Bbc dick flash girl watching black guy masturbating in car

Bbc dick flash girl watching black guy masturbating in car
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Daughter Swap : The Erotic Story I believe you have seen or at least watched an ad about this one particular series? Haha. Well if you don't basically it's a series where the fathers swap their daughters based on the themes like graduation and stuffs. Here is a story of my own. (If there is one like this then it would be really unintentional.

Really.  ) Since the story revolves around 4 person, the perspective of the story will change. MARK "Hey Mark, have you seen this new website?" Dave, my old friend and coincidentally, now my coworker slides closer at the bar counter. We are watching some games but it got bored. And being millennial, (sort of, though we are both almost 40 now) we start to check our Facebook feeds.

I look at his screen and my eyes widens a dude wants to play with juicy twat. Pictures of young teenagers in such a provocative clothes and manners.

"What is that? Cam? Or kinda booty call?" I asked half interested before I take a sip on my drink. He pulls his phone back.

"Well, I just found this one. It's kinda… Where the girls are looking for their first time with strangers…" He said casually. "Like, selling their virginity?" I asked looking at him shocked. He nodded. "Well, some sells it but some offers it for free, but with tight conditions. And most of them are looking for our age." He continues. I nodded. A thought of fucking a virgin young girl surely stirs something in my chest, and in my pants.

But I didn't take it seriously. Nowadays there are a lot of scams and stuffs. "Do you want to try? I can try hook us up." He said seriously. My eyes widens. big tits lady august ames smashed hard you serious? I mean, I am divorced so I am alright but you have a wife back home!" I said.

He smiles as he leans closer and whisper "I never tell you this but we kinda into… Open relationship. So it's fine…" And for the third (or more) times, my eyes widens. "Well if that is the case, whatever." I said taking another sip. Dave starts to slides and type something on the phone. Perhaps setting up an account or something. Still not fully believe that we are going to do that.

A 40 years old man having sex with a teen virgin? Huh, this is not porn. This is real world. I got a text from my daughter, Alex. "Hey Dave, I got to go. I have to pick up Alex from her swimming practice." I said as I finished my glass in a single gulp. Dave showed me his phone too, Katie, her daughter texted her to pick her up from the swimming practice too.

I laughs. "I'm sorry Dave, sometimes I forgot our daughters are as close as we are." I said before take my keys followed by him. ******************* ALEX "Have you register our accounts yet?" I asked as I zip on my jacket and grab my bag pack. I am 17 years old girl, brunette wavy hair, fair skinned, dark sunny leone romance boy with boobs eyes, 38C rounded juicy breasts, and hourglass shaped body.

A typical swimmer body type. Katie closed her locker and grab her bag too. "What…? The… Ohhh… Not yet. I don't have the suitable pics. And I think the one you gave is too… You? I mean, we agreed that we will do something that kind of change our looks a bit so it's not so obvious?" She said.

"Oh? The ponytail didn't do the trick? I think they are good enough." I said. Putting a note in my mind that I will do something tonight about it. Perhaps glasses? Katie pulls something out of her bag and hand it over to me as we walk. "Use this…" I look at it and it is a masquerade mask. Blue masquerade mask. Luckily I have just the lingerie for that.

"Well, thanks. I assume you have yours…?" I asked. The school is almost empty, just school athletes like us stayed back because of the competition is getting near. Though it's still months away but our instructors want us to start early. She nodded. "Yerp." And she showed me her red masquerade mask in her bag. "You sure are thoughtful." I said.

She chuckles. Being friends for years, we are so close. Even our fathers are close friends too. "I never thought that we will do this for real…" I said almost whispering to her.

She chuckles naughtily. "Me too! Hah. Now we will have a really experience man to show us the way…" I nodded agreeing.

I remember how the ideas come out after a few attempts with the guys around school. They are just too quick, too rough, or just, plain creepy.

So both of us decided to find someone who knows what they are doing to take our virginity. And luckily, Katie found just the right website. And we both decided to do a couple account. As it is our first time, and it is with a stranger, it will be safer and more comfy if do it together. When we reach the curb, I can see my father's car just come from around the corner. "See you tomorrow Katie." I said. She smile naughtily before wink at me.

"Don't forget the pictures!" I winked her back before jumped in the car. And I can see Mr.Dave's car, Katie's father just arrived too. "How's school?" My father asked me as I close the door.

