Sunny leone in descent intbondage

Sunny leone in descent intbondage
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when i got home i told my mom the good news however my mom freaked out and said "you are not getting married yet" i looked at her and said "your right im not getting married yet.

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but thanks for your support" i walked off to my room and slammed my door behind me i laid on my bed looking at my ring my mom came into my room and i said "your getting use to just coming into my room" she sat next me on my bed and said "listen love im sorry i was just a little suprised have you told your dad?" "aaa see the thing is" my mom interupted and said "he is going to freak out" when my dad got home i asked him to come sit down so he did i pured my dad a drink and said "im engaged" i closed my eyes tight waiting for my horny duo leah gotti and eva long take turns sucking one cock to scream out at me "your what" "its one thing for you to be a fag but my son will not be getting married.without a engagment party" my mom walked in and said we are joking love we are happy for you " later on that night about 9pm i rang brit on my cell and said "hey want to hang out " brit said "yeah sure babes come pick me up" i went to pick brit up and we just drove round brit asked me if i wanted a cig i said sure can you light one for me, brit light a ciggarette for me and i took one hand off the wheel but kept my eyes on he road "leon you have a ring on your finger" i played thick and said i have 4 rings on she said "your engaged" i said "o yeah that hapened earlier" pretending that i didnt really care (but inside i was full of happyness) me and brit decided to go bowling when we got to the bowling store i rang harvey on my cell and asked if he wanted to come bowling and too see if dean wanted to come about a hour later dean and harvey arrived and we was bowling for a few hours when i kissed harvey the store manager came over and said we dont want that here i looked at the employee and said "you dont want what here" "to fags kising" "who the fuck are you to say i cant kiss my boyfriend" harvey interupted "fiance" the employee pointed to a sign that read the manager has the right to refuse custom i looked at harvey and he looked at me i said "fine fuck it can i have my money back?" the manager that i thought was just a employee said "i wont be giving you your money back" i walked past the gguy and said "asshole" when i was in line with him outside i went to my car and opened it harvey came up behind me and hugged me he said "hey babe calm down its okay" i said "no it isnt okay i should be allowed to kiss you where ever i want" "babe it just dont work like that this is america" "harvey dont give me that crap i know where in the world we are" harvey rehugged me and said "shh babe i know your angry" i started crying with anger harvey said "hey shh babe" harvey kissed me on my lips and said "dont let this day turn bad babe.

i love you" "i love you too babe" without noticing brit and dean was behind us brit said "hey baby boy dont let the jackass upset you" i got my car and told everyone to follow me home in harveys car when we got home i asked my mom if that manager could do that she said "was there a sign?" "yes there was" she said "im sorry son the law allows it" we all went into my living room and just sat and watch a movie that was on t.v at the end of the night everyone went home but i asked harvey to stay a little longer i gave brit $30 for a hot lesbian stunners are stretching and fist fucking buttholes home me and harvey sat in the living room i laid down and harvey did the same we had are arms around each other and just looked into each others eyes i kept thinking how much things have changed 10 weeks ago i thought harvey was such a jerk and now here i am engaged to him looking deep into the gorgous brown eyes (Harvey) I watch Leon fall asleep in my arms.

I tried to get up but everytime i did Leon sturred so i decided i would stay the night.

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I spent a few hours just looking at my boy fast asleep. I must have feel asleep to because the next thing i knew Leon had waken me up and handed me a drink of pure orange.

Iooked at Leon and said "will i get this all the time when we are married?" Leon smiled at me and said "yeah you wish" we smiled at each other. I took the drink and drank it i went to kiss Leon but he said "babe can you brush your teeth first".

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I got up and left the living room as i was walking up the stair Leon shouted "there is a down stairs bathroom babe" i walked down the stairs again and Leon walked upto me he pointed a door out to me and kissed me on my side. I returned to the entrance hall and Leon sort of jumped me he jumped into my arms so i was holding his legs in him arms and he was kissing my lips.

Leon jumped down and said "babe i love you so much dont ever hurt me" "Leon i'm not going to hurt you babe why do you think i will" i said calmly. Leon looked down and said "because evey boy has" i took Leon's face in my hand and said "babe i will never hurt you (repeating the word) never" me and Leon hugged in the entrance hall then decided we should go out some where to be continued (Pease stop sending me and Leon sexual messages )

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