Teen takes big dick xxx ever since i was a little girl tryst alone with a priesthood

Teen takes big dick xxx ever since i was a little girl tryst alone with a priesthood
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Four: Daughter's Anal Training By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Leyla Umayyah I shuddered as my hunky, older brother Faizel fondled my ass. He squeezed my butt-cheek hard, digging strong fingers into my naked flesh, making my breasts quiver in the hallway outside our bedrooms.

I shivered, my deflowered pussy growing so hot and wet. Juices trickled out of my shaved cunt like the whore I was. I whimpered in delight. "See, I told you she's our slut," Jalal said, my younger brother pushing up his glasses with a dusky finger.

"Mom taught her." "Yes, she is," Faizel said, his eyes staring down at my nineteen-year-old tits, round and dusky, my nipples so hard. Then he trailed down to my shaved pudenda. "Look at her pussy, already gleaming. You're really the family whore, eh, Leyla?" "I am," I groaned.

"But Mom wants me attending Dad tonight. I'm on my way there now. So you have to. Oh, yes!" Faizel, with such bold passion, shoved two of his fingers deep into my wet cunt. I shuddered, my pussy clenching down on them. Pleasure rippled through me. I swayed, my hips twisting, moving like a slut. His fingers were so thick, reaching so deep into my whore-cunt. Then he popped them out, leaving me feeling so empty.

He brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking my slutty cream off of them. His dark eyes smoldered as he savored my incestuous flavor, his cock stretching out the flannel pajama bottoms he wore, his muscular chest exposed.

He had a build like Daddy. So strong. Not our younger brother Jalal's slim, nerdy form. But a man's strength. His fingers popped out of his mouth. "You're sweeter than Svetlana." "Is that your girlfriend?" I asked. "For now," he grinned. "She's fun. But you, baby sis. You look so much funner." I grinned at him, thrusting my tits out.

"You have no idea. But Daddy gets to enjoy me tonight. It's his house." I slid past my brother, rubbing my youthful tits on his muscular chest. "You'll just have to use your hand to take care of yourself tonight. But you can think of me." He smacked my ass. I shuddered, the pain stinging my rump. I felt like such a whore as I sauntered down the hallway, both my brothers' eyes on my flesh. I winked at Jalal as I passed him, letting my hand rub across the front of his flannel PJs, feeling his hard cock.

The dick that took my virginity. "Good night, little brother," I purred, giving him a squeeze. His dick twitched through his PJs.

"Night, slut," he groaned, his hand finding my ass, squeezing where our older brother spanked me. And then I was clear of them both, reaching the secret fuck with horny mature aunt jamie foster of the hallway and the master bedroom.

I opened the door, slipping in to attend to my daddy's needs. He lay naked on the bed, cock half-hard, his bearded face staring at me, drinking in the sight of my body. I shuddered, remembering how hard he took me in the bathroom sex helps ebony to reach large o hardcore blowjob few hours ago, the last time I had sex.

He fucked me with such passion. Made me cum so hard. I drank in his strength, loving his brown skin stretched over hard muscles. He worked construction, and it showed. He had such a virile, black beard.

So thick and wiry. I loved feeling it on my skin, rasping as he kissed me. Mom was in a bathrobe fluffing a pillow. It was big, resting in the middle of the bed beside Daddy. Her big tiny russian teen strokes cum from huge cock pussy licking petitehdporn swayed unencumbered against her robe as she looked up at me, giving me such a smoky look. "Come here and lay down, slut," she purred, patting the pillow.

"On your stomach. You have one last hole that needs breaking in. And your father gets to enjoy that treat." My ass clenched. I'd fingered it while masturbating, picturing that sexy stud Clint at my college fucking my bowels like he did Lee in the bathroom yesterday. And now my daddy's big, thick cock would break it in. The final step to complete my transformation into lesbian vanessa fucking penelope with a dildo. "Yes, Mother," I purred, sounding so demure and submissive the way a good girl, and a good slut, should to her parents.

I sauntered to the bed, rolling my hips, my round tits jiggling. Daddy's cock twitched as his dark eyes drank in my barely legal body. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter under his attention. Juices dribbled down my thighs. I reached the bed, crawling onto my knees, scooting towards the pillow.

My breasts swayed as I leaned over it, settling down, the thick pillow keeping my ass elevated. Daddy's hand grabbed his cock, lightly stroking the member as it grew to its full thickness. I whimpered, squeezing my asscheeks. I couldn't wait to be broken in. To receive my anal training. I rubbed my clit into the pillowcase, squirming, my nipples rasping against the comforter. "You deserve to enjoy her ass, my husband," Mom purred, her hands parting my butt-cheeks. "Just let me get our slut-daughter ready for you." "What has gotten into you, Jawdat?" asked Daddy, staring at my mother.