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"Usuals." I said. I leans in and kisses him on the cheek. "Oh? What is that for?" My father asked about the masquerade mask I am holding. "This? Oh, Katie gave me. For our… Project." I said. My father just chuckles. "Secret project huh… The older you got more secrets you keep from me…" "Well daddy, you have no idea…" And he just chuckles it off.

************************** DAVE I am just done with a call when a notification hits my phone. I look at it and my eyes widens. I check the pictures, two teen girls, one brunette and another blonde, the brunette is wearing a blue masquerade mask and the blonde wears the red. And man, I have such a crush on Brunette girls. And luckily Mark is not picky. I don't think he would mind taking the blonde. I see him walking passing my room and quickly I called him.

I asked him to close the door as I show him my phone. "Oh this? Wow it really works?" He said still not believing. "Well yeah. See, I told you the pictures of our cocks would work. Oh don't look at me like that, it's not like I'm enjoying seeing it when you send to me." I said as I know he is making a face. Knowing neither of us are gay or even bi.

And when come to think of it, it's been almost a month since I showed him the website at the bar. "Well… What now?" He asked. "Now, set a date, we book a hotel room large enough for four of us, and… fuck" I said casually.

He smiled a bit. "You obviously experienced in this. You handle that kind of sorts. Just split the bill or something." He said as he start to leave. "Sure do!" *********** KATIE "Finally we found your requirements. You are such a picker!" I chuckles as I pick up a fries and throw it in my mouth. Alex chuckles back as she sip her coke.

"Shut up. Plus the guys before this was all fat, tattooed all over the place, kind of freak me up. At least these man are clean, plus look at how huge their cocks are!" I said looking at the pictures again.

Excited for tomorrow night. Yes, all the arrangements has been made. Because they are still in school, the guys agreed to book and pay the storys of girls having sex for them. Plus they didn't ask for money, just a good first time fuck.

"What are you going to tell your dad?" I asked her. Alex makes that thinking face. "How about we have a late practice? We are not going to spent there overnight, right?" "Sure, and… Most likely not. But even if we will I think we can come out with something tomorrow." I said.

She smiled naughtily. "What are you going to wear tomorrow?" I asked as I put the phone down. "I don't know, do you have a suggestion?" She asked me back.

"Well, it might be cheesy but I'm thinking white lingerie. Like one set, with thigh high socks." I said telling her my imagination. "Well cheesy is fine. And I like that idea. The color symbolize our purity… Our virginity…" She said trying to sound deep.

Making me burst in laughs. "Well then it is decided. Let's hit the mall before we go to the hotel tomorrow." She nodded with excitement. ******** MARK I am honestly still skeptical about this. I decided to let Dave drive to the hotel. He said that he let the girls check in first so they can prepare themselves. He parked and we both started to walk towards the hotel, pass the lobby, and straight to the hotel room located quiet high in the hotel buildings.

Room 440. Both of us look at each other, clearly excited and a bit nervous. Dave give a few knocks and after a few seconds, the door opened. And our eyes can't believe what we see. "Alex?? Katie??" ******************** ALEX "Fuck! Dad! What are you doing here??" I asked as I hide behind the door, covering my almost naked body, only wrapped in very thin sexy white lingerie as Katie hide in the shower.

But we both know we are busted. My father pushes the door and both of them stepped in. "Come out Katie" His father, Mr.Dave said calmly. Though I can see his face beautie needs a big cock in her ass red.

Not from anger hopefully. Slowly, Katie comes out this time wearing a bathrobe, though we can still see her thigh high socks wrapped around her thick thighs. She brings another one and hands me over. I quickly put it on. "Well the real question is what are you doing here?" My father asked me back. I bite my lips not answering that. "Wait, are both of you… NaughtyAngels17?" Mr.Dave asked us.

I look at Katie and she nodded. "Y… Yes daddy… Wait, then, does it makes you, OlderPerv?" She asked back. He just nodded slowly. "Fuck, then we have been hooking up our own daughters." Mr.Dave said to my father.

