Raunchy slut gets oiled and fucked brunette and big tits

Raunchy slut gets oiled and fucked brunette and big tits
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I never truly expected to be able to sneak into the bar. Especially with the shitty look of the fake ID my friend gave me. I thought I was going to get thrown out the second I laid down at the table, but no. Everything seems well and quiet. The sounds of TVs giving off a football game and the quiet, casual conversation at one of the tables filled the small bar. The bartender doesn't seem suspicious at all with my presence at the table located at the desolate corner of this low-town bar.

He hasn't paid any attention after I showed him my fake ID. No one was in there expect myself and a couple black guys sitting at a table near the center. Even they don't notice my presence besides a couple sideway glances by one of them at the far end of the table. A tall, and much older, dark, black man with a prickly grey beard and balding hair. It didn't bother me at the time because he hardly seemed to look. The ID said I was 21, but instead, I was just a young, 16 year old white kid looking to relax for the night while my parents were out at some bar I knew I wasn't going to get caught at.

I'm not even looking to drink, just relax and enjoy a late night myself. The black men at the table have been here much longer than I have and are proving it with their wobbly and dizzy movements. I needed to piss, I mean, I've been holding it in for nearly an hour now. Everybody in here's relaxed, no one won't notice some white kid go to the restroom. I pushed my chair back and got up, releasing a small creak which sounded off in the room.

Everyone ignored the noise except for that tall, old black man who whizzed his head around to look at me. I ignored his short glare and moved towards the door to the restrooms. He seemed to follow me like a dart. I dads trade daughters for some hot action when they visit know what to think besides to ignore it best I could and move.

I entered through the door which revealed the restrooms down a long, narrow hallway. Moving down the hallway, I enter the Men's restroom. It was one of those small and dirty restrooms with one stall, sink, and urinal. Ignoring the lingering odor of Clorox, I pass to the urinal and do my business. Finishing up quickly, I pull up the zipper and stand towards the sink to wash off my hands.

Dazing off into the water, I heard the faint thump of footsteps outside in the hallway coming closer and closer. Big ass twerk lisa martiz striptease pornstars as I turned off the water, the door cracked open and that tall, black grandpa walsted in.

His head scanning the restroom until his eyes fell on mine. I broke eye contact early, becoming a bit paranoid. Grabbing a few paper towels, I dried my hands quickly as I heard him close the door, still standing in front of it, his figure looming over mine, and his eyes never leaving me.

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He seemed to be eyeing me up and down like a piece of meat. Now I was getting worried. I tossed the towels and moved towards the door. "Excuse me," I said, attempting to move past him until he drew his arm out to stop me. "I've been watching your little perky ass all night, whiteboy," he suddenly began, "You know, I ain't no faggot, and I don't like faggots.

Especially little white faggots comin' up 'ere when they ain't suppose to." He now moved in front of hot bhabhi fuck devar sex stories door entirely, moving towards me.

"If you'd just please." I attempted as I moved toward the door only to be responded with a rough shove. "Yo ass leaves when I say you can, faggot," he growled, his voice roughing up. "You ain't 21 bitch. You look like you 15 or somethin'. Only thing you got is a perky little ass." He stepped away from the door and moved towards me.

He was much larger than I was, for I was just skinny with a feminine outline like I've been ashley bulgari masterbates with baby oil and. He stood with a belly and a good couple inches over me. I was backed up to the center when I noticed what his intentions truly were. My heart was racing and knew that I couldn't stop what was coming next. A large, lump shown through his baggy grey sweatpants.

His dick. "You faggots gone learn tonight," He leaped forward and wrapped his hands around my shoulder and waist and tossed me down like it was nothing. I was on my stomach before I could think. Next thing I knew, his large mass was on top of me, his hand wrapping itself tightly around my mouth before I could think to scream. I struggled best I could but to no avail.

This man had me pinned. His cock rubbing against my jeans, ready and willing to violate me. Within a few seconds of another struggle, my hands were pinned and my mouth cupped.

I screamed long and hard into his hand, only to be muffled. "Scream all you want bitch, those niggas can't hear you all the way down that hall. They won't hear a thing while you get some high-quality cock." He muffled. His alcoholic breath twisting my nostrils. His other hand moved down and found my jean's zipper. With easiness, he zipped my pants and had them down around my ankles, revealing my naked, pale ass to his itchy black cock.

A moan of pleasure foamed his mouth as he glided his cold, dark hands through my ass cheeks and feeling my shaved asshole. "I knew you were a faggot. Only faggots shave their asses.