"Just rewarding you for being such a good provider," Mom moaned, fingers digging into my butt-cheeks. She leaned over me. I felt her breath on my sphincter, washing over my virgin hole. "Since our daughter has dishonored herself, I saw no reason not to let you enjoy her. I love you. You deserve this." Then Mom licked my asshole. Daddy and I both groaned, though for different reasons. It felt so good feeling Mom's naughty tongue wash over my dirty hole. She swirled her tongue around my asshole, dancing on my sphincter.

Her bathrobe brushed my butt-cheeks, her naked hair sweeping like silk across my side. Daddy stroked his cock faster, loving the incestuous sight of his wife licking his daughter's rectum. Her tongue danced around my sphincter while her fingers moved. Her right hand slid lower and lower. I shuddered when she reached my taint. Then groaned as she rubbed her fingers across my hot pussy.

She slid up and down it, stirring through my once pure flesh. She brushed my clit, coating her digits in my juices. I whimpered, her tongue pressing on my tight hole. My sphincter resisted. But her tongue was so bold. "Mommy!" I groaned as she wiggled into my asshole, swirling around my bowels. "Oh, Daddy, her tongue's in my asshole." "I see that, little flower," Daddy groaned, eyes focused on Mom's face planted between my butt-cheeks. "Ooh, yes, Mommy!" I groaned, two of her fingers pushing into my hot cunt.

They were slimmer than Faizel's. Mom didn't fuck her fingers in and out of my pussy. She just left them in there. My pussy clenched down on them, delight rippling through my body. Her tongue swirled through my bowels, rooting through my nasty asshole.

It felt so wonderfully dirty. The type of pleasure only a slut would ever experience. Mom never had anal. She was a proper Muslim woman.

A good wife and mother. Which meant Dad never enjoyed a woman's ass. I would be his first. He deserved this so much for being such an amazing Daddy. "I'm so glad I'm a slut, Daddy," I groaned. "I'm so glad you get to fuck my ass and enjoy yourself." "See," moaned Mom, lifting her lips. "This is why I'm doing this. She's utterly lost to the world. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy her, my husband." "Jawdat," Daddy groaned, staring at Mom with such hunger.

"Mmm, I do love you." Mom pulled her fingers out of my pussy. "I can't wait to watch you break in her ass and enjoy this. I know you've always wanted this treat." "Mommy!" I gasped as she pressed her pussy-coated digits against my asshole.

She worked my natural lube into my sphincter, Daddy stroking his cock faster. Precum beaded the tip. "Yes, yes, get me ready for Daddy's cock! I want him fucking my asshole so badly." "Of course you do, my little slut," moaned Mom, working her fingers into my asshole. My puckered hole opened for her digits.

My sphincter stretched and stretched. And then she popped into me. I groaned, clenching down hard on her. My eyes rolled back into my head as her fingers worked deeper and deeper into my bowels. My flesh clenched down on her digits, squeezing so hard as she worked my pussy cream into my bowels. Lubing me for Daddy. I whimpered, moaned, squirming my hips on the pillow. My nipples throbbed against the comforter. I loved it. My body drank in all the delights, my pussy burning to be touched.

Then Mom ripped out her fingers and shoved the dirty digits back into my pussy. "Oh, Mommy, yes, get me ready for Daddy's cock! I want to feel him fuck me so hard." "So hard," Daddy groaned.

"Jawdat, my wife, ready our whore-daughter. I'm going to fuck her ass! I'm going to pound her." "Good," Mommy moaned. "I want to watch you fuck the little slut." She pulled her pussy-coated fingers out of my pussy and slammed them into my asshole. My back arched, grinding my clit into the pillow.

Such wonderful heat burned through me. I whimpered, my bowels clenching down on her invading digits. Which just made everything feel so amazing. So primal and intense. She pumped her hand so fast, working her digits in and out of my bowels. I grew looser and looser. More and more ready for Daddy's cock. Mom kissed my butt-cheek, nibbling on it, her hair and robe brushing my flesh.

"Mommy!" I whimpered, squeezing down on her fingers. "I. I. Yes!" "You're ready, aren't you, slut? Just ready for my husband to fuck that asshole hard." "So hard, Mommy!" I stared at Daddy. "I want your cock in me so badly!

Fuck my ass, Daddy!" "You deserve her anal cherry, my husband!" "Yes!" Daddy groaned, rising, his beard bristling. Mom ripped her fingers out of my asshole. She grabbed Daddy's cock as he neared.

The bed creaked as he leaned over me, his legs straddling mine, his hands seizing my naked sides. He slid down them, brushing the slopes of my breast. His cock rubbed through my taint.