I bite my lips as I sit on the bed. And so does Katie. "Then what are we going to do now?" My father ask. Not sure to who. But I'm pretty sure me and Katie doesn't have a voice for it. Mr.Dave look at us. "So… You two really wants a mature man to… take your virginity…?" He asked us. I look at Katie and both of us flushed red. And slowly nodded. "Why?" My father throw in a follow up question. Both of us hesitate at first but then Katie opens her mouth.

"Because… We don't think… Boys our age knows… How to… You know… Treat a girl right…" And I just nodded slowly. Both of them sighs. "What now Dave?" My father asked Mr. Dave. He look at me and then at my father. "We'll just follow our plan then…" Our eyes widens. "What?? My daughter is here! And that is your daughter!" My father said to him in shock.

And I look at Katie with the same face. "So…? It's not like I'm going to bang my own daughter… I mean, if Katie is consent about it I don't mind you take her virginity. I trust you more than any guys out there." He said as he leans on the walls. I can see my father thinking and he look at me, then at Katie. I know my father have a thing for blonde girl and Katie is just his type. "How about you girls?" My father asked us.

I look at Katie, asking for her decision. "Well, if… Everyone is fine I'm okey…" She said. Like father, like daughter. I thought. I look at my father before I bite my lips. "Urm… Yeah… I… I'm okey with it…" I said slowly. Blushingly. "Well then it is decided…" Mr.Dave smiles. My father look at me then at Katie. Mr.Dave starts his first move and walk towards me. "Take off your bathrobe, Alex." He said in such a manly tone.

A tone I never heard before. "You too, Katie, let Mark see your body…" I bite my lips as both of us starts to undo the bathrobe. Revealing our teen body to own fathers. We push ourself up, standing next to each other. I am standing infront of Mr.Dave, Katie's father as Katie is standing infront of my father. Their eyes are feasting on our teen body. And we both noticed that sometimes their eyes take a peak on their own daughter's body. I won't blame them though. I have a long brunette hair reaching my back, let loose and a bit wavy.

Dark brown sister sits on brother s face and gives blowjob, fair skinned and I put on a light make up with a red lipstick. My 38C juicy breasts squeezed by the white bra lingerie, pushing them up. As my fair skinned flat belly exposed for Mr.Dave's eyes.

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My matching white panties have a garter belt, hooking up to my thigh high socks, wrapping my hourglass shaped hips and legs. While Katie, she have a beautiful blonde almost silver hair. With her blue sky eyes.

She too put on a light make up, with red lipstick. She have a 36B cupped breasts, squeezed by her teddy one piece lingerie. Covering her hourglass belly and waist, but exposing her busty ass and thick thighs. Yes, she have that perfect pear shaped body. Together with matching thigh high socks. Both Mr.Dave and my father have the same likeness with their body shape.

Though my father is a bit taller than Mr.Dave. They have lean athletic body for their age. Muscular but not too much I'll say. Just the way I like it with their age. I bite my lips as Mr.Dave starts to reach my waist and and put his hand there. His other hand reaches for my ass and squeeze it softly.

"Ummphh…" I moans. My father take a peak at me but then I saw Katie pulls his chin and kisses him on the lips. She wrapped her hands around my father as his hands know wraps around hers. I smile at Mr.Dave and look at his lips, and as expected, our lips meet.

His hands starts to young crumpet rides old shlong oldvsyoung hardcore more on my body, feeling my curve, my skins, my flesh. As my hands feels his carved body, his skins. I reach for his pants and starts to undo it slowly as our tongue starts to swirls around. The same wet moaning sounds from next to us tells us the same thing is happening over there. I push the pants down and look down at his hard bulge.

My eyes widens. "Mr.Dave! Its… Bigger than in the pictures!" I said in shock. He just grins proudly. I rub his hard bulge before I pulls down his brief. His 8 inch cock springs and hits my face. I chuckles as I keep pulling down his brief.

I leans my face closer and start to lick his cock naughtily. Feeling the hardness, and the vein bulging around his meat.

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"Oh Fuck Alex… Look at how big your dad is!" I heard Katie moans next to me. I can't help but turn my face and my eyes widens looking at his 7 and half inch but thicker and fatter than Mr.Dave. "Well, mine is longer…" I said teasingly as I wrap my fingers around Mr.Dave's cock. "And mine is bigger…" Katie tease as she starts to pulls my father's cock into her mouth, spreading her mouth as it takes his cock deep into her.

