Straight shy mom seduced and fucked by daughter

Straight shy mom seduced and fucked by daughter
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Daddy Makes Me Cum in Front of Strangers. I met him on the internet. After months of chatting, I was convinced we were in love. He liked it when I called him Daddy, so that's all I called him. I just wanted to please him. When he asked for pictures, I buried my hesitation and sent him photos of me.

In some of them I was at least wearing underwear, but they were all very compromising. I just wanted to please him. Finally the day came that we would meet. Daddy asked me to meet him at his work, because even though I was 18, I still lived with my parents. He worked in some office building on the 26nd floor.

The elevator ride up seems to last an eon. I find him easily enough, in the open plan office. He was one desk clerk lost in a sea of many. He greets me with a kiss straight away. I stand awkwardly as his tongue licks my lips.

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I have never kissed anyone before. He asks me to lunch, and so we leave. We step into the elevator. The moment the doors close, he is on me. His hands clench in my hair, his lips are hot on mine. The elevator slows down and he pushes away from me abruptly. A group of 4 men in business suits step on, conversing with each other casually. They stand in front of us, seemingly oblivious to our presence. Daddy slips his arm around my waist and pulls me closer.

His hand slides down my body slowly, over the curve of my ass, down my thigh. He trails his fingers up and down my bare leg tantalizingly.

My breath catches as his hand slides higher and higher, until it is under my milf cheri deville gets filled by two black rods. I try to surreptitiously shift away, but he steps with me, and the movement draws the attention of one of the business men.

I try desperately to keep an oblivious face. Daddy's finger tips are just grazing the seat of my panties now. He presses more firmly into the warmth of my crotch, and I bite my lip. I make to push away again, but Daddy leans down and says more quietly than a whisper into my ear "I have all the photos you've sent me.

Don't think I won't send them to your parents". Keeping pressure, he begins to saw his hand back and forth between my legs. My lips part, and Daddy leans down to lick my temple and nuzzle my hair.

I thought he loved me? Why would he threaten me with those photos? The businessman's eyes ware trained on the front of my skirt, where I am sure he can see movement. I feel a hot blush rise from my chest to my cheeks.

The man's gaze lifts to mine, and he smirked at me knowingly. Why was Daddy doing this? Couldn't he tell we'd drawn someone's attention? I elbowed him, and he gives my pussy a light spank in warning. I clench deliciously, and to my mortification, can feel wetness begin to seep through my panties. Daddy pulls my panties to the side, and now his fingers are on bare flesh.

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I can't control my whimper, and the businessman's smirk only grows. A finger circles my clit lightly, then puts slight pressure against my hole. Daddy slowly pushes in until the second knuckle. I look helplessly up at him as he begins to steadily thrust his finger in and out of my vagina. I am being fingered in an elevator full of strangers, by a man twice my age. One of the strangers is watching as I struggle to keep still, to keep quiet.

A second finger joins the first, and struggles to force its way into my tight pussy. I am throbbing, aching, panting with need. I didn't want it to feel this good, but my body is betraying me. The businessman, from now on let's call him Chris, won't tear his eyes from my skirt.

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I think Daddy finally realised we have a viewer, because his fingers are slowing, and he finally stops fucking my tender pussy. My relief is palpable, until Daddy's other hand goes to my front, and slowly starts to raise the hem of my skirt. "No." I groan softly, as his finger fucking pickes up pace again. Nobody but Daddy and Chris seem to hear me.

Daddy's fingers pull out for a moment, and he quickly yanks my panties down to just over my knees. My shock! Chris, a total stranger can see my pussy! My eyes are welling up at the indignity, but I couldn't help my hips slightly thrusting to meet Daddy's hand as he pushes two fingers up me again.

Chris takes a sleek step back towards me, and none of his friends notice.

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He turnes to face me, his smirk becoming devious. Crowded between two walls and two men in the corner of the elevator, I can do nothing as Chris brought a finger to my clit, and rubs. I am making soft grunting noises, jerking into the two hands pushing me so close to orgasm.

Daddy is letting a stranger rub me! It feels so good, and as I grow closer to that glorious climax, I can't contain my moan.

The remaining three men all turn around and star at the scene in shock. Chris leans down to bite and lick into the crook of my neck. I let out a shriek as Cute coed bella luciano takes dick from an old dude cum juicily all over the sets of fingers on my pussy.

Chris immediately removes his hand and sucks my juices off his fingers, his sultry gaze not leaving mine. Daddy's fingers stay inside me as he leisurely take advantage. The remaining men ware absently rubbing their bulges as they take in the sight of me.

Panties pulled down, skirt pulled up exposing a young pussy absolutely drenched. Tears of humiliation roll down my cheeks but my hips keep thrusting wantonly back onto my Daddy's hand. He slowly pulls his fingers out, and I feel relieved. There is a pressure on my lips, and reflexively I open my mouth to the two fingers Daddy is pushing at me, and suck off my juices.

"That's a good girl" I hear Daddy say. I hear a ding, and the elevator doors finally open. Briskly, daddy drops my skirt and pulls up my panties. Everyone silently steps out of the elevator. I shamefully keep my gaze down.