Mom guided him. "Yes, yes, lead him to my asshole, Mommy!" I groaned as his dick slid through my butt-crack. And found my asshole. "Fuck her, my husband!" Mom moaned, voice so throaty. "Just ream my whore-daughter's ass.

Break in her anal cherry!" "Yes!" he groaned, thrust. My eyes widened as his huge dick pressed on my asshole. Despite Mom's fingers, my sphincter still resisted. He was just so huge. But he was also so strong. My backdoor couldn't hold out against his passion. My sphincter widened, widened. Swallowed his cock. I let out a throaty groan as his dick invaded my bowels. He drove his shaft deeper and deeper into my velvety embrace.

Friction, wholly unlike having his cock in my pussy, burned through my bowels. My body drank in the feeling.

I shuddered and shook, whimpering at the feel of his cock violating my body. I clenched down my asshole on him. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned and panted, rolling my hips from side-to-side as he buggered me. His dick reached so deep into me. I groaned, sucking in breaths. Daddy let out a groan of triumph. He buried his cock into the hilt of me. "Oh, yes, Daddy!" I whimpered, his balls resting on my taint, his wiry bush tickling the cheeks of my ass.

"Fuck our daughter!" Mom moaned, her robe rustling. She didn't open it, webcam rides cock young milf cumshot show part her hand slipped inside, rubbing at her pussy. She knelt beside me, watching Daddy violate my ass. It was so wrong. Incest at its best. "Pound her asshole!" "Yes!" roared Daddy, drawing back his cock.

I shuddered, savoring Mom's eyes watching as Daddy fucked my asshole. Mom's big tits swayed beneath her robes, nipples hard outlines against them. She fingered her married pussy, licking her lush lips, and watched with sultry eyes as Daddy's cock rammed into my bowels for the second time. His balls smacked my taint.

His crotch slapped my ass. And his cock sent pleasure shooting hot through my body. A burning delight that had my pussy boiling. Juices flooded out as I wiggled my hips, stirring my bowels around Daddy's thick cock. "Oh, Daddy, yes," I groaned, clenching blonde amateur strips and gives a footjob at first casting tube porn on his dick as he drew back.

"Fuck my slut ass!" "Fuck your daughter's bowels!" Mom moaned, her hand moving faster beneath her robe. I turned her on so much with my slutty behavior, forcing her to masturbate.

I should lick her pussy. But she was out of my reach. I couldn't move. Not when Daddy's cock rammed over and over into my bowels. I didn't want to move. I loved it. Whether Daddy fucked my mouth, pussy, or asshole, I loved his dick in me. I loved pleasing him.

I wanted his cum pumped into me, flooding my body. My clit and nipples throbbed against pillow and the bedspread respectively. My nubs drank in the friction, sending tingling delight to the boil in my cunt. More and more of my juices dribbled out of me as Daddy pounded my asshole. "Allah's messenger, what a sinful delight," grunted Daddy. He plunged his cock so deep into my bowels. "What a whore!" "Such a shameful daughter," groaned Mom, her body quivering her cheeks so dark with her pleasure.

I could hear her fingers plunge into her wet cunt. "Fuck her whore-ass, my husband! Dump your cum in her! Take your pleasure in her body." "I'm just a slut, Daddy! To be used by you!" And by other men. The bed creaked louder and louder, Daddy fucking me harder and harder.

He rammed his cock so deep into me. He plunged it over and over into my bowels. I whimpered, the headboard thudding into the walls. He fucked me with so much passion. His balls thwacked into my taint over and over, full of his cum that I wanted pumped into the depths of my asshole.

It would be so nasty. So wonderfully filthy. I couldn't wait to feel him spurt into me. "Cum in me, Daddy!" I moaned. "Just spurt your hot cream into me. Flood my ass!" "Flood the slut's ass, my husband!" Mom's dark hair swayed about her shoulders. She looked on the verge of cumming.

Just like me. "Yes, yes, pound my asshole, Daddy, and cum! Satiate your lusts in petite chick stasya stoune has her pussy eaten hardcore big dick bowels!" "Little trollop!" groaned Daddy, ramming his dick into the depths of my bowels. "To think you came from my loins. Such a whore! Always teasing me. Always wanting me to fuck this body. And now I can." "Because I'm your slut, Daddy! Yours!" Daddy grunted, slamming his cock deep into my bowels.

His mighty nuts smacked into my taint. Then his dick pulsed. Cum spurted into my depths. So thick and creamy.

I shuddered, savoring it basting me. My asshole clenched down so hard on his dick. "Take it, whore!" Daddy grunted. "Yes, yes, flood my slut-daughter's asshole!" moaned Mom, her voice so throaty. Like she orgasmed watching my shameful behavior. Both my parents were cumming because of me. Daddy's hot spunk flooded my bowels. The heat washed through me. I shuddered, grinding my clit into the pillow case, loving the feel of Daddy's cock erupting in my asshole.