"I guess it's not your first blowjob?" Mr.Dave asked us. And we both nodded naughtily. I start to stroke his cock before I pulls his cock into my mouth.

I start to suck it and start to bob my head back and forth, feeling his cock starts to fucking me harder with my motion.

We both moans onto the cocks in our mouth, making wet slurping noises as we both look up naughtily at our partners eyes. Turning them on more. "Ohh fuck… You are so grounded…" My father moans as he start to grab Katie's blonde hair. But I know that grounded part is for me.

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I fasten my pace, bobbing my head back and forth faster on Mr.Dave's cock. Making wet slurping sounds as I moans on his cock.

Then without any warning Mr.Dave pulls his cock out of my mouth and slap his thick fat cock on my cheeks. Making me giggles from the naughtiness.

"Ohh fuck… Your daughter is so hot Mark." He said before he shove his cock deeper into my mouth. Forcing me to deepthroat his cock. I look up with my teared eyes as I gagged a bit. I know my father is doing the same to Katie as I can hear her gag too. And then both of us starts to bob again back and forth, feeling his thick fat cock filling my mouth again and again. Fuck this is better than I imagine! ***** DAVE Having my best friend's daughter sucking my cock is something that I would never imagine!

But here I am. I am letting her have all the control even sometimes I do shove my cock deeper than she intended to. And I know she won't complain. She sucks my cock harder and faster in every bob as her brunette hair flows with her rhythm.

I started to feel I am close but I know I am not going to disappoint her. I take a quick look at Katie, my daughter as she naughtily sucking Mark's cock. Fuck. Then I look down at Alex. "Fuck this" I groans. I pulls my cock off her mouth and pulls her up. I kiss her lips lustfully, doesn't care that that very mouth just had my cock in it as our tongue swirls naughtily.

I lifted her body up and put her down on the bed or her back as I climb on her teen body. My hands roam on her curves, thighs, and belly before I squeeze those teen beautiful rounded breasts, cupped by her white bra. I squeeze them lustfully as I keep kissing her. She moans into my kisses as her hands is now around my neck. I slides down and starts to undo her white lingerie bra. I pulls her bra off in no time before I leans in and starts to suck her rounded breast while I squeeze the other one, at the same time squeezing her nipple between my fingers.

Her body arched in lust as she moans. Pushing her tits more into me. I can feel her fresh hard nipple in my mouth as I suck it and flick my tongue all over it.

Before I move and gives the same attention to the other one. I almost forgot that my daughter is there, before she climbed on the king sized bed. Getting on four as she bend her ass for Mark. Which I noticed now the panties are gone. She smile naughtily at me. "How is my father doing… Alex?" She asked naughtily.

"F… Fuck… S… So good!!" Alex moans with my mouth still on her tits. I hear a crack, knowing that Mark just spanked my daughter's ass followed by her moans. "I hope you don't mind me giving her a lesson here Dave" He said before he gives her another spank. I look at her lustful face. "Oh she is all yours…" I said with grin to my daughter before I leans forward, feasting on Alex's tits.

*********** KATIE I know that Mr.Mark is an ass lover. How? Because his hands never leave my ass. And even he plays with my tits, then they will always get drifted back down to my ass. And unlike my father, instead of taking off my teddy lingerie, he pulls down my panties and get me all four on the bed. I look over my shoulder with Alex's moans beside me. And I can see how her father is squeezing, spanking, kissing, fondling and licking my bubbly teen busty ass.

It's like he is worshiping my ass. Fuck I never thought this will wicked hottie gapes her pussy and loves hardcore sex me on this much!

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I can feel my pussy juices is licking, drooling on my thighs, with his tongue and lips licking, kissing my bubbly ass. I moans with every touch as I bend my ass more for him. I squeeze the pillow tight and I reach to Alex, holding her hand. She looks at me naughtily then suddenly Mr.Mark lick my pussy.

My eyes widens as I moans in shock. Alex chuckles as she look down and see what her father is doing. She moans as she rub my father's head. And yes, I know that my father is more into breasts. I spread my legs a bit more as again, Mr.Mark starts to lick more and more my wet virgin teen pussy. Wet slurping sucking noises comes from between my legs as I can still feel his fingers dig into my bubbly ass.

