Young cuties elsa and jojo swap some cum

Young cuties elsa and jojo swap some cum
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This is a work of eurosex partysluts pounded by strippers doggystyle and highheels I am writing from my phone since my computer busted. I tried writing a personal experience of mine and make it a series but I decided I didn't like it.

I think this genre is mine to write. Mytholigical fantasy that is. I will warn you now there is no sex in this chapter. A masturbation scene but No sex just yet. I'm bulding that up mwahahahahahah! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it. Please keep an open mind while reading. Okay enjoy now!:) *** I awoke with a start. I could hear something scratching at my window and figured it was just a tree being tossed by the wind.

Then the banging started. I threw back my covers and ran over to it. Pulling back the curtians I saw my best friend Beth standing outside in shorts and a tank top. I unlached the locks and threw it open. "Hey Sari." She said, shivering.

Sari is short for Sarrina. "What the hell Beth! Its freezing out there, get in here dumb." I reached out and pulled her in. Once she was inside I wrapped her in one of my favorite blankets and made her sit on the bed. "What are you doing here so late? Its two in the morning." I exclaimed quietly. I didn't want to wake mom and dad. Beth looked me up and down, "Nice pjs." She said. I looked down at my elephant-in-tootoo covered pajamas. "Well they're comfortable and at least I'm not freezing my ass off, why are you over so late, Beth?" She looked away for a moment.

I admired her dark beauty. Beth was tall and thin, her body had the perfect amount of curve in all the places I didnt, her hair was so black it looked blue sometimes, it was long and kept in a braid, her skin was olive and flawless.

I was short, about 5'2", with unruly curled red hair I wore loose down my back. My body was "okay" at best, my curves were subtle and my breasts filled a C cup. But i'd have to say my legs and butt are what I'm really proud of, I'm on the track yeah. But compared to Beth, I'm hardly noticable. I snapped my fingers infront of her face, "Hey, hello? You gonna tell me or should I beat it out of you?" She flinched at that, and then I noticed the side of her face was swollen.

I felt my body go black with rage. I flipped on the bed side lamp to see better. She tried to hide it by turning away but I grabbed her chin. "He hit you again." I said quietly. "He" was her father. He'd been beating on her ever since her mom died when we were in 7th grade. Beth nodded. "He came home drunk again. At least this time he just used his fist and not his boot or his belt." She laughed weakly and it angelina castro amp miss raquel pussy fucking pussy licking girlfriend reach her eyes.

Her blue eyes flicked hatred and my green ones reflected it. Fury and disgust raced and faught with all my other emotions. I'd more than once asked her if we could call CPS on him but every time she would just break down and beg me not to. She didn't want to go into foster care and she sure as hell didn't want him finding out about it and beat her some more.

So i'd stopped offering. Beth figured she only had a year left of school and then she could ride her scholorship to collage and be away from her dad. She was an exellent student and was going to be Valadictorian at our graduation this year.

My parents had tried negotiating with Robert, her father, for Beth to come live with us. But he'd been violent and beat her for it. He was a sorry excuse for a dad. He hadn't always been that way though. I remember going to Beth's house when we were young and Robert would swing us on the playset in the back yard and he would make us homemade strawberry icecream.

And on sundays he would take Beth and I to the aquarium and tell us all about the fish and myths about mermaids.

But those days were over ever since Carla died. She was like my second mom and I loved her just as much. Beth looked exactly like her. And as she got older she looked even more like her. Carla died in a car accident, she was hit head on by and 18 wheeler. It was the worst day of my life, and the lara flashing her cute panties while cleaning up of Robert and Beth's.

Beth didn't talk for weeks and Robert didn't go to work that whole first month. Beth stayed with me during that time and my parents treated her like their own.

But then she moved back to her dads and the beatings started. Beth said it was the booze, it had stolen her dad and taken over his body like a demon. But I knew it was because she looked so much like Carla, and Robert was still angry she had left him behind, alone to raise their daughter.

"He is a sorry bastard, Beth. I'm so sorry you have to go through this shit. But your almost out. Just finnish this year and your good as free from him forever, baby!

And you know I love you so your going to stay here tonight. Okay?" I was sitting next to her and petting her hair. Beth sat up and threw her arms around me. "What would I do with out you?" She whispered into my hair. "Probaly go crazy and get commited." I whispered back in complete seriousness. That got me a weak laugh and a smile that did just barely touch her eyes.

Oh and a punch in the arm. Ow. **** The next morning we got up for school and headed out at 7:00.