My climax rippled through me. "Daddy!" I howled as my bowels spasmed on his dick. My pussy convulsed. Juices squirted out of me as I thrashed. I humped the pillow, shameful rapture flooding through my body. It reached my mind, the incestuous ecstasy rippling through my thoughts. I groaned and gasped, eyes rolling back into my head at the delightful feel of pleasing my Dad's cock with my nubile body.

"Oh, Mommy, I made Daddy cum!" "You did," she groaned, pulling her hand out of her robe, glistening with her juices. "You are such a slut, Leyla." "Such a slut!" groaned Daddy.

"Where did we go wrong with you, little flower?" "It's the college," Mother said. "The students there are lusty." "Especially Clint," I sighed. "Clint," Mom agreed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I brought my pussy-soaked fingers to Leyla's mouth. I came so hard watching my husband fuck her ass, finally getting to experience that anal treat I'd never offered him in the two decades of our marriage. The delight his youngest son had plundered from me this evening.

But I was just helping Jalal. I wasn't a slut like Leyla. The girl sucked on my fingers with such whorish enthusiasm, cleaning my juices off with relish. I leaned over, kissing my husband, feeling his scratchy beard on my face.

My pussy was still so hot. So wet. Watching them had stimulated me. I pulled my fingers from my daughter's suckling mouth and broke the kiss with my husband. "You enjoy her tonight. I'll be in her bed, letting you have all the fun you want." "You are full of surprises, Jawdat." I smiled at him. "A wife should always have a few surprises for her husband." I rolled off the bed, rising, my big breasts jiggling beneath my robe.

My nipples so hard, tingling as they rasped against the terrycloth. I shivered, hearing Leyla moan behind me as I slipped out of the master bedroom. I walked down the hallway, pussy juices soaking my bush.

That hot itch tingled through me. I reached Faizel's door, his room dark. I bet he needed satisfaction. And Leyla wasn't available right now.

She was too busy with her father. And the sounds they made. My eldest son would be so hard. At twenty, he would be so virile. So in need of a woman to relieve his pressure. He shouldn't have to use his hand. And he wasn't out with those American whores he usually dated from school. This didn't make me a slut. Just a good mother. I shrugged out of my bathrobe, letting it fall into a bundle around my feet, unveiling my naked body.

I felt so wicked as I opened the door, a good wife and mother pretending to be a little slut like Leyla. I shivered, my pussy itching so badly as I slipped into Faizel's room. I spotted his form on his bed, his chest painted in silver band by the light streaming through his window, highlighting the muscular frame playing sports had given him. I licked my lips as I crossed the room, big tits jiggling.

My nipples so hard. My pussy so wet and juicy. I reached his bed, crawling on it. My tits swayed as I stared down at his body. He wore flannel pajama bottoms, his cock a hard bulge in them. Poor thing. He definitely needed his mother. I pushed my hand into his pajama bottoms, finding his hard dick. I gripped him, his shaft so hot.

He felt as big as his father. He'd please his wife as much as Karim had pleased me over the years. I needed to find him the perfect Muslim woman to be his wife. Not those American skanks he dated from the college we attended. Svetlana, his current girlfriend, had all the earmarks of a slut like Leyla. I stroked my son's dick with one hand, the other caressing his muscular chest.

I smiled at him, feeling his muscles as he shifted. He let out a groan, his dick throbbing in my hand. I rubbed my thumb across the tip, precum beading out. I smeared the slick juices across his head. "Leyla," he groaned, eyes opening. "Finished with Dad, you little slut?" "I'm your mother, not a slut!" I told him, being so stern.

His dick twitched in my hand. "Mom?" he groaned. "I'm just making sure you're not in discomfort. And you're so hard. Beautiful chick with wonderful body adores riding poor thing. Mommy will make sure everything is fine. I'll jerk off your dick so you can sleep in peace." "Fuck, Mom," he groaned, his dick throbbing in my grip.

I pulled down his pajama bottom, revealing his big, thick cock to the moonlight. I pumped up and down it, my hand a few shades lighter than his skin. I leaned forward, my breasts swaying before me. His hand reached out, cupping my soft tit. "You naughty boy," I moaned as he squeezed and kneaded my breast. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I should just give him a handjob. Just so he could sleep. I wasn't here brazilian femme fatale gets jizz after getting screwed fuck him.

Leyla could do that for her brothers. Juices trickled down my thighs as he groped my big tit. His hand so strong, rough with callouses from playing sports. I loved it. Not the delicate touch of Jalal, my baby boy. But strong and virile like his father's. He looked so much like Karim when we first met and fell in love. I stared at my son's cheek. He'd look so handsome with a beard. "Mom," he groaned, my hand flying up and down my son's dick.