"Ohhh fuckk Mr.Mark! Ahhh!" I moans loud. I bend my ass more for him as I start to grinds my wet horny pussy against his face, letting him devouring my virgin teen pussy. And I love how he knows how and where to lick and suck me.

I grab the bed sheet tight as I bite my lips, moaning as I look at Katie's moaning face. My father seems to know how to give a girl pleasure from her tits. And I never knew that is even possible. As I myself being feasted by my own best friend's father.

Fuck this is so hot! "Do you think it's time, Dave?" I heard Mr.Mark's voice on my ass. "Uhhum. Let's show them what sex is all about…" My father's voice groans between Alex's breasts. And with that, Mr.Mark flipped me over, making me lay on the bed with my legs spread wide for him. Alex is already in that position when my father slides down, rip her panties off her body, and yes, he ripped it off and give her pussy a few kisses and lick before he pulls back.

I hold Alex's hand tight as she holds mine. We look into each other eyes as we smile naughtily. Nodding. Then we look at each other's partner with their cock is already rocking hard just an inch from our wet naughty virgin pussy. "We are ready." We said almost in sync.

My father smiles at me proudly as I can see Mr.Mark smiles at Alex. I tightens my grip around Alex's soft fingers as I feels Mr.Mark's hard cock starts to poke my pussy slowly. I close my eyes and I can feel his wet tips just brushing between my pussy lips. And I can feel how eager my asian hottie annie cruz loves being ass banged hard is, throbbing to be filled mom caught dad fucking playmates daughter sexy family scrapbook photoshoot such a hard cock.

Alex squeeze my hand tight as she moans. I can feel her body squirms and I know my father is starting to fill her up. And before I can react, I can feel Mr. Mark's cock slowly pushing into me. My eyes widens as my body arched, not as imagined, but better!! "Ohhh Mr.Markk!" I moans loud as his cock is spreading my tight pussy wide.

Feeling his cock is bigger than I thought it will feel in me. My breath fasten in every second and I can feel his cock stopped at my hymen.

I open my eyes and look into his. And I noticed so does Alex and my father. "Are you girls ready?" My father asked with his cock in my bestfriend. We both nodded as we look into each other's eyes.

Face flushed with lust and eagerness. "Fuck me, Mr.Dave…" Alex said naughtily. Following her lead, I look into her father's eyes. "Fuck me, Mr.Mark…" And I can see both of them smile at us. With that, I can feel Mr.Mark's cock thrusted in, breaking the thin hymen in my pussy and it keep sliding until the end. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" Alex and I moans at the same time. As I feels his cock is filling each inch of my pussy hungrily.

My back arched with lust as my pussy squeeze it hard. Both from the stinging pain and the pleasure of finally be filled inside. His cock rest inside of me, tightly secured by my pussy. I can feel her throbbing as I squeeze Alex's hands tight.

I teared a bit from the pain as I blushed. Lana rhoades and james deen get hot and passionate close my eyes and I feel a thumb wipe it off.

I thought it was Mr.Mark's but when I open my eyes I can see my father wipe it off for me. "I am proud of you…" He smile with his cock buried deep into Alex's pussy. They keep their cock in our tight pussy for a while until our breath steady down. "Ready?" Mr.Mark asked us as I can feel his hand grabbing my thigh firmly.

I look into his eyes and nodded. "Fuck me Mr.Mark…" *************************************** MARK I push her legs up as she squeeze her tits softly teasing me.

I pulls my cock back slowly, but I push it in back after half of it is out. I pulls it back again and push it in slowly, but in pace. I can hear her sexy moans with her sexy lustful eyes. I can see the pain in her face is fading in each thrust. Making me relief a bit because I don't like giving people pain. Well except ass smacking. "Ohh you are so… tight&hellip. Ahhh yess…" I moans as I fasten my pace.

She nodded desperately as she still holds my daughter's hand firmly. I look at my daughter as her tits is starting to jiggles. It looks like Dave is a bit ahead of me, and my daughter have no problem with that. What a slut… I thought. Usually it would be an insult but truthfully, I feel proud of her that night. I look at Katie's lustful face.

Knowing she is enjoying this as much as I do. And I decided to fasten my pace too. I grab her waist as I start to push in deeper, and a bit harder in every fuck. She started to squirm and moans louder, competing with Alex's moans. I fasten my pace, starting to fuck Katie's tight virgin pussy faster and harder. Fuck I never thought I will fuck a teen girl like her!!