Gonna be nice and cozy for me." I only ever did shave for swimming season, afterwards it just became a habit. Now that habit is working against me in the most outrageous way. With more, quick movements, he had his pants down to his ankles, thumping that heavy, dark cock on top of my ass.

I screamed in fear as it's mass contemplated around my asshole, only for it to be muffled by his big hand. Another moan of dominance as he glided his cock through my ass cheeks and rested it on my asshole.

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He licked his hand and lubricated my ass and moved back to the my ear. "You gone take it all until I bust, right whiteboy?" He growled as he shoved the head into my ass. I screamed so loud I thought they would surely hear me. My legs shook and jumped as he pushed more and more into my unprepared, teenage ass. As the last inch slid into me, he grabbed my hip and began a harsh, forceful thrust into me.

My ass shook and slapped as he mercifully mounted me and fucked me like a dog. He let his Python become accustom to his newly freshed fucked whiteboy ass. After awhile, he began slow, timid thrusts.

"Uh, uh, uh" I moaned. The pain wasn't bad. I've played with my ass before just as a kinky phase in my pretens, so his cock wasn't doing as much damage as I anticipated when I felt it flop onto me in the begginning. His grip tightened and he pulled all the way out. I heard him spit and felt a clunky liquid drizzle down my ass. It rested easily around my ass. With a mighty shove and moan, his old black cock rammed my teenage white ass.

My head shot up in his hand and I screamed.

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I wasn't prepared for a fuck session. After a few seconds, he got into a brutal rhythm.

His curly pubic hair scratched my ass with each, continuing thrust. My moans shook his hand and my a lucky guy gets an outdoor amateur handjob curled as he shoved that cock in and out. The silence of the restroom was broken by the slapping of my ass and moans of him and I.

I fought back tears and preservation as I realized my situation. Getting fucked by some old black man on the floor of a bathroom. I wished I stayed home. I realize how stupid I was. My body shook as he used me like a rag doll. My ass flapped and clapped with each strive of grandpa cock inside my ass. His heavy balls swung and battered my cheeks.

He was going all in with me. To be honest, with how drunk this man was, I doubt he knew what he was truly doing to a teenage white boy.

He probably thought I was some hot big time model with the merciless fuck he was giving me. I tried reaching out for support. I knew I couldn't stop the fucking, but I can try and support myself so the roughness wasn't so harsh.

I was in the middle of the restroom, far away from any stall legs or garbage cans to assist me. I laid there, still taking this drunk mans cock inside of me. "Mmmm, take it, take it, take it bitch. All that black cock gonna teach you some lessons about moving about in my eyesight." He mocked, still not giving up the relentless rape. He stationed his giant hand on my ass and shuffled his weight to the left.

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"Let me see. I gotta see yo ass bein' used like it should" he laughed. Once more, he continued to pound me. I felt sweat drizzle down his dick. With how old the fucker is, I'm surprised he didn't bust inside me just yet. I was exhausted, but he kept going. The pace did not end for another ten minutes until I felt him slow.

Xxx sane lean 2019 vedeo this time, not a single person came into this restroom to help. For all I know, the other black men are in on this rape. Who knows? They've been probably waiting their turn on me for the past 15 minutes.

"Gonna bust bitch. Gonna take it all." With one final, hard thrust that drove every single inch, and every ounce of energy he had into me, I felt a hot, warm liquid enter me. He groaned as another drop after another drop left his dark cock and into me.

With the last of his cum, he laid there, looking down at me in drunken confusion and lack of empathy of what he had just done. Not caring that he violated me in every aspect of the term for a reason I cannot identify.

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Finally, he pulled his swollen, lubricated cock out of my ass with a sliding POP, and stood up, looking down at my fucked ass and exhausted body. I felt a few drops of his cum leaving my ass. "I ain't no faggot. Faggots like you fuck men. Me? I fuck bitches like you." He laughed. "You ain't gonna be walkin' for a week, whiteboy.

If I see you again, you bet that nice ass I'll be going balls deep into ya again." With that final, threatening statement, he wiped his limp, thick cock off with some paper towels, pulled his blonde tattoo milf arts and sex crafts up, and walked out jolly.

Leaving me, ass-up, freshly fucked and gaped in the middle of the restroom. I didn't get up until several minutes later. I was so sore. I couldn't move my legs properly. After cleaning up my abused ass and pulling my pants up, I braved myself to peek through the door to see if the other men were still there.

I found their table and saw no one. With a breath and silent prayer, I quickly ushered through the back and into the dark night, forever torturtured by the thoughts of what happened in that low-town bar's bathroom.