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Soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miu watanabe toy insertion and sexy lingerie
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I have decided to write a story based on facts in my life. This happened a long time ago. I have changed some of the names in the story. When I was younger we had an uncle who was of no blood to us but was raised with my father. He was about the same age as dad. So us children called him uncle Bud.

Uncle Bud was nice to us kids and bought us what we wanted when he took use to the store. So we thought of him as an uncle. This happened when I was 13 going on 14 years old. My mind is shot from trying not to think about past events. I have what people call a brain block meaning I can't remember what happened when I was younger. (Mostly by choose) I some times wake in cold sweats, talking in my sleep and crying.

I may try hard not to think about the past but it does get to you after a while.

Our Uncle Bud was boystown 90069 scene 5 tube porn us.

My parents had a party to go to it was New Years Eve I was not feeling well. I lay down on the couch in my uncle's home. This was not unusual. My uncle put the little children to bed in the room next to the living room at about 7:00pm. I was allowed to stay up later because I was the oldest. Uncle Bud came over and sat next to me while I laid on the couch. He started to rub my stomach.

I didn't mind he did this a lot not with just me but my brother also. At about 9:00pm or so he said I should go in his room and go to sleep. So I followed him to his room.

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When we got there he did something that was not normal and it sacred me some. He moved the dress in front of the door so I could not get out. At the time I was about 80lbs. I tried to move it back to were it was before but it would not budge. I asked why he did that. He said " He wanted to show me something with out the other kids bothering us." He started to take off my pants.

I pulled them back up. This upset him. He pushed me on the bed and this time he pulled them off again. I tried to pull back up. He got really mad by now and the third time he tried he took them all the way off.

I was scared I didn't now what to do. I wanted my mom and dad to come and get me. Take me home to do something. My uncle just looked at me with out my pants on. He than brunette crack whore sucking dick and fucked doggystyle pov to take off my underwear I held on to them for dear life.

But it was to no avail. He got them off as well. Then he took off his shirt and pants and underwear. I was really scared I jumped off the bed and tried to move the dressed again. I moved it some but not enough to get out of the room. This mad him madder yet he pushed me on the bed, moved the dress back were it was and moved the bed in front of the door. I was crying I wanted out. He was talking to me softly telling me " It won't hurt Lynn. It's o.k.

I won't hurt you." he started to rub my back because I had turned on my side. " I promise it won't hurt" he kept saying this to me. He rolled me over on my back. I was still crying. He rubbed my stomach again. Than he moved lower, and still lower.

When he got to my virgina he started to rub it like he had my stomach. It felt weird and I didn't like it much. I started to cry again. "Shhh! Lynn I won't hurt you. I promise now just relax and stop crying." He was naked and I was naked. I knew what happened when two people were naked, and I was scared. The than opened up my legs some and put his finger up inside. It hurt. So I pushed his hand away with my feet and hands. He got upset.

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He started to climb on top of me. I moved to try and get away. He pinned me down opened my legs and started to put his penis inside of me. I cried out yelling, "It hurts" I pushed on him with my feet.

I tried to get him off me. He got off of me. Went to the dresser and took out some ropes he tied my hand to the headboard. I was crying loud now and could not stop. He than climbed back on top and started to enter his penis again.

This time I kicked him. He said "Now Lynn! I wouldn't do that again if I were you." He started again this time I kicked him harder. This really pissed him off. He got up off the bed went to the dresser and pulled a second length of rope out. This time he tried to tie my feet. I wouldn't let him I kicked and kicked. Finley he got a hold of one foot. He tied it to the footboard.

I was crying loud now I wanted to go home. I was trying to get the a huge sex toy for cute chick masturbation fingering free when he took the other foot and tied that to the other side of the footboard. He had also taken a sock out of the dresser and a roll of tape. He put the sock in my mouth and laid tape over it so that I could not spit it out. Now I was trapped. He moved the bed. Opened the door and went into the bathroom.

He came back holding a jar of Vaseline. He rubbed it all over his penis. This time he didn't have to worry about precious chick blair williams just loves fucking fighting him.

He lay between my legs again. Touched my hair and face and said, " It will only hurt for a second." He opened my legs to make room for him than he took his penis and pushed it inside of me. I tried to cry. But I couldn't say a word. He started to rock back and forth.

It hurt with every move he made. It was the worst feeling in the world. He did this till he had finished ejaculating. When he was done he took the sock from my mouth, and than untied me.

He took me into the bathroom and started to draw water. In the tub. I was crying. I hurt so badly. He put me in the tub and started to wash me. When he thought I was clean enough he took me back to his room and laid me on the bed again.

He started to dress me. When he had finished dressing me. I lay there crying so hard. I curled up and was lying in the fatal position and didn't move. He started to rub my back again. This time he was saying "sorry Lynn but that's how you show someone how you love them. Next time it won't hurt as much." I cried and cried. About 15 minutes later I had stopped crying. When I had stopped crying he told me "never ever tell your mom or dad they will never believe you and if I find out I will kill you little brother." I did finely tell my mother that uncle Bud had sex with me when I was younger.

But you now what he was right. My mother never said one word to me about it again. As for my father when he found out he was mad as hell but not at Bud at me for saying this was true. This happened till I got my license and moved away. I still talk to my mother and father but I don't feel very close to them.

They live in NY and I live in FL. I will never be able to go home. The man that I once called Uncle now lives with my Mother and Father.