faster. Kylie's nipples were clearly visible, poking at the fabric of her swimsuit as her breath hissed in and out. Miranda abruptly stopped, and I realized she was shuddering through her own orgasm. The fingers of her left hand had been busy, and she leaned over and rode it out. Kylie was staring at her. "Did you cum?" "I'm sorry," Miranda replied, red-faced.

She sounded embarrassed. Kylie lay back and groaned. Her chest rose and fell. Her breasts weren't big, but they were nice. I wanted to see them uncovered. Miranda, seeing that the girl's eyes were closed, withdrew her hand from between Kylie's thighs. Her fingers were sticky and dripping.

She stared at them, then licked them clean. They were both getting their breath back. Kylie's frustration was obvious, and I didn't blame her. Any other woman would have been a puddle on the floor after ten seconds of what Miranda had been doing. She sat up and put her head in her hands. Miranda rubbed her back. "I'm sorry," she said again. Kylie just shook her head. They sat there for a few moments. "There is one more thing," Miranda said hesitantly.

Kylie looked up, raising an eyebrow. "You want to try one more?" Kylie licked her lips. She had enjoyed that, probably more than she'd ever enjoyed anything. It had left her frustrated, but the pleasure had been intense. "Okay," she said, and Miranda got up and tugged her to her feet. She finished pulling down Kylie's swimsuit, and I saw her chest revealed.

Small breasts, but beautifully formed. Her pink nipples were still standing upright. Her abdominal muscles were clearly defined, and shining with sweat.

Miranda was in the way, so I didn't get to see below the waist. She turned Kylie around and had her lie down on her front again. There wasn't any tension left in her. At least that part of this exercise had succeeded. Miranda was still on her feet, looking down at Kylie's nude body.

I could tell she didn't just have a passing interest in Nurse Sarah; Miranda concupiscent adorable teen in a virgin sex act full-on bisexual, and she was hot for Kylie.

She probably had been for a while, but only just now realized it as she stared at her lithe form, naked and vulnerable, gleaming with moisture under the fluorescent lights. She swallowed and straddled her again, but this time she was positioned on Kylie's thighs. She placed her hands on Kylie's back and pulled them down to her rear, which she rubbed gently, quietly urging Kylie to relax.

Miranda began to probe and knead more firmly, and she spread the cheeks. Kylie protested, but Miranda shushed her.

She ran her fingertips down the cleft of Kylie's buttocks, and that made the girl stiffen and clench. "Relax," she reminded her, slipping down further for a moment between her legs. When her fingers appeared again, they were generously coated in Kylie's juices. Miranda pushed them between Kylie's cheeks, and I knew what she was doing.

Kylie was squirming again, but this time it was different. It wasn't just intense pleasure, it was something entirely new. The excitement of something so forbidden was shooting through her in ways she didn't understand.

Miranda twisted her hand and began to insert her middle finger. Kylie moaned. I saw her go deeper, then withdraw, very slowly.

She was easing Kylie into this because the girl couldn't relax but after a few strokes, she was as hot as she had been at the height of when Miranda had been fingerbanging her a few minutes ago. Her moans and gasps filled the locker room as Miranda used her finger to penetrate her back entrance more quickly.

She didn't thrash the way she had before, her toes just curled, and her entire body you wanted to see me get fucked natural tits cunnilingus tense and relax. "Use your hands," Miranda told her, and Kylie slipped her arms beneath her front to finger herself. It was different this time, I could tell. Kylie was getting close, fast. Miranda reached under her to pinch her nipple. Kylie was in an awkward position, but she twisted and strained, her buttocks clamping down on Miranda's hand.

The orgasm was silent because she had no breath, but her knees bent, forcing her bottom into the air, and her body jerked unmistakably.

She lost control of her bladder, but Miranda didn't seem to notice or mind. She still had her finger deep in Kylie's anus, and her other arm was around the girl, holding her close as she whispered reassurances through the long, long climax.

Urine soaked her and dribbled to the floor. Kylie's choking gasps didn't stop for several minutes, until she was finally limp in Miranda's arms, clinging to her feebly. They stayed like that for a long time before Miranda helped a shaky Kylie to the showers, and I was able to get out of there.