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Beth was wearing rolled up skinnies and a tanktop with a blue jean jacket exenuated by pink flats (borrowed from yours truely, but I don't mind. I love her). And I wore ripped skinnies with a Papa Roach t-shirt ending with black converse. Don't judge me. We drove in my yellow bug to school. Beth had covered the bruise with make up. A technique she had perfected over the years when she shouldn't have had to. Godamn bastard. Her face wasn't swolled concidering i'd made her ice it before going to bed last night.

Fucking prick asshole piece of shit no good two balled bitch Robert! I pushed that sorry fuck out of my mind long enough to catch the ending of Beth's sentence.

".but Cas is so hot I could eat him." She said, and the hunger in her eyes made me believe it. "I don't get it, what's so special about him? He's just another jackass with a skateboard." Oh yeah, that was Beth's type.

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She was the typical good girl with a bad boy complex. I sighed, she was back to her old self. Talking about boys and the latest drama at school. What grades she nedded to work on and papers she needed to turn in. I sighed with relief. Thank Dear Baby Jesus! ".so then Kason hit Eric in they jaw and knocked him backwards into the lockers." I just listened.

It was my speacialty. *** When we got to school, which was only about three miles from my house in the suburbs where my house and Beth's house faced eachother, it was almost first bell time. Luckily we had four classes together (we'd had it aranged that way) and all of the were core classes.

We got to first period, English with Mr. Lynch, yes he is just a dreadful as his name plays him up to be. Beth and I sit in the middle of the class because she likes sitting up front and I like the back, so I guess you could say we met half way(OH YES I JUST DID). After getting out our books as instructed, I looked up to realize the new guy. Time stopped. There he was. Sitting at the closest desk to the door at the very front.

He was pure perfection. That's the best description I could give you. His dark hair was strait and was pulled back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck, I knew it was at least past chin lengh down. His shoulders were wide and when he stood I knew they would taper down to narrow hips and long legs.

His face had a light beard that led up to full lips and a perfectly sharp nose and the most amazing brown eyes i'd ever seen. They were almost gold. "Class i'd like to welcome a new student," Lynch went on in a monto tone voice, "please stand and introduce yourself." Then he stood and I almost came when he spoke.

"Im Gracin Allanada. No you cannot call me Grace, Gracy or Grey. I'm just Gracin." With that he sat back down. Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg. I was breathing hard and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Gracin. Gracin, what a strange name. And I thought Sarrina was weird. Beth elbowed me in the side, "What's wrong with you?" I sighed. "Lots of things." I swear I saw him smile as if he'd heard me. "Well snap out of it, we have got work to do." "You did not just say that.

Have you noticed perfection is our new student? What's wrong with YOU?" I snapped back. "I've noticed but I don't care, I like Cas. He's the only guy id ever concider." "After school we are going to the nearest hospital to have you commited for retardation, or brain damage. Shit maybe your blind." I waved my hand infront of her face. She smacked it away with a giggle. "I'm not dumb, I'm just focused." She started gathering papers and shuffling them. I huffed and said under my breath, "Nope.

Your crazy." **** It turned out I had Mr. Perfection in six of my classes and I stared at him in every one. This was bad. Bad, bad, bad. I wouldn't ever get any work done if he was there. I spent too much time thinking about how to seduce him.

I was seriously concidering getting a schedule change. I was walking to seventh period when I saw him having problems with his locker. He looked like he had no clue how to open it so I took this as my chance. I took a deep breath and walked over to him.

"Having a problem?" I asked. Stupidstupidstupid. He flashed a smile that made my thights clamp so my girl didn't soak my panties. "You could say that." I noticed a faint accent, but I couldn't place it. "Combination?" He looked at me weird, almost a cluless look. Then he looked around and pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.

"13-45-62." I opened it up for him and then repeated it again to let him see. Then I let him try it. "You really didn't have lockers at your old shcool?" I asked. 7th period could wait, I was talking to my dream guy. "No, I've never seen them before." He replied seriously and I thought he was joking.

"Yeah, that's funny." I said then I picked up my bag and waved him good bye. It was a useless gesture because he was in my 7th petite redhead has fuck of her life also. "You gotta be kidding me?!" I whispered and Beth looked up from her essay. "What?" "I have him in every class." I told her massaging my temples.

"OH wow. That's got to suck." She went back to writing her essay. I, on the other hand, was trying to think of ways to focus on something other than him.yeah I got nothin'.

When he noticed me he handicap son sex for mom and waved a little. I looked behind me to see who he was waving at. He smiled and started walking cutie in pigtails mean blowjob amp swallows to me.

Imagine my shock when he sat down next to me. "Hey." He said. I vaugely noticed Beth look up and her jaw hit the floor. "Hey." I said back. "So I have you in every one of my classes and I still don't know your name." He smiled and I melted.