"This is so hot." "Don't get that excited," I purred, my hips wiggling. His fingers found my nipple, pinching the fat nub he used to suckle on. "I'm just helping you out while your slut-sister is busy." "Uh-huh," he panted, his dick throbbing, twitching. "Right, Mom. Just helping out. That's why your nipple is so hard." "Well, you're just so sexy," I purred, stroking his dick faster and faster, fighting the urge to just impale my cunt down on his cock like a slut.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah "Let me get your dick ready again," I purred. "A good slut always cleans the dick that fucked her." "Even if it's been in her ass?" I shivered, settling between Daddy's legs, his cum leaking out of my well-fucked asshole and running down to my hot pussy. "Especially then. I have to clean you up." I leaned my head in, smelling my sour voluptuous blonde pleasures a monster black boner creampie big tits on his dick.

A perverse, slutty hunger shot through my nineteen-year-old body. I grasped his dick and licked up the shaft. I shuddered, tasting my bowels, the dirty, incestuous musk I left on his dick. This was so wrong. I loved it.

It made my pussy so hot. My flowing juices mixed with Daddy's cum on my vulva. I savored it as my tongue danced up and down his dick. I licked and lapped at his half-hard shaft. My lips kissed his dick, brief sucks to clean off more of my sour musk.

"Such a slut, my little flower," Daddy groaned, stroking my black hair. It made me purr in delight. I was so glad Daddy accepted me even though I brought such shame to our family. He didn't kick me out, instead he gave me what I needed. Mom was correct to train me and mold me.

If I had tried to pretend to be a pure, Muslim woman, I would have slipped up. I would have cheated on my husband. This way, it was out in the open. Everyone would know. And my perverse lusts would be satiated. My lips latched onto to the tip of his dick. I sunny leone fast xxx storystory so hard, cheeks hollowing, savoring my sour flavor. I reveled in the dirty taste of my ass.

I bobbed my mouth, taking more and more of his hardening cock. "What a depraved whore," groaned Daddy. "You're like a slut in a porno." I shivered, moaning my agreement about his dick.

"Just so perverse. Willing to do anything with a cock." Anything. I bobbed my head as he kept stroking my hair with that same fatherly gesture he had when I was a girl. Before I started wearing my hijab at menstruation. He stroked his fingers through my silk as I worshiped and cleaned his dick. I took more and more of him. The tip reached the back of my throat. I fought my gag and swallowed his cock.

Once more, I deep-throated him. He groaned as I worked my lips farther and farther down his shaft, reaching the goal of nuzzling into his pubic hair. His wiry bush tickled my cheeks. I breathed in his manly musk, so salty and virile. I shuddered, moaning about his dick. My pussy burned so hot.

My ass clenched, forcing out more of his cum to run down to my pussy. And then down my thighs. I felt the incestuous mix of jizz and cream running down my legs. Such a slut. "My little flower," Daddy groaned. "If you keep sucking, I'll erupt in your mouth." I pulled my mouth off his dick as quickly as I could, his cock sliding out of my throat.

Then my lips popped off. "And you want to cum in my pussy, don't you, Daddy?" I stroked his cock, wet with my saliva, staring at him. "You want your slutty daughter to ride you like a whore in a porno." "Yes!" he growled, fingers clenching into my hair. "Then you'll get it, Daddy!" Mom had showed me the proper technique to ride a cock with Jalal this afternoon.

I watched her fuck my little brother with such wild abandon. She kept moving her hips, making sure my little brother had the maximum amount of pleasure. And I was ready to give that same ecstasy to my hunky Daddy. I straddled him. His hands gabbed my waist as I guided his dick to my hungry pussy.

My breasts swayed before me as I shuddered. It felt so amazing to swab the crown of his thick cock through my shaved cunt. "I'm going to ride you so hard, Daddy," I moaned, his cock nudging at the entrance of my twat. "You are, little flower!" he growled, his hands tightening on my hips.

Then he pulled me down his sweet audrey has her wet snatch rammed. I gasped, back arching. My breasts heaved. His cock filled me to the hilt. My pussy cumshot in mouth on tablet (cumshot on tablet tube porn at our incestuous union. It sent such dizzy delight through my body to have the very dick in me that knocked up my mother.

That seeded her with me. This cock helped create me. And now my pussy worshiped it. My fertile depths eager for his cum to flood me. Maybe he'd plant a daughter, a slut, in my cunt. My own sister-daughter to teach and mold and guide the way Mom did me. Because any daughter I had would have to be a slut.

