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Xxx story sex onlin free
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Leah's twin daughters, Andrea and Dannielle, couldn't have been more different. Even though they were identical, they were complete opposites. Andrea was very girly. She loved makeup, spa treatments, and shiny dresses. Dannielle, however, enjoyed soccer, burping, and sports bras.

Despite their significant differences, Andrea and Dani were best friends. They did everything together. Andrea went to all of Dani's soccer games, and Dani tried to contain her laughter whenever she went shopping with Andrea.

Leah never suspected anything unusual going on between the girls, and this heightened her surprise when she found her two beautiful daughters together doing the unthinkable.

When Andrea was 13 years old, her tits were budding, her pussy was growing hair and she was just as confused about these changes as her sister was. Andrea confronted Dani one day, desperate for help from the person she trusted most. "Hey Dani. Uhm, do you ever get, like, a tingle?

You know, down there?" Dannielle stared at her sister. She couldn't believe that she was actually asking her this. For months, Dani had stared at Liquid come out after sex ass whenever she wasn't looking, and she even caught a glimpse down her shirt a couple times.

Oh, she wanted her badly, and she felt she had her chance. "Yeah, I get that a lot.

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I like it, don't you?" "Well, I don't know. What am I supposed to do? It doesn't stop. I try moving around or reading, but nothing helps." "You ever tried touching it?" Andrea gasped. That sounded so dirty to her; she couldn't imagine doing such a nasty thing to herself.

"Dannielle! That's gross! You touch yourself?" "Yeah! It feels really good.

I do it while you're sleeping. I figured you did that, too." "Am I supposed to?" Even though Andrea had already had her first kiss, she was clueless when it came to sex. Hearing about how much experience Dani had with herself was making her 'tingle'. "What do I do to make it feel good?" Dani couldn't believe it! Her sexy sister wanted her to teach her how to rub her pussy. It was the hottest thing she could imagine.

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"Maybe. Maybe I can show you." "Eww! Dani, that's so gross!" "Is it? We're identical twins! It'd be like looking at yourself; it's not dirty." Andrea pondered.

The tingling was getting stronger in her untouched and innocent pussy and she started becoming even more excited at the thought of seeing her sister do naughty things to herself.

"Well, okay. But we can't tell mom and we aren't going to do it again!" The girls ran up to their bedroom where they slammed and locked the door. Dani told Andrea to sit on the end of her bed and Dani sat down beside her. "Ready?" "Mhmm." Andrea gulped. Dank stood up and slipped out of her blue shorts and polka dot underwear. She lay them aside so that Andrea could see the wet spot in her panties. She pulled her shirt over her head to reveal two puffy pink circles atop small round bumps.

Andrea stared at the glistening and tempting triangle before her. Dani climbed onto the bed once again and leaned all horny babe katrina jade with big tits big boobs pornstar way back. Andrea had a perfect view as Dani spread her legs and revealed her pink parts to her salivating twin sister. "First I see how wet I am." Dani accordingly moved her hand down her stomach and over her pussy, where she wiggled her finger around her slit as she gathered up her juices.

"If I don't feel wet enough, I spit on my hand and rub it in. Right now I'm really wet, probably because you're watching." "Is that bad?" "It means I like it." Andrea blushed, but kept staring as her sister moved her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. "Does it taste good?" "I think it does. Well, now I find my clit. That's a little circle that hides sometimes, but when it comes out I touch it and it feels really good." Dani felt around for her clit and gasped as soon as she made contact.

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She slowly rubbed her juice over her large, hard clit and began moving her hand slowly around it. "If you want to do it a long time, rub slowly. If you want to squirt quickly, rub fast and hard." "Squirt? You mean stuff comes out of there?!" "Yep. It's like water. It happens when I make myself feel good. That means I'm done and I can sleep. I bet it'll happen to you, too, if you try." Once the surprise wore off, Andrea became desperate to see her sister squirt.

It sounded scary and wonderful to her. "Dani, make it happen fast.

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I want to see." "You want to see your sister make her pussy squirt?" "Y-yes." "Say it." "I, I want to see my sister's pussy squirt." Dani rubbed faster on her swollen clit. She started breathing faster and within seconds her small frame was convulsing as she stared into her sister's eyes.

Andrea, confused, thought something was wrong with her sister. She pulled Dani's hand away from her pussy just as she began squirting.

Some of it landed on Andrea's shirt and some on her shoulder. The rest went in front of her on the bed. She stared at Dani's trembling body and climbed on top of her to make sure she was okay. Dani was surprised but immediately came up with a plan.

She grabbed Andrea's hand and quickly guided it towards her sopping wet pussy. Andrea gasped and instinctively wiggled her hand around to break free from her stronger sister's grasp. This struggle only heightened Dani's pleasure as she leaned into Andrea's shoulder to muffle the sound of her moans. Andrea attempted to break free and finally pulled Dani's hair once she stopped moaning.

Dani moved her head away from Andrea's shoulder and smiled at her.

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"What just happened?" "You made me feel real good, sissy." Andrea thought about this and smiled to herself. She stared lovingly into her sister's eyes. She couldn't wait for the night to come so she could rub her little clit while Dani was sleeping.

Dani looked up at Andrea and lifted her head to give her a small kiss on her cheek. "Thanks, Andrea." Andrea's eyes widened.

She suddenly realized she was still on top of her naked sister. Dani's arms were around Andrea's neck and Andrea's legs were spread apart, with Dani's in between.

She looked at Dani and bent down to return the kiss, this time on the lips. Dani extended her lips and met her sister's in a small but sweet embrace. "You gonna touch yourself tonight?" Dani asked as Andrea climbed off of her.