"Its Sarrina, but I go by Sari." I was blushing. Why was I blushing? What the tits? He smiled, "Sarrina, that's an odd name." "Not anymore odd than Gracin." I smiled back and was trying not to evaporate at the heat he had created just by saying my name.

I wanted to tell him to repeat it over and over into my ear and he made sweet sweet love to me.

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"Fair enough." He smirked and I was gushing. So for the rest of the class we talked about how he had moved here from a foreign place though I never learned where. And how he had six brothers and four sisters, which facinated me because I was an only child. He was the second to youngest. That was pretty much all I got from him and then he mostly listened to me talk about my life.

I also learned that I had a huge crush on him. I'm so screwed. **** As Beth and I drove home she asked to stay the night.

I of coarse said yes and the she asked, "Have you set a date?" I looked at her confused. "For what? "The wedding, silly!" I spit out the gulp of water i'd just taken. Beth was laughing histarically. "Bitch." A few minuites later after stopping at the store to get snackes for girls night concidering it was Friday. We saw none other than Gracin walking down the heavily wooded back road that leads to our culdesac.

"What the--?" I pulled over and rolled my window down. "Hey Gracin what are you doing? Do you need a ride?" He didn't look suprised to see me.

It was as if he knew id be driving home this way. There were just way too many coincedences for me today involving this guy.

Why had the fates crossed us? Shit, maybe I should be preparing the wedding. He leaned into the window, "I could use a ride actually", he noticed Beth and for a moment I thought he would forget I existed but he just said hi and turned back to me. I started thinking of what to write in my vows. "Well get in, I don't want our ice cream to melt." I said, not even really caring about the ice cream. He got into the back seat and my Bug felt dwarfed compared to him. He filled the entire back seat.

"Where do you live?" I asked. "Oh, just up here." He pointed. Omg if he lives near me I'm going to the nearest bridal store and wife makes love tblack man first time out patterns for the cake and my dress. When we came to the small house just outside my culdesac I asked, "All your siblings live there!?" The place was tiny. Shit it was too small for him! He laughed, "No its just me. I live here alone." I didn't ask any questions.

I was to busy watching his sweet ass wiggle out of the back seat. He got out and thanked me. "Have a nice weekend." I smiled and waved. I watched him walk into his house and turn one last time to wave to me. "So when do you want to go gown shopping?" "I'm thinking Sunday." **** That night while I was in the shower I couldn't help but rub myself. Images of Gracin kissing me down my body burned into my mind.

I'm a virgin, yes, but that dosent mean I don't know anything. I've watched porn, read porn, wrote porn. Its fun. I've just never commited the act. But I have masturbated.plenty of times. I went back to my fantasy. Gracin was kissing down my stomach to my soaked pussy. He dipped a finger into me and then put them in his mouth for a taste. I groaned and rubbed harder on my clit. Gracin was now licking my pussy and sucking my clit, his beard, that drove me insane it was so hot(I'm like wayyyyyyy into beards.

If you don't have a beard don't talk to me.) It was tickling my thighs and my outter lips as his mouth made love to my little pussy. I took the shower head off the wall, put it on its most powerful spray and went to town boys forced on girl porn rape my vagina. Gracin pushed my legs back to my shoulders and started plunging his tongue into my hole, his fingers danced on my clit. This fantasy was the greatest one id ever had!

I don't think I've ever gotten off just from imagining something. I felt the orgasm burst inside me. My whole body shuttered with it and liquid heat raced up my spine. It was the most intense thing I've ever felt in my whole life.

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When I got out and towled off I wrapped my hair and walked into my room. Beth sat on my bed in her panties and a oversised t shirt. She was eating her icecream and typing away at her computer. "Hey." "Hey, did you have a good one? From the sounds of it, you totally did." "Stay out of my personal affairs.

Peeping tom." I flushed red with embaressment. Was I really THAT loud? I thought id been quiet. Beth giggled. She knew I masturbated, just like I knew she did.

I also knew she liked putting the handle of her hair brush up her ass occasionally. God help the poor soul that marries that girl. They are in for a WILD ride. "Did you think about him?" She asked, scooping a mouth full of icecream into her face orphis.

"What 'him'?" I replied towling my hair dry. "You damn well know." "Yeah he might have slipped into my mind for a minute." "You're hopless child." Beth shook her head. "I know! But he's so pretty!!!" "I've noticed." Dread filled me, "Please don't notice.

I never get this interested in a guy." "Seriously calm down. I just agreed he is pretty, get your panties out of a wad." Beth threw a pillow at me. "Well that's going to be hard to do because I'm not wearing panties!" I flashed her.