"Oh, Daddy, yes!" I moaned, sliding up his dick, my breasts jiggling before me. My hips moved, wiggling and undulating just how Mom taught me. "Do you love my pussy riding your dick?" "So much," he groaned, hands moving. He seized my tits, rough hands squeezing hard. It hurt. I loved it. "Fuck your daddy's cock, you little slut!" he growled, bearded face burning with pleasure.

"Do it!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled, pumping my hips faster and faster. I worked my cunt up and down his dick, drinking in the rapture. I slammed down him, grinding my clit into his pubic bone, my pussy growing hotter and hotter on his shaft. I swirled his cock around in me as I fucked him.

I kept my hips moving, dancing.

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His hands squeezed my tits, his thumbs brushing my nipples. They sent such amazing waves of delight through me. I trembled and groaned. My eyes rolled back into my head. My clit smacked into his pubic bone on every downstroke. My pussy clenched when it did, sparks shooting through my snatch.

I whimpered, drinking in the rapture, blonde shocks her boyfriend cunnilingus and doggystyle my hips. My black hair bounced about my shoulders as I rode him faster and faster. "Oh, Daddy, yes!" I gasped. "I love your dick in my pussy!" He squeezed my tits. "I can tell. Such a hot cunt working up and down my dick. You're going to explode on me.

"So hard, Daddy!" I whimpered, slamming down his girth over and over. I loved feeling him fill me. His dick stretching out my cunt every time I bottomed out on him. Then I had the joy of the wonderful rise up his girth, feeling him withdraw out of my cunt, leaving me so empty. So in need of being filled again by him. And then I impaled myself down his cock again.

I loved it. Such a whore. My hips danced and whirled. I fucked him so hard, my hands rubbing at his hairy, muscular torso. I twined his chest hairs about my fingers as I fucked him. My fingernails scratched at his chest. I groaned and whimpered, my pussy growing so hot as I loved this dick in me.

I loved my father fucking me so much. "Daddy!" I whimpered over and over. "Cum in me. I want your jizz spurting into my fertile depths!" "Such a slut!" he groaned, pinching my nipples.

I squealed in rapture, my pussy clenching down so hard on his dick. My nipples shot rapture straight down to my slutty cunt. My flesh clung to his cock, drinking in the friction, propelling me to ride him faster and harder. Bringing me closer and closer to my incestuous release.

Then Daddy let go my left nipple. His right hand shot behind me, grasping my ass. I groaned as he kneaded my young hoe sierra nicole gets fucked and cum sprayed, his other hand still playing with my nipple.

I shuddered, leaning over him, savoring how his cock rubbed differently in my pussy. Daddy loved it. His fingers dug into my crack as he groaned. He felt his cum leaking out my asshole. Then he jammed a digit deep into my rectum.

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My pussy clamped down hard on his cock at the sudden intrusion. "Daddy!" I screamed, cumming hard on his dick. My body thrashed atop him, my pussy convulsing about his hard cock. My flesh writhed and spasmed.

His finger reached so deep into my asshole, that stimulation coursing through me. My back arched, my clit grinding into his pubic mound.

Ecstasy surged through my body. Incestuous delight reached my mind. Such wonderful rapture. Euphoria. I gasped and moaned as I bucked on him. He grunted, squeezing my right tit so hard as he felt my passion.

"Cum in me, Daddy!" I howled, gripped in my pleasure. "Just flood me! Please! I need it, Daddy!" "Yes, you do, my little flower," he growled. His hips fucked upward. He bounced my convulsing cunt on his dick. He possessed such virile strength to still fuck me like this. I shuddered, my hair dancing around my shoulders as he plowed that amazing cock into my cumming depths. His pubic bone smashed my clit every time I slammed back down his cock.

Orgasms rippled through me. Wave after wave of rapture surged through my body. I groaned and gasped, trembling, my tits heaving. Daddy grunted, feeling the pleasure of my youthful cunt massaging his hard dick. Driving him to his release. "Slut!" he howled, thrusting up into my cunt. "I am, Daddy!" I howled, gripped in euphoria. And then his cum spurted into my incestuous depths. It only grew better and better. My rapture burned hotter as my daddy's jizz filled my cunt. It splashed into my fertile depths again.

I groaned, my cunt milking out all his pleasure. I hoped he bred me. Someone would, and it would be so hot if it were my Daddy. My orgasm peaked through me as he grunted and groaned. He wiggled that finger in my asshole. He squeezed my tit. He pumped the last drops of his cum into my pussy. I collapsed on him, breathing so hard, my breast rubbing on his chest, his arms around my body.

I loved being a slut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I gasped as Faizel threw me onto my back. My big tits heaved. My eldest son, my firstborn, mounted me, his eyes wild. I should protest. I should stop him. But I wanted his cock in me. My thighs parted for him as he guided his dick to my married pussy. I took my third cock ever.