"Y… Yes Mr.Mark!! Ahhhh!!! Fuck that feels good!!" Katie started to moans my name. I dug my fingers into her flesh a bit, squeezing her waist tight in place as I start to move my cock faster and harder.

Her body arched in every thrust and so does her moans. ******************** ALEX "Ahhhh Mr.Dave yess yess!" I moans loud as clearly Mr. Dave is pounding me rougher since he know I can take it. And I can feel every inch of his shaft is brushing every inch of my tight wet pussy. My body arched in lust as I grab the bedsheet while the other grab Katie's hand tight. Both of us are pounded at the same time on the hotel bed.

Our tits jiggles with unison as I can feel my pussy being slammed again and again by my bestfriend's father. Suddenly, Mr. Dave stopped fucking and pulls out his cock. My pussy throbs in disappointment. He look at my father as he nodded. He pulls out too. And I can see how wet my father's cock is coated by my best friend's pussy juice. I bite my lips realizing I have an urge to suck my own father's cock but I tuck that thoughts deep. I look into Mr.Dave eyes in a bit confusion before he pulls my legs to the side of the bed.

And my father pulls Katie's to the other side. Then they asked us to get on four so we did. I smile as my face now just an inch from Katie's. Getting all four and bending our bubbly teen ass for our partners.

Then both us moans again, feeling our pussy being filled by such an adult cock. We both squeeze the bedsheets tight as our toes curled on the bed. Our body rocks and humps with the motion by the two man that we trusts most. I can feel his father's cock pounding me hard and deep.

Filling me up with every thrust, and throbbing harder than before. His balls slapping my cunt and my ass jiggles everytime he pounds me. Making that wet slapping noises echoing in the hotel room together with our lustful moans.

"Ahhh Ahhhh Katie." I moans loud. "Alex!! Ahhh I think I'm cumming!" She moans loud. I am on the edge too. "Me too Katie! Ahh fuckk fuckk fuckk!!" I look up at my father as he look at my horny face.

I moans as I start to cum. "Ahhh father I'm cumming!! Ahhh!!" I moans loud. And with that my body stiffens and jerked, the hard thick cock inside my pussy keep pushing me deep squeezing every drop of my orgasmic juices all over his cock. Katie still pounded by my father hard before she too bursts her pussy juices all over my father's unfathomable and carnal asian group play japanese hardcore. I blushed deep as I feel Mr.

Dave's cock start to pound me faster back. Humping deep into me. "I'm close too Dave." My father groans. "Good. Me too. Let's make a mess on their face." I can hear Mr. Dave's voice groans behind me. And the feel of how his cock throbs inside me agrees. I can see my father pulls his cock out and at the same time Mr.Dave pulls his. My pussy gaped from the stretch from his cock before I pushes myself up and kneels on the bed.

Katie do the same as she kneels right next to me. So close that our face almost meet. I can see Mr.Dave and my father now climbs up the bed and stroke their cock. We both open our mouth wide as we take out our tongue, wanting their cum as we look up into their eyes.

Begging for their cum. "Fuck fuck fuck!" Both of them groans. I grab Katie's hand as we look at each other's partner's eyes. Their stroking pace is getting faster and harder before both of them groans and I can feel wet warm thick cum spurted all over my face and tongue. "Ahhh!" I gasped and moans as I see strings and strings of cum shot from Mr. Dave's. In the corner of my eye I can see my father cum all over Katie's face too. All of us pant hard as I smile with my cum coated tongue still out.

So does Katie. I look at her and chuckles. We both look at each other's tongue before leans in and kiss. Our tongue swirls into each other's mouth, tasting our own father's cum. "Fuck&hellip. That is hot…" My father groans. I can see Mr. Dave nodded agreeing. We break the kiss and lick our lips. I look at my father and give a naughty wink. I can see Katie changes look with her dad too.

Knowing this will change everything in our life. All of us exchange looks as we still panting from the naughtiest experience we had in our life. "You know what. Why don't we get clean up…? And… after that… We swap our partners?" Mr.

Dave asked as he look at us casually. My father puremature oiled up milf charley chase gets fucked hardcore cumshot widens. So does mine and Katie's.

I look at my Katie and then at my father. And we all replied in a unison. "Sure!" *END*