Beth threw her arms up to cover her face. "My virgin eyes!" We both burst into laughter. After watching The Notebook and having a good cry we got ready for bed. I didn't like staying up late on the weekends because I enjoyed mornings and during the week I had school.

No morning horny lesbos have fun masturbation and smalltits when I have to stare at Lynch's fat ass all 1st period. **** I couldn't get to sleep. One hour went by, then two. Beth snored softly next to me. I looked at the clock. 3:00 am. What the tits? Why can't I sleep? I isis is a fuck doll tube porn I needed a glass of water so I went into the kitchen and made some, after gulping it down I looked out the window over the kitchen sink.

I saw my reflection. I wore shorts since it was muggy outside tonight, and a tank top. My hair was down and spread around my shoulders falling over my breasts.

My green eyes shone like a cats, my mom had always said I had the most striking eyes. My skin was pale in the moonlight. I looked like a fucking porcalin doll. I hated porcilane dolls. Ew. Creepy. Then something caught my eye outside. A light was bouncing around on the edge of the forest. Not a flash light, not big enough, and it was pale green, about the size of my fist. My Granpappa always said "hunt the booger" which didn't mean pick boogers and find a good one, it meant find the boogyman, don't let him scare you.

I lived by that rule. So I went to my room and got my tennis shoes. I grabbed a paper and pen and scribbled a note that read: Dear beth, I went to chase a ball of light! Love ya, see ya. -Sari:) Our house was the only one in the culdesac without a fenced in back yard. Dad had been meaning to fence it up but he's been busy with work and so has mom, and I'm sure as hell not doing it. So its just stayed like that. I walked past my old swingset and saw the light dissapearing down a nature trail.

I didn't know what it was but I was going to find out. Every step I got closer it got further, never fading or getting bigger, just further away. I paused for a moment then it paused. I stepped left, it waved left. It was mimicking me. So when I started walking backwards I was surprised to see it stay in the same place. "I accept this challenge mystical ball of green light." I whispered to the night.

It started bouncing as if it were laughing. The little shit. Then I charged it. It hesitated and then took off, staying just ahead of me.

Please keep in mind I'm going to be a track star so this little light is hauling ass! After weaving my way through the trail I was extremely surprised when I almost hit the side of a house. That little shit of a light had went right through it, so I guess I thought I could too. And then Nasty teen sucks big cock to stranger realized who's house it was. You guessed it.Gracin's. I walked around front to see if the light had came out the other side but all I found was the front door standing wide open.

After warring with myself that I should go in or leave, going in won out. The floor boards creeked and I called out for Gracin. To see if he was home. I know your thinking, 'is this bitch crazy!? She just walks into some guys creepy house in the middle of the night. The door was wide open he could have been robbed and the theif is still there.' Well the answer is no I'm not crazy, just curious.

I've always been that way. Danger isn't frightening. Its the unknown that is. So I like to find out and not be afraid of whatever is out there. The house was even smaller on the inside. The livingroom, kitchen, and bedroom were all in the same vacinity. There were two doors off the side of the livingroom. I assumed they were a closet and a bathroom and then there was a bang from behind the first door. "Gracin!" I called out. Silence. I walked to the door and opened it up. A faint green light illuminated the stairs that led down to the basment.

I knew it was my little light. I walked cautiously down the stairs, they were creeky and old so I didn't want to fall through and break something. As I reached the bottom I saw that the room was actually bigger than its upstairs counterpart. It was cluttered though. And I could hear scurring mice. Yuck. All this time in the back of my mind I've been wondering where Gracin is.

I saw my light dissapear behind a sheet covered object and followed it. I followed its weaving movements through shelves and sheeted things until it came to rest near a wall. "I've got you now." I whispered. It shook again as if laughing.

And then I noticed the shadow behind me. I turned to meet whomever it was and was surprised to see Gracin. I shouldn't have been surprised because after all it was his house.

Face+palm. He smiled at me, the illumination of the pale green light made him look sinister. I opened my mouth for an awkward explaination and he shushed me with a finger to my lips. "No, Sarrina, it is I who has got you." Then I felt myself being pushed backwards by his hands.

I expected to hit the wall but then I just felt myself falling. On a silent scream I looked up to see Gracin and the little ball of light looking down at me as I fell into some unknown darkness. It engulfed me. Then everything went black. *** I hope compilation of the best bukkake whores getting creamed with warm goo enjoyed it. I know it dosent have a lot of sex in it but just wait for the next chapters.

If you liked it I'm happy, I hope to make this a series. Leave comments, all good things I hope:) I'm open to suggestions and writing tips. Thanks for reading!!