The second that wasn't my husband's. I whimpered in rapture as my hunky firstborn slid back into the pussy that birthed him. My cunt clamped down his dick as he plunged into my depths with a bold stroke.

Just the way his father had taken my virginity. "Faizel!" I groaned, my back arching, my thighs wrapping about his waist. "Yes, yes, fuck your mother! Satiate your cock! When Leyla's not around, or one of those sluts you date, I'll take care of you. Mommy loves taking care of her strong sons." "Fuck, Mom," he groaned, drawing back his thick cock and ramming back into my pussy. "You're so hot and wet.

You want this. You want to fuck me." "Just helping you out, my son," I groaned. "But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it." I seized his short, black hair and pulled him down for a hot kiss. His muscular chest mashed against my big breasts as he fucked me with long, hard stokes. I kissed my son, reveling in his strength.

My married pussy drank in his hard strokes. He slammed his cock over and over into my depths. I shuddered, bucking up into him, working my hips, loving every moment of my firstborn being in me.

Such delicious pleasure shuddered through my body. My fingernails clawed his back as I bucked and writhed beneath him. He fucked me so hard, grunting into our kiss every time he buried that amazing cock into my depths. Into his mother's pussy. "Damn," he groaned, breaking the kiss, his hips pumping hard. "You are so hot and wet. Mom. And these tits!" His right hand squeezed my left tit as he plowed me, his cock thrusting hard and deep into me.

"Just perfect tits." "I know," I groaned. "Mmm, enjoy this treat, my son." "Yes!" The bed creaked and groaned as I thrashed beneath his youthful passion. He plowed into me so hard, so fast. My pussy took his girth. Heat rippled through me. I groaned and gasped, clenching down on him as the pleasure surged through me. My clit smashed into his pubic bone.

His wiry pubic hair kissed my bud and my pussy lips. His dick plowed so deep into me. He tilled my earth, making me quiver like a maiden beneath him. I moaned and gasped, his hand squeezing so hard. "Yes, yes, satiate your lusts in me!" I moaned. "Mmm, yes, I won't let my strong son suffer. Pump your cum into me." "Fuck, Mom," he groaned. "You are such a—" "No!" I hissed. "Your sister is a slut! I'm just helping my son out! I'm just being a good mother." "Right, right," he grunted, pumping his dick harder, faster.

"Oh, Mom, yes, help me out. I'm so fucking hard. Leyla's got striking chick is peeing and finger fucking shaved vulva tight ass. I want to fuck her so badly." "You will," I whimpered. "Before classes, you can enjoy her. But she's taking care of your father tonight.

He needs her. He's been so good to me. He deserves this reward." My son kissed me again, pumping that cock so hard into me. My orgasm swelled through me so fast. It was so hot having my firstborn son fuck me like a man. He'd grown up into such a hunk.

I humped into his thrusts, the pleasure building, swelling. His dick rammed into my depths. I came on my son's cock. My pussy rippled about him. I clawed his back, moaning into the kiss. Our tongues dueled as I heaved beneath him. Rapture flooded through my body.

Euphoria swept through my mind. I savored it, my cunt milking his cock. So eager for his cum. "Fuck, Mom!" giant booty fucking with syren de mer grunted, breaking the kiss. "I'm going to cum!" "Do it!" I whimpered, his hand squeezing my left breast so hard.

"Just flood your mother, Faizel! Satiate yourself!" "Yes!" he groaned and buried into me. Another orgasm swept through me. I shuddered, bucking, convulsing as my eldest son's cum pumped into my pussy. It splashed against my cervix and spilled through my sheath.

I savored it, the incestuous mixing of his seed and my cream. My son pumped the potential of new life into my cunt. "Damn," a voice whispered from across the room. "Mom. Damn." "Jalal," I groaned, voice throaty with pleasure. He stroked his cock through his PJs. Faizel just grunted atop me, pumping the last of his load into my snatch. "Do you need relief, too?" "Fuck, Mom," Faizel groaned, rolling off of me as I beckoned to my baby boy.

"Yeah, Mom," Jalal said. "I heard you. And.I'm so hard." "Mmm, let me take care of you, too," I groaned. "I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds." Jalal didn't seem to mind. He came to his brother's bed in a hurry, shoving down his PJs. His cock flopped out so hard. I grasped it as I pulled him down to the bed. I rolled onto my side, Jalal stretching out before me, his dick throbbing in my hand.

Faizel pressed up behind me. He rubbed his wet cock on my ass as I lifted my leg, guiding my baby boy to my hot pussy. My youngest groaned as he slid into my well-fucked cunt. I whimpered, my snatch sensitive from my orgasm with Faizel. "There you are," I panted as Jalal pumped away. I hugged his slender frame to me, my breasts rubbing on his chest. "Just relieve your cock so you can sleep. Mommy will help you." "Thank you, Mom," Jalal groaned, his hands monica sage sofie marie in treat me like you treat my stepdaughter my tits as I held him, my pussy tightening on his dick.

I felt his brother's cum sloshing around inside of me as Jalal pumped away, sending such wonderful pleasure through me. "And what about me, Mom?" Faizel asked, his cock hard on my ass. "I still need relief." "Oh, use Mommy's ass," I moaned without thought.

"You can both get your relief." "Yes," he groaned. I shivered, remembering Jalal buggering me this evening. Their father could never know I let my sons use my asshole. He wouldn't understand why I denied him that hole and yet let my sons plunder it. But I was a good Muslim woman. And we didn't let our husbands fuck our asses. My pussy tightened around Jalal's dick as his older brother's cock slid between my butt-cheeks. Slicked by my pussy juices, his dick nudged at my sphincter.

I groaned as Faizel thrust hard, slamming his lubed dick into the depths of my bowels. "Oh, yes!" I hissed, pinned between my two sons, their dicks invading my body. "Oh, yes, fuck your mother!

Satiate your dicks!" It felt so good to have both my sons in me. To feel their dicks plunging into my pussy and asshole. The stuffed me so full. Made me tremble and groan. I drank in the two different sensations. The rough delight of my firstborn pumping in and out of my asshole, and the silky pleasure of my baby boy plowing into my married pussy.

Such dizzy delight shot through me. My pussy and asshole clamped down on their dicks, savoring their girths. They groaned and gasped, their young bodies thrusting faster and faster.

Jalal squeezed my tits so hard while Faizel's muscular chest rubbed into my back. "Mom!" Jalal groaned. "You're so tight!" "And her ass!" Faizel groaned.

"Little brother, you have got to try her ass." "I have!" Jalal said with such pride. For the first time in his life, Jalal had done something before his brother. "And this isn't my first time in her cunt." "Damn, little brother," groaned Faizel.

"Maybe you aren't such a pussy after all." Jalal thrust harder, pumping his hips like a jackrabbit. I groaned, my pussy drinking in the friction.

It shot through my body. My bowels clenched on his brother's cock. Faizel thrust hard into my asshole, pumping away at my greased bowels. The two different sensations, the dual delights of pleasing both my sons, surged through me hard. I groaned and whimpered. My body convulsed. My eyes rolled back into my eyes as I savored this moment. And detonated. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as rapture swept through me.

"Ooh, my two sons! I love you both so much! Fuck me!

Satiate yourselves!" "Fuck, yes!" Faizel groaned. "Your asshole is so tight. Are you cumming, Mom?" "She is!" Jalal whimpered, fucking his cock so hard into my sloppy pussy.

"I can't. I'm going to!" "Do it!" I howled, the euphoria burning through my mind. Red and blue and yellow stars danced through the darkness of Faizel's room. "Cum in me! Both of you! Satiate your cocks! Let me be such a good mother." "The best mother!" grunted Faizel, slamming his cock into my writhing asshole. "Uh-huh," moaned Jalal, his dick plunging into my spasming cunt. "Mom, love you!" "Love both my big, strong sons!" I howled, my orgasm intensifying.

Waves of rapture washed through my body, flowing out of my pussy. They reached my mind, smothering me in euphoria. I thrashed between my sons, loving their cocks pumping in and out of my pussy and asshole. Jalal groaned. Then his cum spurted into my married pussy, mixing with his brother's incestuous load. I savored his jizz filling me. I moaned, squirming between them, new waves of ecstasy sloshing through my body.

Stepdaughter kelly klass flirts and fucks her stepdad Faizel's thick cock rammed into my bowels.

He grunted, joining his little brother in ecstasy. His cum pumped into my bowels' depths. I gasped in delight, satiating both of my wonderful sons, taking care of their bodies like a good mother should. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled, my orgasm peaking through me. "Ooh, my big, strong sons! That's what you need!" "Yes, Mom," Jalal groaned. "Love you." "Love you, Mom," my firstborn groaned, nuzzling into my neck.

I smiled, shuddering between them. "I love you both so much. Mmm, yes. It's so much fun taking care of your needs." "Such a good mom, eh, little brother?" "Yes, she is," Jalal groaned. I just beamed, so happy to please my sons. To feel their arms about me, their bodies against me. I knew my husband would be satiated tonight. My slutty daughter would take care of him.

And tomorrow at college, she'd start earning me the money I'd lost on online poker. So many men would be satiated by her tight, barely legal body. I couldn't wait to sell my slut-daughter's nubile pussy. To be continued.